Kimagure Orange College - Episode 1
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This pilot story and the episodes that 
follow are a fan-fiction series based on the characters in 
Kimagure Orange Road.  They are intended to take place after the 
movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", and follow the characters 
Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they start the next phase 
of their lives in college.

Although we will see some of the characters from the original 
KOR series make appearances, the focus is on the two main 
characters, their challenges as they progress through college, 
the friends they meet and how their lives and relationship 
evolve in a different environment.  It is our intention to try 
to keep the writing with a similar style of the humor that the 
KOR series exhibited.

One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college 
system and culture.  Any mistakes and inconsistencies are 
neither intentional nor are they meant to show disrespect for 
the Japanese education system.

Mail all comments, praises, or flames to]

Kimagure Orange College

Episode 1 - Brave New World

[Cut to the center of a downtown university; early in the 
morning, early spring.  Streets and sidewalks are flooded 
with students, teachers, and parents, as they prepare for the 
upcoming semester.]

Kasuga Narration:  Both Ayukawa and I were admitted to college, 
and the new life beckoned just around the corner.

[Amid the bustle of people, a familiar couple is seen walking 
in the middle of the street.]

Kasuga Narration:  I've only been in this town for a few days 
and my mind went back several years ago - to the last time I 
moved into a new town.  I couldn't help but remember what it 
felt like.

[Kasuga's feet approach the beginning of a staircase, and he 
pauses for a second.]

Kasuga Narration:  The expectations and anxieties that I felt 
before have returned, but this time, I felt optimistic.  This 
time, I was not alone.

[Ayukawa's feet approach the staircase as well.]

Ayukawa:  Well?

Kasuga:  Shall we...?

Ayukawa:  Together...?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Step by step.  [Simultaneously, they put their 
feet on the first step of the staircase.]

Kasuga & Ayukawa:  [Together, climbing the staircase.]  One...

[They ascend the staircase to the top of a small hill, turn, and 
see the whole campus in front of them.  They pause to take in 
the view, holding hands.]

Kasuga Narration:  Today was the first day Ayukawa and I 
spent on campus as entering students.  Spring classes were 
to begin in three days, and there was a lot of activity in the 
academic buildings and the bookstores that ring the campus area.

[Cut to the campus bookstore.  Ayukawa and Kasuga walk in 
and drop off their bags by the front waiting area.]

Ayukawa:  Let's meet by the magazine rack when you've found 
your books.

Kasuga:  Sure.  [Ayukawa waves and leaves.]

[Kasuga walks over to the aisle between two tall racks of text 
and reference books.  He is looking at his list of classes and 
starts browsing through a row of books, until he finds the one 
he's looking for.]

Kasuga:  Aha!

[As he reaches, another hand simultaneously reaches and grabs 
the book.]

Female Student:  Uh-oh!  [The book both were reaching for was 
the last one.  The girl turns to face Kasuga.  She's a short, 
cute redhead.  Her face beams a smile and she giggles.]  Looks 
like they ran out.  You're taking Mathematics I too?

Kasuga:  Ahh... yeah.  [Smiles and offers the book.]  Here, 
you can have it.  There'll be more tomorrow.

Female Student:  No!  That wouldn't be fair!  [Thinks for a 
moment.]  Say, who's your professor?

Kasuga:  Umm.... [Pulls out his registration sheet and looks.]  
Oinuma Hisato.

Female Student:  Really?  [Beams even brighter.]  Mine too!  
I guess we're gonna be classmates!  I'm Kimura Keiko!

Kasuga:  Happy to meet you.  I'm Kasuga Kyosuke.

Kimura:  Say, Kasuga-san!  Since we've got the same teacher 
and only one book, what do you say we study together!  I can 
always use some help with math!

Kasuga:  Ahh... sure.  I guess so.  [Pauses to consider, then 
presses the book towards her and smiles.]  You keep it.  When 
classes start, we can share until they get more.

Kimura:  Really?  [Grabs book with both arms and holds it 
against her chest like a piece of treasure.]  Thank you!  
That's so generous!  You're such a darling!

Kasuga:  Ahh....  [Freezes for a moment, then smiles.]  You're 

[Cut to a sidewalk cafe.  It's an hour later, and Ayukawa and 
Kasuga are having a light snack.  Their new books and 
miscellaneous supplies are stacked next to them on the table.]

