Kimagure Orange College - Episode 8
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the eighth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I and my 
co-writer have both graduated from college, our experience is in 
the American college system and culture.  The span of our 
experience in the Japanese advanced education system is limited 
with what we can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and 
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, 
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant 
to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, we 
would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer us.  Mail all such letters, 
praises or flames to]

Episode 8 - A Day in the Life

[Open to Egami's room and office.  As he sits down, he opens his 
ledger and begins his task of keeping his books straight.  Once 
that is over, he pulls out a big cigar, lights it, takes a puff 
and relaxes for a moment.  Then he pulls out another book from his 
shelf.  This one is marked "Personal Journal".]

Egami  [To himself as he begins to write.]  With the spring 
session reaching the midway point, I finally decided to take the 
time to put to paper some of my observations about my new tenants 
and their friends who have made this house their unofficial 
meeting place.

[Cut to four days ago at Kamon'yama public park tennis courts, 
looking down across it from above.  The view slowly zooms down 
towards a set of tennis courts.]

Kasuga Narration:  It was a couple of days after Kimura's birthday 
party.  In fact, it was just a week before Ayukawa's birthday, but 
Ayukawa was adamant about not wanting another party so soon after 
Kimura's party.  So the only thing we had planned was a evening 
out in Roppongi.  Anyway, the week before, we had gathered at the 
tennis courts for a few sets, and to settle the challenge that 
Katsu had issued to Hayashibara back at Kimura's party.

Katsu:  OK, Mr. me what you got!  [Tosses the ball 
up and smashes a powerful serve to Hayashibara.]

Hayashibara:  [Moves into position and pulls back his racquet.]  
Got it!  [Swings with considerable strength.]  Ehh?  [Watches as 
the ball rockets over the fence and out of the park.]

Katsu:  [Chuckles as he points at the "home run".] see, 
there *is* a difference between tennis and baseball.

Hayashibara:  [Tries to conceal his embarrassment.]  Well, I was 
just warming up.

Kasuga:  [Watching from the sideline.]  Heh...looks like he's not 
so hot after all.

Ayukawa:  [To Kasuga.]  Let's see you do better.

Kasuga:  [Gets up and picks up his racquet.]  No problem.

Ayukawa:  Without...[Gives Kasuga a meaningful look.]

Kasuga:  Ahh...[Looks a little less sure.] hai.  [Heads out to the 
court to replace Katsu.]

Katsu:  [Whispers to Kasuga on his way off the court.]  Hit to his 
backhand...he's got too much power in his forehand!

Kasuga:  [Whispers back.]  Thanks.

Hayashibara:  [Bounced the ball a few times and gets ready to 
serve.]  Alright Kasuga.  [Gives him a competitive look.]  Let's 
see how good you are.

Kasuga:  [Returns his competitive stare.]  I'm ready.

[Cut to Ayukawa and Katsu who are watching Kasuga and Hayashibara 
play.  Behind them, Egami and Eiji walk up and watch.]

Katsu:  [To Ayukawa.]  Where did you learn to play like that?  
I've played for years, but I've never seen anyone play like that 
outside the college varsity team.

Ayukawa:  [Shrugs.]  Well, I picked up a few skills here and 

Eiji:  Ohayo Madoka-oneechan!

Ayukawa:  [Turns around.]  Ohayo Eiji-chan!  [To Egami.]  Ohayo 
Egami-san!  Where is Fujimoto-san?

Egami:  [Coarsely rubs Eiji's hair with a father-like gruffness.]  
Mariko-san went to runs some errands downtown and Eiji said he 
wasn't interested.  So I offered to take him to the park!

Katsu:  Well that was nice of you...[A little dubiously.]  How 
come you never treat your other tenants like that?

Egami:  [Sternly.]  What are you, a little kid?  [Points at Kasuga 
and Hayashibara.]  What's going on?

Ayukawa:  Those two want to see who's the better player.  Kasuga-
kun's not as good an athlete, but Hayashibara-san's having 
problems with control.

Egami:  Tennis huh...?  I played a little when I was younger.  
[Contemptuously after watching for a few points.]  
Hrumph...they're both holding their rackets wrong!  The way 
Hayashibara-san is holding his, he'll send everything he hits over 
the fence and Kasuga-san also needs to improve his footwork.

