Kimagure Orange College - Episode 14
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the fourteenth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I and my 
co-writer have both graduated from college, our experience is in 
the American college system and culture.  The span of our 
experience in the Japanese advanced education system is limited 
with what we can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and 
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, 
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant 
to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, we 
would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer us.  Mail all such letters, 
praises or flames to]

Episode 14 - The Dangerous Blind Date

[Cut to the Saito residence.  Saito is typing away at his computer 
as Kasuga and Ayukawa are looking over some class textbooks.]

Kasuga Narration:  Ayukawa decided it was time she brushed up on 
her computer skills, and invited me to come along.  To be honest I 
was initially unenthusiastic...but as it was a chance for us to be 
together, I decided to accompany her to our resident computer 
expert, Saito-san...unfortunately for us, his mind was preoccupied 
by other matters.  Relationships can start in all sorts of strange 
and unexpected ways...a coincidental meeting, an accidental kiss.  
This one started harmlessly enough, with a blind date...

[As Saito finishes typing something on his computer, a knock on 
the bedroom door is heard.  The door opens and Kasamatsu comes in 
with his bookbag on one shoulder and a surprise visitor on the 

Saito:  Come in!  Ah Teruhiko-kun, glad you could make it!

Kasuga:  EHH!??!  You brought that little monster along?!?

Kasamatsu:  Oh lighten up...what harm did he do?

Kasuga:  ...

Kasamatsu:  [To Baka.]  Say hello to Kasuga!

Baka:  Kasuga sukebe*!  <Squawk!>
*<Netiquette violator>

Kasuga:  What...?!?

Kasamatsu:  [Scoldingly.]  Bad boy!  Say it right!

Baka:  Kasuga no sukebe!  <Squawk!>

Kasamatsu:  [Puts a piece of food in Baka's beak.]  Good boy!

Kasuga:  [Getting up.]  Chikusho...*
*<Netiquette violator>

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun, it's alright.  [Smiles.]  Think about whom 
you're getting mad at.

Saito:  [Looking at his computer.]  Ah!  More mail!

Kasuga:  [Glad to be changing the subject.]  Mail?

Saito:  Electronic mail from the school computer.  [Directs 
Kasuga's attention to the computer.]

Mail version SMI 4.0  Type ? for help.
"/usr/spool/mail/baka": 1 message 1 new
>N  1 Sat Jul 23 16:16   20/646   Re:  Date

Message  1:
>From Sat Jul 23 16:16:46 1988
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 1988 16:16:52 +0900 (GMT)
Subject: Re:  Date


I was happy to see your note yesterday.  Your advice continues to be a big
help with homework!

I've been thinking that I've not been able to go out with a nice guy since
I starting going to college, and I thought about all the wonderful things
we've had the opportunity to share.  Why don't we go out for real?

I'll meet you at Lover's Park tomorrow
at 1:00pm.  Look for the girl with the red ribbon.


Kasuga:  [Reading the note.]  "Chun-Li"?  Is she an exchange 

Saito:  Oh, those are just handles.  When I was in high school, I 
was in the computer club.  I spent so much time on the computers, 
I sorta got called the "jester" or the "village idiot" and stuff 
like that.  The nickname sorta stuck.  Don't know why she calls 
herself "Chun-Li".

Baka:  Chun-Li no kawaiikochan!* <Squawk!>

Ayukawa:  So what's her real name?

Saito:  [Laughs, then stops abruptly.]  I don't know.

Kasuga:  Then what does she look like?

Saito:  [Laughs weakly, then stops.]  Err...I don't know that 
either. [Puts his hand behind his head and blushes slightly.]

Kasamatsu:  [Motioning to his hand-held scanner.]  Why don't you 
send her a picture of yourself through the computer?

Kasuga:  Eh?  How are you going to do that?

Ayukawa:  Why not just ask her for her real address?

Saito:  [Starts blushing and stuttering.]  No, no, no!  That'd 
be...that'd be...

Kasamatsu:  [To Ayukawa and Kasuga.]  Ken-kun here has never been 
able to ask a girl if he could hold her books for her.  No way 
he'll work up the guts to ask her that.

Saito:  ...  [After a few seconds.]  Oh yeah?!?  We'll see about 
that!  [Reaches up to a photo book and yanks out the first picture 
of himself he has, then slaps it down on his desk.  He turns on 
the hand-scanner and runs it over the picture then loads it into 
his computer.]  There, I'll send it to her right now!

Ayukawa:  That's not quite what I meant...

Kasamatsu:  You gotta be kidding Ken-kun!  No girl will want to go 
out with you looking like that!  Here... [Leans over to the 
computer and starts a program.]  If you want to impress a girl, 
you gotta look your best!

Kasuga:  Eh?  What are you doing now?

Kasamatsu:  Saito's father runs a computer outlet and so he can 
get the best stuff.  This is a photo image editing program.  
[Starts pressing several keys, and moving the mouse around the 
image, selecting key tools to edit the image of Saito.]  There, 
see how much better he looks?

Saito:  [Looks dubiously at the retouched image.]  Err...I don't 
know about this.  It doesn't even look like me anymore!

Ayukawa:  [To Saito.]  This will never work.  [Sternly.]  When you 
base your relationship on deception and distrust, you're hurting 
yourself before you even get started.

