Kimagure Orange College - Episode 4
by Stephen Tsai
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From: Stephen Tsai <>

Episode 4 - Hurricanes sometimes strike twice

[Fade in on the front of Kasuga's boarding house.  It's a clear mid-
morning with the wind blowing through the trees.]

Kasuga Narration:  It was the first Sunday after classes started.  The
sky was clear and bright.  The temperature was perfect, and Ayukawa and
I had a picnic planned for the afternoon.  All in all, it had the
makings of a perfect day.  At least, it did until an old friend decided
to pay me a visit.  Hurricane Akane had arrived.  An esper like me, she
used her illusion powers to make me think she was Hikaru.  I'm not sure
which would have been worse...

Akane:  Sorry to do it like that, Kyosuke, but I had to find out for
myself if the rumors I'd heard were true.

Kasuga:  Rumors?

Akane:  [Nodding.]  Yep.  You and Madoka-san.  You dumping Hikaru-chan.
That sort of thing.

Kasuga:  [Defensively.]  Now hold on just a minute!  I didn't *dump*
Hi...[His voice trails off and he is silent for a moment.  Quietly lets
out a sigh.]  On the other hand, I guess that's exactly what I did to
her.  [Pauses.]  Where did you hear about all this?

Akane:  [Chuckles again.]  Do you even need to ask?

Kasuga:  [Annoyed.]  Hatta and Komatsu...

Akane:  [Nods.]  Yep.  Those two never could keep anything to
themselves.  They've been embellishing it, I'm sure.  They way they tell
it, Madoka-san caught you and Hikaru-chan together, and forced you to
make a choice right there on the spot.  [She gets a thoughtful look on
her face.]  Though it's been a while since I've seen them running so

Kasuga:  [Puzzled.]  Running?

Akane:  [She motions Kasuga over.  He leans in, and Akane whispers into
his ear conspiratorially.]  They made the mistake of passing on the
story once when Yusaku-kun was nearby.  [Kasuga chuckles a bit, reminded
of all his trials and tribulations at Yusaku's hands.  Akane pulls back
and continues.]  Yusaku-kun was back in town once more on his semester
break to visit Hikaru-chan and try to woo her from you one last time.
When he heard how those two were talking about Hikaru-chan, and they
*were* being rather rough on her, Yusaku just went ballistic.  [Akane
chuckles.]  From what I hear, they haven't been seen much since then.

Kasuga:  Well, those two can go overboard at times.

Akane:  Anyway, as I said, I just had to see for myself if you really
had broken up with Hikaru.  I've got to admit that I'm a little jealous.
I don't know *what* Madoka-san sees in you.

Kasuga:  Akane!

Akane:  Just kidding, Kyosuke!

Kasuga:  Hmm...[His eyes narrow slightly.] you know, it just occurred to
me, but you came a long way just to check out my feelings for Hikaru-

Akane:  Oh.  Didn't I tell you?

Kasuga:  [Suspiciously.]  Tell me what?

Akane:  I didn't come just to check you out.  [She pauses.]  I got
accepted here too!

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  WHAT!?!

Akane:  [Smiles.]  I can guess what you're thinking, but you don't need
to worry.  I know when I'm beat.  I'm not going to try to come between
you and Madoka-san.  In fact, I wish the two of you the best of luck

Kasuga Narration:  Eh?  Could it be?  For once Akane's not going to
cause trouble for me?

[His questions are interrupted by another knock on the door.  Not taking
his eyes off Akane for a moment, he walks over to the front of the room
and opens the door.  He is momentarily surprised when he sees Kimura
standing in the doorway.]

Kasuga:  Kimura-san?

Kimura:  Ohayo* Kyo-chan!
*Good morning

Akane:  [To herself, her eyes narrowing slightly.]  *Kyo-chan*?

Kasuga:  Kimura-san...[Puts his hand behind his head and smiles
nervously.]  what brings you here?