Katsu:  [Shrugs.]  We tried.  [Thinks for a moment, then looks 
down to Egami.]  Since you know so much, why don't you play 

Egami:  I said I played; I'm not obsessed with the sport...[Looks 
at Katsu meaningfully.]  Unlike some people, I keep my interests 
from overwhelming my better judgement!

Katsu:  Hey, that's passion!  At least I've got some!

Egami:  Well, *I* have better things to do than blowing up my room 
every few weeks!

Katsu:  Oh yeah?  [With a mock threatening manner.]  Well, you'd 
better watch out next time you take a drink, kanrinin-san!*

Egami:  [Contemptuously.]  Phah...right!

Katsu:  [To Ayukawa.]  So what do you want for your birthday?

Ayukawa:  [A little hesitant.]  I...don't have any expectations.

Katsu:  Surely there must be something you had in mind.

Ayukawa:  [Tries to change the subject.]  Come on, we just had a 
birthday party.  Besides, I didn't take you to be a partygoer.

Katsu:  We're just talking about dinner with a few friends; that's 
not what I call a big party.  Besides, I got something *really* 
special for you...

Ayukawa:  [Holds up her hand to get his attention, then smiles.]  

[Cut back to Kasuga and Hayashibara.  Hayashibara has a frustrated 
look on his face as he tosses the ball up for another serve.  
Kasuga awaits, but the expression on his face says that he's not 
worried, since he's not serving.]

Hayashibara:  [Smashes the ball, sending it across the court.  The 
ball streaks right past Kasuga's head without touching the court 
and blasts right through the holes of the wire fence.]  Che!*  Not 
*Mild Japanese expression of disappointment/irritation

Katsu:  Double fault...Love-forty!  [To Ayukawa.]  Geez...who'd 
have thought it?

Ayukawa:  [To Katsu with an amused expression.]  Hayashibara-san 
not being able to play or seeing a set with six straight break 

Eiji:  [Almost to himself.]  What a couple of losers...

Egami:  [Firmly pokes Eiji in the back.]  I don't think your 
mother would approve of that attitude of yours!

Kasuga:  [Relieved that he's doing better than he initially 
thought.] couldn't have aimed that last serve any worse 
if you tried.  [To himself.]  This isn't so bad...I'm doing pretty 

Hayashibara:  [Frustrated at his difficulties.]  Oh yeah?  This 
one for sure!  [Tosses the ball up and swings his racquet with all 
his strength.  This time, the ball hits the court right on the 
service line, bounces up and hits Kasuga right between the legs.]  
...  [Hayashibara's face turns red with embarrassment.]  Kasuga-
san are you alright?

Kasuga:  [Drops to his knees with a painful expression on his 
face.]  Urk...!

Eiji:  [Face agape.]  Wow...what a shot!

Ayukawa:  [Rushes over to Kasuga and helps him up.  Katsu is few 
seconds behind her.]  Kasuga-kun, are you alright?

Katsu:  [After helping Kasuga back to his feet and to the bench.]  
Well at least it was in the court...[Looks at his watch.]  How 
about we call it a day?

[Cut back to Egami's room in the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.] Heh...understandably, Kasuga-
san missed his morning classes the next day recuperating from that 
shot.  While he spent the morning with a bag of ice on his shorts, 
Saito-san, Kasamatsu-san and Kimura-san were busy taking notes in 
his math class.  While Saito-san and Kasamatsu-san were catching 
Kasuga-san up on Oinuma-sensei's lecture, Kimura-san was relating 
to me what it was like in the lecture hall.  [He sets his pencil 
down for a moment and pours himself a cup of green tea.  He picks 
up the cup, then stops.  Looking at the cup suspiciously, he then 
tentatively lifts the cup to his nose.]  <Sniff!>

[Cut to the mathematics building three days ago.  In the main 
lecture hall, Oinuma taps the blackboard with his pointer.]

Oinuma:  ...provides us the solution from the method of constant 
coefficients.  [Puts down the chalk, clears his throat, and turns 
towards the class.]  Remember that chapters 1-4, 6-7, and 9-11 are 
going to be on the mid-term.  Also be expected to provide a 
quantitative breakdown of the Fourier, Taylor, and Laurent series.  
[Bell rings.]

