Kimagure Orange College - Episode 15
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the fifteenth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I and my 
co-writer have both graduated from college, our experience is in 
the American college system and culture.  The span of our 
experience in the Japanese advanced education system is limited 
with what we can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and 
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, 
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant 
to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, we 
would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer us.  Mail all such letters, 
praises or flames to]

Episode 15 - Hayashibara Declares!  Premonition of a Rival

[Open with Kasuga in a spinning, disorienting background.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa...!  [Watches with apprehension as she doesn't 
seem to notice him.  Instead, her attention is totally focused on 
a man wearing a white tuxedo.]  So...sonna!*
*Can't be

Man:  [With his face totally obscured.]  Ayukawa...I love you.

Ayukawa:  [Brings her face closer to the man's lips.]  I love you 

Kasuga:  Ayukawa...!  [Watches helplessly as Ayukawa kisses the 
man.]  USO!!*
*No way

Egami:  [Pounding the room door.]  URUSEN-DAYO!!!*  THE NEIGHBORS 
*Shut up!!!

Kasuga:  [Wakes up in a cold sweat.]  WAAAHH!!  [Calming down with 
heavy breathing.]

Kasuga Narration:  That morning started in the worst possible way, 
and it didn't get any better.  As I got ready for work, I couldn't 
get that dream out of my mind.  Perhaps even more than just seeing 
what I saw, there was always a fear deep inside because Ayukawa 
attracted the attention of other guys.  I had been lucky that she 
had never seemed interested, but now...

[Cut to early in the morning.  Katsu and Kasuga are brushing their 
teeth by the upstairs public sink.]

Katsu:  So you had a dream.  Don't worry about it!  [Dips his 
toothbrush into a beaker with vile-looking, dark green fluid.]  
Ayukawa-san isn't the kind of girl to play around with people's 
feelings.  You know that!  Besides, dreams hardly ever come true!

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  Ah yeah...right...[Tries to change the 
subject and motions to the beaker.]  What exactly is that stuff?

Katsu:  [Proudly.]  Sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and 
sodium monoflourophosphate in a viscous liquid suspension.  My own 
creation; I call it Number 15.

Kasuga:  [Suspiciously.]  What happened to numbers one through 

Katsu:  [Sheepishly.]  Well...there were some problems.  [Offers 
the beaker.]  Try some!

Kasuga: [Watches a large bubble float to the surface.]  No thanks!

Yuko:  [Nudges her way to one side of the sink.]  Sumimasen!*
*Excuse me!

Katsu:  Eh?  What are you doing here?

Yuko:  [A little annoyed.]  The sink downstairs is clogged!  [To 
Kasuga.]  You need to sleep quieter!  I hope you remember we're 
right under you!  Yoko was ready to cut out your tongue in your 

Kasuga:  ...

Katsu:  [With concern.]  Don't be so hard on him!  He was having a 
bad dream!

Yuko:  Eh?  [As she brushes her teeth.]  What about?

Katsu:  He was worried about having to compete against 
Hayashibara-san, so I was telling him that he didn't have to worry 
about it.

Yuko:  Him?  Verses Hayashibara Akira?  [Bursts out laughing.]  
BWHAHAHAHAHA!  [Suddenly stops when she realizes what she just 
did.]  Sorry...

Kasuga & Katsu:  [With toothpaste foam on their faces.]  ...

[Cut to Chez Kooun.  Although it is late in the morning, the lunch 
crowd hasn't arrived yet and the dining room is relatively empty.]

Aoki:  [Cheerfully.]  Irasshai mase*!  Ah Kasuga-san!  [Notices 
Kasuga's less than eager reaction.]  Are you alright?
*Welcome; normal greeting for customers at restaurants and stores.

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Forces a smile.]  Yeah, everything's fine...[To 
himself.] as long as that wasn't a precognition dream.

Aoki:  Just a sec...[Pulls Kasuga close to her and whispers 
something in his ear.]

Kasuga:  [Looks surprised.]  Eh?  [Heads to the back room to get 
changed.]  You gotta be kidding!  Are you sure?

Aoki:  [Smiles.]  Trust me, you'll see.

[As the door closes behind him, Hitomi and Naoko move two stacks 
of dishes to one side and look through the familiar peepholes.]

Hitomi:  [Disappointed.]  Eh?  I don't see him at all!

Naoko:  [Whispering back.]  Where could he b...

[Both of them suddenly freeze in shock as an eye looks back at 
them through the hole.]

Hitomi, Naoko:  [Pulling back suddenly.]  KYAAAAA!!!