Kimura:  [Holds up her math book.]  I thought we could do some studying
together.  [Notices Akane.]  But I see you already have company.

Kasuga:  Company?  [Glances back at Akane, who is still sitting on the
edge of Kasuga's futon.]  Oh.  Yeah.  Well, uhh...

Akane:  [Stands up and brushes off her clothes.]  What tumble-tongue
here is trying to say is that I'm his cousin, Akane.  I'm going to
school here as well, so I just stopped by to say hi.

Kimura:  [Brightening.]  Oh, your cousin.  [Kimura slips past a still
tongued-tied Kasuga and bows.]  I'm Kimura Keiko!  Kasuga-san and I have
Mathematics together.  [To Kasuga as she moves back towards the door.]
We can study together another time, Kyo-chan.  I'll leave you and your
cousin to catch up on things.  [She is out the door before Kasuga can
say a word.]

Kasuga:  ...

Akane:  Well, I see you're at it again, cousin.

Kasuga:  What?  [He turns around and, instead of Akane, sees Kimura.]

Kimura:  [Clasps her hands together and rests her head again her hands.]
We can study together another time, Kyo-chan!

Kasuga:  Cut it out, Akane.

Akane:  [Reverting back to normal.]  I can't leave you alone for a
minute.  You're finally free of Hikaru and that ugly mess, and here you
are, flirting around with this girl Kimura.  [She gets up and opens the
door.]  Well, don't worry, cousin.  I'll take care of things for you.
[Slips out the door and is gone.]

Kasuga:  Akane!  [Sinks to his knees.]  This is really the worst.  [To
himself.]  Whenever Akane tries to help me, I always get burned...

[Cut to outside the boarding house.  Ayukawa is walking up the road,
carrying a picnic basket.  As she comes up the walk, she sees Fujimoto
sweeping the walkway.]

Ayukawa:  Ohayo!

Fujimoto:  Ohayo!  You must be Ayukawa-san.  [Stops sweeping and
smiles.]  Kasuga's waiting for you upstairs, but I don't think we've
met.  I'm Fujimoto Mariko.  [Bows]

Ayukawa:  [Returns bow, then sniffs.]  Is that...<sniff!>...sulfur?

Fujimoto:  Ahh...Katsu-san is up.  [Smiles.]

Ayukawa:  Katsu-san?  Does your landlord allow him to light fires?

Fujimoto:  [Puts the broom aside and brushes off her apron.]  Well,
Katsu is a dedicated young man.  He's one of the most determined
students to live here in quite a while and I really hope Eiji learns
something about the importance of dedication from him.

Ayukawa:  [Concern on her face.]  But...there's smoke coming from the

Fujimoto:  [Sighs.]  Well, I warned him.  [Smiles; judging from her
light-hearted expression, she's not the least surprised.  She picks up a
bucket, opens the outside faucet, and fills the bucket with water.]  But
you know what they say; boys will be boys.  [Without looking in the
doorway, she sticks her arm holding the bucket inside and waits calmly.
Two seconds later, her foresight is rewarded as Katsu comes running down
the stairs and grabs the bucket of water.]

Katsu:  [Hurriedly.]  Thank you!  [Runs back upstairs, carrying the
bucket of water.]

Ayukawa:  ...

[Cut to Nogeyama park.  Ayukawa flips open a blanket and spreads it on
the ground.  Kasuga is standing behind her, holding a picnic basket.  In
the distance, a jungle gym and the glitter of the Nogeyama swimming pool
can be seen.  Kasuga has a preoccupied look on his face.]

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Damn that Akane.  What's she going to do now...

[Fade to imagination...]

Kasuga:  [With a leering expression on his face.]  Come here, Keiko-

Kimura:  [With an apprehensive look on her face.]  Kasuga-san?  Is
something wrong?

Kasuga:  [Advancing on Kimura.]  Nothing's wrong now...!  [Grabs Kimura
and pulls her close to him.]  Heh...heh...heh!...