Kasuga:  [Watching Kasamatsu work the computer image.]  Wow...this 
is really some impressive stuff!

Ayukawa:  Don't you think so Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  Can you touch up the lip?

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!

Kasuga:  [Abruptly changes his tone.]  Ahh...I 
won't do you any good to try deceiving people!  No one should be 
hiding behind a ...[Starts looking back towards Ayukawa, then 
barely manages to get the last word out as he comes to a grinding 
halt.] mask...[Puts his hand behind his head, turns towards 
Ayukawa and tries to laugh weakly.]  Ah...hah...[Laughter dies in 
his throat.]  Sorry...

Ayukawa:  ...

Kasamatsu:  [To Saito.]  Well, are you going to do it?  Come's not like you're asking that mean-tempered Yuko you were 
seeing last week.

Saito:  [Defensively.]  Yoko's the mean-tempered one.

Kasamatsu:  [Casually.]  Whatever.  Send her the picture; after 
all, how much can it hurt doing it by e-mail?

[Cut to the Butsumetsu gymnasium.  Several students are taking 
advantage of the summer break to utilize the school's athletic 
equipment.  Yoko is dressed in a karate gi stacking five 1-inch 
boards; behind her, several older male students are eyeing her 

Man1:  [Almost ready to nosebleed.]  Kawaiikochan...!

Yoko:  [She carefully centers her hand in the middle of the stack 
of boards.  Then she breathes in a controlled manner as she pulls 
her hand back, and explodes forward with power.]  HYAA!!  [Splits 
the boards in half.]

Man1:  ...

Man2:  [Nervously.]  So how about that baseball game...Swallows 
really crushed the Giants !*
*Yakult Swallows and the Yomiuru (Tokyo) Giants

[Most of the male students leave as Yoko continues her workout.  
Without noticing the attention, Yoko carefully stacks five more 
boards, then dubiously looks at one of the concrete blocks used to 
support the attack dummies.  Then, with resolved determination, 
she picks one of the slabs up and places it on top of the stack.  
She carefully centers her hand again, pulls back, and strikes the 

Yoko:  HYAA!!!  [The concrete slab cracks slightly down the 
middle, but Yoko immediately drops to her knees, clutching her 
hand with obvious pain.]  K-kuso...*
*<Netiquette violator>

[Cut to the Butsumetsu student medical center.  Yoko is having her 
hand taped by an intern as a doctor examines some quickly taken X-

Doctor:  Hmm...hairline fractures in the primary and secondary 
bones of the fourth and fifth phalanges.  [Turns his attention 
back towards Yoko.]  You're very lucky.  The bones in the hands 
are rather delicate; as it is, it's more painful than serious.  
Hsu-san, when you're done wrapping the fingers, put the fingers of 
her hand in a metal finger splint.  [Hands the medic a slip of 
paper.]  Then give her this prescription from the pharmacy for the 

Hsu:  Hai sensei.  [Finishes the wrap and tightens it.]

Yoko:  [With pain.]  I...TAI!*  [Angrily.]  NOT SO TIGHT!

Hsu:  Can't be helped.  We have to immobilize it for at least a 
week.  Sensei will want to see you in two weeks for a follow up 
appointment.  Until then, don't do anything stressful to the hand.  
[Completes the form and hands it to Yoko.]  Take this to the 
pharmacy dispensary and they'll fill it.  Take them as you need 
them for the pain, but not if you're driving or doing anything 
that requires motor skills.

Yoko:  [Still irritated at her bad luck.]  Hai Hsu-san.

Hsu:  [Smiles.]  Call me Ted.

Yoko:  [Evidently not in a social mood.]  Hrumph!  [Takes the slip 
and leaves.  After picking up the medication, she goes to the 
nearest bus stop and heads for home.]  Of all the lousy luck...

[Cut to the street just outside the boarding house.  The setting 
sun paints the sky with dark red colors, with clouds overhead.  
Yoko walks back towards the top of the hill and stands just 
outside the surrounding wall of the house.  Thinking herself 
alone, she takes a moment to look at the sunset.]

Yoko:  [Smiles as she looks at the sun.]  How pretty...[Suddenly, 
Eiji comes running up from behind her, bumping into Yoko, and in 
the process, banging her splinted hand.]  I...TAI!

Eiji:  [Playfully.]  Oops, err... konbanwa* Yuko-neechan**!
*Good evening
**Older sister, or in this case older female friend

Yoko:  [Angrily cracks the knuckles in her good hand.]  WHY YOU 

Eiji:  [Runs in terror for his life back into the boarding house's 
yard.]  T-TADAIMA!*
*I'm back; standard greeting when returning home

Yoko:  [Runs into the yard, slighly slowed down by her hand not 
being able to move freely.]  COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE...!  Eh?!?  
[Comes to an abrupt halt as she ends up almost face-to-face with 
Fujimoto.  Eiji hides behind her, with a look of relief on his 

Fujimoto:  Ara*...!  [Gingerly takes Yoko's splinted hand to 
examine it more closely.]  What happened to you?
*Oh my!

Yoko:  [Slightly embarrassed, but visibly calmer in Fujimoto's 
presence.]  Tr-training accident.

Fujimoto:  You should make sure to disinfect the area around the 
metal splint.  [Pulls out a bottle of povidone-iodine and 
carefully dabs the area with a cotton ball.  She then hands it to 
Yoko.]  Will you give this back to Katsu-san when you're better?