Ayukawa: I'll be busy with music rehearsals after class.  
Say, did you decide on a major?

Kasuga:  Ahhh... well... I sort of decided on Literature.

Ayukawa:  [Look surprised.]  Literature?  You want to become a 

Kasuga:  [Looks a little more confident.]  Sure!  I mean, I've 
got lots to write about.

Ayukawa:  Like what?

Kasuga:  Well, science fiction, for one!  I could probably 
write a pretty convincing story about ESPers!

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  That's true.

[Cut to street going up a hill.  Ayukawa and Kasuga are 
walking on the side of the road.  Kasuga is noticeably 
winded from his load of books along with the uphill climb.]

Ayukawa:  [Mildly annoyed.]  How much further?

Kasuga:  Just past this hill.

Ayukawa:  [After a few more steps.]  Why did you pick a 
place - what's it called again?

Kasuga:  Yujou-kun.

Ayukawa:  So, why is it so far away?

Kasuga:  [Mildly annoyed.] was the only one 
I could find that I could afford.

Ayukawa:  Well, that's your own fault.  You 
shouldn't have waited until the last minute to find housing.  
I started looking right after we passed the Juken*.  That's 
how I found my place.
*College entrance exams

Kasuga:  [Grumbles.]  Say, why aren't you living at home?

Ayukawa:  My sister's moving back in.  She's... expecting 
sometime the end of the year.  So, since their family's 
growing, we decided to find somewhere else for me to stay.

Kasuga:  [Ponders the thought to himself.]  Family, huh?

Ayukawa:  [Sighs.]  If I had known this was going to turn 
out into a forced march, I would have suggested riding our 

Kasuga:  We are here already.

[Kasuga and Ayukawa approach a two-story boarding house.  The 
building is a shade on the drab side and looks like it's in 
the need of a few repairs.  However, it does look like it can 
still provide adequate housing.  They enter, and, taking off 
their shoes, walk up the staircase on the right side of the 
building.  Kasuga stops at Room No. 5 and pulls out his key.  
Even in the hallway, the noises of moving boxes and furniture 
can be heard from behind the closed door.  After unlocking the
door, Kasuga pushes it open and freezes at the sight of Jingoro 
flying directly into his face.]

Kasuga:  WHAT TH-?

Kurumi:  AHHH-!  LOOK OUT!

[Her warning comes too late as Ayukawa's and Kasuga's sudden 
appearance shatters Kurumi's concentration, sending a small 
avalanche of boxes on Kasuga's head.  Fortunately, Ayukawa 
was behind him and didn't get piled on.  Inside, the room is 
a mess - piled boxes, packages, furniture in the middle of 
the room, and so on - as the rest of Kasuga's family helps 
him finish the last of his moving.  Most of his stuff is 
still in boxes, but his futon and kitchen equipment are 
already set up.  The rest of the room has the appearance of 
a poltergeist effect, since boxes of stuff were, until a 
moment ago, still floating in mid-air.  Ayukawa bends over 
to see if Kasuga is alright.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  [His head pops out from underneath the pile.  He 
turns to Kurumi and demands.]  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, 

Kurumi:  [Yelling back.]  WELL, HOW ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSE TO 

Kasuga:  I WAS NOT GOOF-!

Manami:  [Motions both to calm down.]  How about we keep it 
down while we still can?

Takashi:  Right, Kyosuke.  What's done is done.  No need to 
make it worse by telling our secret to the rest of the tenants.

Kasuga:  [Stands up and brushes various debris off.  He shuts 
the door and mutters, almost to himself.]  Some things never 

[Cut to an hour later.  Ayukawa and the rest of the 
Kasuga family have left.  Kasuga is leaning back on his 
futon; a new piece of furniture in deference to the cramped 
quarters of his boarding house room.  He breathes a sigh 
from the recent physical exertion and relief.]