Kasamatsu:  [Dejectedly to Saito.]  Oh man that's brutal!

Saito:  Che!  We'll be up all night now!  [Closes his notebook.]  
We'd better tell Kasuga the bad news!

Oinuma:  [Speaking with a raised voice as the class gets up to 
leave.]  I will be holding office hours at the usual time; in 
addition, I'll be holding a question and answer session next 
Wednesday night.  Please inform your absent classmates.

Saito:  [To Kasamatsu as they leave the lecture hall.]  Say, what 
did you get for Ayukawa-san's birthday?

Kasamatsu:  Well, I spent some extra time in the CAD lab and 
designed a wire-frame illo of the University skyline from a 
digitized photo.  I even got the TA to print it out on the big 
plotter they've got in the upperclassman lab.

Saito:  No dog droppings this time?

Kasamatsu:  Gimme a break!  [Proudly.]  I never repeat myself!  
[More subdued.]  But also, Ayukawa-san's a different kind of girl.  
More mature you know; she's...

Saito:  [Finishing his thought.] ...not as gullible as Kimura-san?

Kasamatsu:  [Indignantly.]  Well, if you're going to be totally 
tactless about it...!  [Tries to change the subject.]  What did 
you get?

Saito:  Remember that home-built computer in my parent's closet?

Kasamatsu:  That old thing?  It's obsolete!

Saito:  Of course I cleaned it up, and overhauled it with modern 
parts!  What did you think?

Kasamatsu:  [Stops walking and thinks for a moment.]  I...think 
Kasuga-san's a lucky guy!

Saito:  [Surprised by this dropping of Kasamatsu's guard, then 
nods.]  Hai.

[Cut back to the boarding house.  Saito, Kimura, and Kasamatsu 
walk up the boarding house walkway, and enter the front door.]  

Kasuga:  [Fearfully.] Nine chapters?!?  [To Kasamatsu.]  You're 
joking right?

Kasamatsu:  [Shakes his head.]  Wish I were.

Saito:  Let's go get Kimura-san; she's already finished the 
exercises for those chapters.

Kasamatsu:  Well guys, don't worry about that right now!  [Pulls 
out a printed sheet.]  This is something I want to try while we've 
got enough people to enjoy it.

Kasuga:  [Reads the top of the sheet.]  Flame-broiled yakitori*?
*small shish-kabob-like servings of Japanese-styled barbecued 
chicken and vegetables served on metal or bamboo skewers.

Saito:  [Nods.]  Hai!  I downloaded the receipe from a bulletin 
board.  You should appreciate this; [Gestures at Kasuga's 
kitchenette cabinet.]  don't you ever get tired of cup ramen?

Kasuga:  [Apprehensively.]  Well, I don't know.  It looks like a 
pretty tough recipe.

Kasamatsu:  [Smacks Kasuga in the back.]  Oh come on!  What could 
go wrong?

[Cut to Egami's room.  Kimura is sitting on a mat across a low 
table from Egami.  She picks up a porcelain pot and pours a cup of 
hot tea into the cup in front of Egami as he examines a cute 
medium-sized stuffed bear.]

Kimura:  [Setting the tea pot down.]  Kawaii-ne?*
*Isn't he cute?

Egami:  [Politely, but apparently not a fan of cute.]  I'm sure 
Ayukawa-san will love it... [Sipping his tea.]  So you want to 
study math?  [Looks her over, then frowns.]  Do you have what it 

Kimura:  [Innocently.]  Well, otoosan* and okaasan** told me 
to...[While playing with the empty tea cup in front of her.]

Egami:  [Thinks to himself.]  Hrumph...this girl doesn't seem 
smart enough to tie her own shoes, much less for college-level 
math.  [To Kimura.]  Take a look at this.  [Hands her his 
financial ledger.]  Accounting for instance...that uses some math.

Kimura:  [Looks at the ledger with a confused expression on her 
face.]  Eh?  [Flips it over then begins reading.]

Egami:  [Rolls his eyes at Kimura's apparent lack of 
comprehension.]  If you're going to be a mathematics major you've 
got to be able to quickly and accurately maintain large quantities 
of numerical data.