Kasuga:  [Storming out of the changing room half dressed.]  WHY 

Hitomi:  [Embarrased and defensively.]  But we were just having 
fun!  We really didn't mean any harm!  We think you're cool, 

Naoko:  [Equally embarrased.]  We wouldn't peek if we didn't think 
you were good-looking!  Girls always stare at handsome guys!

Kasuga:  [Freezes up.]  H...handsome?

Hitomi:  Sure!  [Dreamy eyed.]  If I saw a man with a dazzling 
smile and great build, I couldn't help but fall in love...*sigh*

Nakamura:  [Nods.]  They're right, you know.  Even she doesn't 
seem interested, a girl always notices and admires a guy like 
that.  [Smiles slyly.]  But you know that already, don't you, 

Kasuga:  ...

Aoki:  [Cheerfully as more customers come in.]  Irasshai mase!

[Cut to the University baseball stadium.  The stands are sparsely 
scattered with people watching as the Butsumetsu baseball team 
clear the field at the completion of their morning practices.  A 
few of the players remain, continuing their own conditioning; some 
students also filter onto the field to take the opportunity to 
exercise.  Hayashibara comes out of the locker room wearing 
jogging shorts and a headband.  In each hand, he holds a two-
kilogram hand weight.  He jogs up and down the steps adjacent to 
the forty-five rows of seats, then heads towards the track.  As he 
does so, he notices a familiar face running on the jogging track.]

Hayashibara:  Ayukawa-san!

Ayukawa:  Eh?  [Turns around and recognizes him.]  Hayashibara-
san.  What are you doing here?  I thought the baseball team 
practice was over by now.

Hayashibara:  I usually stay a while and work out on my own.  
[Smiles.]  In any event, it's good to see you again!  [Teeth 

Ayukawa:  [Continues running.]  You're pretty dedicated aren't 

Hayashibara:  Sure, but I've had help.  Coaches, teammates, and my 
fath... [Starts slowing down.]

Ayukawa:  [Notices his change in mood.]  Eh?

Hayashibara:  [Picking back up his pace.] father was always 
there to make sure I did my best.

Ayukawa:  I see...[Starts running faster.]  Let see how fast you 

Hayashibara:  [Smiles and also runs faster.]  Right!

[Both of them run until they reach the starting white line on the 
track, with Ayukawa pulling away with a last second burst of 
speed.  They both then sit down on the stands and Hayashibara 
offers Ayukawa a bottle of "Aquarius" pulled from his athletic 

Ayukawa:  [Takes the offered bottle.]  Thanks.  [Squirts a small 
quantity of liquid into her mouth and returns the bottle.]  What 
is this?

Hayashibara:  It's a sports drink; it's supposed to replace 
minerals.  [Takes a drink himself.]  Where did you learn to run 
like that?  I know sprinters who don't run as fast.

Ayukawa:  [Wiping the sweat away from her face.]  I've always 
loved to run since I was a kid.  You're pretty fast yourself, 
considering those hand weights.

Hayashibara:  [Teeth gleam.]  Well, I always try my best.  [Hands 
the bottle back to Ayukawa for another drink.]  Anyway, you should 
try for the track team.

Ayukawa:  It's...not really for me.  Anyway, is that a pick-up 

Hayashibara:  Eh?

Ayukawa:  If the baseball team wasn't just here, I would have 
suspected that you set this meeting up.

Hayashibara:  [Laughs.]  No way!  Kasuga-san would probably kill 
me!  [More seriously.]  Actually, it's fortuitous I ran into you 
here.  I've been meaning to ask you a favor.

Ayukawa:  Eh?

[Cut to later that day.  Kasuga leaves Chez Kooun and heads for 
the University Music building.]

Kasuga:  [Looking at his watch.]  I'm probably worrying over 
nothing...I mean...after all, it's not like I've never done it 
before.  [Laughs weakly.]  Hahah...[Laughter dies.] ...ah...[With 
a worried expression.]  Ayukawa's suppose to be at band practice 
right about now.  [More determined.]  Youshi*...I'll ask her to go 
out with me tonight!  That'll ensure my dream doesn't come true!
*All right

[He walks across campus to the Fine Arts building.  As he walks in 
the hallway, the sound of band music is heard in the next room, 
mostly but not entirely muffled by the heavy doors.  Empty lockers 
that normally hold musical instruments line the walls.  To one 
side, a bored student seated in the equipment check-out room reads 
the school newspaper.]

