Kimagure Orange College - Episode 16
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the sixteenth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college
system and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese
advanced education system is limited with what I can pick up
watching anime, reading manga, and consulting with friends, pen
pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are
neither intentional nor are they meant to show disrespect for the
Japanese education system.  In fact, I would appreciate any
constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might
offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 16 - Stage fright!  Two presentations of confusion!

[Cut to Ayukawa's and Ikemoto's apartment.  Kimura is seated by 
Ayukawa's desk, preparing a set of documents as Ayukawa watches.]

Kimura:  [As she doodles a picture of a panda bear on her paper.]  
Kuma-chan* need to look your best!

Ayukawa:  [Looking over her shoulder.]  Aa!  Is that part of the 
Dean's report?

Kimura:  [Futilely tries to hide the picture.]  ...

Ayukawa:  [Smiles]  That's OK.  You should be proud; almost no one 
gets to submit a report to the Dean of their college during their 
first year.

Kimura:  Hai...but...[Looks noticeably down.]

Ayukawa:  Eh?  What's wrong?

Kimura:  Well...

[Fade to memory to the Kimura's residence...]

Kimura Akiko:  [Kindly but firmly.]  It's time you started putting 
away these childish notions of animals and fantasy.  You're a 
college student now; soon you'll be out there in the real world...

Kimura Masaki:  [Crying over Keiko's shoulder.]  Kawaisou na* 
*Poor, unfortunate

Kimura Akiko:  [Firmly to Masaki.]  Anata* are *not* making 
this easier!  [To Keiko.]  You should start considering your 
future.  Perhaps as a University professor when you get your 
doctorate or a theoretical researcher.  [Holds up Keiko's spring 
mid-term paper; behind the perfect mark is a dancing rabbit.]  
None of them would ever draw this.
*In this context, "dear".  Often used by wives to their husbands.

Kimura Keiko:  [Looking down.]  N-no...I guess not.

[Fade back to the present.]

Ayukawa:  [Reassuringly.]  It's alright.  I'm sure they only want 
the best for you. the end, it's up to you.

Kimura:  Eh?  What do you mean?

Ayukawa:  Right now, your parents are thinking what is best for 
you, not realizing that you would like to do things differently.  
It's up to you, not them, if you want to live up to their 
expectations or go your own way.

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Un!

[Cut to Mason financial corporation.  Inside the tower of steel 
and glass, millions of yen flow through computer networks every 
hour.  In one of the offices, Ikemoto is talking over a proposal 
to a branch manager.]

Ikemoto:   The Americans like to do things differently, Ezaki-
Kacho*.  I'm the only person you have who's spoken to the 
customers, seen their presentations and can speak their language.
*Section Chief

Ezaki:  That's true, but...Amano-shunin* won't be pleased.  He was 
convinced that he could give a better presentation.  He does have 
more experience with the commodities and futures markets.

Ikemoto:  But he's never been outside Japan before.  He doesn't 
have any experience with directing a Westernized business meeting.  
Besides, it won't do him much good if he bores them to sleep like 
the last time we had an American client.

Ezaki:  That's true...[Sternly.]  but make no mistake.  This is an 
important presentation.  We are only going to get one chance as 
the client only plans to be in town for a few days.  If 
successful, it will mean a great deal to this company; if not...

Ikemoto:  [Bows.]  I understand.  I promise I can deliver a 
memorable presentation that will leave a positive image.

Ezaki:  Very well.  I will inform Amano-shunin of my decision.  
Make sure you can deliver or we'll both be in trouble.

[Outside the office, unknown to the participants inside, the desk 
OL* listens to a discreetly turned-on intercom.  As another 
uniformed OL finishes filling up cups of tea for another meeting 
about to start, she wanders over to the first OL's desk.]
*Office Lady; usually assigned to take care of incidental tasks 
around the office.

OL1:  [Whispering.]  Is she *still* asking for special favors?

OL2:  [Nods and whispers.]  Some if she doesn't get to 
do enough around here as it is!

OL1:  Did you know Ikemoto's living with someone else?

OL2:  With a guy???

OL1:  No!  Never!  It couldn't be!  A kouhai* at her college.
*younger friend at school or at work.

OL2:  So, at least she had a friend at college.

OL1:  Well, it's strange.  The girl is a Butsumetsu co-ed, but 
she's a freshman!  When Ikemoto was at college, she must have been 
in elementary school!  How could this student be her kouhai?

OL2:  Hmm...I don't understand her...

OL1:  Yeah, she's different.  She's a gaijin*!
*Foreigner; in this context, outsider

OL2:  [Noting the coffee decanter.]  Did you fill her cup too?

OL1:  Why should I?  She can get her own like the rest of us!  If 
she asks, tell her I...[Comes to an abrupt stop as the door to the 
office opens.  As Ikemoto walks back to her desk, she notes her 
empty cup.]  Ahh...I was just going to...

Ikemoto:  [Tersely.]  Don't bother.

[Cut back to Ayukawa's and Ikemoto's apartment.  It's late in the 
evening and Kimura is finishing up her report as Ayukawa helps her 
collate it into a manila envelope for printing.]

Ayukawa:  Don't worry about a thing; I'm sure you'll do fine!

Kimura:  [Hands Ayukawa the finished report.]  The presentation is 
the day after tomorrow.  Are you sure it'll be ready then?

Ayukawa:  Sure!  I'll drop it off at the printer's tomorrow 
morning and Kasuga-kun promised he'll pick it up for you on his 
way to Chez Kooun tomorrow.  Your presentation isn't until 11:00am 

Kimura:  Un!  [Smiles with renewed confidence.]  Kyo-chan is so 

Ayukawa:  Ah...yes!  So are you still going to drop by after the 
presentation?  You wanted to go shopping.

