Kimagure Orange College - Episode 2
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

Episode 2 - New names, new faces

[Cut to Yujou-kan.  The peace of the morning is interrupted by the 
sound of a beeping alarm clock coming from one of the open windows on 
the second floor.  A few minutes later, the sound of a ringing 
telephone adds to the background noise.  Kasuga looks misty-eyed at the 
ringing telephone.  He rolls over and knocks the receiver off the hook 
and places it backwards on his head. When he doesn't hear any answer, 
he turns it around.]

Kasuga:  [Half-asleep.]  Yes...?

Ayukawa:  [On the phone.]  Kasuga-kun!  What are you still doing there?  
Do you know what time it is?

Kasuga:  [Looks sleepy-eyed at his clock, then suddenly springs to full 
awakening.]  WHAAAH!  [Falls on the floor, pulls on his pants and 
shirt, and grabs his books, while stuffing a left-over onigiri* into 
his mouth.]  I'm gonna be late!  [He then turns and runs out the door, 
not even bothering hanging up the phone.]  Shoot!  [Looks at his bike, 
then shakes his head.]  I don't even have time to ride my bike there!  
I'll have to use my power!  [Concentrates and then disappears.]
*Riceball with salted salmon, or pickled plum in the middle

[Cut to Ayukawa's room.  She's fully dressed, has her books ready, and 
looks at her watch impatiently.]

Kasuga:  [Teleports in.]  Sorry I'm late, Ayukawa!  I came as fast as I 

Ayukawa:  I can see....  [Look him over and can't suppress a smile.]  
Your shirt's on backwards....

Kasuga:  [Stews silently.] ...

Kasuga Narration:  It was the first day of class.  On this clear day, 
the college campus was crowded as new students, parents and teachers 
gathered in main auditoriums and plazas.  The college entrance ceremony 
was underway and classes were preparing for the spring semester.  It 
was a day of great importance; we have been looking forward to that day 
for all our lives....

[Cut to the main campus plaza.  The plaza is packed with parents and 
new students seated on folding chairs.  Even more of them stand in the 
courtyards ringing the plaza.  Kasuga, Takashi and Ayukawa sit together 
amid the crowd.  On the central podium, the master of ceremonies 
welcomes the new students and their parents to this prestigious 

MC:  ...are a testament to the work and study ethic that is so 
important to Japan!  Be proud of your accomplishments, for you are 

Kasuga:  [Whispering to Ayukawa.]  Say, where are your parents?

Ayukawa:  [Whispers back.]  They couldn't come.  They had to go to a 
performance overseas right after I moved in.

Kasuga:  [Glancing at her and at Takashi, to himself.]  I guess I'm 

[Cut to a few hours later.  The crowds are breaking up as students 
prepare to attend their first classes.]

Takashi:  [To Ayukawa.]  Are you sure you won't join us?  We still have 
a couple hours before your afternoon class start.

Ayukawa:  [Bows.]  Thank you, but no.  I have some more supplies to get 
before the classes start.

Kasuga:  How about I come with you?

Ayukawa:  No, I've really got to go.  [Turns to leave, then stops.]  
How about I meet you at the student union this afternoon after class?  
I should be free by 4pm.

Kasuga:  Ahh...sure.  That'd be great.  [Watches her leave.]  I wonder 
if there's anything wrong....

Takashi:  [Notices Kasuga's concern and puts his hand on his shoulder.]  
She'll be OK.  If she wants to talk about it, she'll let you know.

[Kasuga nods with a concerned look.]

[Cut to the campus book store.  Ayukawa leaves her bag at the front 
counter and goes to the Fine Arts book section.  She walks down the 
aisle, scanning the rows of books.  When she finds the ones she wants, 
she grabs them off the shelf and turns around.  However, because she 
had not tucked them into the carry-bag, they are knocked out of her 
hands as she bumps into another student.]

Ayukawa:  Oops!  Sorry about that!

Male Student:  Please.... [Bends over to pick up her books.]  Allow me.  
[Hands her the books.]

Ayukawa:  Ahh...thanks.  [The guy has brown hair and is about a foot 
taller than her.  His features are chiseled and his face exudes 
confidence and charm.]

Male Student:  [Bows.]  Please accept my apologies.  I'm Hayashibara 

Ayukawa:  [Almost to herself.]  The baseball player?

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  Un...and you are...?