Kasuga:  [Peeks into the band in rehearsal.  After getting a few 
cold stares from the directors, he closes the door.]  Not in 
there...[Heads for the second floor, passing several practice 
areas.]  Maybe she's in one of these little rooms.  [After passing 
a few hallways, looking through the glass on the doors...]  
Ayukawa...!  [Knocks on the door.]

Ayukawa:  [Stops playing, smiles and motions for him to enter.]  
Kasuga-kun!  What are you doing here?  Aren't you suppose to be at 

Kasuga:  [Casually waves it off.]  Don't worry about it; they let 
me out early.  [Put his hand behind his head.]  I just wanted to 
see how you were doing!  Why aren't you in band practice?

Ayukawa:  That's the concert band rehearsal.  The symphonic band 
rehearsal doesn't start for another twenty minutes.  I'm just here 
to get a little extra practice and warm-up.

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Ah sou ka...*
*I see

Ayukawa:  Also, Handa-sensei said he would be giving me the solo 
saxophone parts at the club band so I wanted to get those prepared 

Kasuga:  [Genuinely impressed.]  Sugoi*'re pretty dedicated 
aren't you?

Ayukawa:  Eh?  Well...

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  Say, how about we...go out to 

Ayukawa:  [With regret.]  Sorry, but I have a commitment.

Kasuga:  [A little worried.]  What...?

Ayukawa:  Hayashibara-san invited me to a social gathering at his 
father's office tonight.  He said he needs me for something 

Kasuga:  So-sonna...!

Ayukawa:  [Chidingly.]  It's not what you're thinking!  [Calms 
down.]  His father's having a big social at their company office 
building with several of his business associates.  Since he's 
suppose to attend, Hayashibara-san asked me for help in dealing 
with his father during the reception.  He's hoping his father 
doesn't put him in an untenable situation during their talk, but 
he's not sure how to avoid it.

***Note the change in location.

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  Well...I guess that's pretty important.  I 
mean...his father is a pretty tough guy...

Ayukawa:  [Reassuredly.]  He just thinks that a fresh perspective 
would be helpful.  I'll let you know what happens after I get back 
tonight.  Ja ne!*  [Packs up her saxophone and gets ready for the 
band rehearsal.]
*See you later

Kasuga:  [Watches her go downstairs to the band rehearsal.]  

Ayukawa's voice from memory:  I love you too...

Kasuga:  [In frozen shock.]  Ma...masaka...!*
*Can't be


[Cut to a futuristic, ground-based spaceship terminal.  The normal 
milling about is abruptly interrupted as Kei and Yuri go running 
through the loading terminal with a platoon of military soldiers 
chasing after them.]

Soldiers 1-9:  [Fire bursts from AK-74s.]  SHI-NE!!!*  [Mow down 
several civilians too slow to get out of the way, but Kei and Yuri 
just manage to turn the corner and out of the line-of-fire.]

Soldiers 10-12:  [Powering up a six-barrel 7.62mm mini-gun and two 
Stinger SAMs.]  YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!!!  [Incendiary ammunition 
explodes the outer wall of glass and concrete, killing the rest of 
the civilians.  Kei and Yuri manage to dive out of the new exit 
just as the Stingers collapse what's left of the terminal room 
onto the attackers.]  AAAAIIII--<crunch!>

Kei:  [Relieved.]  We're in the clear!

Yuri:  [Pointing at the helicopter gunship climbing into position 
behind Kei.]  Ahh...!

Helicopter pilot:  [Through the loudspeaker as he fires the 20mm 
chain gun.]  SHI-NE!!!!  [Watches in frustration as Kei and Yuri 
manage to escape again despite the terminal trucks and docked 
ships exploding everywhere.]  YOUSHI!  [Presses a button, 
releasing a large barrel marked "Liquid Petroleum Explosive".]

[The speakers relay the manaical laughter as the petroleum fumes 
ignite, releasing a shock and heat wave that destroy the station, 
the chopper, and all surrounding aircraft.  Tens of thousands of 
people are killed instantly, billions of dollars of damage is 
caused, and the land is rendered unlivable for the next twenty 
years.  Amid the catastrophe, two lone figures stir from under a 
collapsed terminal.]

Kei:  [Clawing her way out of the rubble.]  Ugh...[Weakly.]  Yuri, 
what time is it?

Yuri:  [Removes her glove and looks at an analog watch.  
Amazingly, the watch is still ticking.]  It's...