[He bends over, and kisses Kimura roughly.  The scene cracks and falls

Ayukawa:  [Faintly.]  Kasuga-kun.  [Louder.]  Kasuga-kun!

[Fade back to reality.  Kasuga is standing behind Ayukawa, still holding
the picnic basket.  Ayukawa is sitting on the edge of the picnic
blanket, motioning him to sit.]

Kasuga:  Hai...[He takes a step forward, but doesn't watch where he's
stepping.  He steps on a loose rock, which twists out from under his
foot, sending him pitching forward.  The picnic basket clatters to the
ground, spilling out a few items.  Kasuga is sprawled across Ayukawa's
lap. Kasuga props up on one arm and shakes his head to regain his senses
before looking up at Ayukawa.]

Ayukawa:  [Smiles at him and whispers.]  You know, for an esper, you
certainly are clumsy.

Kasuga:  [With mock indignation.]  Ayukawa!

Ayukawa:  [She laughs momentarily.]  Hmm...are you going to stay there
all day?

Kasuga:  Well...umm...[He gives up trying to say anything, and scrambles
off of her.  He quickly begins to reclaim the spilled picnic supplies.]

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  Hai?

[Ayukawa pats the ground beside her.  Kasuga hesitates, then sits down
there.  Ayukawa reaches down and intertwines her hand in his.]

Ayukawa:  [Seriously.]  What's wrong?

Kasuga:  [Startled, he puts his free hand behind his head.]  What makes
you think something's wrong?

Ayukawa:  I've known you for several years now, and when you get really
clumsy, it's usually because something's bothering you.

Kasuga:  Ayukawa...[He sighs, then lowers his eyes.]

[Cut to a few minutes later.  Ayukawa is still sitting on the blanket,
with her arms placed on the ground behind her for support.]

Ayukawa:  So you're afraid of what Akane-san will do to Kimura-san.
[Kasuga nods.]  Kasuga-kun, why haven't you mentioned Kimura-san before?
Hmm...I met a girl at the Okonomiyaki-Maru that introduced herself as
Kimura.  Were you with her at the library?

Kasuga:  That was her.  I guess I was afraid you'd be jealous.  She's
just a classmate, but after what we just went through with Hikaru-

Ayukawa:  [Nodding.]  I understand.  [She thinks for a few moments.]  I
know I shouldn't be, but I guess I am a little jealous.  But it really
shouldn't be a problem as long as Kimura-san knows that you're
committed.  [She pauses, realizing something.  She turns and looks
straight at Kasuga.]  Kasuga-kun, she *does* know about me, doesn't she?

Kasuga:  Well...

Ayukawa:  [With a light smile.]  Kasuga Kyosuke.  Sometimes I don't know
what to do with you.  [More seriously.]  OK, we'll take care of that
problem later.  But for the moment, Akane's of much more immediate
concern.  You said she's an esper like you, right?

Kasuga:  [Glad to be back on less shaky ground.]  Yeah, but her powers
are different.  She has a sort of limited telepathy, though it's
broadcast only.  She can make a person think she's pretty much anyone
she wants.

Ayukawa:  OK.  Well, first off, we need a way of identifying each other.

Kasuga:  Identifying?

Ayukawa:  Yes.  So that Akane can't fool either of us.  Hmm...I'm not
exactly up for becoming permanently paranoid, but until we settle the
current situation... [Thinks for a moment.]  If we become separated for
any reason, we'll each ask a question that only the other should know.
That ought to make it hard for Akane to impersonate either of us to the
other.  Unfortunately, that doesn't help if she imitates someone else,
but it's a start.

Kasuga:  OK.  But what do we do first to try to stop her?

Ayukawa:  [Pulls out a onigiri* from the basket.]  First, we eat.  I'm
*riceball with salted salmon (or pickled plum) in the middle

Kasuga:  [Grabs one for himself.]  Hai.

