Kimagure Orange College - Episode 9
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the ninth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I and my 
co-writer have both graduated from college, our experience is in 
the American college system and culture.  The span of our 
experience in the Japanese advanced education system is limited 
with what we can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and 
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, 
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant 
to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, we 
would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer us.    Mail all such letters, 
praises or flames to]

Episode 9 - Girls' Night Out

[Cut to a slow pan outside Ayukawa's apartment.  It's early in the 
evening, the sun painting the sky reddish as it sets for another 
night.  Inside, music can be heard as Ayukawa dresses in front of 
the bedroom mirror.  As she applies the finishing touches, she 
hears a knock on the door.]

Ayukawa:  Coming!  [She walks over towards the door and looks 
through the peephole.  Satisfied, she opens the door.]  Keiko-san, 
come in!  You're early.

Kimura:  [Nods]  Un!  Okaasan* said I have to be home before 
eleven o'clock, so I wanted to have as much time as I've got!

Ayukawa:  Right.  [Both leave the apartment as Ayukawa closes and 
locks the door.]  Let's go!

Kasuga Narration:  It was the first month of summer.  While I was 
out camping with Katsu, Hayashibara, Saito, and Kasamatsu in the 
Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park, Ayukawa and Kimura were meeting 
Akane and the Miyasato twins in Shinjuku for a night on the town.  
It was a chance for both of us to get to know some of our new 
friends better.  Of course that was the idea...

[Cut to the Shinjuku Train Station.  Dozens of shops, restaurants 
and other facilities within the station entertain thousands of 
people on a weekend night.  On the loading platform, hundreds of 
people are walking back and forth on the loading ramp as the train 
readies itself for its next destination.  Amid the din, Ayukawa 
and Kimura make their way off the ramp.]

Overhead announcer:  Ikebukuro train 
disembarking...repeat...Ikebukuro train disembarking.  Now loading 
for Shin-Okubo...

Kimura:  [Looking around with wide-eyed wonder.]  Wow...look at 
this place; so big!

Ayukawa:  [A little surprised.]  Eh?  Have you ever been here 

Kimura:  No...[Still looking around with wonder.] okaasan never 
took me.

Ayukawa:  [Leads Kimura to the exit of the train area.]  Well, 
let's go.  The others are waiting for us!

[Cut to the Raven's Antique Pub.  Akane, Yoko, and Yuko are 
sitting in the first level basement in front of the waiting for 
the next train.]

Akane:  [Looks at her watch.]  When was their train suppose to 

Yuko:  Any minute now.  [Picks up the last piece of sushi and 
gulps it down.]

Yoko:  [Was reaching for that last piece.]  Hey!

Ayukawa:  [Enters the pub and points.]  There they are!

Kimura:  [Jumps up and down and waves.]  Ya-ho!

Akane:  [Walking towards Ayukawa and Kimura.]  Are you ready?

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [Joining the group.]  Let's go!

[Cut to the Inuhanten Pit Inn night club.  The basement locale 
shows it's age with the exposed pipes and bare concrete walls.  A 
live band starts it's evening performance, as a combination of 
jazz and blues music can be heard from the outside on the street.  
Ayukawa, Kimura, Akane, Yoko, and Yuko each pay their cover and 
receive a drink coupon.]

Akane:  Good music...[notices the bare cracks on the walls.] but 
what's with this...decor?

Ayukawa:  This place has been popular for nearly 20 years.  They 
just place more emphasis on their music than the atmosphere.

Yoko:  [Pokes her finger on the exposed piping.]  Obviously...

Yuko:  Have you been here before Ayukawa-san?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  Sure...[As they enter the club proper, it 
becomes increasingly difficult to engage in casual conversation.  
Ayukawa gestures towards the last of the empty tables.]  Let's sit 

[They manage to work their way over to the empty table on an 
elevated section of the floor.  As soon as they sit down, a 
waitress comes over to collect their drink tickets and initial 

Akane:  I'll have a rum-coke.

Ayukawa:  Whiskey for me.

Kimura:  Me too!

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  Beer!

Waitress:  [Finishes writing the tab and closes the book.]  
Arigato gozaimasu, o-kyaku-sama*!
*Thank you very much honored customer!

Ayukawa:  [To Kimura]  Are you sure you can handle whiskey ?

Kimura:  [Look of surprise, then smiles reassuringly.]  Oh don't 
worry!  I've had sake before!

Ayukawa:  I've heard...Katsu made me promise to keep you from 
drinking too much.

Kimura:  [Looks a little hurt.]  Hrumph!

[A few minutes later the waitress arrives with five drinks on her 
tray.  She carefully sets each drink down on the table, along with 
a listing of the featured drinks of the evening.]

Waitress:  If you need anything else, I'll return in a few 
minutes!  [Bows and leaves.]

Akane, Ayukawa, Yoko, Yuko, Kimura:  [They raise their glasses and 
toast.]  Kampai*!
*Literally "dry glass"; traditional salutation or toast before 

[As the evening progresses, and the drinks start to flow freely, 
the conversation starts to loosen up.]

Yuko:  ...said to me, "I'm going to be a manga writer when I grow 
up!"  Che!*  What a moron he was!
*Mild Japanese expression of disappointment/irritation

Akane:  So what happened?

Yuko:  I told him to go to hell!  I don't want a guy who's going 
to be a pauper when he grows up!  [Calmer.]  Anyway, there's a lot 
of fish in the sea.

Kimura:  [Longingly with a doleful look in her eyes.]  But you're 
so lucky to have a boyfriend!  [Eyes start glittering with 
romantic visions.]  I want to find a boyfriend!  I want to find 
someone special to be with me and spend our lives together!

Yoko:  Oh gawd...!  You read too many novels.  [Points to Kimura.]  
Well, don't get your head too high in the clouds.  It's not all 
fun when your [Sarcastically imitating Kimura's romantic style.] 
"special someone" two-times you.

Yuko:  [Indignantly to Yoko.] Well that's not my fault!

Akane:  Oh don't start that again...

Kimura:  [To Ayukawa.]  You and Kyo-chan are so lucky to find each 

Ayukawa:  [To Kimura.]  I guess we are.  But why haven't you 
gotten a date yet?  You're a nice girl; no one's asked you out 

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  Okaasan and otoosan* wouldn't let me.  
They're always around to tell me what to do and where to go.  I 
know they want the best for me, but sometimes I feel like they 
don't understand what I want.  You know what that's like don't 

Ayukawa:  Well...[Looks away for a moment.] no, not really...