Voiceover:  Timex!  It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the Okonomiyaki Maru.  Kasuga sits glumly at one of the 
outside tables as Saito and Kasamatsu are having an afternoon 

Kasamatsu:  [As he eats a shrimp okonomiyaki.]  ...and then she 
winked at me!  [Proudly pulls out an engineering sketch of a 
generic hardware component.  The technical content of the drawing 
however is marred by the doodling of a female shape in the upper 
right corner.]  I love drafting class!

Saito:  [Taken aback.]  You're not going to actually show her that 
thing are you?

Kasamatsu:  [Slyly.]  Oh look who's talking... the man with the e-
mail girlfriend!

Saito:  [Defensively.]  I don't even know if I can call her a 
girlfriend yet!  I haven't even met her for real.  [To Kasuga.]  
What did you do after you first met Ayukawa-san?  Asked her out on 
a date right?

Kasuga:  [Murmering to himself.]  Ayukawa...on a date...

Saito:  Oi* Kasuga-san!  [To Kasamatsu after he waves his hand in 
front of Kasuga's face and gets no response.]  He's really out of 

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  I know I'm probably acting foolish for 
even worrying...but...

[Fade into memory.]

Yuko's voice from memory:  Him?  Verses Hayashibara Akira?  

Naoko's voice from memory:  Girls always stare at handsome guys!

Hitomi's voice from memory:  If I saw a man with a dazzling smile 
and great build, I couldn't help but fall in love...

Nakamura's voice from memory:  Even she doesn't seem interested, a 
girl always notices and admires a guy like that.

Man's voice from memory:  I love you...

Ayukawa's voice from memory:  I love you too...

[Visions of Ayukawa kissing the man in white are abruptly 
shattered as Kasuga snaps back to reality.]

Kasuga:  [Holds up both fists in frustration.]  
AAAAIIIIEEEEHHHH!!!!  [Tips over a bottle of okonomiyaki sauce on 
the unrolled sheet of paper.]

Kasamatsu:  [Pulling his hair with both fists.]  

Kasuga:  [Recovers his senses and puts his hand behind his head.]  

[Cut to the Matsumoto Corporation building early that evening.  
One of the larger corporate offices in Tokyo, there are several 
cars parking adjacent lots, with well-dressed people disembarking.  
In the front hallway, people entering gather near the elevators to 
head up to the building's top floor.  Outside in the rear of the 
building, a staff of cooks and caterers are busy unloading the 
food for the night and carrying it up the freight elevators.  As 
the guests enter the front reception area, they witness a minor 
incident occurring in the lobby.]

Receptionist:  [Stubbornly.]  No I cannot allow it!  The company 
is having an important meeting tonight and no one is to enter 
without an invitation!

Kasuga:  B-but...

Receptionist:  I must ask you to leave at once!  If you want to 
speak to personnel about internships, then you must return in the 

Kasuga:  [Resigningly.]  H...hai...[Leaves, then runs into the 
alley next to the building.]  No way I'm going to let Ayukawa kiss 
that guy!  Youshi!  [After checking to see that the alley is 
empty, Kasuga teleports.  He reappears inside the building a 
second later.  He looks around to make sure no one noticed his 
entrance.]  Coast is cl--

Majordomo:  [Sternly as he comes around the corner.]  YOU!

Kasuga:  [Surprised and falls down on his rear.]  WAAH!

Majordomo:  Where have you been?  The party starts in less than an 
hour and you're out of uniform!

Kasuga:  [Slowly recovering from surprise.]

Majordomo:  [Throws up his hands in frustration.]  The catering 
company just had to send me a rookie!  [Walks over to the rolling 
clothes rack and pulls off a white coat and slacks.]  Fortunately 
I brought a few extras.  Suit up and start helping to unload these 

Kasuga:  Ahh...hai.  [Thinks to himself as the freight elevator 
doors close.]  Maybe this isn't so bad...I'll be able to keep an 
eye on things!

[Cut to the fortieth floor on the main guest area.  In an 
adjoining room, Hayashibara Akira is wearing a white tuxedo with a 
red cummerbund.  Standing beside him is Ayukawa wearing in a 
formal evening dress.  They and several other guests introduce 
each other and enter the main dining room.]

Hayashibara Takao:  [Introducing people to each other.]  Bruce 
Johnson our liason to our American office and his wife, Samuel 
Majors from our European office, Yamaguchi Keiichi and Kashiwakura 
Takeichi from our Banking office and their wives, Matsushita 
Shouji who's head of shipping.  [Both groups of guests bow to each 
other.]  Ogata Kenichi, managing director for the Nakatome 
Corporation and his wife, Shiozawa Kappei, vice-president of the 
Yomiuri Corporation, Inouye Michihiro, general manager of the 
Yomiuri Giants baseball team, and Sadaharu Ohta, manager of the 

[Writer's note:  Sadaharu Oh hit 868 home runs in his career with 
the Yomiuri Giants, and until recently managed the Giants.  The 
Giants have won the Central League Championship 24 times.]