Yoko:  Ahh hai.  [Accepts the bottle and cotton balls.]  Thanks.

Eiji:  [Sticks his tongue out and pulls down one eye while hiding 
behind Fujimoto's apron.]  Beee...!

Yoko:  [Gives Eiji a meaningful look and cracks her knuckles 

Eiji:  ...

[Cut to inside the boarding house.]

Yoko:  [To herself as she removes her shoes]  How does a lady like 
Fujimoto-san have such a spoiled brat like that?  [Lets herself 
into Room 2.]  Tadaima.

Yuko:  [Shocked expression as she looks up while lying on her 
laid-out futon.]  EHH?!?  What happened to you?

Yoko:  I had an accident in the gym.  [Yanks her futon out of the 
oshiire*, but because she can only use one hand, it comes unfolded 
and flops onto the floor.]
*Special cupboard used to hold a folded futon during the day

Yuko:  [Looks at Yoko a little slyly.]  Don't tell me you tried to 
split 5 boards again!

Yoko:  [Confidently.]  Don't be ridiculous!  I can split 5 wood 
boards now!  [More subdued.]  Concrete still gives me problems...

Yuko:  Baka...

Yoko:  Speaking of problems, where's Katsu-san?  [Sets the 
disinfectant bottle and the pain killers on her dressing table.]

Yuko:  He said he'd be with Keiko-san studying in the library.  Do 
you think there's any chance he'll ask her out?

Yoko:  Not unless Hayashibara-san's dumping her!  I mean, how can 
the "mad scientist" compete?

Yuko:  Well, that was a bet.  Maybe he's got his eye on someone 

Yoko:  [Nonchalantly.]  Maybe.  [Notices that Yuko looks a little 
depressed.]  Eh?  What's wrong?

Yuko:  [A little sad.]  Saito-san called today.  He said that he's 
not going to be able to make it to see the movie with me.

Yoko:  [Surprised.]  Eh?  [Turns her nose up.]  Well, maybe he's 
planning to spend the evening with his computer.

Yuko:  [Sadly.]  I think he's seeing another girl or something.

Yoko:  Honestly, it's not like he's a special prize.

Yuko:  [With concern.]  But I gotta do something!  I don't want 
this to end up like Nakayama-san in high-school again!

Yoko:  [Resolutely when she sees Yuko's obvious concern.]  Right!  
We'll *kill* the other girl!

Yuko:  Don't talk nonsense!  [Notices Yoko pull out a small 
picture.]  Eh?  Who's that?

Yoko:  [Looks, then shows Yuko a black and white printout.]  
Someone I met in school.  He's a really nice guy!

Yuko:  [A little enviously.]  Wow...he's  a handsome guy!  
[Notices the picture's slightly textured appearance.]  Where did 
you get this kind of picture?

Yoko:  From the school computer room workstations.  It's...sorta a 
new way to send pictures.

Yuko:  What's his name?

Yoko:'s everyone else?

Yuko:  [A little suspicious of the subject change, but decides to 
let the matter drop for now.]  Kasuga-san was supposed to be at 
Saito-san's place trying to learn how to use a computer.  I think 
he said that Ayukawa-san was there too.

Yoko:  Madoka the Pick hacking away with a computer?  Who would 
have thought it three years ago?

Yuko:  Really.  Tanaka-san's been upstairs all day with some guy 
who came by this afternoon.

Yoko:  [Surprised.]  Guy?!?

Yuko:  [Nods.]  Un!  All dressed up in a suit and everything!

Yoko:  EH?!?  [Points upstairs.]  Do you suppose Tanaka-san's...?

Yuko:  [Pulls her red hair ribbon out.]  I wouldn't put it past 
him.  The guy gives me the creeps!

Yoko:  [Looking as congenial as she can as she watches Yuko pull 
her hair down for the night.]  Say Yuko, can I ask you a favor?

Yuko:  Eh?

[Cut back to the Saito family's apartment.  Kasuga and Ayukawa 
exit the apartment with their school books and walk towards the 
bus stop.  The nighttime summer air is warm as the lights of the 
city come to life.]

Kasuga:  Geez...who would have thought that computers were so 

Ayukawa:  Come on Kasuga-kun, it wasn't that bad.

Kasuga:  That's easy for you to say!  I'm not like Saito-san at 
all...he was really smart in high-school...he never had problems 
with math.

Ayukawa:  He studied hard in school.  You can tell by the way he 
takes notes and organizes his material.

[They reach the bus stop and sit down on the bench.  Across the 
street, a neon light is humming and flickering.  Every once in 
awhile, a car passes by.  After several long seconds of 

Kasuga:  Ayukawa...about tonight...sorry....

Ayukawa:  That's alright.  It's not--

Kasuga:  [Interrupting.]  No!  [Calms down.]  We both played that 
game.  Pretending to be someone we weren't, even when we were just 
by ourselves.  And we both were hurt by it.  I know I was.  [Turns 
to Ayukawa.]  And I know you were too.  It's important, to me, 
that we remember that.  But I guess I should also remember your 
feelings.  I suppose I'm not only apologizing for tonight, but all 
the times I deceived you.