Kasuga:  [To himself in thought.]  Well... here I am.  Away 
from the silliness and non-stop calamity.  [Smiles.]  I've 
made it.  [Closes his eyes and sighs again.  Suddenly, his 
eyes pop open.  He sniffs and his nose wrinkles as a wave 
of odor permeates the room.  He sits upright, then stands 
up.  He walks over to the front of the room and opens the 
door.  Much to his surprise, he sees smoke coming from 
underneath the next door.]  What is...?  [He looks right 
and...<BOOOM>!  An explosion rocks the floor as a cloud of 
foul-smelling smoke fills the hallway.]  What the...?!  
[Storms down the hallway towards the next door.]

Voice from next room:  Oops!  Sorry!  [Coming out from the 
next room is a young man.  He has blond hair, and looks 
about Kasuga's age.  He puts his hand behind his head and 
laughs.  Kasuga smiles despite himself.  The young man 
offers his hand.]  You must be the new guy in No. 5.  I 
guess we're neighbors.  I'm Katsu Ritsu.

Kasuga:  [Takes his hand.]  I'm Kasuga Kyosuke.  Glad to 
meet you.  [Looks inside Katsu's now-open room.]  Say, 
what are you doing?

Katsu:  Oh!  Come in.  [In the middle of the room is a 
large rectangular table.  Under the table there's a medium 
size tank of propane, powering two Bunsen burners.  
Sprawled across the table is the largest array of chemical-
filled glassware Kasuga has ever seen.  In one corner of 
the table, there is some broken glass and a foul-smelling 
puddle.  Katsu pulls a broom and shovel from the corner of 
his room and sweeps the glass into the shovel, then dumps 
it into the waste bin.]  I was trying to brew some coffee.

Kasuga:  Ehh?  [Looks around the room.]  Where?

Katsu:  [Points to a large beaker.]  Here.  [To the right 
is an Erlenmeyer flask with water boiling inside.  Mounted 
above is a distillation column filled with coffee grounds.  
The steam then dribbles down an adjoining tube into the 
awaiting beaker.]  I got so caught up watching it, I let 
one of the other test-tubes go dry.  Once the fluid was 
gone, the sulfur caught on like a...

Kasuga:  [Waves off the technical explanation.]  Heh, that's 
alright.  I've been known to be absent-minded myself, once in 
a while.  [Admiring the set-up.]  But this is really something.

Katsu:  [Smiles.]  When I was a kid, I got a toy chemistry 
kit for my birthday.  Since then, I've added stuff piece by 
piece.  Before I even got out of junior high, I knew what I 
wanted to study.  [He pulls two smaller beakers from a shelf 
and pours the dark coffee from the larger beaker into the two 
smaller ones.]  Join me?

Kasuga:  [Takes offered glass.]  Sure.  [Tentatively takes 
a sip, then smiles.]  Say, not bad!  Very smooth taste!

Katsu:  Isn't it, though?  That's the acid!

Kasuga:  [Stops drinking.]  Acid?

Katsu:  [Smiles.]  Neutralizes the alkali base.

Kasuga:  [Lowers his beaker.]  Where?

Katsu:  [Looks confused.]  Why, in the coffee, of course!

[Coffee sprays out of Kasuga's mouth.  He coughs and gags.]

Katsu:  Hey, don't worry!  It's pH balanced!

[Scene fades as Kasuga gives the coffee another try.  Cut 
to a complex of apartment buildings in a different, obviously 
newer, part of the town; the university campus can be seen 
several blocks away.  The complex is relatively new; there 
is a pool and several tennis courts nearby.  Ayukawa's sister 
helps with removing the last of the boxes from the car.  When 
they are done, the car drives off, while Ayukawa stands and 
watches as it speeds away.  When the car is gone, she lifts 
the first of several boxes and walks up a flight of steps to 
the second story.  Approaching one of the four doors on the 
landing, she pulls out a key and unlocks it.  As she enters, 
she notices the room is exceptionally clean, almost Spartan 
in layout.]

Ayukawa:  Ikemoto-san!

[No answer.  Because her arms are occupied, she doesn't bother 
closing the door.  Walking into her room, she puts the box on 
a student desk and looks around.  There are already several 
semi-unpacked boxes, the desk and a bed, but the room seems 
to be neat and orderly; each box is positioned carefully on 
the floor.  The sound of a closing door interrupts her 
concentration.  She walks to the front of the apartment and 
sees a tall woman, approximately ten years older, dressed 
in a strict business suit, who stands by the now closed door.