Akane:  [Tries to steer away to a less uncomfortable subject.]  So 
how about those Giants?

Ayukawa:  [Suddenly notices someone on the other side of the music 
stage.]  Oh shoot!

Akane:  What is it?

Ayukawa:  [Empties her drink, then sets the glass down.]  My 

Yuko:  So what?  Is there something wrong with her?

Ayukawa:  I don't know.  Most of the time she's arrogant and 
condescending.  Occasionally, I get the feeling that she trying to 
make friends but doesn't know how.

Kimura:  [Gets up.]  I'm going to go find out!

Yuko:  Hey!

Ayukawa:  Let her go.  [With a trace of hope in her voice.]  If 
anyone can get Ikemoto to open up, Keiko-san can.

[With the pulsing music and flashing lights concealing her, Kimura 
slowly creeps up to Ikemoto's table.  Ikemoto is slowly swirling 
her drink, letting the ice clink against the glass.  A cigarette 
slowly burns as it sits on the ashtray.  For several seconds, 
Ikemoto doesn't react to Kimura's presence.  Then she firmly puts 
her drink down.]

Ikemoto:  [Irritated.]  Alright, what do you want?

Kimura:  [A little surprised by Ikemoto's abrupt greeting.]  I 
just wanted to see why you're so unhappy.

Ikemoto:  Oh yeah?  [Looks at her condescendingly.]  What makes 
you think I'm unhappy?

Kimura:  Most people smile when they're happy.  [Sweetly.]  And 
you looked kinda lonely sitting here by yourself.

Ikemoto:  [Quaffs the rest of her drink.]  Maybe I want to be 

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  No one likes being alone.  Otherwise 
why would they come here?

Ikemoto:  [Starts to retort but is lost for an answer.]  ...

Ayukawa:  [From behind Kimura.]  I didn't know you came to places 
like this.

Ikemoto:  [Look of surprise for a moment, then puts her guard back 
up.]  What do you mean by that?  [Take a puff then extinguishes 
her cigarette in the tray.]

Ayukawa:  [Nonchalantly.]  Not a thing.  [Considers for a moment.]  
Why don't you come join us?  You look like you could use the 

[Cut back to their original table.  The next round of drinks are 
already on the table as Ayukawa, Kimura, and Ikemoto sit down.]

Akane:  [To Ikemoto.]  So you're in finance.  Any stocks you care 
to recommend?

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [Lean forward to listen.]

Ikemoto:  [Condescendingly.]  You don't have the money to make it 
worth it.

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [Lean back with disappointment.]  

Ayukawa:  By the way, your mother called.  She asked me to have 
you give her a call.

Ikemoto:  [Plainly not interested.]  Whatever...

Ayukawa:  [Thinks for a moment.]  I see...[Empties her drink.]  
That's it isn't it?

Ikemoto:  [Sets her drink down and lights another cigarette.]  

Ayukawa:  She's your mother.  You need your family.

Ikemoto:  [Rhetorically.]  Is that so?  [Takes a long puff, making 
Yoko and Yuko hold their noses.]  I don't *need* anyone.  I've got 
my own career and my own life.  I've got financial security and 
stability in my life and I'll run it the way I see fit!

Kimura:  [Innocently.]  Is that why Ikemoto-san's drinking alone?

Ikemoto:  [Almost chokes on her drink.]  ... [Then gets up.]  
That's it, I'm leaving.

Ayukawa:  [Gets up.]  Come on, let's go...

Yoko:  [Protests.]  But it's only 8:30!  We're not going home yet 
are we?

Ayukawa:  [Thinks for a moment.]  Let's go to Dyson's Garage.  
It's right next door and the atmosphere is better for talking.

Akane:  [Gets up.]  Oh well,  sounds good to me!

[The girls file out of the club and exit on the street.  Ikemoto 
takes one last puff of her cigarette and tosses it carelessly into 
the ashcan by the exit.  The cool night air blows away the feeling 
of intoxication.]

Ayukawa:  You know what I think?  You need some excitement.

Ikemoto:  [Annoyed.]  Yeah right...don't tell me what I need.

Ayukawa:  Just trying to break the ice.

Ikemoto:  [Coldly.]  I like ice; leave it alone.

Yuko:  [Equally annoyed.]  Well, you're not going to make friends 
with that attitude...or business associates either.

Ikemoto:  I can handle my business affairs just fine.

Akane:  [Shakes her head.]  What a sourpuss...!

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  Don't worry!  Things will pick up!

[Just as the get to the last lane of the parking lot, Ikemoto 
suddenly comes to a complete stop.  She points to a vacant parking 
slot and screams.]


Ayukawa:  [A few seconds later to Ikemoto.]  Come on, let's go 
file a report with the nearest koban.*  [To Akane.]  Why don't you 
get a taxi and we'll meet you shortly.
*Small police outpost or police box.

Akane:  OK.

[Cut to the street corner in front of the Isetan Department Store.  
Kimura, Yoko, and Yuko are seated on a bench while Akane tries to 
flag a passing taxi.]

Akane:  Shoot...seems like you can never get a taxi when you need 
to go anywhere.

Punk1: don't need a taxi.  We'll take you where you 
want to go!

Punk2:  [Talks into the alleyway.]  Check these ladies out, guys!

[Around the corner, three more roguishly dressed guys come into 
view.  To almost anyone, their intentions are obvious.]

Kimura:  [Brightly.]  Really?  Do you guys have a car?

Yoko:  [Threateningly.]  Take it somewhere else you punks!

Punk3:  [With a mocking fearful expression.]  Ohh...she a tough 
one!  Baby you can be my woman!

Punk4:  [With a leering expression.]  I'll take the cute little 

Akane:  [To Kimura.]  Get behind me!

Punk3:  [Grabs Yoko's wrist.]  Come on!  I'll show you a good 

Yoko:  [Shakes her wrist loose.]  THAT DOES IT!

Yuko:  [To Yoko.]  Are you crazy, there's five of them!

Yoko:  I DON'T CARE!  [Punches the punk in the jaw.]