Ayukawa:  I'm Ayukawa Madoka.

Hayashibara:  Pleased to meet you.  [Reaches into his pocket.]  Say, 
would you like to come see the opening spring game?  [Produces an 
athletic pass to the baseball stadium.]

Ayukawa:  [Unsure.]  Well, I did have plans with someone else....

Hayashibara:  [Produces another pass.]  Bring him along then.  [Teeth 
gleam as he smiles.]  I hope to see you again.  Maybe after the game?

Ayukawa:  Sure....  [To herself after Hayashibara leaves.]  Handsome 

[Cut to the mathematics building.  Inside, the central hallway is 
crowded with students filing into the main lecture hall.]

Kimura:  [Waves.]  Kasuga-san!  Kasuga-san!  [Runs over and latches 
herself on Kasuga's left arm.]

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  Ha-ha...Kimura-san!  Nice to see you again!

[Both enter the large lecture hall.  The hall is built on a two-story 
sloped auditorium, with seats along a steep stairway.  At the lowest 
level of the room in the front there is a sliding three-panel 
blackboard.  Students of all descriptions file in, taking available 
seats.  As they walk in, Kimura suddenly spots someone and starts 
waving and jumping up and down.]

Kimura:  Ahh!  Saito-san!  Saito-san!

[At the mention of his name, one of the male students turns around and 
his face flashes recognition.  The tall, skinny young man has reddish-
blond hair and thin wire-rimmed glasses.]

Saito:  Ahh...Kimura-san!  I didn't know you were in Oinuma-sensei's 

Kasuga:  Ehh?  You know each other?

Kimura:  [Nods sharply.]  Un!  We met at a juku* class!  [To Saito.]  
This is Kasuga Kyosuke!  He's gonna be my study partner!
*Cram school that helps students pass the college entrance exams.

Saito:  Ehh?  [Smiles.]  Heh, heh...!  You lucky guy!

Kasuga:  Hey, hey!  [Holds up hands defensively.]  We're just going to 
be studying together!

Saito:  [Unconvinced but friendly tone.]  Of course you are...!  
[Continues smiling, then turns to his side.]  Say, I want you to meet 
my friend Kasamatsu Teruhiko!

[Sitting next to Saito is another young man.  He has brown hair, thick 
glasses and is overweight.  He smiles, but something about his smile 
suggests a deviousness that makes Kasuga a little nervous.  He leans 
over and extends his hand.]

Kasamatsu:  Pleased to meet you, Kasuga-san!

Kasuga:  [Takes the offered hand.]  Nice to meet yo--Gyaa...!  [Yanks 
hand back with surprise as a jolt runs up his arm.]  Wh-what the...?

Kasamatsu:  [Proudly revealing a hand buzzer.]  Gotcha!

Saito:  [Whispers to Kasamatsu while covering part of his face.]  
Teruhiko, you're embarrassing me...!

[Just then, Hayashibara walks in the room.  He looks around and sits in 
a chair about two rows behind Kasuga, Saito and Kasamatsu.]

Saito:  Hey!  [To Kasamatsu.]  Look who's also in our class!

Kasamatsu:  Is that Hayashibara Akira?

Kimura:  [Eyes turn into heart-shapes.]  Ohhh...he's so handsome...!

Kasuga:  [Overhearing.]  Who?

[As Hayashibara sits down, a group of girl students cluster around him 
and swoon.]

Kasuga:  [Noting all the girls reactions.]  Hmmm... I wonder what's so 
special about him?

Saito:  [Incredulously.]  You don't know him?  He was the starting 
shortstop for the finals of the All-Japan Senior High School Baseball 
Tournament!  What's more, his father's rich!

Kasuga:  Rich?

Kasamatsu:  Yup... his father's the president of one of the largest 
shipping companies in Tokyo!

Saito:  Yeah... and he's got some influence with the Yomiuri Giants, 
too!  [Looks a little envious.]  I mean, this guy's got it made!

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Just because he's rich doesn't make him 
special.  [Looks at Hayashibara again and thinks about the girls' 
reactions.]  Then again, I'm glad I don't have to compete with him....

[Cut to an hour later.  As the class dismisses, Kasuga stands up to 

Kasamatsu:  Say, Kasuga-san!  [Puts his hand on Kasuga's back with an 
affectionate pat.]  Tell me something: do you have a lot of experience 
with girls?