Hayashibara Akira:  [Bows.]  Honored to meet you.

Takao:  [Harsh whisper to Akira's ear as he gestures to Ayukawa.]  
Who is this?

Akira:  Ayukawa-san is a friend from the University.

Takao:  [Outwardly calm.]  Ayukawa-san is one of Akira's college 
classmates.  Please excuse us...[Takes Akira to a quiet section of 
the room, out of hearing from the rest of the guests.]  Bakayaro!  
Why did you bring her?  This is not just an ordinary social!

Akira:  Actually, I wanted to talk to you about your wanting me 
out of the University.  I thought maybe you'd listen to someone 
else's viewpoint.

Takao:  [Irritated.]  Does this have to be tonight?!?

Akira:  [Annoyed.]  You're the one who invited the Giants' 
personnel here!

Takao:  [Looks around and realizes that people are beginning to 
notice.]  Look, let's talk about this later!  [Heads back to the 
rest of the guests.  Ayukawa walks over as Takao leaves.]

Ayukawa:  That didn't look very good.  Are you going to be 

Akira:  [Frustrated.]  I should have known he'd never listen.  Not 
to me, not to you, or to anyone else for that matter.  But I guess 
having...someone here to talk to helps.  [To himself while looking 
a little guilty.]  Che...what was I thinking of inviting Ayukawa-
san?  I should have known it wouldn't do any good...

Kasuga:  [Trying to easedrop as he watches from behind a partition 
as the guests arrive.]  What are they talking about?!?

[Cut back to the main room of the meeting hall.  By now, the 
guests are seated for dinner and both meals and drinks are brought 
out.  Kasuga walks around the table, keeping his face hidden with 
a tray of drinks and by ducking behind guests.]

Kasuga:  [To himself as he hands out a drink to one of the 
guests.]  Kuso*...why is *he* sitting next to Ayukawa?
*<Netiquette violator>

Ogata:  [Whispers as he takes a drink off Kasuga's tray.]  Why are 
you stooped over?

Kasuga:  [Trying to stay inconspicuous.]  Ahh...slipped a 
disc...[Creeps over to Ogata's wife and delivers another drink, 
while trying to keep an eye on Ayukawa and Akira.]

Takao:  [From across the table to Sadaharu and Inouye.]  So, what 
do you think of what you see so far?

Sadaharu:  [Looking at Akira.]  I am impressed; you show good 
judgement on the field and even better you can hit for power.

Inouye:  I am curious why you chose to pass up the draft.  I'll 
admit your high school batting average could have been better, but 
you were always an excellent fielder and your performace at 
Koushien* would have probably gotten you drafted by someone.
*Site for the Japan Senior High School Baseball Tournament

Akira:  [Hesistantly, with a knowing glance to Takao.]  Well...I 
thought I'd do better with a little more...practice at the amateur 

Sadaharu:  [Nods.]  Yes, I guess a little seasoning never hurts.

Takao:  The coaches say he sometimes shows poor judgement in 
choosing his pitches.

Akira:  [Annoyed.]  So that's why I decided to pass up the draft!

Takao:  [Disappointed.]  If you didn't do that you could have been 
in the farm club by now, instead of wasting time in college!

Akira:  Oyaji!*
*Old man

Sadaharu:  [A little embarrassed.]  Well...I really wasn't going 
to bring that up...[More reassuredly.]  I'm sure we'll one day see 
you playing for Japan's team right?

Akira:  [Looking at little distracted.]  Hai...I'll do my best.

Sadaharu:  Anyway...who is your friend?  I don't believe we've 
met.  Ayuakawa-san wasn't it?

Akira:  Hai...Ayukawa-san is a friend from the University.

Yamaguchi:  [To Takao and nods.]  Your son chooses well!

Kashiwakura:  [Nods.]  Un...they make a handsome couple!

Kasuga:  [While serving drinks.]  Wh...what...?!?

Matsushita:  [From across the table.]  Oi, you're spilling the 

Majordomo:  [Quickly.]  Sumimasen!  [To Kasuga.]  Pay attention to 
what you're doing!

Kasuga:  [Trying desperately to stay inconspicuous.]  H-hai!

Majordomo:  Well, go get a towel!

Kasuga:  Hai!  [Leaves.]