Punk3:  [Coughs up a little blood and spits out two teeth.]  WHY 
YOU LITTLE B****...!  [Pulls out a switchblade and pops it open.  
The other members, seeing their comrade injured, pull out their 
weapons too.]

Yuko:  [Pulls Yoko back.]  Well now you've done it!

Akane:  [Tries to keep Kimura behind her.]  Oh shoot...we're in 
for it now!

[As the punks step forward, suddenly the leader drops his knife 
and starts howling in pain while clutching his hand.  Lodged in 
the back of his hand is a guitar pick.]

Punk3:  What the-?

Ayukawa:  [Stepping from around the corner.]  Get lost you punks!

Punk5:  [Steps forward and reaches to grab Ayukawa by the 
shoulders.]  Heh...come here little gir-! [Misses as Ayukawa 
sidesteps him.]  What the-?  <OOFFF!>  [Has the wind driven out of 
his gut by Ayukawa's knee.  As he pitches forward, she drives her 
elbow into his upper spine, causing him to fall unconscious.]

Punk2:  [Charges Ayukawa.]  You're gonna pay for that!  [Take a 
swing at Ayukawa.  She blocks the blow, then delivers a knife hand 
to the bridge of his nose.]  ARRGGHH!!  [Drops to his knees as 
tears and blood hits his eyes.]

Punk3:  [Carefully pulls the pick free from his hand.]  YEEOOWW!! you're gonna die screaming!  [Starts to charge Ayukawa 
but is interrupted by Yoko.]

Yoko:  [Grabs Punk3 by the shirt lapels.]  The only one who's 
gonna scream is you!  [Pulls him forward and drives her knee 
between his legs.]

Punk1:  You're gonna pay!  [Runs away.]

Punk4:  Yeah!  We're gonna get you back for this!  [Runs away.]

Ayukawa:  [After a few seconds of silence, she stands up and flips 
her hair back.]  Come on let's go get another ride.

Ikemoto:  [Speechless from watching the fight.]...

Yuko:  [To Ayukawa.] were awesome!

Akane:  [Nods and smiles.]  Madoka-san's always great!

Yoko:  Mado... [Sudden flash of realization.] you're Madoka the 

Ayukawa:  [Slightly embarrassed.]  Well I haven't been called that 
in years.

Yoko:  I remember you when we were with th-

Yuko:  [Clamps her hand on Yoko's mouth.]  Geez, don't tell them 
the whole sordid story.

[As the rest of the girls wander to the next block to hail a taxi, 
Kimura dawdles behind.]

Kimura:  [Looks around to make sure that no one else is watching.  
Then she looks down at Punk3, who's just barely recovering 
consciousness, pulls down one eye and sticks out her tongue.]  

Ayukawa:  [Grabs Kimura.]  Come on!

Kimura:  [While being dragged off, waving to the punk.]  Bye-bye!

Punk3:  [Wiping the blood from his nose, he reaches into his 
jacket and shouts.]  I'M GONNA GET YOU FOR THAT!

Kimura:  [Trying to get Ayukawa's attention by pointing at what 
the punk pulled out.] that a real g...?

Ayukawa:  [With understandable fear when she see what the punk 
pulls out.]  Oh shoot...!  [Quickens her pace and catches up with 
the other girls.]

[Behind them, more roguishly dressed guys come out from the 
alleys.  They quickly check on Punk3, who's still sprawled on the 
ground in pain.]

Punk3:  [Pointing at the girls.]  Get them!  Get those girls!

[At his direction, several more punks come running towards the 

Ayukawa:  Uh oh!  We're in trouble now!

Ikemoto:  [Angrily to Yoko while running.]  This is all *your* 

Yoko:  [Retorts while running.]  My fault?!?  I was saving our 

Ikemoto:  Don't do me any more favors!

Yoko:  Oh don't worry about that!

Akane:  [Points to a man starting his car.]  Look!  Over there!

Ikemoto:  [Waves her hand while running.]  WAIT!  PLEASE STOP!

[They reach a cream-white Mazda 929 sedan, open the doors, and 
pile in, much to the surprise of the driver, who was just starting 
the car.  As soon as the last person is in, they slam the doors.]

Kimura:  [Looking out with curiosity.]  Oh look, here they come!

Punk3:  [From outside the car a short distance away and closing.]  

Ikemoto:  [Frantically to the driver.]  GO GO GO!

[Calmly but quickly, the driver, a young man with black hair in 
his early thirties, pulls away from the curb, squealing tires as 
they go.  Behind them, the street punks shout obscenities, as they 
helplessly watch the girls drive away.]

Ikemoto:  [With obvious relief.]  Oh thank God you came along!  
Those guys were out of their minds!

Driver:  [Nods and smiles.]  Always glad to be of help.  [Tips his 
cap.]  I'm Morita Takeo...<Sigh!> you never know who you run into 
these days!

Ikemoto:  [Nods.]  That's right!  It's a good thing...[Stops when 
Yuko taps her on the shoulder.]  What do you want?

Yuko:  [With apprehension in her voice.]  Uhh...there's something 
I think you ought to know...

Ikemoto:  [With irritation at being interrupted.]  What?

Yoko:  [With apprehension in her voice.]  This man doesn't have 
any keys...

Ikemoto:  [Expression freezes.]  Wait a minute!  You mean...

Akane:  [Nods with a nervous smile.]  He's a car thief and he's 
*stealing* this car...

Ikemoto:  [Slowly turns her head back towards Morita and looks at 
him with an inquisitive and fearful expression.]  Tell me they're 
just kidding...

Morita:  [Looks at Ikemoto and winks.]...

[After a few blocks...]

Ikemoto:  [As nicely as she can.]  Look, just let us out anywhere 
and I promise we won't tell a soul about this.  [Sees no 

Akane:  [To the twins.]  I'll tell you she's losing it.

Ikemoto:  [Indignantly.]  I am *not* losing it!  [With an 
excessively deliberate manner.]  I am in *complete* control!

Both Miyasato twins in unison:  [Nod to each other.]  She's losing 

Morita:  [Casually.]  Look, it's going to be OK!  I've just gotta 
drop this off, then you girls can go.  I'm really a nice guy; 
trust me!

Ikemoto:  [Unable to believe what she's hearing.]  Trust you?  
You're stealing someone's car, and taking us who knows where and 
you're asking us to trust you?

