Kimagure Orange College - Episode 3
by Stephen Tsai
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Stephen Tsai <>

Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the third episode of a fan-fict series
based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are intended to
take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", and follow
the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they start the next
phase of their lives in college.
 If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new characters,
and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  In addition,
the older episodes are available at the FTP site.
 One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have graduated from
college, my experience is in the American college system and culture.
The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced education system is
limited with what I can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes,
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant to show
disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, I would
appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any
readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 3 - Take me out to the ball game

[Cut to the Waseda University baseball diamond.  The sharp crack of a
wooden bat is immediately followed by the roar of the cheering crowd.
In the student section Kasuga and Ayukawa are sitting together.  Fans,
seated around, are watching the players on the field while listening to
the commentary on their radios.]

Kasuga's Narration:  It was the day of the first baseball game of the
season.  Ayukawa and I were spending the day together watching our
college team compete against one of its rival schools.  Ordinarily, I
would be happy to be spending the day with her.  The only problem was my
worrying about who was playing on the field we were watching...

Radio Announcer:  One out in the top of the second inning, Hirata at the
plate with a man on first.  Runner goes, here's the pitch...<crack!> and
it's a line drive up the middl--diving catch by Hayashibara!  He's up,
he throws, and guns the runner down at first!

Ayukawa:  [As the home crowd cheers.]  Wow!  Did you see that

Kasuga:  [Uninterested.]  Sure, great play...

Ayukawa:  You know, you're not making this game enjoyable for either of

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  I should have known it would turn out like

[Cut back to earlier that morning.  Kasuga and Ayukawa are walking down
a side street on their way to the game.]

Kasuga:  Are you sure there isn't another reason you want to go to the

Ayukawa:  What are you talking about, Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  Well, you were dancing pretty closely with Hayashibara the
other night.

Ayukawa:  [Sternly.]  Jealousy doesn't suit you well...

Kasuga:  Hrumph!  [Continues walking, then to himself.]  Oh well...maybe
he is handsome and rich.  [Face brightens a little as he fosters one
small hope.]  But maybe he can't play ball at all...

[Cut back to the present at the ballpark.]

Radio Announcer:  Bottom of the fourth, Keio up by three.  Hayashibara
at the plate, men at the corners.  There's the pitch...<crack!> and it's
a line drive down the left field gap.  Sagawa and Nose come in to score
for Waseda!  Keio's lead is cut to one as Hayashibara has two RBIs on a
stand-up double!

Kasuga:  [Head sinks into his hands as the crowd around him erupts with
a roar.]  So much for that idea...[His brooding is interrupted by money
being pushed towards his face.]

Ayukawa:  [Slightly annoyed as she hands him a couple of bills.]  If
you're not interested in watching the game, please get me a soda.

Kasuga:  [Takes the bills.]  Ahh...hai...[Leaves.]

Ayukawa:  [Continues watching the game for a few minutes, then turns to
where Kasuga was seated, where she sees Kasamatsu lifting up Kasuga's
stadium seat cushion.]  Who are you and what do you think you're doing?

Kasamatsu:  Shhh!  I'm one of Kasuga-san's classmates.  I saw him from
the section behind you and figured he needed cheering up!  I'm just
trying to shake the blues!

[Cut to under the stands.  After standing in line for a few minutes,
Kasuga reaches the front.]

Cashier:  Thank you, o-kyaku-sama*!
*Honored customer

Kasuga:  Ahh...hai.  [Picks up the drinks and peanuts in a cardboard

Voice:  [Behind him.]  Kasuga Kyosuke...

[At the mention of his name, Kasuga turns around and sees the man who
addressed him.  The man is tall and thin.  His black hair has a
slicked-back appearance, and his eyes are small and calculating.]

Kasuga:  Eh?  Have we met?

New man:  I would say so...if only in passing.

Kasuga:  [Looks at the guy and frowns.]  Well, now that you mention
it, you do look familiar...

New man:  [Bows formally.]  I am your neighbor at the boarding house.  I
occupy Room No. 4.  I couldn't help but notice you in the stands, so I
thought I'd take this opportunity to come down and introduce myself

Kasuga:  [Returns the bow.]  Ahh...hai, nice to meet you.

New man:  It's nice to see you're having a good time.