[Kasuga leans towards Ayukawa.  She leans towards him and closes 
her eyes.  Their lips meet, and for a moment, time freezes.  Then 
they're rudely interrupted by a honking horn.  They quickly 

Man1 in passing car:  Don't stop on our account!!

Man2 in passing car:  Oi!  Oi!  You should make a video!!  I'll 
rent it!!

Man3 in passing car:  Yeah, call it, "At the Bus Stop!"

[Kasuga and Ayukawa both turn bright red and stare down at the 

Kasuga:  [After the cars are long gone.]  Um, so, uh, maybe we can 
continue this in a more private setting?

Ayukawa:  Yeah...

[They continue staring at the asphalt.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun, does Saito-san remind you of anyone?

Kasuga:  [Thinks a bit.]  No.  [Looks at Ayukawa.]  Why?

Ayukawa:  Well, think about what he's doing:  going on a date with 
some girl he barely knows and has never met.  Meanwhile, he's 
still dating another girl, but isn't going to tell her about this 
new one.  [Turns to Kasuga and fixes her gaze on him.]  Doesn't 
that sound at all familiar?

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  A-Ayukawa!  Don't joke around like that!

Ayukawa:  Maybe you two aren't so different after all...

[Kasuga turns away.]

Ayukawa:  [Noting Kasuga's reaction.]  Maybe it's my turn to 
apologize.  [Smiles.]

[Kasuga turns back to Ayukawa, who leans towards him.  She rests 
her right hand over his heart, and lays her head against it.  
Kasuga is a bit taken aback.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa, we uh....

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun...remember the first time we were at a bus 
stop together?

Kasuga:  Well...

Ayukawa's voice from memory:  Can I stay at your place tonight?

Kasuga:  ...yeah...a lot's changed since then...[Places his right 
arm around Ayukawa.]...but one thing hasn't...the way I feel about 
you...[Kasuga inserts his left hand between Ayukawa's right hand 
and her head.  He grasps her hand.]  Ayukawa, I've always loved 
you...and I promise, nothing will ever change that...

[Ayukawa turns her head up to look at Kasuga.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun...

[Kasuga holds Ayukawa tighter as the distance between their lips 
slowly shrinks.  Just as they touch, they're interrupted by a loud 

Bus Driver:  [Just having pulled up.]  Oi!  Are you getting on or 

[Both Kasuga and Ayukawa quickly pull away with embarrassment.  
After taking a moment to examine the bus, they realize it's 

Kasuga:  I...I guess I'll see you tomorrow then...[Gets on board.]  
Good night

Ayukawa:  [Waves good bye and smiles]  Oyasumi...[Watches the bus 
pull away and sits down on the bench for the next bus.  Across the 
street, unnoticed by Ayukawa, a figure lowers his hat just a 
little more to further obscure his face.]

Figure in the shadows:  [Watches Ayukawa as she waits for the next 
bus to get back to her apartment.]  Ayukawa...does she know?  
[Pauses.]  Kasuga Kyosuke...did you trust her with your secret?


[Cut to the post-apocalypse world.  Burned out buildings form 
silhouettes on the horizon.  In one relatively intact building, a 
small unassuming clerk sits behind a cash register.  Suddenly, 
from the distance, the sound of collapsing buildings is heard.  
The clerk watches in shock as a powerful-looking man with black 
hair walks right through the falling debris without even slowing 
down, his body cutting a swath through the wreckage.  He taps the 
front door, causing it to explode with power.  Purposefully, he 
strides forward, as the clerk fearfully notices the multiple 
battle scars of this obviously experienced warrior.]

Kenshiro:  [Cracks his knuckles three times.]  I am Kenshiro, Fist 
of the Northstar...[Points at the clerk to underscore his next 
point] and I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler!

Clerk:  [Nods weakly and fearfully.]  ...

Voiceover:  Here at Midas, you won't pay a lot for your muffler!  
We have experts who know how to fix it and fix it right!

[Cut to later that day.  The clerk is just recovering from his 
earlier shock when another large imposing figure walks forward, 
his long white hair flowing in the wind.  As he walks, blue 
streaks of energy are seen arcing from his fingers.  With a wave 
of his hands, the newly-replaced door comes apart in neatly sliced 

Ray:  [Points at the clerk.]  I'm looking for my sister, but until 
I find her...[Cracks his knuckles.]  I'm not going to pay a lot 
for this muffler!

Voiceover:  Midas!  If it's not Midas, it's not fixed!

[Writer's note:  Standard disclaimer.]


[Cut to Room 4 much later the same night.  Cigarette smoke slowly 
drifts up from the ashtray in the middle of the table.  Tanaka 
sits with an emotionless expression on his face as another man 
wearing a business suit lays out some paperwork on the opposite 
side of the table.]

Tanaka:  [After taking a puff, he sets the cigarette down.]  
Please continue, Ginga-san.

Ginga:  [Going over his notes.]  He left the Chez Kooun around 
4:32pm and boarded the train at the Sakuragicho terminal, getting 
off at Kannai station.  Stopped off at Bikkuri Sushi for a bite to 
eat, then visited Books Kinokuniya before walking back to the 
boarding house.

Tanaka:  Details?

Ginga:  He had 5 white-plates and 2 red plates at Bikkuri.  [Hands 
Tanaka the last of the pages of his notes.]  He picked up Tanizaki 
Junichiro's "The Bridge of Dreams."