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  Well... err....

Kasamatsu:  Let me tell you something!  [Rubs his back with affection 
as he talks.]  Girls are sometimes like children!  They just want you 
to pay attention to them.  [Grins, while glancing suggestively towards 
Kimura's direction.]  Know what I mean?

Kasuga:  Ahh...sure.  [Turns to leave.]  I gotta go meet someone!  I'll 
see you guys next time!  [Leaves.]

Kimura:  [Sees Kasuga's back as he leaves.]  Ohh...!  [To Kasamatsu.]  
That's mean!  [Starts to walk towards Kasuga.]

Kasamatsu:  [Gently holds her back.]  Don't worry....

Kimura:  But...

Kasamatsu:  [Chuckles.]  It'll make him laugh!  You'll see!

[Cut to the fine arts building.  Inside, several students are carrying 
their instruments and placing them into lockers.  Ayukawa walks in, 
carrying an instrument case along with her books, and enters the main 
rehearsal hall.  Although the building is old, there's a palpable 
feeling of tradition.  As the students settle down, a stout middle-aged 
man with reddish hair walks forward to the center of the hall and taps 
his baton on the podium to get everyone's attention.]

Professor 1:  [Standing on podium.]  Greetings, students, and welcome 
to the first band rehearsal.  I am Ono Ryusuke, the director of the 
symphonic band.  [Gestures to a female professor standing to the side.]  
Shiratori Kinuko will be the director of the concert band, as well as 
handle rehearsals during class.  During the next term, first chair 
students will be required to give recitals as part of their class 
curriculum.  After tryouts, those who qualify should see me regarding 
the time arrangements.

[The initial class meeting breaks up as students go to respective 
instrument groups.  Ayukawa walks towards the woodwinds, sits down and 
unpacks her saxophone.  As she warms up, another older man approaches 

Professor 2:  That's a nice sound you've got.  Very good, especially 
for a freshman.

Ayukawa:  [Stops momentarily.]  Thank you....  [She glances up and 
looks the man over.  He's tall, and sporting a carefully groomed brown 
goatee.  Unlike Ono's strict demeanor, he has the casual look of a jazz 

Professor 2:  I'm Handa Shun.  I direct the stage band here, but I also 
scout for talent for some of the local jazz and dance clubs.

Ayukawa:  [Interested.]  Jazz clubs?

Handa:  Live bands for nightclubs.  The pay's a good bit better than 
the usual part-time jobs students look for, and, in your case, it would 
be a good way for you to develop yourself as a musician, while making 
some good money.

Ayukawa:  Sounds pretty good.

Handa:  [Hands her a couple of cards from some clubs.]  If you're 
interested, I'm assembling the rosters for bands for some of these 
clubs.  We'll be conducting tryouts in the next couple of days.  I hope 
to see you there!  [Bows briefly and then leaves.]

Ayukawa:  [Leafing through some of the club cards.  One in particular 
catches her eye.]  Club Noir, huh?  Maybe a visit is in order...


[Cut to the edge of Seyruun.  Amelia, Gourry and Lina Inverse have just 
finished fighting a number of bounty-hunters.]

Lina:  [Frustrated.]  This is the fifth group today!  When are all 
these guys going to get it through their heads that we're innocent?  
[Grumpy.]  What we need is some kind of advertising.

Amelia:  [Excited.]  You know what would be really cool?  Tie 
everything about us onto a single WWW site that would enable all the 
Warriors of Justice to get real-time updates on the eternal battle for 
Truth and Justice!  [Eyes glitter.]

Gourry:  [Confused.]  But Amelia...we don't know anyone who can do 

[Cue music.]

Logo:  IBM World Wide Web Design.  Business solutions for a small 

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the main walkway on one side of the campus.  Bookstores and 
small cafes are visible in the background.  Kasuga is standing by one 
of the buildings.  As he waits, several people glance in his direction, 
whisper among themselves, sometimes even laughing and pointing in his 
general direction.  His curiosity is interrupted as he sees Ayukawa 
walking around the corner.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa!  [Waves to get her attention.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  [Notices something on Kasuga's back.]  Hey!  
What's this?  [Reaches around him and pulls off a strip of paper.  
Written on the paper is "Struck out at A*!".  She looks at the strip 
and can't hold back a giggle.]  You've got to be kidding!
*"A" = kissing, "B" = petting or touching, "C" = going all the way,
 "D" = pregnant

Kasuga:  What the-?  Who could have... Kasamatsu!