Kimura:  [Glancing through the book.] It looks like so much 

Egami:  Well it's my place!  I bought it; I maintain it.  I 
collect the monthly rent.  It's my responsibility to maintain the 
integrity of the financial records necessary to...

Kimura:  [Inquisitively.]  So you just count the money?

Egami:  [Fiercely.]  THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN THAT!!!  [Settles 
down.]  There's local taxes, national taxes, real estate 
depreciation, capital gains, inflation, cost of repairs and 
maintenance.  All of this which adds up to-

Kimura:  [Brightly.]  562,283 yen?

Egami:  [Sputters when he remembers the figure he had arrived at 
after the last few hours of work.]  Im-impossible!  No one can add 
all that up so fast!  [Looks directly at Kimura.]  NO ONE!

Kimura:  [Surprised, then nods.]  OK, just a sec!  [Starts 
concentrating.]  Hmm...  Let's see... Hmm... [Five minutes later.]  
562,283 yen!  [Face returns to a bubbly expression.]  Ne, how was 

Egami:  [Almost falls over sideways.]  Urk!

[Cut back to the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.]  Talk about a dichotomy.  But 
at least she knows what she's talking about.  As far as the guys 
trying to cook, well...

[Cut back to the past.  In the backyard, Kasamatsu is trying to 
light a stack of wood on a fire pit.]

Kasamatsu:  [Frustrated look on his sweating face.] 

Kasuga:  [Looking confused at the printed paper.]  Marinate?  [To 
Saito.]  How much sauce are we suppose to use?

Saito:  [Also looking confused from inexperience.]  Uhh...all of 
it I guess.

Kasuga:  [Empties the bottle of soja sauce into the bowl of meat.]  
What's next?

Saito:  [Slowly.]  Toss slowly...and add sesame oil

Kasuga:  [Looks dubiously at the mixture.]  Aren't we suppose to 
cut the meat into strips first?

Saito:  Oops!  [Puts his hand behind his head.]

Katsu:  [Comes out the back door.]  What are you guys trying to 

Kasuga:  [Looks up.]  Oh Katsu-san!  We're cooking.

Saito:  [Frustrated.]  You mean trying to...

Katsu:  [To Kasuga.]  You're getting bored of cup ramen?  What 
about mid-terms?

Saito:  Well, at least we won't study hungry.

Kasamatsu:  [With the wood slowly starting to smoke.]  Che...!  We 
aren't eating anything until I can get this fire going.

Katsu:  [Pulls out a test tube of clear fluid.]  Well you could 
try this.  It'll start fires pretty quick.

Kasamatsu:  Great!  [Frustratedly.]  This pile of wood won't make 
a fool out of me any longer!  [Empties the test tube onto the 
smoldering sticks.]

Katsu:  [Panics.]  NO, NOT ALL OF IT...!


[Cut back to the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.] took those guys all 
night to clean up the mess!  [Flips to the next page.]  The next 
day was marked by the upcoming baseball game against Keio 
University.  The player the Miyasato girls were babbling about all 
day was Hayashibara Akira, the young man I had recently met at the 
tennis courts.  I had, of course, heard of him when he was the 
hero of his high school at Koshien*.  What's more, the University 
sports pages call him the hottest recruit since Doi Masahiro.  
They left that evening as excited as I've ever seen them...
*Site for the Japan Senior High School Baseball Tournament

[Cut back to the past two days ago at the boarding house.  
Downstairs, the door to Room 2 is open.]

Yuko:  [To Yoko.]  Hurry up!  We're gonna miss the pre-game 

Yoko:  [Scrambling out, with two baseball tickets in her hands.]  

Egami:  [Strolling from down the hallway.]  What's going on?  You 
girls going anywhere?

Yuko:  [To Egami looking very excited.]  Hai jiisan*!  We're 
taking on Keio University!
*In this usage, old man

Yoko:  [To Egami as she closes their room door.]  That's right!  
We're gonna watch Hayashibara-san blast another one out of the 

Egami:  I see...[Lights a fresh cigar.]  Kanrinin-san.

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [With inquisitive looks on their 
faces.]  Eh?


Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [While scrambling out the front 
exit.]  HAI!

Eiji's voice from Room 3:  Oi jiisan!  Not so loud out there!