Tanaka:  [Smiles with an amused expression.]  I was always partial 
to his work in "The Key"; "Bridge of Dreams" always struck me as 
just a little too sentimental, especially for a class assignment.  
[Face hardens again.]  Then nothing unusual happened after you 
picked up where I left off on trailing him?

Ginga:  Not that I could tell.  [Puts his notes down.]  Why don't 
you just do what you usually do?  That's worked for a lot of girls 
over the years.

Tanaka:  Ayukawa-san is not just another girl.  I need to find out 
more about what she sees in him.

Ginga:  Nothing I've seen from Kasuga-san indicates that he's any 
different from any of the others.

Tanaka:  Hito wa mikake ni yoranu mono*; [Extinguishes his 
cigarette.]  I have reason to believe that there's more to Kasuga-
san than meets the eye.  [Looks at Ginga meaningfully.]  
Something...that I can't fully describe, but must be at the core 
of his being.
*People are not what they appear to be.  (Japanese proverb)

Ginga:  I see.  So what do you need now?

Tanaka:  For now, just more information.  I think I'm beginning to 
see a little of what Kasuga-san is hiding.  I want you to fill in 
the missing pieces; start by finding out everything you can about 

Ginga:  I shall do my best.  Anything in particular you would like 
to know?

Tanaka:  [Lights a new cigarette.]  Everything...where she goes, 
what she eats, what she reads, whom she meets, what she likes, 
[Pauses for emphasis.] what she hates.  [Exhales a long thin line 
of cigarette smoke to underscore his point.]

Ginga:  [Nods.]  Understood.  [Leaves.]

[Cut to the next day at Lover's Park.  Saito is sitting on the 
park bench dressed in a button-up shirt and bow tie.  However, his 
face shows an expression of confusion.  To his amazement, almost a 
quarter of the girls present are wearing ribbons of one color or 

Umao: Ushiko-san, wherefore art thou Ushiko-san?

Ushiko: Umao-san, wherefore art thou Umao-san?

[They lean towards each other, then suddenly pull back as they 
notice Saito examining Ushiko's red hair ribbon.]

Saito:  [Embarrassed.]  Ah!  Wrong person!  [Goes away to another 
bench with despair.]  C-can't be...  [Sits down at the bench.]  
Well, she knows what I look like.  Maybe she'll find me.

[He sits down and waits.  As the minutes tick by, he becomes 
noticeably nervous as the fact that he's alone in a park full of 
couples becomes increasingly apparent to people who pass by.]

Saito:  Che...looks like she stood me up...[Gets up and prepares 
to leave.]  Struck out col...[Turns and bumps into someone coming 
the opposite direction.]  <Oooff!>  [Bounces off and falls 

Yoko:  <Oooff!>  [Looks up and sees who she bumped into.]  
Bakayaro!  Watch where you're going!

Saito:  [Picks himself up and looks up in surprise.]  Eh?  Yuko-

Yoko:  [Slaps Saito's head with her left hand.]  That's Yoko!

Saito:  [Somewhat annoyed.]  Well you can hardly blame me for not 
knowing the difference!  What are you doing with Yuko-san's 

Yoko:  [Turns her nose up.]  Hrumph!  That's none of your 
business!  [Then turns to face Saito.]  For your information, I'm 
here on a date with a handsome guy!

Saito:  Eh?  [Looks behind Yoko and notices that she is very much 
alone.]  Where is this guy?

Yoko:  [Suddenly not so confident.]  He's...he's held up!  [More 
confidently.]  He'll be here!  I know it!

Saito:  [Sits back down.]  Maybe you scared him off with your 
tomboy routine?

Yoko:  [Sits down on the other end of the bench.]  Shut up!

[Cut to 15 minutes later.  Saito and Yoko are sitting on the same 
bench, both waiting for their respective dates.]

Yoko:  ...and what's the deal with you dumping Yuko?

Saito:  I'm not dumping Yuko!  I'm just here to meet someone I've 
been writing to; a pen-pal.

Yoko:  That's not how she sees it!  She told me you were seeing 
another girl!  [Holds up her fist to Saito to make her point.]  
And we both hate two-timers!

Saito:  ...

[Cut to 30 minutes later.  Saito and Yoko are still both sitting 
on the same bench.]

Saito:  [Returns from a vending machine and hands Yoko a soda.]  

Yoko:  [Pulls out her medication and swallows two pills with some 
soda.]  Thanks.  [Looks at her watch, which says 2:00pm.  She 
begins to look a little depressed.]  He's not coming.

Saito:  [To himself as he pulls out his notebook computer out of 
his backpack and starts typing.]  Maybe she left a message...

Yoko:  [Looks at Saito with disbelief.]  What do you do, sleep 
with that thing?!?

Saito:  What?  [Looks at Yoko with disdain.]  It's tech stuff!  
You wouldn't understand!

Yoko:  [Equally disdainful.]  You'd be surprised what I 

[Cut to 15 minutes later.  Both Saito and Yoko are getting 
restless at the lack of activity.]

Yoko:  [Watches Saito get up and go to a telephone booth and start 
dialing.]  Eh?  Who are you calling?

Saito:  Your sister.  Since my friend apparently has other 
commitments, I'm going to see if she still wants to come over to 
my place tonight.