[Cut to the student union cafe.  Kasuga and Ayukawa have completed 
their afternoon classes.  Two glasses of hot tea sit on the table as 
they have a quick drink before dinner.]

Kasuga: Egami-san threatened to move all the furniture on the 
lawn.  I don't really know if he'd be able to move all of it by 
himself... maybe he'll recruit someone to help.

Ayukawa:  [Distractedly.]  Um.

Kasuga:  On the other hand, he seems to be doing his job.  The house is 
in pretty good condition, especially for its age.  There're no leaks in 
the roof, and the plumbing works fine.  Although I *do* mind that all 
of us on the top floor have to share a bathroom, and that I have to 
brush my teeth by the sink in the corridor.  [Laughs.]  I would gladly 
switch with you, if I could.

Ayukawa:  [Quietly.]  So would I.

Kasuga:  Anyway, it's... ehh?  What did you just say?

Ayukawa:  [Sighs.]  I would really love to live somewhere else.

Kasuga:  But why?!  You have a wonderful place!

Ayukawa:  It *is* a nice room... but I have a less-than-wonderful 

Kasuga:  Ohh... I see.  Is it... that bad?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  As it stands, I think I'll be moving to another 
place between semesters.

Kasuga:  Moving?  Where?

Ayukawa:  I don't know.  Your place doesn't have any extra rooms....  
[Playfully.]  Maybe I'll just move right into your room.

Kasuga:  Ayukawa!

Ayukawa:  [Laughs.]  I'm kidding!  [Turns serious.]  But as the things 
are right now, I'm glad that she's hardly ever home.  If it weren't for 
that, I probably would have moved out by now.

Kasuga:  Huh... where does she go?

Ayukawa:  She leaves early for work, and doesn't come back until late 
at night.  Some finance company, I think.  I really haven't asked....  
[Brightens up.]  Say, I've got two tickets to the opening baseball 
game.  [Pulls out the athletic passes.]  Would you like to go?

Kasuga:  Yeah, sure!  [Notices that they are athletic passes, rather 
than normal admission tickets.]  Say, where did you get these?

Ayukawa:  I met someone who gave them to me.

Kasuga:  Who?

Ayukawa:  Hayashibara Akira.  I bumped into him at the book store this 

Kasuga:  [Eyes widen.]  You mean... the ball player?

Ayukawa:  [Nonchalantly.]  Yeah, that's him.

Kasuga:  [Turning pale.]  The rich... handsome... baseball player?

Ayukawa:  [Playfully.]  Why, Kasuga-kun... are you jealous?

Kasuga:  [Stands up.]  Of course not!

Ayukawa:  [Turns serious.]  Kasuga-kun, we just talked!  You don't have 
anything to worry about!

Kasuga:  [Sits back down.]  I guess I'm still a little....

Ayukawa:  Say, what are your plans tonight?

Kasuga:  Well... I'm suppose to be studying with some classmates, 

Ayukawa:  That's alright.  It's good that you're trying to get started 
early for a change.  Better than when you were in high school, putting 
everything off until the last moment.

Kasuga:  [Nods uncomfortably.]  Ahh...hai.  [To himself as he starts to 
sweat.]  Oh boy!  I hope I don't have to compete with him....

[Cut to the boarding house.  It's early in the evening.  Kasuga and 
Katsu are coming up the hill and stop to look at the walkway.  They 
notice a pile of new boxes sitting on the sidewalk.  A short girl with 
long brown hair walks out of the main entrance and starts to pick up a 
box then notices the two guys coming up the walk.]

Girl 1:  Do you guys live here?

Katsu:  Yeah... are you moving in?

Girl 1:  [Nods.]  How about giving me a hand?

Kasuga:  Sure, we've got some time...[Picks up a box.]

Girl 1:  Thanks!  I'm Miyasato Yuko!  We're moving into Rm No. 2.

[Katsu and Miyasato pick up new boxes as Kasuga walks into the boarding 
house.  As he pushes the door to No. 2 open, he suddenly sees Miyasato 

Kasuga:  Miyasato-san!  How'd you get past me?

Miyasato:  Hey, creep!  [Menacingly.]  What are you doing with my 

Kasuga:  What do you mean?  You just told me to...!