Morita: [Shrugs and smiles.]  Well, you gotta start somewhere...

[After a few more blocks...]

Morita:  ...told me I had no future.  [Clears his throat.]  So 
there you have it; no job, no family.  [Shrugs.]  I wasn't any 
good at school, or sports, so the only this I could do was...

Akane:  [Tentatively.]  ...steal cars?

Morita:  [Thinks about it, then nods.]  Yeah I guess.  That and a 
little work with running numbers.

Ikemoto:  [Fearfully trying to be friendly.]  Diversity is good.

Ayukawa:  [To herself, as she tries to keep track where they are.]  
Have to bide our time if we're going to get out of this without 
anyone getting hurt.

Morita: we are!

[As they approach the warehouse, the front loading door opens.  
Inside, there are several cars in various stages of disassembly.  
Surrounding them are several working men.  One of them comes up to 
Morita as he brings his appropriated car to a stop.]

Working man 1:  [With some agitation in his voice.]  Hey, who's in 
the car?

Morita:  [Casually.]  They got in the car as I was driving 
away...they're harmless.

Yoko:  [Angrily]  HARML...?!? [Abruptly gets gagged by Yuko.]

Working man 1:  [Waves Morita in.]  Let's take care of them 

[Pan to the inside of the warehouse.  As Morita pulls the Mazda 
929 to a stop, several men converge on the car.  Many of them are 
armed with pistols and rifles.  A few of them are dressed in 
strict business attire.  As the girls exit the car, work slowly 
grinds to a halt.  The workers stare with curiosity, the old men 
in formal suits stare with suspicion.]

Old man 1:  [Gravely and seriously.]  Who are these...girls?

Morita:  [Steps forward.]  Umm...they came with me.

[One of the other older men steps forward and slaps Morita hard 
across the face.]  <SLAP!>

Old man 2:  [Furiously.]  What are you, stupid?!?  They could tell 
people where we are!

Kimura:  [With a bubbly expression.]  Oh, we wouldn't do that!  
That wouldn't be nice!

Ayukawa:  [Hopefully, but knowing the chance they're going to be 
believed is virtually nil.]  That's right!  [To the others.]  No 
one will ever know right?

Akane:  [Trying to stay cheerful.]  Right, you can trust us...[To 
the Miyasato twins.] right?

Both Miyasatos in unison:  [Nervously.]  Un!

Ikemoto:  [Almost babbling.]  You see you don't have anything to 
worry about; we'll just be on our wa...

Old man 1:  [Firmly interrupts them with some sarcasm.]  Take the 
Sailor Senshi upstairs...[Coldly.]  We'll deal with them after 
we've finished our deal...

[As they girls are being escorted upstairs to the warehouse 
office, two eighteen-wheeler flatbeds pull into the warehouse with 
several cars are loaded on for transport.  Among them is a black 
Nissan 300ZX, which provokes a reaction from Ikemoto.]

Ikemoto:  [Points.]  MY CAR!

[Cut to a dark office on the top level of the warehouse.  There is 
a desk covered with loose papers and several locked steel file 
cabinets.  Old cigarette butts and a half-empty bottle of sake sit 
on the desk.  An old window-unit air conditioner is mounted by the 
skylight, and the ceiling shows some signs of water damage.  
Suddenly, the entrance door bursts open.  Ayukawa, Kimura, Yoko, 
Yuko, Akane and Ikemoto are rudely shoved into the room by an 
armed guard who then closes and locks the door.]

Ikemoto:  [Stumbles into the room.]  Oh my God, this can't be 
happening to me!

Akane:  [Obviously enjoying Ikemoto's inability to handle her 
predicament.]  Yes, it's just not your night is it?

Kimura:  [Offers a roll of chocolate-covered banana-nut morning 
candy to Ikemoto.]  You want some candy?  It'll make you feel 

Ikemoto:  [Snaps sarcastically.]  I'm standing in a locked 
warehouse with a bunch of armed thugs outside stripping my car for 
parts and you think a little candy going to make me feel better?

Kimura:  [Hopefully.]  Well, it won't hurt.

Ayukawa:  [Looks out between the bars.]  Look!  [Watches as they 
drive away a flatbed truck with several cars on it; Ikemoto's 
300ZX being one of them.]

Yuko:  [Dejected.]  Well, that's it!  You're not going to see it 
again!  Who knows where's it's going now?

Akane:  Just a minute.  [Picks up a book off the table.  The book 
has several entries in rows like a ledger, but the entries are 
made in seemingly random Romanized lettering.]  Take a look at 

Yoko:  [Looks over Akane's shoulder with confusion.]  Looks like 
gibberish to me!

Ayukawa:  [Looks over Akane's other shoulder.]  Looks like code to 

Yuko:  [Shrugs.]  Who know what it says?

Kimura:  [Looks under Akane's arm.]  It says "Nissans to 

Ayukawa:  Well that's a good guess but...[Stops suddenly and looks 
down at Kimura.]  What did you say?

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  I said they're moving Ikemoto-san's car to 

Yuko:  [Look of disbelief.]  You...can read this stuff?

Kimura:  [Brightens.]  Oh sure!  It's using a 56-bit, dual-prime 
encryption key code with a XOR random 2-bit table for a single 
logical right rotation sequence.  [Pulls out the police report.]  
I took a guess that Ikemoto's car would be one of the last couple 
of entries, and compared the auto registration number with the 
last few entries on all the columns.  [Points to one of the 
entries.]  That's it right there.  Once I found the key, I 
reversed the logic and reread the numbers on the destination 
column here [Points to the last column of numbers.].  The numbers 
stop being readable here, [Points to the entries above the last 
seven entries.] so they must have changed the sequence sometime 
today.  Ne?

Ayukawa, Akane, Yoko, Yuko, Ikemoto:  [Absolutely stupefied looks 
on their faces.]  Ahh...hai.

Ayukawa:  [To Kimura.]  Are you sure about this?

Kimura:  [Nods and smiles.]  Un!  [Blushes admittingly.]  
Well...ninety-seven percent sure; plus or minus zero point five 

Ayukawa:  [Still somewhat in disbelief.]'ll do Keiko-
san.  [To herself.]  Well now I know why Kasuga-kun hasn't asked 
for any help with math this semester.  But for now, [Starts 
looking around.] we gotta find a way out of here.