Ayukawa:  [Stares at the leaving waiter from across the table.]  

Akira:  No, it's not like that at all!  Ayukawa-san is a fr-

Yamaguchi:  [Kiddingly.]  Yes of course!

Kashiwakura:  Of course; the girls that are always following you 
around in school are "friends" too, right?

Akira:  Ayukawa-san isn't like that!  [Turning to Ayukawa.]  She's 
like no one else I know.

Ayukawa:  Eh?  [Eyes widen with mild surprise, but she quickly 
recovers and smiles at his kind face.  As he is drawn into further 
conversation with Kashiwakura, she turns away and stares at the 
floor with a look of concern.]

Kasuga:  [Looking even more concerned as he returns with a towel.]  
Wh...what did he mean by that...?

[Cut to later that evening.  Ayukawa and Akira are standing to one 
side of the room, as most of the other guests mingle in groups.  
In the center, Takao, Ogata and Shiozawa are talking about 
business and finance as their associates and spouses talk about 
less serious matters.  Although Kasuga tries to keep an eye on 
Ayukawa without giving away his identity, his assigned duties 
continuously interfere.]

Yamaguchi:  [While taking a glass off of Kasuga's tray.]  So how 
are things in the States?

Johnson:  [Also taking a glass.]  Negotiations for those real-
estate deals are proceeding well; they're asking 500,000,000 yen 
but I think they'll go as low as 3.5.

Yamaguchi:  [Nods.] you think that property is worth 

Kashiwakura:  [Helping himself to a cocktail.]  I'm sure Bruce-san 
will exercise good judgement for so our banking division isn't too 
terribly depleted.

Majors:  [Shakes his head.]  I wish I was as at ease as you are 
Mr. Johnson.  I was only assigned to the Tokyo office a year ago.  
My wife is still getting use to paying 60,000,000 yen for our 
house, not to mention the cost of cars!

Johnson:  [Smiles to Majors.]  It's a sham; it just looks easier 
after having been here for four years.  A lot of stuff costs more 
here; my wife's coat costs almost as much as that car your talking 

Kashiwakura:  Now gentlemen, you're exaggerating!

Matsushita:  [To Sadaharu.]  So how are the Giants going to do 
this year?

Inouye:  We have confidence that we will do well this year!

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Look at all of them...[Depressed.]  How 
can I compete with all of this?

[Finally, the last drink is lifted off Kasuga's tray and on his 
way back to the bar, he manages to sneak over towards the 
adjoining room where Ayukawa and Akira are talking alone and hides 
behind a trophy case.  The room is relatively isolated from the 
main conversations, with only muffled sounds coming through the 
walls.  The large window offers a spectacular view of downtown 
Tokyo by night.  On the other side are various works of art and 
antique collectibles.]

Ayukawa:  [Examining one of the larger trophies.]  Akigawa High 
player of the year.  Are these yours?

Akira:  [Not looking at the trophy rack.]  No, those are my 
father's; mine are all packed away at home.  He believes it not 
productive for me to display mine until I win something of real 
significance.  When he was a kid, he had this dream of playing in 
the major leagues.  He didn't do so well once he went to college, 
so he entered business instead.  Even though he's been very good 
at helping to build the company, there's always been a part of him 
that still wanted to be a player.  Sometimes...[Looking down.] I 
think he wants me to make the professional league more than I do.

Ayukawa:  Do you really want to play?

Akira:  Of course I do!  I love the game!  It's just that...lately 
I wonder who I'm doing it for.

Ayukawa:  [Tries to change the subject.]  What kind of antiques 
are those?

Akira:  [Pulls out a sword from a glass case.]  This is a Muramasa 
blade, forged during the 14th century at the height of the 
Ashikaga Period.  Legend has it that these blades have a 
reputation that "hungered for blood and compelled their owners to 
commit murder or suicide."

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  How terrible...[Looks away and gestures at a 
painting.]  Is this a real Van-Gogh?

Akira:  [Puts the sword back.] grandfather was given 
that when he retired from the bank as its longest serving manager.

Ayukawa:  [Looking at a European suit of armor.]  There's a lot of 
facinating stuff here.  18th century England?

Akira:  [Nods.]  Toosan* likes to consider himself a citizen of 
the world.

Ayukawa:  [Looking at a pearl-handled Colt .45 at the bottom of 
the case.]  Is that a gun?

Akira:  Supposedly it was used by a famous American gener...[Loses 
his train of thought as Ayukawa closes the display case.]