Kasuga:  I guess...

New man:  And the young lady with you...[Gauges Kasuga's reaction.]  I'm
sure she's having a good time too...

Kasuga:  Err...right.  [Suddenly realizes something.]  By the way, I
never caught your name.

New man:  I never gave it.  It's a poor mind that can only come up with
one title to address a person...[Pauses as he watches Kasuga
frown.]...but for the sake of expediency, you may address me as
Tanaka-san.  [Turns to leave.]  I'm sure we'll see each other again.

Kasuga:  [To himself as he watches as Tanaka leaves.]  Why do I always
get the weirdoes...?  [Looks at his watch.]  I hope this game doesn't go
on too much longer or I'll be late.

[Cut back to the student seating section.  Kasuga makes his way back to
his row of seats.]

Kasuga:  Here...[Offers the drink, then looks across the field.  Almost
to himself.]  Has he struck out yet?

Ayukawa:  [Takes the drink.]  You're acting foolish.

Kasuga:  I'm no one's fool.  [Sits down, only to be greeted with the
sound of flatulence coming from under his seat.]

[Crowd of people around the two of them immediately turns silent, then
starts breaking out in controlled laughter under their breaths.
Kasuga's face turns red as even Ayukawa can't suppress a slight

Kasuga:  [Stands back up and examines his stadium seat.]  What the...!
[Pulls out a red air bladder, with a ribbed blowhole.  He then looks
back.] Kasamatsu...!

Kasamatsu:  Hi, Kasuga!  [Snatches the whoopee cushion.]

Kasuga:  Don't you have something better to do than annoy me?

Kasamatsu:  Well, I could go over to the next row and annoy the Miyasato
twins, but playing jokes on them would be hazardous to my health.

[Kasuga shakes his head and returns his attention to the game.]

Radio Announcer:  It's the bottom of the eighth, and Keio has a one run
lead, but Waseda is threatening with men on first and second.
Hayashibara is standing at the plate.  There's the pitch... <crack!> and
he sends it crashing towards South Korea!  Hirata's going to need a visa
to catch this one!  It is...out of here, and there's nothing left but a
vapor trail!  Three runs in and Waseda takes a two-run lead!
Yamashita-kantoku* is heading out on the field and that may be it for
Kajiyama as he gets shelled off the mound by a three run blast by
*Coach Yamashita

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Shimatta!  With all this hitting going on, it
looks like this game's going take longer than I thought.  If I don't
watch the time, I'm gonna be late for my study session.  [Looks at his

Ayukawa:  [Sees that Kasuga is a little fidgety.]  What's wrong?  Do you
have to go somewhere?

Kasuga:  [Puts his hand behind his head.]  I'm supposed to be at a study
session in a few minutes.

Ayukawa:  Fine, leave.  You'll probably have more fun there than here...

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Ouch!  She's certainly ticked off...  [As he
gets up to leave.]  Maybe I have been acting like a jerk...

[Cut to under the stadium seats.  Kasuga is running through the vending
area, and looks around for an exit.]

Kasuga:  [As he rounds a corner.]  No time to make it there on foot!
I'm gonna have to use my power...  [He continues down the stadium path
to the bottom floor of the stadium.]  Shoot!  Still too many people!
[Runs down into the bowels of the stadium and finally finds a quiet area
underneath the stadium.]  Finally!  That alcove should do nicely...!

[He steps around the corner into the alcove and concentrates.  An
instant later, he disappears.  As the floating debris in the alcove
flutter to a stop, the sound of footsteps comes closer from the left
passageway.  A figure in the shadows comes to a stop.  The figure looks
over to where Kasuga was standing.]

Figure:  Kasuga-san?

[Cut to Katsu's room.  On the lab table, a slanted glass tube filled
with coffee is being held in check by a stopper valve.  Katsu opens the
valve and coffee dribbles into a waiting beaker.  After the beaker is
three-quarters full, he closes the valve and hands the beaker to Saito.]

Katsu:  Here you go.  Black, right?

Saito:  Un.  [Looks at his watch.]  If Kasuga-san stayed for the game,
he's gonna be late.  We'd better start without him.

Kimura:  [Shakes her head vigorously.]  Nononononono...he'll be here!
[Doleful look in her eyes.]  Kyosuke-kun wouldn't miss a study session!