[Cut to the Blue Horseshoe apartments.  In a long apartment hallway,
Kasuga knocks on one of the doorways.  The door opens and Kimura peeks
out.  Seeing Kasuga, she motions for him to keep quiet and slips out the
door and closes it.]

Kimura:  [Whispering.]  Kyo-chan.  What are you doing here?

Kasuga:  Well, I was in the area anyway, so it was simpler to come by in
person than call.  I can't stay long, but I wanted to see if it was OK
if we meet in the student union later.  We could have a bite to eat and
then get some studying done.

Kimura:  [No longer whispering.]  Why Kyo-chan, that almost sounds like
an invitation to a date!

Kasuga:  [Puts his hand behind his head.]  Well, I hadn't really thought
of it like that, but I guess it does sound like it.  [He laughs.]

Kimura:  [Beaming.]  In that case, I'd be glad to!

Kasuga:  Great!  I'll meet you there at seven o-clock.

Kimura:  [Giddy with excitement.]  Sounds like it'll be fun!  Maybe we
could even catch a movie after we're done studying!

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  I'll meet you there.  I've gotta run now!

[Kasuga walks off.  As he leaves, Kimura steps back inside, with a happy
smile on her face.  As Kasuga turns around a corner, he shimmers, then
his form shifts into Akane.]

Akane:  [To herself.]  That was almost *too* easy...[She chuckles
quietly, and opens a door into a stairwell.  She steps inside and closes
the door behind her.]  Now for the next step.  [She disappears down the


[In a fast food restaurant somewhere, a couple is discussing their
relationship over Chicken McNuggets.]

Nice Boy:  [Disbelieving.] You want to break up?

Cute Girl:  I'm really sorry. You're nice and kind-hearted, but face it,
we don't have anything in common.

Nice Boy:  [Looking desperate.]  We both love anime!

Cute Girl:  Well, but you're Kimagure Orange Road and I'm Sailor Moon.

Voice-over:  In anime, that would never have happened.  Watch Anime!
It's better than life.

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to Kasuga's boarding room.  He's lying on his back on his futon,
staring up at the ceiling.  After a few moments he slams his fist into
the floor in frustration.]

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Chikuso*!  If only I could figure out what Akane
plans to do, maybe I could do something to stop her!  [His thoughts are
interrupted by a knock on the door.  Kasuga gets up and goes to open it.
He hesitates before opening it, then grits his teeth and does so.]
*<Netiquette violator>

Kimura:  Konnichiwa* Kyo-chan!

Kasuga:  Ahh...konnichiwa Kimura-san.

Kimura:  I can't stay long now, but I was in the neighborhood, and I
thought I would stop by and see if we could set up a time for that study
session we missed.

Kasuga:  Umm...sure, I guess.

Kimura:  Great!  How does seven o'clock tonight in the student union

Kasuga:  Sounds fine.

Kimura:  Wonderful!  I'll see you there!  [She turns around and heads
down the corridor, quickly disappearing down the stairs.]

Kasuga:  [To himself as he steps back inside, and frowns.]  Why tonight,
of all nights?  With Akane on the loose somewhere, the last thing I want
to do is meet with Kimura.  Well, I'd better let Ayukawa know about
this.  [He picks up the phone and dials.]

[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment.  She is sitting on her bed, flipping
through a book, when the phone beside the bed rings.]

Ayukawa:  Hello?  Oh.  Hi, Kasuga-kun.  What?  Kimura was there?  A
study date?  Hmm.  Well, are you sure it was her?  Yes.  That might very
well have been Akane, you know.  Hmm.  Yes, I know.  It's a little hard
to know if she was real or not now that she's gone.  Hmm.  I know!  Why
don't you try this: give Kimura a phone call.  If that was the real
Kimura you saw, there's no way she'll be home this fast.  If she is
home, we know it was Akane you just talked to.  Hmm?  Well, I don't know
what to tell her about why you are calling.  Maybe just act like you are
confirming the study date.  Say you forgot the time.  It's not like
you've never done *that*.  [She chuckles.]  I'm just joking, Kasuga-kun.
You know that.  OK.  Call me right back after you make that call.