Egami:  [Cigar snaps between his fingers as he bangs on Room 3.]  


[Cut to downtown Tokyo.  As the camera pans closer, the viewer can 
hear the sounds of gunfire and squealing tires.  A red sports car 
is driving backwards at high speed as eight police squad cars 
pursue it with guns blazing.

Bean Bandit:  [Driving backwards while Rally fires a MAC-11 out 
the side window.]  I'm on the road everyday of the week.  
[Performs a backwards bootleg reverse.]  So I *know* the value of 
good brakes.

[Cut to a more serene environment on another day.  Rally is 
picking up mundane supplies from a local grocery market.]

Rally:  [Closes the trunk of the car, gets in the driver's seat 
and starts the engine.]  And when we're out on our own, we rely on 
good brakes for personal safety.  So that's why we go to Midas.

Voiceover:  At Midas we can't fix potholes or shrapnel, but we've 
been fixing the damage they cause for over twenty five years.

[Cut to another mission.  Inspector Percy is in hot pursuit while 
Bean is driving at high speed on the docks.]

Bean Bandit:  If you rely on your brakes to do your 
job...[Suddenly comes to a stop at the edge of the pier.  
Inspector Percy, not expecting the stop, streaks past him and 
yells Bean's name as he plunges into the bay.] then take your car 
to the experts with the know how to do it right!

Voiceover:  At Midas we fix brakes and we fix them right.

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the University baseball stadium.  Thousands of students 
and fans are cheering and leaning forward at the edge of their 
seats.  On the scoreboard, the inning-by-inning listing shows the 
score is 7-6 in favor of Keio.]

Radio Announcer:  We're in the ninth and Keio University clinging 
to a one-run lead with one out, and Butsumetsu has a man at 
second!  Shimamoto has already given up a single to Sagawa, who 
advanced to second on a fielder's choice with a groundout hit by 
Nose.  Hayashibara's at the plate and Sagawa at second represents 
the tying run!

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [Yelling along with everyone else 
around them.]  GO!...GO!...GO!

Radio Announcer:  The pressure is really on 
Shimamoto...Hayashibara's already rocked the Keio pitching staff 
as he continues his outstanding freshman season.  He's gone 2 for 
2 with a triple, a double, a sacrifice fly and a walk.  The count 
is 2 and's the pitch...<crack!>...and it's a booming line 
drive fair down the first base line!  Sagawa comes in to score as 
Hayashibara comes around second base.  Here comes the 
throw...Hayashibara slides and he at third!

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [As the home crowd erupts with 
excitement.]  FURE, FURE BUTSUMETSU!*
*Hooray hooray for Butsumetsu!

Radio Announcer:  Shimamoto is in real trouble now!  The winning 
run is at third, and Doi, Butsumetsu's best hitter last year steps 
to the plate!  Hayashibara leads away from third as the infield 
goes back.  Shimamoto check Hayashibara at third, here's the 
pitch...<crack!>...and it's a line drive towards center field!  
Asou runs up and...makes a diving catch!  Hayashibara tags at 
third and heads for home!  Here comes the throw and...[Collective 
gasp from the crowd as Hayashibara and Shiomi collide at the 
plate.] he is...

[Cut to the locker room.  The members of the Butsumetsu baseball 
are undressing out of their uniforms, showering, and chatting to 
each other about the game.]

Hayashibara:  [Opening his locker, he sits down and exhales 
briefly to get his wind back.  Taking off his cap, he suddenly 
notices a deodorant roll-on lying on the floor next to his 
locker.]  Eh?  [Holds it up to the couple of players around him.]  
Who's is this?

Sagawa:  [To Hayashibara.]  Oh you found it!  Osugi's been having 
a fit looking for that!

Hayashibara:  [Examining the roll-on; it looks heavily used and 
doesn't smell like deodorant.]  What's this for?

Sagawa:  [Whispers from the adjoining locker.]  That's Osugi 
Katsuo's "roll-on".  He keeps his "magic pitching elixir" hidden 
in it.

Hayashibara:  [Takes a whiff and recoils.]  What is that...?  
[Gives it to Sagawa.]  It smells disgusting!