Ikemoto:  [Brushing her black hair back.]  Since you're moving 
in today, I'll forgive you this time.  [Her head snaps up, 
abruptly making eye contact to emphasize her point.]  But in 
the future I would prefer you to keep the front door closed.

Ayukawa:  [Surprised by the rather abrupt greeting.]  Ahh... 
sure.  [Thinks to herself.]  No need to get confrontational 
about something so trivial.  Maybe she's just having a bad 
day.  [To Ikemoto.]  Say, could you give me a hand?

Ikemoto:  [Pulls out a flip-down phone.]  Sorry.  I've got 
to run.  I'm meeting someone in half an hour.  I just 
dropped by to grab my bag.  [As she starts to talk on the 
phone, Ikemoto walks into her room.  She grabs a portfolio, 
finishes the conversation, clicks off her phone, then leaves.]  
I'll be back in a couple hours, Ayukawa-chan.

Ayukawa:  [To herself, sarcastically.]  I can't wait.  [As 
the door closes, Ayukawa blows a lock of her hair from her 
eyes.]  She wasn't like this when she interviewed me.  
[Thinks for a moment.]  Then again, we only talked for a 
few minutes.  [Picks up the phone and dials the number 
Kasuga gave her.  She lets it ring for a minute, then hangs 
up.]  Shoot!  He must have stepped out.  [Looks at the front 
door, remembering Ikemoto's brusque behavior, then looks at 
the phone, thinking about Kasuga.]  Maybe I should have 
gotten a room at the boarding house instead.


[Cut to a dimly-lit room, decorated with various ancient 
scrolls, dried gross-looking items in flasks, red banners with 
Chinese gold letterings, etc.  A young woman with long purple 
hair is adding ingredients into a bubbling cauldron.]

Shampoo:  Eye of newt... toadstools... rat's tail...

Voiceover:  While magic and mystery are alive...

Shampoo:  [Reading from an old, dog-eared book.]  Simmer 
together and mix with a bone at the stroke of midnight...

VO:  While the joy and laughter abound...

Shampoo:  Add to groom's drink...

VO:  While youth has vigor and age has wisdom...

Shampoo:  And then Ranma will be mine!  All mine!  A-HA-HA-HA-HA!

VO:  While love is true and unyielding...

[The dark brown liquid in the cauldron is bubbling ominously.]

VO:  Maxwell House Coffee will be good to the last drop!

[Writer's note: standard disclaimer.]


[Cut to Kasuga's room.  It's mid-afternoon and Kasuga is 
about halfway through unpacking his boxes.  He looks at his 
phone, and pauses in thought.]

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Nah.  She's probably too busy 
getting her stuff unpacked.  [Keeps on unpacking for a 
while, then stops.  He looks at the phone, thinks for a 
moment, and picks it up.]

[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment.  She's picking up the last of 
the boxes left for her on the street and carrying it up the 
stairs.  Even with her endurance, the toil of carrying the 
load of several heavy boxes up a flight of stairs for several 
trips has taken its toll.  As she enters the apartment, she 
drops the box on the floor by the doorway and brushes her hair 
back.  Her hair and face are now moist with perspiration as 
she collapses on Ikemoto's sofa.  She closes her eyes for a 
moment and catches her breath.  Then, she opens her eyes, and 
notices that the LED on the phone-answering machine is blinking.]

Ayukawa:  Ehh...? [She presses the play button and closes her 
eyes again.]

Machine:  <Beep> Ikemoto-san, it's Namba-san.  Please call me 
concerning the presentation tomorrow.  <Beep>  Sachiko, this is 
your mother calling.  Call me back when you get this message, 
bye....  <Beep>  Ayukawa, it's Kasuga.  Just called to...

Ayukawa:  [Ignores the rest of the message and picks up the 
phone.]  Shoot!  [To herself as she dials.]  I must have just 
missed him....

[Cut to Kasuga's room.  Kasuga hangs up after leaving his 
message on the answering machine.]

Kasuga:  She must have stepped out.  [Lies back on his 
futon, then hears a heavy pounding on the door.  He sits up 
abruptly and opens the door.  Standing at the doorway is a 
short, squat, balding man.  He has beady eyes and looks 
angry.  Kasuga recognizes him immediately.]  Ah, Ooya-san*!  