[Ayukawa hangs up the phone, stands up from the bed, and crosses the
room to her window.  She looks at a view of the Tokyo skyline through
the window, before she turns and walks over to her dresser.  She sits
down at it and, propping her elbow on the dresser, leans forward and
rests her cheek on her hand.  She looks at a framed picture of Kasuga on
the dresser and sighs.]

Ayukawa:  [To the picture.]  Well, one thing I can say about you,
Kasuga-kun, is I can see that being in love with an esper is going to be
anything but dull.  I should be used to this by now, considering how
many years of craziness you put me and Hika... [She stops and opens a
drawer on the dresser.  She reaches in and pulls out another framed
picture; this one is one of Hiyama Hikaru.]  I miss you, Hikaru-chan.  I
just wish there had been some other way...[The phone rings, interrupting
her reverie.  She quickly slips the photo back into the drawer and moves
to answer the phone.]

Ayukawa:  Hello.  So it was Akane after all.  A date?  Not just a study
session?  Hmm.  Akane's been busy.  What should you do?  Well, I guess
you have a date tonight.  [She grins.]  I'm serious.  We now know where
Akane plans to strike.  If you don't show, she might do something else,
maybe even take your place.  I thought that would make the point.  Don't
worry.  I'll be nearby.  Cheer up, Kasuga-kun.  It'll work out, one way
or another.  OK.  I'll talk to you soon.

Kasuga:  [Faintly, from the phone.]  Ayukawa?

Ayukawa:  Yes, Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  I...whatever happens tonight, I want you to know that I...I
love you.

Ayukawa:  [A light smile on her face.]  I love you too, Kasuga-kun.

[Kasuga hangs up the phone, and glances at the clock.  It's 6:00.  He
sighs, then heads out the door, locking it behind him.]

[Cut to the student union.  Akane is crouching down, hiding behind a
hedge.  She chuckles to herself, then turns and sits down on the

Akane:  OK.  They'll be here soon.  And then, showtime!

[Akane looks slowly over to the dining area as she mentally goes over
her plan.]

[Fade to imagination.  At one of the tables, Kasuga and Kimura are
sitting in close beside each other, pouring over a school book.]

Kimura:  ...and there you go!  Did you follow all that, Kyo-chan?

Kasuga:  Well, not really.  I'm just a bit distracted tonight.

Kimura:  [Reaches out her hand and puts it over one of his hands.]
What's the matter, Kyo-chan?

Kasuga:  Well...

Voice from behind Kasuga:  What do you think you're doing?

Kasuga:  [Turns around and freezes with fear.]  A-A-Ayukawa?

Ayukawa:  [Angrily.]  I think I've seen enough!  Kasuga Kyosuke, didn't
you learn anything at all in high school?!  You should know better than
start playing around!

Kasuga:  B-b-but!

Ayukawa:  [Turns to Kimura.]  And you...stay away from him!

Kimura:  [Tearfully.]  You two...

Ayukawa:  [Firmly.]  Come on, Kasuga-kun!  [Drags him out by the ear.]

Kasuga:  [As he's being dragged off.]  A-Ayukawa!

[Cut back to reality.]

Akane:  ...and the best part is, since it'll be me and not really
Ayukawa, Kyosuke's relationship with her isn't harmed in the slightest!
Oh cousin, what would you do if I wasn't around to look out for you!

[She gets back up, brushing herself off, and begins to glance over the
wall of leaves.  On the other side, tables dot the courtyard, some of
them with students at them, others unoccupied.  After a moment Ayukawa
approaches from across the courtyard.  Akane spots her and frowns.]

Akane:  [To herself.]  Oh, no.  What's *she* doing here?  She could ruin
everything.  I've got to get her away from here.  Hmm.  [As Ayukawa
crosses the courtyard, Kasuga slips out from behind the hedge where
Akane had been hiding and casually walk over to Ayukawa, who doesn't
spot him until he's almost next to her.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa.