Sagawa:  [Whispering.]  Keep a lid on it!  Matsuoka-kantoku* would 
throw him off the squad if he found out!  Let's see...[Thinks.] he 
told me turpentine, baby oil, and rosin.  Before each game, he 
rolls some of it on his jersey, then when he gets in a tight fix, 
he gets a little sweat on his fingers, wipes his jersey, and he's 
ready.  He told me it drops his fastball at least an inch or two.
*Coach Matsuoka

Hayashibara:  I've heard of a few "magic elixirs" when I was in 
high school, but that's a little extreme don't you think?

Assistant coach:  [Entering the locker room.]  Hayashibara-san?

Hayashibara:  [Just starting to unbutton his outer jersey.]  Hai?

Assistant coach:  There are two girls outside who insist on seeing 
you.  [Nervously pulling the recent wrinkles out of his shirt, 
while rubbing his swollen cheeks.]  They were...most insistent.

[Cut to just outside the entrance of the home team dressing room.]

Yoko:  [Barely restraining herself from removing Hayashibara's 
unbuttoned jersey without his help.]  ...just wanted to tell you 
how *great* we thought you played!  You really came through when 
the pressure was on!

Yuko:  [Also needing an effort of will to keep her hands to 
herself.]  And the way you *totalled* that catcher!  Probably 
shook loose a couple of teeth along with the ball, right?

Yoko:  [Coldly satisfied.]  He deserved it!  He was blocking the 

Yuko:  [Smacks her fist against her palm.]  Well, he won't be 
blocking much of anything for at least a-

Hayashibara:  [Interrupts.]  Shiomi-san has already told me he's 
going to be fine.  We're only competitors on the field.  [Smiles.]  
I appreciate your support for the team; thanks!  [Smile slips a 
bit as he tries to take a closer look at the twins.]  
There...really isn't any telling you two apart is there?

Yuko:  [Shakes her head.]  Nonsense!  Yoko's taller.

Hayashibara:  [Unconvinced tone as he tries to see the 
difference.]  Err...well...she doesn't *look*...

Yoko:  Wait, I got it!  [Gives Yuko a hair ribbon.]  Put this on!

Yuko:  [Ties her hair into a ponytail.]  Me?  Why is it always me?

Hayashibara:  [Interrupts them before they can go further.]  Well 
this sounds interesting, but I've got to finish undressing...

Both Miyasato's in unison:  [Lean forwards as their eyes widen.] 

Hayashibara:  ...err...I mean changing!

Both Miyasato's in unison:  [Lean back with a little 
disappointment.] ...

Hayashibara:  [Recovering from his Freudian slip.]  But I'll see 
you girls at Ayukawa-san's birthday celebration.

Yuko:  Oh shoot...that's tomorrow night!  We still gotta get 

Yoko:  Come on [Grabs Yuko's arm and drags her away.]  let's go!  
Daimaru's* close by and it'll be open for a little while longer!
*Major department store chain in Japan

Yuko:  [Waves to Hayashibara as they both leave.]  Sayonara!*

[Cut back to the locker room.  Hayashibara pulls off his 
undershirt and steps into the standing shower area.  As the water 
sprays on him, he opens the soap bottle and applies it on himself, 
lathering it up generously.  After he finishes showering, he goes 
to his locker and gets dressed in street clothes.]

Nose:  [To Hayashibara from across the now-almost empty locker 
room.]  Hey Hayashibara-san!  The guys are getting together 
tonight at the Daikokuya*.  Do you want to come?
*Restaurant in Shinjuku

Hayashibara:  [Looking a little distracted.]  Why don't 
you guys go ahead?  [Pulls a photo out of his wallet.]  I've got a 
birthday party planned.

Nose:  Well OK.  We'll see you tomorrow at practice then.

Hayashibara:  Right...[As soon as he alone, he looks at the photo 
again.  The view shifts, showing Ayukawa's face on the photo.  He 
then sighs and carefully puts the photo back into his wallet.  His 
jaw tightens with an expression of regret as his own words echo 
from recent memory.] "...but she's your girlfriend."