Katsu:  [Sympathetically.]  Yeah...sure he wouldn't.  [Smiles.] We'll
wait a little... [Interrupted by a knock on his door.  He gets up and
opens the door.]  Kasuga-san!

Kasuga:  Ah...sorry I'm late!

Kimura:  Kyosuke-kun!

Kasuga:  Errr...[Becomes visibly nervous.]

Katsu:  [Whispers into Kasuga's ear.]  At least she's not calling you

Saito:  Oh, now that we're all here, let me show you guys something
before we start.  [Reaches into his pack and pulls out a laptop

Kimura:  [Eyes light up.]  Wow...kawaii!

Kasuga:  [Visibly impressed.]  Very nice...where did you get it?

Saito:  [Proudly.]  My parents gave it to me as a celebration for making
it into college.  I scanned the first five chapters into a graphics
database, so I can do a little illustrating with our study session.

Katsu:  [Looks at the screen.]  Say, where'd you get this program?  I
know a little about the software out there and I've never seen it

Saito:  Wrote it myself in my spare time.

Kasuga:  Eh?  Wouldn't it have been easier just to buy the software off
the shelf?

Saito:  Well that's not the point.  Programming is an art.  You can't
just buy that off the shelf.

Kimura:  Um...shouldn't we get started?

Katsu:  [Nods and smiles.]  Sure.

[Cut to later that night.  Papers are strewn across Katsu's tatami*
floor, as the four students have long ago abandoned the small table, and
are now lying in a variety of semi-prone positions on cushions scattered
around the small room.  Katsu, Kimura, and Kasuga are copying intently
as Saito has the floor.]
*Thick straw mats used to form the floor of a traditional Japanese room.

Saito:  ...second derivative of position gives us the formula for
acceleration, defined as change of speed over time.  By taking the
double integration of the provided formula, we can calculate the change
of position at any given point in time.  [Lifts his head to check on the
others.]  Follow me so far?

Kimura:  [Nods sharply.]  Un!

Kasuga:  [Points at a particularly challenging section.]  Well,
I...[Knock on the door interrupts him.]  Ehh?  [Turns to Katsu.]  Are
you expecting anyone else?

Katsu:  No...[Gets up and opens the door.  When he does, his face
flashes with recognition.  Standing in the doorway is a tall slim young
woman with long brown hair braided to one side.  She looks to be in her
late twenties.  She's wearing an apron, and holding a flat tray of warm
pastries.]  Fujimoto-san!

Fujimoto:  Konbanwa* Katsu-san.  Eiji decided that he didn't want
dessert, so I thought I'd see if any of you would like to take a quick
study break.
*Good evening

Katsu:  Thank you very much.  [Turns to the others.]  This is Fujimoto
Mariko!  She lives downstairs in No. 3.  [Turns back towards Fujimoto.]
This is Saito Kenichi, Kimura Keiko, and Kasuga Kyosuke.

Fujimoto:  [Bows.]  Our new tenant, welcome.  I hope you enjoy living

Kasuga:  [Bows.]  Thank you.  I'm happy to be here.

Katsu:  [Takes the offered sweets.]  This was really nice of you.  You
didn't have to go to all the trouble.

Fujimoto:  [Smiles.]  Not at all.  It's a pleasant change to see
university students apply themselves.  By the way, we're having a
house-warming party for the new tenants next weekend.  You're all
invited to come.

Saito:  [Nods.]  Thank you very much.  It sounds like fun!

[Cut to much later that night.  By now, Saito and Kasuga are both
putting their books away and getting ready to leave.  Kimura has long
ago fallen asleep and is curled in the corner of Katsu's room.]

Saito:  [Yawns.]  Well, I'd say we got a lot done tonight.  [Looks over
to Kimura, then looks at her notebook.]  She's incredible; I guess we
were going too slow for her.

Kasuga:  We found that out last time we studied together.  She seems to
have a natural gift for math.

Saito:  I guess so.  How about we pick up on this next week?

Kasuga:  Right...[Covers his mouth to stifle a yawn.]  Are you coming to
the party?

Saito:  Sure.  How about I bring Kasamatsu?  He likes to go to parties.

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  Ah...well...I guess that'd be OK.