Egami:  My office!  Right now!  [Turns around and wobbles 
down the hallway, knocking on the other door.]

Katsu:  [Opening the door.]  Yes?  Ah, Egami-sa...

Egami:  You, too!  Downstairs!  Now!  [He turns and ambles 
down the staircase.]

Katsu:  Uhm...

Kasuga:  [Looks a little concerned.]  What's going on?  Did 
we do something wrong already?

[Katsu shakes his head with puzzled expression.  Kasuga leaves 
his room, closes the door behind him, and goes with Katsu down 
the staircase.  Behind the closed door, Kasuga's phone starts 

[Cut to downstairs.  Egami Isamu's room doubles as his office.  
Inside, Egami starts yelling at Kasuga and Katsu.]

Egami:  Since you two didn't see fit to attend my tenants 
orientation, I now have to spend my valuable time telling 
you the policies I expect and demand from my tenants!  I 
expect rent on the first!  Not a day later!  If you are 
delinquent, your furniture goes out on the lawn until you 
pay!  Penalty is 2000 yen per day!  Any weather damage to 
the building will be fixed when reported, but if you break 
something, it comes right from your deposit!  No big loud 
parties, either!

[He turns around, picks up his ledger and starts writing.]

Kasuga:  [To Katsu.]  That's it?

Katsu:  [To Kasuga.]  He dragged us down here to tell us 

[Egami stops writing and looks up.  He notices that Kasuga 
and Katsu are still standing there with questioning looks 
on their faces.]

Egami:  Well, what are you waiting for?  GET OUT OF MY 

[Cut to outside Egami's door.  The door flies open as 
Kasuga and Katsu come barreling out of the office.]

Kasuga:  Yeow!  [Manages to keep to his feet and come to 
a stop, then to himself.]  Sheesh!  What a grouch!

[Cut to Ayukawa.  She tries dialing again, but gets no 
answer.  In frustration, she hangs up.]

Ayukawa:  Where could he have gone so fast?  [Gets up and 
goes to the kitchen.  She gets a glass from the cabinet, 
drops in a few ice cubes and fills it with water.  Taking 
a sip, she sets the glass down on the table.  Next, she 
opens the refrigerator and starts scanning the shelves, 
looking for something to eat.  Her search is interrupted by 
a noise behind her.]  Ikemoto-san!  I didn't hear you...

Ikemoto:  [Picks up Ayukawa's glass and puts a coaster 
under it.]  Please, Ayukawa-chan,  [With a condescending 
tone.]  surely even you should know what these  [Points at 
the coaster.]  are for.

Ayukawa:  Ah...

Ikemoto:  [Goes to the living room, but continues to talk.]  
And do you have any idea how much it costs to clean this 
sofa?  Try not to sit in it when you're sweating!

Ayukawa:  [Her grip on the refrigerator door handle silently 
tightens.]  Alright...

Ikemoto:  And, Ayukawa-chan?

Ayukawa:  [Pulling out a carrot; with a noticeable strain in 
her voice.]  Yes?

Ikemoto:  Don't drink from the bottle!

Ayukawa:  [Carrot snaps between her fingers.]  ...

[Cut to Ayukawa's room.  She comes storming in with a growing 
look of impatience with Ikemoto's attitude.]

Ayukawa:  If I have to listen to another minute of this, 
I'll scream... or hit something.  Or someone.  [Pause.]  
The most annoying thing is that she's right - but that 
tone.... [Picks up the phone.]  Kasuga-kun, please be 
there this time!

[Cut to Kasuga's room.  The door opens and Kasuga returns 
from his new tenant thrashing from Egami.  He starts to 
unpack another box, when he is interrupted by a knock on 
the door.]

Kasuga:  [Frowns.]  Who could that be?  [Gets up and opens 
the door, then freezes.]  Kimura-san!

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  Hi, Kasuga-san!  I went to another 
bookstore and found some more copies of our text!  So I got 
one for you!

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed; puts hand behind his head and 
smiles.]  Er... thanks a bunch!  But you didn't have to come 
all the way out here.  You could have waited until the class 
to give it to me.  [Pauses, then his embarrassed look fades 
into curiosity.]  By the way, how did you find me?