[Cut back to the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.]  He's a lucky guy; he could 
probably get any girl he wanted.  What's more, he doesn't have 
problems with money, coming from a rich family.  On the other side 
of the coin, some others aren't so fortunate; thus, like the 
baseball season, the collegiate tradition of part-times begins as 

[Cut to the previous day..  As the morning sun comes up, Kasuga 
checks a newspaper, then enters a kissaten* called the Chez 
Kooun**.  As the door opens, a bell rings, designating a new 
customer.  Inside, businessmen accept a strong cup of coffee as 
they prepare for work and students snack on fast food on their way 
to class.  The atmosphere is casual, clean and friendly.  Kasuga 
smiles as he approaches the counter.]
*Small cafe that serves coffee, tea and light refreshments
**Lucky house--kissatens often have Chinese or French names

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  This place looks promising.  Hope I can 
make a better impression than yesterday...[Quick scene flash 
showing Kasuga inadvertently making a chicken fried steak by 
dropping a hamburger patty into a vat of hot oil used to make 
french fries.]  [To the waitress.]  Hello?  I'm here about the 
open position.

Waitress:  [Friendly and cheerful.]  Yes, I'm glad you're here!  
[Gestures to one of the stools.]  Have a seat!  I'm Aoki Eriko!

Kasuga:  I'm Kasuga Kyosuke, nice to meet you!  [Sits down.  The 
waitress is a tall young girl about twenty years old.  She has 
long blond hair and an attractive face.  Kasuga notes to 
himself...]  She is kinda pretty, [Determined look on his face.] 
but I can trust myself to stay professional working with a pretty 

Aoki:  [Looking over the application form.]  ABCB eh?  I went 
there was a nice place.  How soon can you start?

Kasuga:  [A little surprised.]  Well...immediately.

Aoki:  [Tosses him a rag, gestures towards the back and smiles.]  
Great!  The lunch crowd's going to be here in an hour or so.  We 
can use someone with experience.  [Calls to the back.]  Reiko!  
The new guy's here!  Can you show him around the back?  [Another 
pretty girl walks through the double kitchen doors.  She's wearing 
the same uniform, stands about a head shorter, is a few years 
younger and has medium length brown hair.

Second Waitress:  Hi!  [Bows.]  I'm Nakamura Reiko!  Let's see if 
we can get you fitted.  [Calls into the kitchen in the back of the 
kissaten.]  Hitomi!  Naoko!  New guy!

Kasuga:  [To himself in panic as he suddenly realizes something as 
he disappears behind the swinging doors amid the sounds of 
giggles.]  Oh shoot...of all the places I get accepted, it had to 
be a bijin* kissaten!
*Beautiful girl coffee shop--so-called because their waitresses 
are often picked for their beauty.

[Cut to Roppongi station later that afternoon.  As the train pulls 
in to a stop, Kasuga and Ayukawa disembark and walk up to the 
loading ramp.]

Ayukawa:  [To Kasuga.]  So did you find a part-time?

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  Ahh...hai...[Puts his hand behind his 
head.] I found a kissaten who was accepting kitchen help.

Ayukawa:  What's it like?

Kasuga:  [Starts to sweat.] a good place.  It's sort of 
like ABCB.

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Really?  I'll have to drop by sometime!

Kasuga:  [Swallows.]  <Gulp!>

Ayukawa:  So where is this place we're going anyway?

Kasuga:  [Relieved to be changing the subject.]  Katsu-san told me 
it was a hamburger place.

Tanaka:  [From behind them dressed in a dark-blue business suit.]  
This is a pleasant surprise Kasuga-san.

Kasuga:  [Turns around with a surprised look.]  Tanaka-san!  What 
are you doing here?

Tanaka:  [Vaguely.]  Let's just call it...professional 
obligations.  [To Ayukawa.]  And you must be Ayukawa-san.  After 
hearing so much about you, it is a pleasure to meet you at last.  
[Bows deeply.]

Ayukawa:  [Surprised by the formal greeting.]'s nice to 
meet you too.
Kasuga:  [To Ayukawa.]  This is my next door neighbor Tanaka-san.  
He's...[Thinks for a moment.] well...actually, I don't know what 
you do.

Tanaka:  [Smiles.]  I was...recently involved in financial 
affairs.  Currently I'm...between assignments.

Ayukawa: roommate works in finance.