Saito:  [Gestures to Kimura.]  Help me get her up and I'll take her
home.  [He tries to rouse Kimura, but only succeeds in getting a moan of
protest and a slight shift in her position.]

Katsu:  Why don't you just leave her here?  I'll take her home in the

Saito:  Are you sure?

Katsu:  Don't worry, she won't be any trouble.

Saito:  All right...

Katsu:  Sure.  We'll be fine.

[After both Saito and Kasuga leave, Katsu turns out the lights.  He
stands for a moment as the moonlight and night air comes through an open

Katsu:  [Gently pulls a light blanket over Kimura.]  Sleep


[Cut to a hangar holding a large GM-class Gundam unit.  A single pilot
looks the unit over as he approaches the gantry.  Seeing the daylight
through the windows, he puts on his aviator sunglasses.]

Voiceover:  Aviator sunglasses, Y12000.

[The pilot finishes putting on his jacket over his flight suit and
climbs into the cockpit.]

Voiceover:  Leather bomber jacket, Y25000.

[The GM walks out of the hanger and deploys into battle.]

Voiceover:  Federation GM-class Gundam unit, Y200000000000.

[The GM runs through a urban street, dodging artillery fire from an
enemy mech.  The enemy mech jams momentarily, enabling the GM to jump
clear, lock crosshairs and fire a missile.]

Voiceover:  AGM-114F Hellfire, Y4200000.

[Cut to the hangar.  The pilot notches a kill on his mech's armor with
satisfaction.  His comrades then hoist him off to the O-club for a

Voiceover:  Satisfaction of watching your opponent going up in smoke,

Voiceover:  Some things in life can't be bought.  For everything else,
there's MasterCard.

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the next day; a literature class at Waseda is winding down.
Kasuga is closing his notebook along with the rest of the students, as
the professor makes his closing announcements.]

Professor:  ...essays on romances and their influences in literature
throughout history are due next month.  Your first book reports are due
next week.  Prepare to cite your sources.  Dismissed!

[Kasuga walks from the lecture hall to the main undergraduate library.
In the fiction section, he pulls out a few books and sits at one of the
reading tables.  He starts taking notes as he reads.]

[Fade to imagination.]

Kimura:  [Standing on a balcony.]  Kyosuke-san, wherefore art thou

Kasuga:  [Standing in the rose garden below.]  Kimura-san, I cannot go
out with you.  [Exaggerated angst.]  I...I have already given my heart
to another.

Kimura:  [Shakes head.]  No!  You'll always be my Kyosuke-san!  [Reaches
out.]  You can love both of us!

Kasuga:  [Stunned shock.]  Eh?!  N...not again!  [Coughs.]  Um,
Keiko-san, deny thy feelings and forget my name!

Kimura:  [In Katsu's voice.]  Kasuga-san!

[Fade back to reality.]

Kasuga:  [Snaps awake in surprise.]  Eh?!

Katsu:  Kasuga-san, are you OK?

Kasuga:  Eh?  Oh, Katsu-san.

Katsu:  You really looked like you were falling asleep.  [Looks at the
stack of books next to Kasuga.]  Looking for ideas, eh?

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Looks at the books again, then holds up hands in
protest.]  No, it's nothing like that!

Katsu:  That's OK with me.  [Soberly.]  It doesn't take a genius to see
that Kimura-san has fallen for you.

Kasuga:  [Stands up.]  D-don't talk such nonsense!

[People around them in the library stops what they're doing, and starts
staring at Kasuga.  Kasuga sits back down with an embarrassed look on
his face.]

Kasuga:  [Quieter voice.]  Actually...there's someone else.

Katsu:  [Stunned.]  Eh?!  You're going to two-time Kimura-san?

Kasuga:  N-no, not that!  [Calms back down.]  There's another girl, and
her name is Ayukawa.  She and I, well, we've been going out since junior
high school.  I like Ayukawa.  Kimura-san...well...she sort of reminds
me of another friend I had in junior high.  I...I just don't want what
happened to her to happen again.

Katsu:  [Long pause.]  Well, then why don't you tell Kimura-san the
truth.  Even if she's hurt now, at least she won't have any false hopes.

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un.  Next time I see her, I'll...

Katsu:  [Looks behind Kasuga.]  Oh...Kami-sama must be listening to your
vow.  [Motions Kasuga to look behind him.]