Kimura:  [Holds up a student directory and smiles even more.]  
Easy!  They just printed these!

Kasuga:  Huh...  [He glances through the book.]  Yes, Yujou-kan.  
One moment, it doesn't give my room number here!

Kimura:  Oh, that guy told me you're in number five!

Kasuga:  "That guy"?

Kimura:  Yes, the guy next door, Katsu-san.  He seems quite 

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Um.  [Returns the book.]  Here you go.

Kimura:  [Pushes it back.]  You can have this copy!  I was 
telling some of my friends how lucky I was to run into such 
a nice guy like you!  So they said that I should ask you to 
come with us for dinner!

Kasuga:  Uhh....  [Beads of sweat form on his face.  Before 
he can answer, his telephone rings and he turns to Kimura.]  
Just a minute!  [To himself.]  Saved...  [Picks up the phone.]  

Ayukawa:  [From telephone.]  Kasuga-kun!  Thank goodness I 
finally reached you!

Kasuga:  Ahhh... yeah!  [Beads of sweat now dripping down 
his face.]  So, how are you doing on moving in?

Kimura:  [Whispers, but still can't quite stifle a giggle.]  
Who is it, Kasuga-san?

Ayukawa:  Is someone else there?

Kasuga:  Umm... yeah.  Just a... classmate.  We're looking 
at some textbooks for freshman mathematics.

Ayukawa:  [Puts the thought aside.]  Say, Kasuga-kun.  I'm 
a little tired of moving all these boxes, and I kind of 
need to get out of the apartment for a while.  What do you 
say we have dinner together?  My treat!

Kasuga:  Ahh... sure!  That'd be great!  Where do you want 
to meet?

Ayukawa:  I saw an okonomiyaki* place a block east of the 
campus on the main road.  How about meeting me there in 
about an hour?
*Japansese speciality; sort of a filled pancake

Kasuga:  Sure, I'll be there....  Uh-huh.  Bye.  [Hangs up.]  
Sorry, Kimura-san.  That was a friend of mine, um... just 
calling to remind me that we were going to meet for dinner 
tonight.  What do you say I take you out tomorrow for lunch?  
My treat.

Kimura:  [Looks surprised, then smiles.]  That'd be great!  
I'll see you tomorrow, then!  [Leaves.]

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Whew!  That was close!

[Cut to the Okonomiyaki-Maru.  The restaurant is a casual 
place, packed with students.  Inside, the sounds of 
conversations, and the smell of good food gives the dining 
area the look of a student union cafe.  Kasuga looks around 
as he enters and sees Ayukawa sitting in a booth.  She 
waves at him; he goes over and sits down.]

Ayukawa:  [Smiles at him.]  I'm amazed.  You got here on time!

Kasuga:  [Laughs.]  That wasn't hard.  [Pause.]  So, how's it 
going with your new apartment?  [Stops smiling when he notices 
Ayukawa looking away for a moment.]  Eh?  Something wrong?

Ayukawa:  [Forced smile.]  N-nothing's wrong!  What about you?

Kasuga:  Well, I've got a neighbor who drinks out of 
chemistry beakers, and a screaming landlord who likes to 
throw the tenants furniture out on the lawn.  [Puts his 
hand behind his head as he laughs at his own predicament.]

Ayukawa:  [Absent-mindedly.]  Any spare rooms?

Kasuga:  Ehh?  [Stops laughing and notices the depressed 
look on Ayukawa's face as she lets her guard down.]  Well, 
not really.  No. 5 was the last one.  Why do you ask?

Ayukawa:  [Shakes her head and smiles.]  Just wondering.  
[Kasuga stands up.]  Eh?  Going somewhere?

Kasuga:  Just to the restroom.  Be right back!  [Leaves.]

[Kasuga walks to the back of the restaurant and enters the 
restroom.  He splashes water on his face and pats himself 
dry with a paper towel.  He then exhales a sigh of relief 
and smiles on how well the evening is going.  He turns 
around to pitch the towel into the waste bin - and freezes.]

Kasuga:  Katsu-san!  What are you doing here?

Katsu:  Ah, Kasuga!  Fancy meeting you here!  We're celebrating 
our last free days before school.