Yoko:  Oi!  You're going to get her drunk and take advantage of 

Saito:  [Look of shock.]  D-do I look like that kind of guy?!?  
We're just going to have a few drinks and talk that's all!

Yoko:  [Smiles menacingly.]  Oh...?  Then you don't mind if I 
accompany you to make sure?

Saito:  ...

[Cut to the Saito residence.]

Saito, Yoko, Yuko:  [Clink glasses of various drinks.]  Kampai!*
*Literally "dry glass"; traditional salutation or toast before 

Yuko:  Eh?  E-mail pen-pal?

Saito:  Hai.  I just wanted to meet her to find out a little more 
about her.  It's not like I was trying to two-time you or 

Yoko:  [Sarcastically.]  That's right; that's why he was all 
dressed up.

Saito:  That's not it!

Yoko:  Oh, then why were you so intent on meeting this mystery 

Saito:  Just hoping she wasn't anything like you!

Yoko:  At least I'm not a computer nerd!

Yuko:  Cut it out you two!  [To Saito as she pours him and Yoko 
another drink.]  Yoko just doesn't want what happened to us in 
junior-high to happen again.

Saito:  Eh?  What happened?

Yuko:  There was this guy in Junior High we were both seeing named 
Nakayama Sho; well, that is, we both wanted to see him.  So we 
took turns when dating him.

Saito:  [Starts laughing.]  Wow...I'll bet he never knew 
a...[Laughing dies when he see both Miyasatos' reactions.]  So 
what happened?  Did he find out?

Yuko:  [Snaps.]  Of course he did!  [Looking apologetic.]  
Sorry...when he did, he was really upset and who could blame him?  
It was a really stupid stunt we pulled, and even back then we 
should have known better than that.

Yoko:  [Looking sleepy.]  That's right...[Tries to stand up, but 
falls.]  I'm...not feeling so good...[Passes out.]

Yuko:  [Puts her drink down.]  Yoko!  [Pulls her up and tries to 
wake her, but fails.]  Funny...she didn't drink that much.  She 
usually can drink more than this.

Saito:  [Remembers the medication Yoko took in the park.]  
Waitaminute!  [He opens Yoko's purse and empties the contents on 
the chair.]

Yuko:  Oi!  What do you think you're doing?

Saito:  [Searching.]  She took something while we were sitting on 
that bench.  [Finds the prescription bottle and notices that there 
is a small label clearly marked "Do not take with alcohol."]  Oh 
shoot...!  [Picks up the phone.]

Yuko:  [A little worried.]  Who are you calling?

Saito:  Katsu-san.  If anyone would know what this stuff is, he 

[Cut to the boarding house.  In Room 6, Katsu closes off a valve 
to a complex set-up of glassware, filling a beaker with hot tea.  
On the other side of the table, Kimura finishes writing something 
on a sheet of notebook paper.]

Kimura:  [With a bubbly expression.]  There, see?  [As she 
writes.]  |a(n)|^(1/n) = (1/(2^(n+(-1)^n)))^(1/n) = 1/2*(1/(2^(-
1)^n/n)).  But when we let n go to infinity, the second term drops 
out, and we have 1/2, ne!!

Katsu:  [Putting two beakers of hot tea down on the table.]  Ah 
sugoi!*  You really know this stuff!

Kimura:  Hai!  Okaasan and otoosan* said that the most important 
thing in life is to study hard and go to a good university.
*Mother and father

Katsu:  But you're here already.  You don't have to push so hard 

Kimura:  [While scrawling on another sheet of paper.]  But okaasan 
says that we have to keep studying and doing homework.

Katsu:  [Slightly amused.]  Does she really say that?  [Looks down 
at the paper Kimura is writing on.]  By the way, you're doing my 
homework now.

Kimura:  [Looks down at what she's writing on.]  Oh my...

Katsu:  [Examines the paper.]  What do you know?  You got the 
answers right without even trying.  [Notices Kimura not paying 
attention].  Eh?  What's wrong?

Kimura:  Katsu-san, remember last spring?  When I stayed over at 
your place for the night?

Katsu:  Ahh...yeah?

Kimura: told my parents that we were at the library 
that night?

Katsu:  Well...that's not...I mean...we were studying most of the 

Kimura:  But...why?

Katsu:  [Takes a moment to think.]  Kyoiku Mama* want their 
children to be "protruding nails"** in schoolwork, and they 
usually don't want them to be spending the night with strange 
guys.  I...just didn't want you to get into trouble.  People were 
liable to misunderstand and I didn't want that to happen...
*Education mother
**A protruding nail gets hammered down.  (Japanese proverb)

[Writer's note:  In Japan, the "education mother" refers to women 
who pressure their children to study constantly in order to excel 
on standardized exams.  Other nicknames include Onibaba (Devil 
Woman) and Mamagon (Dragon Mother).]

Kimura:  [Nods.]  True.  [Eyes turn doleful.]  Hayashibara-san 
hasn't talked to me since he took me out!

Katsu:  [Falls over sideways.]  ...!

Kimura:  [Still dolefully.]  Do you think he sees me as a bad 

Katsu:  [Nervously.]  Well I think...I think, he'd be crazy not to 
like a cute girl like you!  [Holds his fist in an encouraging 
way.]  Do your best, ne?

[Just then, the telephone rings.]

Katsu:  [Slightly annoyed.]  Who could that be at this hour?  
[Picks up the phone.]  Hello?