[Across the room on one of the reading tables there is a stack of four
romance novels.  Seated next to it with her face buried in a fifth tome
is Kimura.]

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  K-Kimura-san...

Katsu:  Are you still going to tell her?

[After a pause, Kasuga nods, stands up, and walks to Kimura's table.]

Kasuga:  Ah...Kimura-san?

Kimura:  [Lifts her head up from the book.]  Ahh!  Kyosuke-kun!  [Drops
her book and embraces Kasuga.]

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  Err...Kimura-san!  [He motions with his free
hand to get her attention.  When she looks up, she notices that all the
people in the library have stopped what they were doing, and are now
looking at them.]

Kimura:  [Her nose turns red with embarrassment as she releases him.]
Sorry...but I was so excited to see you!

Kasuga:  Ah...un.

Kimura:  [Noticing Katsu coming up behind Kasuga.]  Ah, Katsu-san.
Thanks for walking me home this morning!

Katsu:  That's OK.  Your parents sure seemed relieved.  [Scratches his
head.]  What was your mom yelling at me about police, though?  I don't
think I quite caught that.

Kimura:  [Embarrassed.]  Oh, nothing, nothing!  That's ok!  [Notices
Kasuga looking over her stack of books.]  Did you want anything else?

Kasuga:  [Puts his hand behind his head.]  Well, I needed a couple
romance novels for my essay assignment, but since you're not done with

Kimura:  [Face lights up.]  It's OK!  [Reaches from behind her chair and
pulls out a stack of eighteen more novels.]  You can have any of these!
I'm done with them!

Kasuga:  [Surprised by the size of the stack.]  Y-you've read all of

Kimura:  [Eyes turn dreamy.]  Love and romance are so wonderful...[Looks
directly at him.]  Don't you think...Kyo-chan?

Kasuga:  [Laughs nervously.]  Ahh...yeah...  [Picks out four of the
offered books.]  Thanks for the books...  [Look of panic spreads on his
face as he turns around and whispers to Katsu.]  Shoot!  Is she talking
about me?

Katsu:  [Deadpan whisper to Kasuga.]  *That's* telling her?!

Kasuga:  ...

[As they leave, Kasuga checks his books out at the counter.  From across
the main lobby, Ayukawa is standing quietly as she watches the exchange
between Kasuga and Kimura.]

Ayukawa:  [Voice from memory.]  "Jealousy doesn't suit you well..."  [To
herself as she leaves.]  ...and it doesn't suit me very well either...

[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment.  It's a few hours later as dusk settles on
the city.  Ayukawa unlocks the front door and enters.  Setting her books
down on the living room table, she picks up the phone.]

[Cut to Yujou-kan.  Kasuga leafs through the novels he checked out,
occasionally making a notation on an index card.]

Kasuga:  How does anyone take this stuff seriously?  [He continues
scribbling down notes, when the phone rings.]  Hello?

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun...

Kasuga:  Ayukawa!

Ayukawa:  I'm glad I caught you.  I've been thinking about what you said
the other day at the ballpark.  I think we need to take some time alone
to be together for a while.  What do you have planned tomorrow?

Kasuga:  Well...nothing...

Ayukawa:  How about we have a picnic then?  Just the two of us.

Kasuga:  Great!

Ayukawa:  I'll meet you at your place tomorrow morning at eight o'clock.

Kasuga:  I'll be ready!  [Pause.]  And, Ayukawa...I'm sorry I acted like
a jerk...

Ayukawa:  [Cut to Ayukawa's room.]  Well...I think we can make this
better if we talk about it.  I'll see you tomorrow.  [Hangs up.]

Ikemoto:  Ayukawa-chan!

Ayukawa  [Grates at the condescending tone, but stays civil.]  Yes...?

Ikemoto:  I'm going to be away on business for a few days, so you'll be
on your own for a while.

Ayukawa:  [To herself.]  Great!  Now I don't have to put up with you for
a few days... [To Ikemoto.]  When should I expect you to return?

Ikemoto:  Next Friday.  [Notices Ayukawa pulling some food out of the
cabinet, along with a basket.]  Are you going somewhere, Ayukawa-chan?

Ayukawa:  A picnic with a friend...