Yuko:  [Following Ayukawa's gaze.  Then points up to a water-
damaged hole high up on the ceiling.]  What about that?  If one of 
you can give me a lift, I think we can fit through there.

Ikemoto:  [Shakes her head vigorously.]  You gotta be kidding!  
That's almost four meters up!

Akane:  [Sarcastically.]  Your point?

[Cut to the top of the warehouse.  The warehouse's roof is made of 
corrugated metal, with steel beams inside as a support structure.  
On the main beam of the structure, Ayukawa surveys the roof area 
and points at an opening at the other side of the warehouse roof.]

Ayukawa:  See that ventilation fan?  We'll go out and drop down 
the side.  [Points back inside the office.]  Get that chain.

Yuko:  [Grabs a chain wrapped around the rafter and climbs up 
after Ayukawa.]  Hai.

Yoko:  [Climbs up after Yuko.]  Are you sure about this?

Akane:  [Climbs up after Yoko and looks at the steel girder.]  Are 
you kidding?  That's thing's practically a balance beam!

Ayukawa:  Just don't look down!

Ikemoto:  [Climbs up after Akane and looks down.]  Oh God...I 
think maybe I could use that candy!

Kimura:  [Climbs up after Ikemoto and whispers to Ikemoto with 
gleeful excitement.]  This is just like gym class...!

Ikemoto:  [Unable to believe what she's hearing or doing.]  They 
don't point guns at you in gym!

Ayukawa:  <Shh!>  [Reaches the ventilation fan and looks out the 
air vents, which are unfortunately, too small.]  Shoot!

Yuko:  [Right behind Ayukawa.]  Now what?!?

Yoko:  [Right behind Yuko.]  We gotta find another way out!

Akane:  [Fearfully behind Yoko.]  I don't think so...[To Ayukawa.]  
We're in trouble!

Ikemoto:  [Sarcastically.]  What a revelation...!

Akane:  No I really mean it!  [Points down.  From the warehouse 
floor, Morita is looking directly at them.]

Yuko:  [Fearfully to Ayukawa.]  What now...?

[Morita looks left then right and notes that no one is paying any 
attention to him.  He then looks up and discretely points to one 
of the rear upper corners of the warehouse.]

Ikemoto:  [Look of disbelief.]  What th...?

Yoko:  [To Ayukawa.]  Do we trust him?

[Morita winks.]

Ayukawa:  [Firmly, but still whispering.]  Hai!  We don't have 
much choice anyway!

[They reach the end of the warehouse.  One of the panels in front 
of them is loose and flapping with the gentle evening breeze.]

Yuko:  [Looking over Ayukawa's shoulder.]  What now?  [Gives her 
the chain.]

Ayukawa:  [Ties it to the steel supports in the warehouse roof, 
but the chain comes up about 5 meters short from the ground.]  

Yoko:  [Look of fear.]  Down there?  You gotta be s***ting me!

Ikemoto:  [Hisses.]  Watch your mouth!

Yoko:  [Look of disbelief.]  Watch my mouth?!?  You gotta be 
s***ting me!

[Ayukawa climbs down the chain and drops the rest of the distance, 
falling and rolling deliberately to absorb the shock.  As the 
others drop, she helps them up.  After taking a moment to get 
their bearings, they head towards the street and hail a taxi.]

Taxi driver:  [Pulls up.]  Where to ladies?

Ayukawa:  [Getting in along with the others.]  Higashi-Nakano 
station and hurry!


[Show a picture of Ranma sitting at a dojo with martial arts 
training equipment in the background.  His name is written with 
white lettering on a red box.]

Ranma:  [Picks up his shoe and shows it to the audience.]  Ryouga 
doesn't know about this yet... but this is the new Reebok all-
purpose pump athletic shoe.  It's got a lot of new features like 
this extra...

[Cut to a picture of Ryouga sitting on a log in the middle of the 
forest.  In the background, several shattered boards and other 
practice dummies have been set up.  His name is written with white 
lettering on a blue box.]

Ryouga:  [Holding the same shoe and picking up on Ranma's dialog.] in the heel.  The air pump fills the shoe bladder, 
insuring a form-fitting custom fit.  The extra comfort is a real 

[Cut back to Ranma.]

Ranma:  [Picking up on Ryouga's dialog.]  ...when maximum traction 
and comfort is needed.  It's not available to the general public 
yet...[evil smile.] but I've got it right now!  Because Reebok ...

[Cut back to Ryouga.]

Ryouga:  [Picking up on Ranma's dialog.]  ...really wants me to 

[Cut back to Ranma.]

Ranma:  [Picking up on Ryouga's dialog.] Barcelona!

Voiceover:  Come watch as Japan's best square off to decide who 
will capture the title of world's greatest martial artist!

Ranma:  Heh...heh...he...


Ranma's shoe:  [With a finger pressing the air bladder.]  <SHH!>

Ryouga's shoe:  [With a finger pressing the air bladder.]  <SHH!>

Voiceover:  To be settled at Barcelona!

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to Higashi-Nakano train station.  As the door to the 
passenger compartment opens, the girls scramble on board.]

Ikemoto:  [Sitting down with fatigue.]  Well this is a fine mess 
we've gotten into!

Kimura:  [Hopefully.]  Well it could be worse.

Ikemoto:  [Sarcastically.]  Oh really?  I've had my car stolen!  
We've been assaulted, kidnapped and locked up!  So here we are on 
the late train chasing after car thieves!  It can't get any worse 
than this!

Akane:  Well...[Leans back with fatigue.] the night is young!

Ikemoto:  [Searches her purse and sighs.]  On top of everything, I 
am dying for a cigarette!

Ayukawa:  You shouldn't smoke.

Ikemoto:  [Harshly.]  What do you know about smoking?

Ayukawa:  [Looks Ikemoto straight in the eye.] Trust me on this!

[Cut to Roppongi subway station.  Even at this late hour, there 
are a large number of people milling about the station as they 
board and disembark a large number of trains passing through.]

Ayukawa:  [Getting off.]  Well here we are.  [Looking a little 
dejectedly.]  Not that it'll do us much good since we don't know 
where in Roppongi those guys are taking the car.

Girl:  [Nonchalantly.]  You girls look a little lost.