Miyasato:  [Clenches fist and grabs Kasuga's shirt.]  The only thing 
I'm going to tell you is...!

Miyasato Yuko:  [Coming in behind Katsu.]  Yoko!  These guys are here 
to help!

Katsu:  Ehh...? [Looks at Yoko and Yuko carefully.]  Twins...?

Miyasato Yoko:  Eh?  [Looks at Kasuga, then blushes.]  S-sorry about 

Egami:  WHAT'S ALL THIS RACKET!?!  [Comes storming into No. 2, then 
turns his attention to Kasuga.]  I should have known you'd be involved!

Kasuga:  Err... Ooya-san!

Egami:  [Turns his attention to his new tenants.]  And where were you 
two?  You were supposed to move in last week!  I don't run a charity 
shelter here!

Miyasato Yuko:  [Fearfully.]  Well, we were held up by...

Egami:  [Cuts her off.]  I don't want to hear it!  Rent is due on the 
first.  No exceptions unless you like moving your furniture back and 

Miyasato-tachi:  [Both snap to fearful attention.]  HAI!

[After a few more boxes, Kasuga and Katsu both walk upstairs and go 
into Rm No. 5.  They both sit down around a square folding table and 
open their books as they prepare to look over their first homework 

Kasuga:  [Scans the textbook page.]  Hmm... Oinuma-sensei doesn't make 
it easy.

Katsu:  [Fingering a test tube between his knuckles.]  I can see.  And 
they told me that college was all parties and travel.

Kasuga:  Kimura-san is supposed to be here soon.  Maybe she knows a 
little about math.

Katsu:  But maybe she's going to need our help with math.  Anyway, we 
may be here for a while doing this many problems.

[Knock on the door interrupts Katsu.]

Kasuga:  [Gets up and opens the door and sees Kimura standing by the 
doorway.]  Come in!  Sit down!

Kimura:  Hi!  Sorry I'm late!

Katsu:  Hey, no problem!  Kasuga and I just got started!

Kasuga:  Sure, have a seat!  We're just going over how we each did the 
first problem.

Kimura:  [Sits down.]  I feel so lucky!  Both of you here to help me 
and all!

Kasuga:  [Shows his notebook to Kimura.]  Here's how I did it.  What do 
you think?

Kimura:  Wow... that's... interesting!  I never thought about using 
this approach!

Kasuga:  [Looks confused.]  Ehh...?  What about it?

Kimura:  [Pulls out a blank sheet of paper and grabs a pencil.]  
Well...  let me see.  First, if the ellipse is described by the 
equation x^2 / a^2 + y^2 / b^2 = 1, we need to solve it for y to obtain 
y = (b / a) * sqrt(a^2 - x^2) for the top half.  The area is A = 4 * 
(integral from 0 to a of (b / a) * sqrt(a^2 - x^2) dx), which gives the 
obvious answer of pi * a * b.  Right?

Kasuga:  Err....

Katsu:  Umm....

Kimura:  [Eyes flashing, pencil flying.]  To find the circumference, 
the easiest thing is to use the parametric description of the ellipse, 
which is x = a cos(t), y = b sin(t).  The formula for the length is L = 
4 * (integral from 0 to pi / 2 of sqrt(a^2 sin^2 t + b^2 cos^2 t) dt). 
This is an elliptic integral, and you should look in the integral 
tables to get the answer.

Kasuga:  [Stunned expression.]  Ahh... right....

Kimura:  Oh yes, and the fun thing is that the ellipse belongs to the 
class of conical projections, and thus can be thought of as a circle 
viewed from the side.  If one axis remains the same, a = r, and another 
is changed by the factor of b = r * (b / r), then the area is simply  A 
= pi r^2 = pi * a * b, which is the same answer we got before!

Katsu:  [Pencil drops out of limp hand.]  Ahh... right....  [To 
himself.]  So much for that theory....

[Both of them copy Kimura's solutions to their respective notebooks.]

Kasuga:  [To Kimura.]  Th-that's very impressive....  So you're really 
good at math?

Kimura:  [Blushes.]  Well, sort of....  It's just because my parents 
always encouraged me to practice.

Katsu:  Well, then when we get done, maybe you'd like to come with us 
to Club Noir?  They've got yakitori*, good sake, and a dance floor.  
What do you say?
*small shish-kabob-like servings of Japanese-styled barbecued chicken 
and vegetables served on metal or bamboo skewers

Kimura:  [Eyes light up.]  Really?