Ikemoto:  [More sincerely.]  Have a good time...[Leaves.]

Ayukawa:  ...

[Cut to Yujou-kan.  It's the next morning and the wind gently blows
through the trees.  In Room #5, Kasuga packs his provisions to meet
Ayukawa.  As he finishes, he hears a knock on the door.]

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  That must be Ayukawa.  [Outloud.]  OK, I'm
coming.  [He goes to the door, flips the lock, and swings the door
open.  Almost whispered as his eyes go wide and his jaw drops whenhe
sees his visitor.]  Hi...Hi...Hikaru-chan?

Hikaru:  Darling!  [Hikaru bursts through the doorway and tackle-hugs
Kasuga.  He stumbles backwards, trips on his futon, and falls back
across it, as Hikaru ends up on top of him.  She smiles down at him.]
Darling!  I missed you so much!

[Hikaru shifts her head towards him, moving in for a kiss.  Kasuga
freezes momentarily, almost letting Hikaru bring their lips together
before reacting.]

Kasuga:  [With a strangled voice.]  NO!  [He pushes Hikaru off of him
and then scoots backwards into a corner of the room, looking like a
trapped animal.]  Hi...Hikaru-chan.  What...?  Why...?  [Shakes his
head, trying to recover his senses.]

Hikaru:  [Sitting up.]  Darling.  You're so cute when you're
tongue-tied!  [She starts to inch towards him once more.]

Kasuga:  [Takes a deep breath and lifts his head to look straight at
Hikaru.]  No.

Hikaru:  [Stops moving towards Kasuga.]  No?

Kasuga:  No.  This is wrong.  I told you before, Hikaru-chan, it's over
between us.

Hikaru:  [Still smiling, shaking her head.]  It can never be over!
You'll always be my darling!

Kasuga:  [Now frowning, he holds out his arm towards Hikaru, with his
palm in a vertical "stop" motion.]  Stop it, Hikaru.  I told you
before.  I love Ayukawa...[Pauses momentarily to collect his thoughts.]
and she loves me.  I'm sorry, but that's how it is.  Now, I'm sorry you
came all this way for nothing, but I have to ask you to leave.  [He
folds his arms across his chest and sets his gaze on Hikaru with a
hardened look on his face.]

Hikaru:  [Still smiling.]  Hmm...well, after hearing that, I can see my
visit wasn't for nothing.  [Her voice seems to change, and she leans
back.]  You know, Kyosuke, if I haven't heard you say it myself, I would
have never believed you were capable of it.  [Kasuga sags back against
the wall, now totally confused, as Hikaru continues.]  You always were
the wimp of the family, but...

Kasuga:  Family?  What are you talking about, Hika...[His voice trails
off as realization finally hits him.  His eyes narrow at "Hikaru".]

[Hikaru's form shimmers slightly and vanishes, replaced by another
familiar form.]

Akane:  [Chuckling.]  Hi, cousin!  Long time no see!

[Kasuga takes a deep breath, and then collapses back against the wall.]



New Characters Designer/Writer          Stephen Tsai
Co-writer/plotter                       Andy Combs
Pre-readers                             Ravi Konchigeri
                                        Derek Work
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                                        Christian Gadeken
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                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
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for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, aim them
at me and me alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my new series.  I
have the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major location
descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis for each
episode.  If there is a particular character, place or event that you
would like to know more about, and it is not being covered, don't
hesitate to email me and I will send you either a note or a copy of the
episode it is introduced.

Focus on Saito Kenichi [Introduced in Episode 2.]:  One of Kyosuke's
mathematics classmates, Saito is a freshman computer science major.  One
of the brightest and most studious members of his high school class, he
was often considered the class nerd back in high school.  This image was
abetted by his considerable skill with computers.  Now that he is in
college, he is trying to explore new social horizons, which includes
getting his first date.

While in high school, he was a good friend to Kasamatsu Teruhiko;
however, he smartly does not consider him a good guide for getting to
know a girl.  Not being one to argue with success, he turns to Kyosuke
for advice.

Visual Description:  A thin guy with reddish-blond hair in bangs.  He
has an underdeveloped build and wears thin wire-rimmed glasses.  Close
anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) a grown-up Jean from
Nadia, and Megane from Urusei Yatsura.

Stephen Tsai

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