Kasuga:  We?

Katsu:  Sure!  You know, that girl that came by looking for you 
earlier today... Kimura Keiko.

Kasuga:  What?!?

[Cut to the dining area.  Ayukawa is sitting alone, waiting 
for Kasuga to return.  Since both have ordered, she doesn't 
look concerned with Kasuga taking his time.  As she takes in 
the atmosphere, Kasuga, from his observation point next to the 
restroom, looks all over the room, trying to locate Kimura.]

Kasuga:  Shoot!  Of all the people... oh no!  [Sees Kimura 
wandering around the dining area, talking with several people.  
After concluding a conversation with one of the other new 
students, she starts walking straight towards Ayukawa.]

Kimura:  [Smiling at Ayukawa.]  Say, you're also a new student, 
aren't you?

Ayukawa:  [Looks up and smiles.]  Why yes, I am!  [Raises an 
eyebrow.]  How did you guess?

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  You've got that look!  You're with somebody 

Ayukawa:  Yes....  [Looks away from Kimura with a thoughtful 
expression.]  Someone special.

Kimura:  [Sits down in Kasuga's chair.]  I know what that's 
like.  I met someone today that feels like that special 
someone.  [Looks thoughtful for a moment.]  I wish I could 
be with him right now.

Kasuga:  [Clenches his fists and squeezes his eyes shut in 
fearful anticipation.]  This is it!

Ayukawa:  [Nods at Kimura.]  Well, I hope you find that special 

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  So do I!  [Extends her hand.]  By the 
way, I'm Kimura Keiko!

Ayukawa:  [Shakes the offered hand.]  I'm Ayukawa Madoka.  
Nice to meet you!

Kasuga:  [Watches Kimura go to another table.]  Phew...!

[Cut to Kasuga's house, the hallway outside of Room No. 5.  
Ayukawa waits as Kasuga unlocks and opens the door.  It's 
nighttime and both are tired from the day's events.  They 
enter the room and sit on Kasuga's futon.]

Kasuga:  [Notices Ayukawa's look of fatigue.]  Rough day?

Ayukawa:  [Nods and then smiles.]  Yeah.  [Stretches.]  All 
the boxes to move....

Kasuga:  Didn't your sister or new roommate help you?

Ayukawa:  My sister's pregnant!

Kasuga:  Ohh!  I forgot!

Ayukawa:  And my roommate... well....

Kasuga:  [With concern.]  Anything's wrong?

Ayukawa:  [Pauses for a second.]  Well... we'll see.  [Stretches 
again.]  Let's not think of this for now - the night's still 
young.  Say, do you remember this?  [Pulls out a bottle she had 
been carrying concealed.  It's a small black bottle of brandy 
with "Napoleon" written on the top of the label.]

Kasuga:  [Looks momentarily surprised.]  Sure... I don't think 
I'll ever forget it.  Where'd you get that?

Ayukawa:  I sneaked it out of my parents' liquor cabinet before 
I left town.

Kasuga:  Like last time?  [Smiles in recollection.]  That 
was a special night, wasn't it?

Ayukawa:  [Nods and offers the bottle to Kasuga.]  Got some 

[Kasuga hands her two 100ml beakers.  Ayukawa looks at the 
beakers with some amused curiosity, then pours.  They sip 
the brandy, then put the beakers aside.  The lights dim as 
both inch closer together.]

Kasuga Narration:  I remember, a few years ago, moving to 
a new town.  I remember the novelty and the feeling of 
insecurity.  Everything was different and I felt alone.  
This time, I have someone with me - and I hope this will 
make the transition easier.  Here, in this new town, we 
should both have a chance to make something out of a sea 
of change.

[Just before their lips touch, Kasuga suddenly pulls back.  
Ayukawa's nose wrinkles as she smells it too.  <BOOOOOOM!!>]

Voice from next room:  Sorry!

Kasuga Narration:  Oh well, some things haven't changed at 


New Characters Designer/Writer          Stephen Tsai
Co-writers                              Andy Combs
                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
Pre-readers                             Ravi Konchigeri
                                        Derek Work
                                        Christian Gadeken
                                        Scott Bolland
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies. Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own. If there is anything here you must 
flame, mail them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, other episodes are available at
I've got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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