Tanaka:  [Almost to himself with a raised eyebrow.]  Oh really...?  
[Looks at Ayukawa.]  You know, now that I've had this opportunity 
to meet you, I can see you really are as lovely as Kasuga-san told 
me.  I hope you'll do me the distinct honor of accepting my 

Ayukawa:  ...

[Cut back to the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.]  The tenant I know the least 
about is Tanaka-san.  Ironic...[Picks up his cup and takes another 
sip of tea.] he's been here longer than any other tenant other 
than Mariko-san, but he's the one who still remains a mystery.  I 
confess it didn't bother me at first, since I don't consider 
myself one to pry, but lately I have been sharing Mariko-san's 
concerns about Tanaka-san's agenda and goals.  As much as what 
he's saying, I've learned it's what he's *not* saying that 
disturbs me the most.  Lately, he seems to have taken a personal 
interest in Kasuga-san.  Where this will lead, I'm still not 

[Cut back to last night at the Johnny Rockets hamburger 
restaurant.  The restaurant is located on the second floor of a 
building on Roppongi Crossing.  The inside is decorated like an 
American 1950's diner, with jukeboxes playing in each corner.  As 
Ayukawa and Kasuga make their way through the crowd, they come to 
a stop at a long table.  Katsu, Kimura, Kasamatsu, Saito, 
Hayashibara, Yoko and Yuko are present.  Ayukawa and Kasuga sit 
down together at one end of the table.]

Ayukawa:  [Noticing the size of the group.]  I thought we agreed 
on no big deal.

Katsu:  Don't blame Kasuga; this was our idea!

Kimura:  We couldn't just let your birthday pass by!

Saito:  Birthdays are important; a significant step in all our 

Kasamatsu:  That's right; you're only going to turn nineteen once; 
enjoy it!

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  Hai!

Ayukawa:  [A little embarrassed by the attention, but smiles at 
everyone.]  Thank you.

Hayashibara:  [Lifts his glass.]  A toast!

Kasuga:  [Tentatively, he takes her hand.]  Ayukawa...

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Kasuga-kun...

Kasuga Narration:  I look back on this time of my life with 
gratification; some of the best days of our lives were spent with 
the friends we made in college.  This was an important time in our 
lives...and I was happy to spend them together.  Ayukawa...[Holds 
up his toast along with everyone else.]  Happy Birthday!

[Scene freezes as the glass clink, then cut back to the present.]

Egami:  [To himself as he writes.]  A birthday party...what a way 
to end the month.  [Sighs, then continues to write.]  I've had 
many unusual students in my time spend their academic careers at 
the house, but this group is bound to top them all.  An overly-
enthusiastic indecisive writer...a pair of explosive-
tempered sisters.  Then when I think of their friends...a rising 
baseball star...a weirdo engineer...a computer air-
headed math aspiring and talented 
about a slice of the college crowd pie.  I don't know what to 
expect from the future with this bunch, but one thing is for 
certain...[Stops writing for a moment, then smiles.]  It's bound 
to be an interesting four years...for all of us.


New Characters Designer/Writer	Stephen Tsai
Co-writer			Andy Combs
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Ravi Konchigeri
				Jim Ramberg
				Christian Gadeken
				George Yim
				Charles Winata
				Lisa Richardson
				Alexander Chien
				Brian Edmonds
				Robert DeLoura
				Peter Van Overen
				Pascal Janin
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
flame, aim them at me and me alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
the ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off 
the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major 
location descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis 
for each episode.  If there is a particular character, place or 
event that you would like to know more about, and it is not being 
covered, don't hesitate to email me and I will send you either a 
note or a copy of the episode it is introduced.

Focus on Tanaka [Introduced in Episode 3] - Kyosuke's next door 
neighbor, he lives in Room 4 in the boarding house.  Tanaka-san is 
a mysterious man who no one knows about.  Even his given name is 
	A manipulator, he only speaks after calculating what effects 
his words will have on others around him.  He almost always 
manages to avoid direct blame and his real agenda is unknown.  The 
only person who knows about him is Fujimoto Mariko, who does her 
best to stop his schemes and plans.
Visual Description:  Tanaka-san is a tall man with slicked-back 
black hair.  He has small eyes and a calculating look.  He often 
wears sunglasses.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not 
limited to) Yotsusa from Maison Ikkoku, and Gato (with black hair) 
from Gundum 0083.

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