Saito:  [From the telephone.]  Ah good!  Katsu-san, I'm at my 
place with the Miyasato twins and I think there's something wrong 
with Yoko!

Katsu:  Eh?  What's wrong?

Saito:  Well, she's passed out!  I think she's taken a little too 
much of her medicine!

Katsu:  [Wanting to get back to Kimura.]  Well what kind of 
medicine?  Did you call the paramedics?

Saito:  Well they're little pink, bullet-shaped capsules.

Katsu:  [Growing a little irritated.]  What does it say on the 

Saito:  Err...[Looks at the label.] It says Darvon/propoxyphene, 
65 mg capsules.

Katsu:  [Almost panics.]  Shoot!  Did you say propoxyphene?!  Has 
she been drinking?!

Saito:  Ahh...[Looks guiltily at the open bottle of liquor.]  
Yeah.  A few...

Katsu:  [Tries to calm down.]  Now listen very carefully.  Don't 
let her fall asleep, no matter what!  If she does, keep her 
breathing with artificial respiration!  If you have any naloxone, 
give her some!  Then call the poison control center!  I'll be over 
as soon as I can!  [Hangs up.]  Kimura-san!  I gotta leave!  
There's been an emergency at Saito-san's place!

[Cut back to the Saito residence.]

Saito:  [Starts shaking Yoko.]  Come on get up!  Oi, get up!  [To 
Yuko.]  You wouldn't happen to have any naloxone with you?

Yuko:  [Starting to worry.]  N-no!  What's that?

Saito:  [Trying to calm down.]  Right...go get some coffee fast!

Yuko:  Un!  [Heads for the kitchen.]

Saito:  Oi, come on!  [Starts gently patting Yoko's face.]  Stay 
with us here!

Yoko:  [Drowsily.]  Go away...I'm trying to sleep...

Saito:  [Slaps Yoko.]  Get up!  [To himself with trepidation.]  
Guess I'm going to have to get serious here.  [To Yoko.]  You'd 
better stay awake, because I'm not giving mouth-to-mouth to an 
otemba* like yo--Itai!

Yuko:  [Rams her elbow into the back of Saito's head.]  Oi!  Watch 
what you call my sister!

Saito:  [Speaks with surprising force as he painfully rubs the 
back of his head.]  Bakayaro!  If we don't keep her awake until 
the ambulance arrives, she could die!

Yuko:  ...!

Yoko:  [Through a haze of alcohol.]  Wh...what...?

Saito:  [To himself with regret.]  Sorry about this, but it's for 
your own good...[Takes Yoko's right hand and raps it against the 
table.  While the pain killer manages to dull most of the effect, 
Yoko still manages to notice.]

Yoko:  ITE!  [Beginning to get angry.]  What the h***...?!?

Saito:  [Takes a cup of coffee from the tray Yuko had just brought 
into the room.]  Sorry Yoko-san, this is for your own good!  
[Tosses the coffee at Yoko's torso, then runs away to the other 
side of the room.]

Yoko:  ATSUI!!!*  KONO...!!**  [Staggers her way across the room 
and takes a swing at Saito, but because of her reduced speed, 
Saito manages to duck.  She then loses her balance and falls back 
**<Start of a netiquette violator>

Saito:  [As he watched Yoko's punch go through the wall behind 
him.]  Ikkene...!*  [Fearfully.]  Maybe mouth-to-mouth would have 
been easier!  [Manages to get around Yoko and head to the other 
side of the room.]
*<Netiquette violator>

Yoko:  TEME...!*  [Pulls her hand out of the wall, and tries to 
get to her feet, but falls back down.  Undaunted, she starts 
crawling towards Saito with single-minded determination, knocking 
over furniture as she goes.]  Bukkoroshite yaru!**
*<Start of a netiquette violator>
**<Netiquette violator>

Saito:  [Looks left and right, and suddenly realizes that he's in 
a corner.]  Ah...ah...

Yuko:  Yoko yamenasai!*
*Stop it!

Saito:  [Bolts to one side to escape, but suddenly feels something 
stop him.]  OH SHOOT!

Yoko:  [Finally manages to grab the back of Saito's pants by the 
belt.]  GOT YOU NOW!

Saito:  [Fearfully as he realizes the chase is over.]  
AAAIIIIEEEE!!!!  [Watches the world turn upside down.]

Yoko:  [As she lifts Saito up and over behind her.]  SHI-NE!!!*  
[Imbeds Saito into the ground.]


[Just then, Katsu barges through the front door, with a medical 
team behind him,.  Much to his surprise, Yoko has just finished a 
suplex on Saito.]

Katsu:  Is everyone...[Sees Saito upside-down on the floor, and 
Yoko just about ready to collapse.] ...alright?

[Cut to the Butsumetsu medical center.  Yoko is having her hand 
rebandaged by Hsu, who then tapes up Saito's forehead.  Behind 
him, Kasamatsu watches with an amused expression on his face.]

Doctor:  [Irritated to be awake this late at night.]  What did we 
tell you about doing stressful things with your hand?  You've just 
tacked on another three weeks in the cast.  [To Saito.]  As for 
you, don't you think you could have thought of a better way to 
keep her active than that?

Saito:  [Looking down.]  Best I could think of on short notice.

Kasamatsu:  Still striking out with girls ne?