Ayukawa:  You know...all this money and surroundings...sometimes 
it doesn't seen quite like you.

Akira:  Some of it... is very much me.  Some of it isn't.

Ayukawa:  Your father...was he serious about wanting you to skip 

Akira:  Quite.  He thought I should have gone straight into the 
draft out of high school, even though some of my own coaches said 
I'd do better with a little more experience.  I never really told 
him the real reason I wanted to go to college.

Ayukawa:  [Deciding not to press the issue, looks out the window.]  
It's a pretty view from here.

Akira:  [Nods.]  I remember the first time I came up here.  Toosan 
gave me the usual speech that all this would one day be mine.  
Back then, I actually believed it.

Ayukawa:  Maybe we should go back now, before we're missed.

Akira: the way, please remind me to tell you something 
before we leave.

Ayukawa:  What?

Akira:  That regardless what else happens tonight...[Smiles.]  I'm 
glad I invited you.

Kasuga:  [Hiding behind the case.]  <Gulp!>  It was a precognition 
dream after all...!

[As Ayukawa and Akira return to the rest of the guests, Kasuga 
follows behind them.  He refills with glasses of drinks at the bar 
and moves back among the guests.]

Yamaguchi's wife:  So, what do you think of Hayashibara-san's 

Kasuga:  [Almost drops his tray.]  Wh...wh...?

Johnson's wife:  [To Kasuga.]  Please be careful!

Kasuga:  [Bows with embarrassment, but still trying to watch where 
Akira and Ayukawa go.]  H...hai!

Kashiwakura's wife:  [Nods to Yamaguchi's wife.]  They do look 
finely matched!

Matsushita's wife:  [To Kasuga.]  A...hem!

Kasuga:  [Notices that his pouring from the bottle is overflowing 
the glass.]  Ah...sorry!

Kashiwakura's wife:  [As she watches Kasuga leave to get a new 
bottle.]  What's with that guy?  Is he the same person who was 
sneaking behind our chairs and hiding behind plants and desks all 
night long?

Ogata's wife:  No, that's the guy with the slipped disc...poor 
fellow, so young too.

[Cut to a different section of the room.]

Inouye:  [To Akira.]  Well...misgivings about your current 
situation in college aside, I'm sure we'll be happy to try you out 
in our spring camp when you graduate.

Akira:  [Pulls a drink off Kasuga's tray as he pass by, which 
causes him to almost give himself away.  Fortunately, Akira is 
paying more attention to Inouye than who he got the drink from.]  
Hai...I won't disappoint you.

Kasuga:  [Sighs with relief.]  <Whew...!>  [His relief is short-
lived as he watches Ayukawa coming back in his direction.]  
<Gulp!>  [Makes an abrupt turnaround.]

Sadaharu:  [Nods as he too pulls off a drink from Kasuga's tray.]  
...particularly with our team!  As you know, we have a tradition 
of power hitters.

[Deciding that he is having too many close calls, Kasuga heads 
over to a rolling wet bar and hides behind it to get a more 
protected position in his easedropping.  Just as he gets out of 
sight, Ayukawa is making her way back to Akira.]

Ayukawa:  So how are you doing?

Akira:  [Smiles.]  Better...thanks to you.

[Sadaharu and Inouye both look at Ayukawa and Akira, nod and smile 
with approval.]

Kasuga:  [Leaning against a rolling wet bar and ready to come 
apart with anxiety.]  So...sonna...  [Leans forward to hear 
better, but then he accidentally moves the lever that unlock the 
bar's wheels.]  Wah...[Watches helplessly as the cabinet opens, 
tips over, and falls with a loud crash, spilling liquors all over 
the floor.]  Shi...shimatta...!*
*Oh shoot!

[The party comes to a sudden halt as the guests gather around to 
see what the commotion is about.]

Majordomo:  [Comes running out.]  BAKA!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?

Ayukawa:  [Surprised.]  K-Kasuga-kun, what are you doing here?!?

Kasuga:  A...Ayukawa...ahh...yeah...[Looking very embarrassed.] 
well...I mean...

Ayukawa:  [Sternly.]  Didn't I tell you this was just a social?  
You should have trusted me!

Takao:  [Angrily.]  What's going on?  Who is this?

Akira:  Well he's...[Looks at Kasuga and smiles.]  he's a friend 

Kasuga:  [Surprised.]  Eh?

Akira:  I guess I owe you some explainations.  [Helps Kasuga up.]  
The reason I asked Ayukawa here was to get some help 
with...[Mindful of the present company.] some personal problems.  
I didn't want to involve any more people than I had to...but I 
guess I can understand why you thought I had ulterior motives.