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun.

Kasuga:  [Closes the distance between them and stops right in front of
Ayukawa, reaching out to clasp her hands in his own.]  I'm surprised to
see you here at this time of day.  What are you doing here?

Ayukawa:  I could ask the same of you.  [Thinks to herself.]
Strange...Kasuga-kun told me this was where his date was to be.  Why is
he acting like this, unless...

Kasuga:  Me?  Well, I was just here to do some studying, but if you are
here too, maybe you could give me a hand.  [He tries to guide Ayukawa
out of the dining area while talking, then stops.]  Hey, how about you
go find us a table, [He points through a doorway to an adjoining dining
area.] and I will go get us something to eat.  [He starts to disengage
his hand from Ayukawa's, but she doesn't release her grip.]

Ayukawa:  I have a question for you, Kasuga-kun.

Kasuga:  Question?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  Tell me, Kasuga-kun, when was our first kiss?

Kasuga:  Kiss?  Umm...well...

Ayukawa:  I didn't think you could answer that...Akane.

Kasuga:  ...

Ayukawa:  You might as well drop your illusion.  I know it's you.  I
think it's time we had a little talk.

[Kasuga's form melts into Akane, as she takes a couple of glances
around, looking for a way to escape.]

Ayukawa:  Don't try it, Akane.  There are too many people around for you
to try anything.  [She glances into the dining room.]  I think we should
find a quiet table after all.  [She heads into the dining room, Akane in
tow.  Ayukawa sits Akane down in a chair and pulls another in close for
herself, so they can talk without being overheard.]  Now, I know you set
up a date between Kasuga-kun and Kimura-san.  The fact that you're here
means you had something else coming up as well.  I want to know what.
[Akane wilts under Ayukawa's gaze.]

[Cut to Kasuga sitting at a table, glancing around nervously.  His
mathematics books are sitting in a pile in front of him.  He glances at
his watch more than once as he waits.]

Kasuga Narration:  I arrived a little early.  Although I knew that it
was going to be the real Kimura I had a date with, Akane was still
around somewhere, and I still had no idea what she planned to do.  Also,
even though Ayukawa knew I was going to be here with Kimura, I still
felt as if I was cheating on her.

[Kasuga glances at his watch again.  It's 6:50.  As he moves his head
back up to glance around the room once more, someone puts a hand on his
shoulder from behind.  He quickly glances up and sees Kimura.  She's
wearing a pair of shorts, and a loose-fitting T-shirt.]

Kimura:  Konbanwa*, Kyo-chan!  [She steps around Kasuga, and moves over
to a seat across from him, her hand lingering on his shoulder as she
moves past, until distance pulls it away.]
*Good evening

Kasuga:  ...

Kimura:  Well, would you like to get something to eat first, or get
right to studying?  [She sets her books down on the table.]

Kasuga:  [Starting to look a little like a trapped rat.]
Well...uhmm...I guess studying usually builds my appetite, so we can
wait a bit for food...I guess.

Kimura:  Sounds good to me!  [Smiles.]  I'm not quite hungry yet myself!
[She sets out her books and opens a notebook, spreading out some papers.
She glances over at Kasuga, who is sitting statue-still.]  Why don't you
move over [Pats the chair right beside her.] to this seat, so we can
work on some of these together?

Kasuga:  <Gulp!>

Kimura:  Is something wrong, Kyo-chan?  [She gets a worried look for a
fraction of a second, then her face brightens again.]  Oh, I know what
it is!  We went a little fast on that stuff last time, didn't we?

Kasuga:  [Momentarily lost.]  Fast?  Oh, a little, I guess.  [He gets
up, glancing around nervously, then takes the offered seat.]

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  Good.  Now where should we begin?  [She looks over
the papers spread out before her, studying them momentarily.  She picks
out one problem and taps it with her pencil.]  Now how about this one,
for starters?