Saito:  [Embarrassed.]  Be quiet!

Hsu:  [Half-seriously as he finishes bandaging Saito.]  You need 
some pain killers?

Kasamatsu:  Come on!  [Drags Saito by the arm.]  There are better 
ways to kill the pain!

[Cut back to the boarding house.  In Room 2, Yoko and Yuko are 
both preparing for bed.]

Yoko:  [Frustrated.]  I can't believe it...whole day wasted.  No 
date, got my blouse ruined, hurt my hand even more...

Yuko:  [Picking up on Yoko's speech.] your life saved...

Yoko:  Wh-what?

Yuko:  Seems to me like you owe him your life; honestly, what kind 
of fool takes medicine without reading the label?!

Yoko:  Don't be ridiculous!  I'm just...well...

Yuko:  Eh?  [Slyly.]  Just can't stand being saved by a "computer 
nerd"?  Why don't you think about it?

Yoko:  Just a second!  That's silly...

Saito's voice from memory:  If we don't keep her awake until the 
ambulance arrives, she could die!

Yoko:  [Looks at her new finger cast for a long time in silence.]  
isn't it...?

[Cut to the Saito residence.  Yoko is standing at the front door 
ringing the doorbell.  She has an apologetic look on her face, as 
well as some embarrassment as she mentally goes over what she 
wants to say.  However, as minutes tick by, it becomes apparent 
that no one is home.  Sitting down, she pulls out a notepad and 
begins to write.  Because of the cast on her right hand, she is 
forced to write with her off-hand.  After several minutes, she 
folds the note in half, then pins it against the door hinge.  She 
then walks to the bus stop down the block and waits.  After a few 
minutes, a bus pulls up and Yoko gets on board.  Unseen by her, 
two other passengers exit out the back door.  Their stagger 
suggests that they have been at bars recently.]

Kasamatsu:  [Barely able to walk.]  See...<hic!> there's more than 
one way to take off the <hic!> pain!

Saito:  [Still sporting the bandage on his face.]  Really, 
really...<hic!>  That's the last time I help *her* <hic!> out!

Kasamatsu:  Eh?  You have a <hic!> note on your door.  [Pulls the 
note off the door hinge, but with a small tear against the loose 
edges, which promptly fly away in the soft breeze.]

Saito: <hic!> tore the top and bottom off you 

Kasamatsu:  [Hands the note to Saito.]  So...<hic!> what's it say?

Saito:  [Reading the note.]  ...orry for what happened yesterday.  
I know how much it must have hurt; and I can only say that what I 
did was wrong and hope you'll accept my apologies.

Sometimes it's hide behind the mask, pretending to be 
someone you're not.  For me...well, I'm almost happier you weren't 
home.  It's easier for be telling you like this.  I don't 
know if I would have had the courage to tell you this directly. would like to go out on a date?  This time, for real.

Sincer-  [To Kasamatsu as he fingers the jagged bottom of the 
page.] You know what?

Kasamatsu:  Eh?  What?

Saito:  This must be from "Chun <hic!> Li"!

Kasamatsu:  Your <hic!> computer girlfriend?

Saito:  She tracked me down in the school <hic!> computer system!

Kasamatsu:  [Staring at the note.]  Why is her <hic!> handwriting 
so bad?

Saito:  CTS?*  People who <hic!> use computers a lot get that!.
*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Kasamatsu:  [Reads the note again.]  She...<hic!> sounds like a 
nice girl...not at all like that otemba Yoko!

Saito:  Hai...

[Cut to the bus as it pulls up at the bottom of the hill where the 
boarding house resides.  Yoko disembarks and walks up the hill.  
The cool night air blows as she passes under street lights in 

Yoko:  [Without warning.]  <Ah-choo!>*
*Japanese myth; sneezing implies that someone's talking about you.

[Slowly pull back from the frozen scene.  In the black background, 
a blushing Yoko covers her mouth as she sneezes.]


New Characters Designer/Writer	Stephen Tsai
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Robert Carragher
				Quincy S. Huoh
				Lisa Richardson
				Eric Shen
				Robert DeLoura
				Brian Edmonds
				Andy Combs
				Harold Ancell
				Peter Van Overen
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi
				Dr. Alan B. Combs
				Ted Hsu

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
flame, aim them at me and me alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
the ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off 
the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major 
location descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis 
for each episode.  If there is a particular character, place or 
event that you would like to know more about, and it is not being 
covered, don't hesitate to email me and I will send you either a 
note or a copy of the episode it is introduced.

Focus on Club Noir [Introduced in Episode 2]:  The Club Noir is 
one of the better known live houses.  A no-frills basement 
nightclub catering to a younger crowd, it boasts some of the 
finest in native and imported jazz, jazz rock, and blues.  With 
the mixed schedules of musicians, the band's roster changes in 
cycles throughout the week.
	Club Noir has a dance floor, live bands, and sells beer, 
liquor and some food, with doors opening at 6:30pm.  Currently, 
Handa Shun is the director of bands, as a side job to being the 
Butsumetsu University Jazz band director.
Visual Description:  The nightclub has a large, lit dance floor, 
and a music booth to back up the live bands.  At the edges of the 
dance floor, there are areas to sit, have drinks and talk between 
musical numbers.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not 
limited to) Disco Moebius from KOR.

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