Akane:  We're not lost.  We just...took a couple wrong turns this 
evening.  [Akane looks the girl over.  She has flame-red hair, 
braided to one side down her shoulder.  She's tall and slender, 
with her figure even more accentuated by a fancy dress and some 
jewelry.  In addition, the confidence and sense of familiarity she 
displays says that she spends a lot of time in this area of town.]  

Yoko:  I'll say...

Girl:  I'm Hoshino Emiko.  [Extends her hand.]

Kimura:  [Steps forwards and beams a bright smile.]  I'm Kimura 
Keiko!  This place is so cool...[Looking around with wide-eyed 
wonder.] just like a romance novel!

Hoshino:  [Somewhat surprised by the greeting, then turns to the 
others.]  She doesn't get out much, does she?

Ayukawa, Akane, Yoko, Yuko:  [Shake their heads.]

[Just then, the station lights begins to power down; signaling 
that the trains were no longer running.]

Kimura:  [Notices the clock.]  Oh my gosh!  It's already past 
midnight!  I was suppose to be home an hour ago!

Ikemoto:  [Condescendingly.]  Well you're not going to make it.

Kimura:  [Pleading.] But my parents are going to worry!

Ayukawa:  Sorry Keiko-san, we don't have a phone!

Hoshino:  Here, [Hands Kimura a flip-down mobile phone.] you can 
use mine.

Ayukawa, Akane, Yoko, Yuko:  ...

Kimura:  [Takes the offered phone.]  Thank you so much!  [Dials a 
number, then puts her ear to the phone.]  Hello?  Otoosan?  It's 
Keiko!  [Listens.]  Well I know it a little late, but we've had 
some problems...[Listens.]  Eh...?  Well, Ikemoto-san's car got 
stolen then we got attacked by some guys on the street.  So we got 
into another car, but there was this guy who was stealing it, so 
we ended up in a warehouse full of cars.  They were going to lock 
us up, so we ran away.  Then we took the next train to get her car 
back...[Listens.]  Eh...?  Where are we now?  Well, [Looks at the 
station destination sign.] I think we're in Roppon...[Stops to 
listen.]  Otoosan...why are you crying?

Yuko:  [Smiles with amusement.]  I'll bet he's crying.

Yoko:  [Turns around with disbelief.]  I'm not hearing this!

Akane:  [Listening in.]  Are you kidding; this is better than 
watching video dating!

Ikemoto:  [Annoyed.]  We're wasting time!

Ayukawa:  Shh...let her finish.

Kimura:  [Still on the phone.]  ...well I don't know 
when...[Pauses.]  Okaas... [Jerks the phone away from her ear.  As 
soon as the volume drops to a listenable level, she puts the 
receiver back to her ear.  As she listens, her eyes get a doleful 
expression.]  I'm sorry okaasan.  I'll be home soon...[Looks at 
the other girls' expressions, then adds.] I think.  [Listens.]  
Yes I'm staying out of trou...uh, just a sec...[Taps the interrupt 
switch on the phone.]  Hello?  Eh...?  [Listens.]  Bakku*?  I 
don't unders...
*<Sorry, this word/term falls in the realm of possible netiquette 

Hoshino:  [With an exasperated voice.]  Gimme that!  [Takes the 
phone away.]  Hi it's me!  [Listens.]  No I can't do bakku with 
you right now!  [Listens.]  No you've never seen her before.  
[Listens.]  I can't tell you her name.  [Listens.]  No she's not 
available.  [Listens.]  Well, yes she's cute, but she's not your 
type.  [Listens.]  Yes I'm sure, trust me.  I'll get back with 
you.  [Taps the interrupt switch and give the phone back to 
Kimura.]  Here.

Kimura:  [Puts phone to her ear.]  Okaasan?  [Listens, then 
brightens.]  Oh that was Hoshino-san!  She's very nice; she's 
letting me use her phone!  [Listens.]  What does she do?  Just a 
sec...[To Hoshino.]  Okaasan wants to know what you're doing here 
at this hour.

Hoshino:  Well...[Whispers into Kimura's ear.]

Kimura:  Really?  [To the phone.]  She says she's a call 
gir...[Jerks the phone away from her ear.  For several seconds, 
everyone present can hear the tiny speaker's garbled speech.  
Slowly, Kimura puts the phone back to her ear and listens.]  He's 
what?  [Listens, then gets a confused look on her face.]  I don't 
understand...why is otoosan lying on the floor?

Akane, Yoko, Yuko:  [Burst out laughing as they are unable to hold 
it in any longer.] BHAHAHAHAHAH...

Ikemoto:  [With exhausted resignation.]  You need to teach this 
girl the facts of life Ayukawa-chan.

Ayukawa:  [Covers her mouth as even she can't suppress a 
smile.]...  [Then to Hoshino.]  Thank you for your time!

Hoshino:  [Nods and smiles.]  Sure.  Take care of yourselves; and 
[To Kimura.] just be yourself and whoever you find...he'll be 
special just being with you.

Kimura:  Thank you ...[Takes her hand.] for everything!

Hoshino:  [As the girls are leaving.]  Oh by the way...[Slips 
Kimura her phone number.] let me know how your search turns out!

Kimura:  [Nods and smiles.]  Un!

[Cut to the street.  There's noticeably less activity in the city 
business districts.  The night life establishments however are 
just beginning to pick up steam.]

Yuko:  Where do we go now?

Ayukawa:  I...don't know.  [To Kimura.]  Did that ledger say 
anything about where they were taking the cars?

Kimura:  Just that there was suppose to be a lot of cars going 
there.  Also something about a meeting.

Ayukawa:  Any streets or buildings?

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  No.

Yoko:  Then I guess we're stuck.  Unless we get ridiculously 

[Just then, a new Toyota Camry pulls up.]

Driver:  [Rolls down the window.]  You girls need a lift?

Ikemoto:  [Points nervously and turns pale.]  It can't be...

Ayukawa:  [Look of total disbelief.]  Not you again...?!?

Akane, Yoko, Yuko:  [Shaking their heads.]  Here we go again...

[Cut to a few blocks away...]

Morita:  ...told me the deal was off!  So there I was, with two 
cars without a buyer and four cops ready to run me in for grand 
theft.  [Sighs and smiles.]  It's moments like that that make life 
worth living; frozen moments in time where everybody there's just 
waiting to see what happens next...