Kasuga:  [A little weakly.]  Hai...

[Kimura leans forward and begins to work on the problem, taking things
step by step for Kasuga's sake.  Kasuga watches closely, glad for any
distraction from his worries and from Kimura herself.  He manages to pay
attention for only a short time before he notices that in leaning
forward, Kimura's t-shirt has slipped forward, allowing Kasuga to see
right down the front.  Kasuga gulps, and tries to return to paying
attention to the homework, but whatever concentration he had is totally

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  At this point, I'd almost welcome whatever Akane
plans to do.  It's fifteen minutes after seven, and she's still nowhere
to be seen.

Kimura:  ...and there you go!  You followed all that, right Kyo-chan?

Kasuga:  Well...not quite all of it, I'm afraid.

Kimura:  Darn!  And I thought I was doing it so clearly.  [She glances
back to the paper.]  Oh, well, where did I lose you?

Kasuga:  Well, it was back...[Stops and shakes his head.]  I'm sorry,
Kimura-san, it's not your fault.  I'm just a bit distracted tonight.

Kimura:  [Reaches out her hand and puts it over one of his hands.]
What's the matter, Kyo-chan?

Hikaru's voice from Kasuga's memory:  What's the matter, Darling?

Kasuga:  [Stands up, pulling his hand away from Kimura.]  I'm sorry,
Kimura-san, but this can't go on.  It's not right.

Kimura:  [Confused.]  Go on?  Not right?  What are you talking about?

Kasuga:  This.  Us.  [Kimura opens her mouth to respond.]  No, wait.
Let me finish first.  [He pauses momentarily.]  I like you, Kimura-san.
I like you a lot.  You're becoming a good friend, but...[He winds to a
stop, his resolve weakening.]

Ayukawa:  Go on, Kasuga-kun.  You're doing just fine.

[Both Kasuga and Kimura turn at this voice.  Standing just a few paces
behind them is Ayukawa and Akane.  Kasuga's resolve firms up once more
and he turns back to Kimura.]

Kasuga:  ...but I'm already in love with someone else.  [He looks over
in Ayukawa's direction.]  I love Ayukawa Madoka...

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  I know!

Kasuga:  [Looks back at Kimura.]  ...and I'm sorry if I seem to have led
you on at all, but sometimes I have a hard time saying things that I
shou... [He winds down as what Kimura just said finally reaches his
brain.]...wh-what did you just say?

Kimura:  [Puts her elbows on the table and smiles even more.]  I said I
know all about you and Ayukawa-san!

Kasuga:  ...

Ayukawa:  ...

Akane:  [Face-faults.]  ...!

[Ayukawa comes forward and stands beside Kasuga.  Kimura scoots her
chair away from Kasuga's, motioning Ayukawa to sit.  As Ayukawa sits
down, Kasuga has a totally lost look on his face.  Then Akane comes
storming up behind them.]

Akane:  Now hold on just a moment!  What do you mean you knew about
them?  I saw how you have been flirting with him!  If you knew about


Kimura:  Well, I guess I didn't put it all together until just now, when
Kasuga-san tried to explain, and I saw Ayukawa-san coming up to support
him.  [She sighs.]  Sometimes it's easy to tell when two people are in
love, if you know what to look for.  [She reaches into her bag and pulls
out a romance novel.]  And if you read enough of these, you learn the
signs.  [She turns her head towards Ayukawa with a dreamy look.]  I saw
how the two of you were dancing together a few days ago.  You two were
in a world of your own.  I envy you, Ayukawa-san.  [Snaps back out of
her daze.]  Anyway, I probably would have figured it out sooner if I had
been paying more attention to your hints and less attention to my own
emotions...[She looks towards Ayukawa once more and continues meekly.]
I guess I went a little far, going out on a date with Kasuga-san.  I'm
sorry if I caused you any trouble, Ayukawa-san, and I hope I can still
be friends with Kasuga-san, and maybe even you as well.  [Her smile
returns tentatively as she watches for Ayukawa's reaction.]