Katsu:  Yeah... just as soon as we finish these problems.

Kimura:  [Enthusiastically.]  Then can we go now?  [Shows her notebook 
to both of them.]  I've already done them all!  Can you guys look them 
over and see if they are OK?

Kasuga:  Well....  [Leafs through the notebook.]  I guess they look 
about right.

Katsu:  They... ahh... look OK to me too....

Kimura:  Let's go!  [Springs out of the chair and dashes off to wait 
for Kasuga and Katsu downstairs in the boarding house .]

Kasuga:  [After Kimura leaves.]  *She* needs help in math?

Katsu:  [Groans and covers his face to hide his embarrassment.]  How 
was I supposed to know...?

[Cut to the Club Noir.  As Kasuga, Kimura, and Katsu enter, the 
incessant beat of the club takes over, as the sounds of dancing music 
comes flooding out of the door.  After paying a modest cover, they find 
a table located near the bar.  Smoke rises from behind the open grill 
pits as marinated chicken sizzles on open gas flames.  After ordering a 
plate of yakitori and a bottle of sake, the three of them sit down and 
watch as the people around them dance the night away.]

Kasuga:  Ever had sake?  [Fills Katsu's cup.]

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  Um!  What's it like?

Katsu:  Only one way to find out!  [Fills Kimura's cup.]

Kimura:  [Picks up the cup dubiously, and then carefully sips half the 
drink.]  Wow!  [Gulps the rest of the drink.]  Makes me feel all warm 
and tingly inside!

[Kasuga and Katsu both look at each other with a little concern.]

Katsu:  [Whispers to Kasuga, as he picks up a yakatori stick.]  A 
little early for tingle, isn't it?

Kasuga:  [Whispers back.]  Maybe it's just because she never drank 
before....  [Looks around the club.  By this time, the dance floor is 
packed with students and other young people.  He reaches for a yakitori 
stick and suddenly drops it in his plate of soy sauce.  He rubs his 
eyes as he looks at the dance floor just to be sure of what he is 
seeing.]  It can't be....  [Gets up and walks towards the dance floor, 
leaving Katsu and Kimura alone at the table.]

Katsu:  Hey, Kasuga!  Where are you going?  [Sees that Kasuga isn't 
listening.]  I wonder what's wrong with him.

[Cut to the dance floor.  The artificially-generated steam mixes with 
the pulsing colored dance floor lights to create an atmosphere of 
unreality.  Turning slowly on the ceiling, a mirrored ball's 
reflections are reminiscent of fireflies.  In this sea of lights and 
sounds, Kasuga slowly wanders towards the edge of the floor, where 
couples come on and off.  Kasuga approaches one couple that he 

Kasuga:  That's Ayukawa... and with her it's...  [Recognition coming 
suddenly.]  Hayashibara!

[As he watches, the music seems to soften and the lights seem to dim as 
the mild fog gives the room a dream-like appearance.  Hayashibara 
gently pulls Ayukawa closer as the music enters its final coda.  She 
resists at first, then smiles.  Slowly, as the music fades, their lips 
come closer.]

Kasuga:  It can't be...!  [Kasuga blinks, then looks again.  Back in 
the real world, Ayukawa and Hayashibara walk off the dance floor.]

Ayukawa:  Thanks a lot for the dance.

Hayashibara:  Not at all.  I enjoyed being with you tonight.

[As they head off the floor, Kasuga approaches them.]

[Cut back to Kimura and Katsu's table.  By now, Kimura's nose has begun 
to turn red and her eyes are beginning to glaze.  Katsu, feeling a 
little concerned, reaches over to rouse Kimura.]

Katsu:  Say... [Shakes Kimura.] are you OK?

Kimura:  Wheeee...!  [She looks around.]  Where's <hic> Kyo-chan?

Katsu:  Kyo-chan?

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Kyo-chan <hic>.  Doesn't he look like a Kyo-chan to 

Katsu:  [Sigh.]  Jeez.  You *are* drunk!  But you've only had two cups 
of sake!

Kimura:  I'mmmm <hic> not drunk!  [Shakes her head and smiles.]

Katsu:  Oh yeah?  [Holds up his hands.  He has his index finger pointed 
on his right hand and his index and middle fingers pointed on his 
left.]  How many fingers am I holding up?