Kasuga:  Well...I guess I...[Looks at the crowd, Ayukawa's 
disappointed face, and grits his teeth.]...jumped to 

Ayukawa:  [After thinking it over.]  You know...[Laughs.]  you 
look really silly wearing that white suit!

[Everyone bursts into laughter as Kasuga turns red.]

[After cleaning himself off and making formal apologies, Kasuga 
and Ayukawa head outside to the outdoor courtyard to be alone.  
The summer night air is cool, the street sounds just barely 
audible in the background.]

Ayukawa:  You did all this because you had a dream?  Kasuga-kun 
that's so funny!   [Laughs.]  Jumping to conclusions again...

Kasuga:  [Still embarrassed.] was I supposed to know?  
Sometimes my dreams come true!

Ayukawa:  I know...[Stops laughing.]  But sometimes, even for you, 
dreams are just...dreams.

Kasuga:  Yeah. [Long pause...he then smiles, and leans against the 
wall.]  Hayashibara's father sure seems to be a powerful guy, 
though.  He's always concerned about his son's welfare, overseeing 
every step in his life.  It must be awful getting all that 
attention and pressure!

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  I'm not sure, Kasuga-kun...sometimes I think 
that may be better than receiving no attention at all.

Kasuga:  [Subdued.]  Ayukawa...I'm sorry...

Ayukawa:  No, it's not your fault.  My parents were away for so 
long I often wondered what it must be like to have a father like 
that.  [Smiles sadly.]  Sometimes...sometimes I wished he'd be 
there even if it was only to criticize or argue, I missed him 

Kasuga:  A...Ayukawa...

Ayukawa:  My sister was the only real family I had, her 
and...Hikaru.  Now, my sister has her own family, and...

Kasuga: [Gently grasps her bare shoulder.]  And now, we have each 
other...and we'll never be lonely again.

Ayukawa: [Turns towards him and smiles.]  Kasuga-kun...
Kasuga:  I love you...

Ayukawa:  [Brings her head closer.]  I love you too...

[As they kiss, the camera focuses through the glass doors on Akira 
standing in the background.  His father and Sadaharu are engaged 
in an animated discussion, while Akira himself stares glumly down 
at his drink.  He looks up, just in time to see the kiss.  For an 
instant, before his father grabs his shoulder and berates him for 
not paying attention, an expression of pain and sorrow flits 
across his normally handsome features.]

Kasuga Narration:  It was then that I realized my dream really did 
come true.  The man Ayukawa said she loved, the man in the white 
tuxedo whom she kissed, wasn't Hayashibara at was me!
Ayukawa:  [As they separate.]  Kasuga-kun...perhaps we should go 

Kasuga:  [Takes off his coat and drapes it around her shoulders.]  
No, let's stay out here a little while longer.  [Puts his arm 
around her.]  I'm so glad, though...

Ayukawa:  Eh?  [Smiles.] That the dream didn't come true?

Kasuga:  No, that I was finally able to take that silly coat off.

[They both laugh...the camera pans above them into the night sky.]

[Cut to later that night.  Hayashibara turns the RX-7 into the 
apartment parking lot and shuts off the engine.]

Ayukawa:  [Opening the door and getting out.]  Well thank you for 
an...interesting night, and I'm sorry about the confusion.

Hayashibara:  [Smiles.]  Think nothing of it.  It's nice to know 
that he cares for you enough to go through all the trouble.

Ayukawa:  Sometimes he's so bumbling...but his heart is in the 
right place.

Hayashibara:  He must be...very special.

Ayukawa:  Un.

Hayashibara:  [After a long pause.]  I know I shouldn't be saying 
this...but...[Unsure how to proceed.]  well...I was quite serious 
when I said I never met anyone like you.  I keep 
thinking...because I promised Kasuga-san that I didn't want to 
create trouble...that we could still be friends.  I was sure that 
I could keep our friendship platonic...but...

Ayukawa:  Hayashibara-san...are you sure you want to keep going?

Hayashibara:  No, please let me finish before my courage fails me.  
It wouldn't be right for me not to be honest with you, but being 
honest...isn't any easier.  Madoka...I love you...

Ayukawa:  ...


New Characters Designer/Writer	Stephen Tsai
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Andy Combs
				Robert Carragher
				Lisa Richardson
				Michael Welsh Duggan
				Quincy S. Huoh
				Jeffrey Hollen
				Eric Shen
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				Peter Van Overen
				Chung-Mau Cheng
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
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the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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