Ayukawa:*you* were no problem at all.  [She glances
meaningfully in Akane's direction.]

Akane:  Ahh...well, I just remembered something I need to take care of.
[She hurriedly shakes Kimura's hand.]  Good to meet you again.  Gotta
go.  [She makes a hasty retreat for the exit.]

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  As I told Kasuga earlier, he's welcome to be
friends with you.  [Smiles.]  And I'd enjoy becoming your friend as

Kimura:  [Now back to her full, bubbly grin.]  Wonderful!

[Cut to a some time later in Club Noir.  The three of them are now
sitting around a table with coffees and soda.  They seem to be enjoying
themselves, laughing and joking.  At least one of the jokes seems to be
at Kasuga's expense, as he blushes red at least once.]

Kasuga Narration:  I guess I got lucky.  Kimura and Ayukawa hit it right
off.  I heard Ayukawa laugh more that night than I'd heard her laugh
since my breaking off with Hikaru tore their relationship apart.  Before
the night was over, Kimura was calling Ayukawa "Madoka-san" and Ayukawa
was addressing Kimura as "Keiko-san".

Ayukawa:  [Picking up the glass in front of her.]  A toast!

Kasuga and Kimura:  Hai!

Ayukawa:  To friendships, old and new!

Kimura:  Yeah!  Three together, forever!

[Kasuga and Ayukawa give each other a quick look of surprise, then both
smile and turn back to the center of the table.]

All:  Kampai!  <clink!>


Writer                                  Andy Combs
New Characters Designer/Co-Writer       Stephen Tsai
Co-Writer                               Tony Chen
Pre-readers                             Ravi Konchigeri
                                        Derek Work
                                        Jim Ramberg
                                        Christian Gadeken
                                        Chung-Mau Cheng
                                        Robert Carragher
                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
for starting  the whole thing.

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major location
descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis for each
episode.  If there is a particular character, place or event that you
would like to know more about, and it is not being covered, don't
hesitate to email me and I will send you either a note or a copy of the
episode it is introduced.

Focus on Kimura Keiko [Introduced in Episode 1]:  Kasuga's study partner
in mathematics.  A cute, perky, spunky redhead, Kimura-san is a freshman
mathematics major.

        She and Kasuga-san, in addition to study, do socialize together.
Kimura-san knows that Kasuga is already committed, but doesn't let it
bother her.  She respects his relationship with Ayukawa and considers
Kasuga a close friend and nothing more.  Totally irrepressible and fun-
loving; however, her bubbly personality hides a prodigy for theoretical
and applied mathematics that exceeds even Saito Kenichi's skill.

        An addict of romance novels, she's trying to find that special

        Visual Description:  A cute redhead with short hair.  She is
short in height.  She is almost always smiling; only occasionally does
she contemplate more serious topics.  Close anime visual comparisons
include (but are not limited to) Nanao Kozue (with red hair) from Maison
Ikkoku, Leona Ozaki from Dominion, and Izumi Noa from Patlabor.

Focus on Akane [Introduced in the KOR OVA: Hurricane Akane.  Reintroduced
in KOC Episode 3]:  Kyosuke's cousin, Akane is a freshman drama major.

        Akane is also an esper, possessing the ability to project images
into other peoples minds, making them think that she's someone else.
Note that only those people upon whom Akane is concentrating the
illusion see it.  Bystanders see Akane as normal.

        In the two KOR OVAs in which Akane appears, she is shown to be a
fairly mean, callous, and sometimes downright cruel person.  In the
manga Akane is not really mean, but just tends to be impulsive and
oblivious to the consequences of her actions.  Also, in the manga, Akane
is not able to teleport, nor is she able to use telekinesis  These
limitations will be maintained in KOC.

        Visual Description:  Once again, the manga's version of Akane will
be the source.  In the manga Akane looks very close to what Kasuga Kurumi
looks like in the anime.
Stephen Tsai
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