Kimura:  [Head nods over and stares blankly at Katsu's fingers.]  One, 
two, three...<hic!>...five, eight, thirteen...<hic!>...twenty-one, 
thirty-four, fifty-five...wheeee...! [Continues reciting the Fibonacci 
sequence as Katsu slowly puts his hands back down in futility.]

Katsu:  [To himself.]  Oh, brother!  We've got to get her home.  If 
only I could get Kasuga to help... but I can't just leave her here like 
this.  I guess I just have to wait for him....  [Puts his elbows on the 
table and settles in for a long wait, but his vigil is interrupted as 
Kimura starts bumping her cup into his side.]  What th-?

Kimura:  Come on!  Gimme <hic> another! [Reaches for the sake bottle.]

Katsu:  No!  [Grabs the sake bottle and holds it out of her reach.]  I 
think you've had enough!  As soon as Kasuga-san returns, we'll take you 

[Cut back to Kasuga.  He is standing at the edge of the dance floor.  
Coming towards him are Ayukawa and Hayashibara.]

Kasuga:  [Stepping forward, trying to look as confident as he can.]  

Hayashibara:  Ah, Kasuga-san!  [Smiles warmly.]  Ayukawa-san has told 
me a great deal about you.  Interesting that we have the same 
mathematics professor.  Pleased to meet you!  [Extends his hand.]

Kasuga:  Ahh...hai....  [Weakly takes Hayashibara's offered hand as the 
determination drains from his face.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun, I thought you were going to be studying.

Kasuga:  We were, but we got done early.

Hayashibara:  So, where are you seated?  Let's...

Kasuga:  [Points.]  Over there.  Uhh....  [Takes a deep breath.  To 
Ayukawa.]  Ayukawa, would you have this dance with me?

Ayukawa:  [A little surprised by his directness, but smiles]  Sure....

[As they reenter the dance floor, the background noise begins to grow 
quiet as the rhythm of the lights slow to a gentle pulse.]

DJ:  OK!  This is for all you lovers out there....  [Puts on a slow, 
gentle melody.  As the music starts its first verse, the dancers on the 
floor hold their partners closer.]

Kasuga Narration:  It was times like this that I wondered just how 
truly fortunate I was.  Here I was dancing cheek with Ayukawa, and 
holding her this close to me made me tremble so much I almost lost my 
step.  I could smell the scent of her hair, and the world seemed to 
disappear around us.

[Cut to later that night.  Now back in his own room, Kasuga is lying on 
his futon, trying to get some sleep.]

Kasuga Narration:  On this very important day, I truly began to realize 
the possible consequences of my actions.  Among the new friends I had 
met that day, perhaps for the first time, I met someone who might 
become a rival.  What's more, I wasn't making the things easier by 
repeating old mistakes.  [Turns over and sighs. He closes his eyes to 
try and get some sleep, but then opens them again with firm resolve.]  
It's not going to happen again!  One way or another, I've got to do 
something about it!


New Characters Designer/Writer          Stephen Tsai
Co-writer/plotter                       Andy Combs
                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
Pre-readers                             Ravi Konchigeri
                                        Derek Work
                                        Christian Gadeken
                                        Chung-Mau Cheng
                                        Robert Carragher
                                        Paolo Valladolid
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, mail 
them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  I've 
got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major location 
descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis for each 
episode.  If there is a particular character, place or event that you 
would like to know more about, and it is not being covered, don't 
hesistate to email me and I will send you either a note or a copy of 
the episode it is introduced.

Focus on Katsu Ritsu [Introduced in Episode 1]:  Kasuga's next door 
neighbor, he lives in Room 6 in the boarding house.  Katsu is a 
freshman chemistry major who keeps a ready stock of chemical supplies 
and equipment in his room.

He and Kasuga have become quick friends and now socialize together 
along with Ayukawa, Kimura, and the others.  A gifted chemist, he 
nevertheless finds time to play tennis and socialize.  His level-headed 
personality helps keep the sanity to a tolerable level.  He does get 
occasionally absent-minded, especially when he becomes engrossed in his 
work.  Once in a while, explosions, strange odors, and concoctions 
conspire to keep Kasuga's life interesting.

Visual Description:  A blond hair guy with average build and height.  
Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Al from 
Dominion, and Bernie from Gundum 0080.

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