Kimura:  [Wide-eyed, believing every word.]  So what happened?  
What did you do?

Morita:  I looked them right in the eye and winked.

Yoko:  [Cynically, not believing a word.]  Oh spare me...

Morita:  [Admitting to Yoko.]  Then they proceeded to beat the 
living crap out of me...Took me nearly a week to get back on my 

[A few blocks later, Morita pulls to a stop at a secluded alley 
next to Mamiana Park.]

Morita:  The place you're looking for is a few blocks that way.  

Ayukawa:  Thanks.  Hopefully we can take care of it from here.

Morita:  Good luck.

Ikemoto:  Just a minute...[Looks Morita right in the face and with 
a calm, deliberate manner.]  Would you happened to remember if you 
came upon a black Nissan 300ZX tonight?

Morita:  [Shrugs.]  I don't know, there were so many ton-

Ikemoto:  [No longer calm, grabs him by the shirt and shakes.]  

Morita:  [Calmly.]  Would it make any difference to you right now 
if I had?

Ikemoto:  [Taking moment to consider it, then calms down.]  I 
guess not...

[Cut to the warehouse.  As Ikemoto, Kimura, Yoko and Yuko examine 
the warehouse and the cars coming in and out, Ayukawa takes Akane 
to one side.]

Ayukawa:  [To Akane.]  Just how many people can you...

Akane:  [Picking up on Ayukawa's insinuation.]  Maybe two at a 
time.  I might be able to do three, but I've never done it before.  
[Looks inside again.]  But there're too many people in there!  I'd 
never be able to...

Ayukawa:  [Reassures.]  Don't worry, I'll take care of that!  
[They both return to the others.]  Akane's going to take care of 
the car; let's go.  I have a plan.

Yoko:  [Points to Akane.]  She's going to take care of those guys 
by herself?

Ikemoto:  [Worried.]  I hope you know what your doing...

Akane:  [To Kimura as she's about to stick a piece of candy in her 
mouth.]  You still have that candy?

Kimura:  [Looks in the box, then holds up the piece she has.]  
This is the last one!

Akane:  [Insistently.]  Split it!

Kimura:  [Nods and smiles.]  Un!  [Splits the piece in half and 
hands it to Akane.]

[Cut to a few minutes later.  Ayukawa, Yoko, Yuko, Ikemoto, and 
Kimura stealthily make their way around the side of the 

Ayukawa:  [To the guards in the warehouse.]  Hey you guys!  What 
do you think you're doing?

Guard1:  HEY!  [Gestures to the others in the warehouse.]  GET 

Yuko:  [To Ayukawa.]  What do we do now?

Ayukawa:  [Takes off.]  Run!

Ikemoto:  [To Ayukawa in disbelief as she starts running, drawing 
most of the personnel out of the warehouse.]  This is your plan?!?

[Cut to the inside of the warehouse.  There are several cars in 
various stages of disassembly.  A few Porsches and Mercedes sit 
side by side with several makes of Nissans and Mazdas.  In one 
corner of the warehouse, a brand-new limited edition Aston-Martin 
comes rolling out of the painting oven, repainted with a bright 
neon lime-green color.]

Akane:  [Almost loses concentration looking at the awful paint 
job.]  Oh gawd...these guys really are crooks!  [Looks 
despondently at the car.]  What a crime...  [She casually walks 
into the warehouse, shifting into a car worker as she comes into 
view of a couple of mechanics.]

Mechanic1:  [To Akane.]  Hey you!  Get that hydraulic press would 

Akane:  Uhh...sure!  [Pulls the lever, lowering the car to the 
ground level.  She points towards Ikemoto's Nissan, still loaded 
on the trailer.]  What about tha...those cars?

Mechanic1:  Boss says they're being sold to some buyers coming 
later tonight.  They stay where they are.

Akane:  [To herself in frustration.]  Shoot!  How am I supposed to 
get Ikemoto's car off that truck?  [Think for a moment.]  

[Cut to a nearby alley.  Ayukawa, Kimura, Yoko, Yuko and Ikemoto 
are running down the alley.  Behind them, several armed thugs are 
in hot pursuit.]

Thug1:  [Points at the girls at he rounds the corner.]  OVER HERE, 

Ikemoto:  [To Ayukawa while running in near panic.]  What were you 

Yoko:  [While running.]  You know I didn't think I'd ever say this 
but Ikemoto-san's got a point...what now?

Ayukawa:  Just trust me!  [To herself.]  Come on Akane, don't let 
me down!

[They come out of the alleyway, only to find themselves in the 
middle of the street with no cover.]

Thug2:  Now we got you!

[Just then, the sound of a large truck interrupts the 
confrontation, its horn announcing its presence.  Behind it, 
several fancy cars are rocking against their restraints on the 
trailer.  The thugs all dive off to one side of the street as it 
barrels through them.  The girls all run to the other side of the 
street, then run alongside as the truck slows to running speed.]

Ayukawa:  [Shakes her head when she sees who's driving the truck.]  
This can't be happening...

[The girls manage to grab hold and scramble on board.  Once they 
are all in the cab, Akane steps on the gas pedal, leaving the 
thugs in the exhaust.]

Ayukawa:  [Flabbergasted.]  This is not what I had in mind!

Akane:  [Excitedly while driving.]  Sorry, it's the best I could 

[As they pull away into the expressway, Akane's driving is causing 
several cars on the road to go scrambling for cover.  Behind them, 
the thugs get into their cars and give chase.]

Yoko:  [Looking behind them.]  We've got company!

Ayukawa:  [Concentrating on the road in front of them.]  How many?

Yuko:  [Apprehensively.]  Uhh...all of them I think!

Kimura:  [Points to the front.]  Oh look!  A tunnel!

Ikemoto:  [Near panic.]  Change lanes!  We'll never fit!

Akane:  [Insists.]  Yes we will!

Ayukawa:  Akane!  There are cars on the top of the trailer...we're 
no...[Interrupted by the sound of a car being crashed off the top 
of the trailer, blocking the tunnel entrance.]

Ayukawa, Yoko, Yuko, Kimura, Ikemoto:  KYAAAAAAA!!!!

Akane:  [As soon as they clear the tunnel entrance.]  There, see?  
We make it!

Ayukawa, Yoko, Yuko, Ikemoto:  [Stare at Akane with looks of 
disbelief.]  ...

Kimura:  This is cool!

[Cut to the entrance of the tunnel, now blocked by a now-wrecked 

Thug1:  [Coming to a stop and gets out.]  Kuso...where does this 
come out?

Thug2:  [Gestures to the other cars.]  Go around!  Let's go!

[Cut to the other end of the tunnel.  Akane pulls the truck to a 
stop and they all get out.  They release the car restraints and 
open the Nissan's door and get aboard.  As soon as the car is 
clear of the trailer, Ikemoto guns the engine and drives out the 

Ikemoto:  [While driving.]  This is *all* just a dream...[Calmly.]  
That's right; I'm going to wake up any second now...

Ayukawa:  [Sitting in the front passenger seat.]  They were are losing it.

Ikemoto:  I AM NOT LOS...[Sees waiting cars on the other end of 
the tunnel.  Among them is another car transport trailer, with the 
upper level loading ramp down.  Seeing this, Ikemoto gets a 
determined look on her face.]  OH NO YOU DON'T!

[Cut to the end of the tunnel.  Several thugs await calmly, with 
one man in business attire standing to one side watching the 

Businessman:  As soon as the car is loaded, take it back to the 
shop.  We've got a buyer who's expressed interest.

Thug1:  [Bows briefly.]  Hai!  [To Thug2 as he continues to watch 
the oncoming Nissan.]  As soon as they stop, take the girls back 
with warehouse.

Thug2:  [Points at the Nissan as it continues to close at high 
speed.]  Uhh...boss?

[Cut back to Ikemoto's car.]

Ayukawa:  [With a concerned look on her face.]  If you don't slow 
down now we're not going to be able to stop!

Ikemoto:  [Downshifts to pick up more acceleration.]  We're not 

Ayukawa, Akane, Kimura, Yoko, Yuko:  We're not?

[The Nissan speeds between the parked cars, causing everyone to 
dive out of the way.  The tires hit the trailer loading ramp, as 
the car goes to the top of the trailer.  Once it reaches the end 
of the trailer, it flies over the cab in mid-air.]

Ikemoto:  [As the car flies through the air.]  I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M 

Ayukawa:  [As the car flies through the air.]  OH MY GOD!

Akane:  [As the car flies through the air.]  THIS CAN'T BE 

Both Miyasatos in unison:  [As the car flies through the air.]  

Kimura:  [As the car flies through the air.]  THIS IS FUN!

[The car lands hard, it's wheels hitting the ground squealing.  
After fishtailing a few times, momentum straightens the car as it 
streaks away from the thugs.]

Kimura:  [As soon as they land.]  Can we do that again?

Ayukawa, Akane, Ikemoto, Yoko, Yuko:  [In unison.]  NO!!!!

Thug1:  [Gets into one of the cars.]  Turn around!  Turn around!

Driver:  S***...!  [To Thug1.]  The car jammed the trailer too 
hard!  The winch is jammed!  We can't turn around!

Thug1:  [Slams his hand on the steering wheel.]  Chikusho!

[Cut to later that night.  Ikemoto drives the car into a parking 
lot of an all-night yakitori-ya*, and shuts off the engine.]
*A place that sells yakitori; small shish-kabob-like servings of 
Japanese-styled barbecued chicken and vegetables served on metal 
or bamboo skewers.

Ayukawa:  [To Ikemoto]  You know, I'm starting to understand why 
you've been so uptight all night...[Smiles.]  This is a great car!

Ikemoto:  [Faints.] ...

[Cut back to Ayukawa's apartment complex.  The black Nissan 300ZX 
pulls up into the assigned parking lot and comes to a stop.  After 
shutting off the engine, Ikemoto leans back in exhaustion.]

Ikemoto:  [Absolutely drained of energy.]  This has been the most 
unbelievable night in my life!

Akane:  [Smiles, but equally exhausted.]  Yeah...but it sure was 
fun wasn't it?

Ikemoto:  [After a long pause, she smiles.]  Well...yeah.

Kimura:  [Bubbly.]  Can we do it again tomorrow night?

Ikemoto:  [Ponders for a moment, then shakes her head.]  I don't 
think s-

[Just then, the car phone rings.]

Phone:  Rrrriiiinnnngggg...rrrriiiinnnngggg...

Ayukawa:  [Picks up the phone.]  Hello?  [Listens.]  It's for you.  
[Hands the phone to Ikemoto.]

Ikemoto:  [Takes the phone.]  Hai?  That's me...[Shoots straight 

Ayukawa, Akane, Kimura, Yoko, Yuko:  Oh...boy...!

[Slowly pull back from the frozen scene.  In the black background, 
the viewer sees a photo of the girls sitting in the car with 
expressions of exhaustion and disbelief.]


New Characters Designer/Writer	Stephen Tsai
Co-writer/plotter		Andy Combs
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Ravi Konchigeri
				Jim Ramberg
				Robert DeLoura
				Christian Gadeken
				Jeff Yang
				Peter Van Overen
				Pascal Janin
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
flame, aim them at me and me alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
the ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off 
the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major 
location descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis 
for each episode.  If there is a particular character, place or 
event that you would like to know more about, and it is not being 
covered, don't hesitate to email me and I will send you either a 
note or a copy of the episode it is introduced.

Focus on Ikemoto Sachiko [Introduced in Episode 1]:  Ayukawa's 
roommate, Ikemoto is a recent graduate in Business Administration.  
After graduation, she accepted a position with a financial trading 
company, where she works as a financial entry-level manager.
	Although she demonstrates considerable skill in finance, her 
materialistic and condescending personality has earned her very 
few friends.  The few that can (or have to) tolerate her are often 
even more put off by her obsession for order and neatness.  As a 
result, although she is financially successful, Ikemoto lives her 
life as a lonely person.
Visual Description:  Tall young professional woman with flowing 
black hair.  She has a look of confidence that borders on 
arrogance.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited 
to) Sakura from Urusei Yatsura, Kunou Kodachi from Ranma 1/2.

Andy (The Android) Combs | Katsu:  Didn't the old man say something about
Stephen (The Chunk) Tsai | Shoji-ko?| Kasamatsu:  He was probably drunk too.  Stop
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