[Before Kimura can confirm her plans, the front door of the 
apartment unlocks and opens.  Ikemoto enters, carefully puts her 
briefcase away, then checks her telephone messages.  She notes an 
absence to an expected message.]

Ikemoto:  Madoka-san, did anyone call for me?

Ayukawa:  Your mother called again.

Ikemoto:  [Strained.]  Did anyone *important* call?  I was 
expecting someone from NYSE to call and confirm some future and 
commodities pricing.

Ayukawa:  [Decides not to get into another debate.]  No.

Ikemoto:  [Checks her watch.]  Kuso*'s going to be another 
two hours until the New York markets open in the morning!  I hate 
going in unprepared.  Did you pick up my presentation?
*<Netiquette violator>

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-san is going to pick it up and deliver it to your 
company in the morning.

Ikemoto:  Hrumph!  Kasuga-san?  [Disdainfully as she hands Ayukawa 
an envelop marked "kyukin*".]  He's so unreliable; he'd better not 
screw this up.  [Goes to her room, turns on her computer, and 
pulls out a small black book of telephone numbers.  After getting 
a number, she pulls out her mobile phone and dials.]  <<Hello, I 
need to speak with Mr. Mente with Jackson & Stein...Yes I know the 
markets don't open for another two hours, but I'm calling from 
Japan...Mr. Mente, this is Ms. Ikemoto calling from Tokyo.  I need 
you to fax me some rates and information about your company's 
funds and commodities.>>

[Writer's note:  "<<" and ">>" denote the character speaking in 

[As she lists off several companies, the fax machine comes to life 
and several columns of numbers come up.  She hangs up the mobile 
phone, and scans the numbers on the incoming fax.  As she starts 
punching in the numbers into her finalized report, her mobile 
phone rings again.]

Ikemoto:  <<Hello?>>  Okaasan*!  [Annoyed tone.]  I told you not 
to call me on the mobile!  [Hangs up and returns her attention to 
her computer.]

Kimura:  [Looking over Ikemoto's draft.]  Eh?  I think she's 
making a mistake!  She's not carrying her calculations past five 
decimal points of precision!

Ayukawa:  It's alright...when it comes to money, I'm sure she 
knows what she's talking about.  [Watches Ikemoto with some 
concern as she inserts a printed sheet into the fax machine and 
dials another number on her mobile phone.]  But you're 
right...she's making mistakes...

[Cut back to the Mason corporation the next day.  During a mid-
afternoon meeting, a few of the managers discuss a memo recently 
received via inter-office mail as one of the employees is 
receiving a reprimand.]

Manager 1:  Four hours late again?  What exactly do you do during 
your spare time Umao-san?

Umao:  [Bows apologetically with his hand behind his head with 
embarrassment.]  Well actually, that's...hard to explain...

Amano:  [Noticeably annoyed.]  What do you mean Ikemoto-san will 
be giving the sales presentation?  Just because she's an Eigo-ya* 
doesn't mean *she* can sell any better to foreigners!
*Derogatory term for "English speaker".

Ginga:  [Drinking a cup of water from the cooler.]  Well, she is 
more experienced in international funds than you are and...

Amano:  [Cuts Ginga off.]  And just because you're trying to be 
friendly with her doesn't mean you should ignore tatemae* or let 
your personal feelings cloud your judgement!
*form; in this context, "public truth"

Ginga:  [Analytically.]  I think you're being a little unfair.  As 
you've noticed, I've been following her progress with great 
interest.  She's a valued asset to this company, and if you 
continue to underestimate her because of her gender*, a formidable 
opponent.  Like it or not, that's honne**.
*While some companies are changing, many Japanese companies still 
have a "glass ceiling" for their female employees
**substance; in this context, "real truth"

Amano:  What exactly do you see in her anyway?  Why are you always 
trying to get on her side?  As if *she* could offer you anything!

Ginga:  [Finishes his water and tosses the cup into the wastebin.]  
Let's just say I have my reasons.

[Cut to the Chez Kooun.  As the lunch hour tapers off into the 
afternoon lull, Kasuga pours a cup of coffee from a glass 

Kasuga:  [Offers the cup to Ayukawa as she sits at the counter.]  

Ayukawa:  [Takes the cup.]  Thanks.  [Hands Kasuga a business 

Kasuga:  [Examining the business card.]  Essai Printers?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  Un.  Both Keiko-san's and Ikemoto-san's print 
jobs should be ready so you can save a trip.

Kasuga:  OK.  [Pockets the card.]  After that, I need to drop one 
off at the school and the other at Mason?

Ayukawa:  That's right.  [Starts drinking her coffee, holds the 
cup, then smiles.]  You know, this is sort of a reverse of where 
we were in high-school.

Kasuga:  [Looks around the counter and his apron, puts his hand 
behind his head and laughs.]  Ahaha...really.  [Shrugs.]  Keiko-
san I can understand.  I thought you didn't like your roommate 

Ayukawa:  Well she paid me to do some of her copying because she 
said it was a rush presentation.  Also...I think sometimes it's 
because, when I see her, it's like looking into a cracked mirror.  
Do you ever wonder how things would have turned out if we had 
never met?

Kasuga:  Eh?  Well...[His mind goes back to the time he met 
Ayukawa in a cold, alternate world where he didn't exist.]

Ayukawa:  I sometimes think about how my life would have turned 
out.  If Hikaru had found someone...well...[Trails off.]

Kasuga:  I'm just glad...we did meet.

[Cut to the Irohanihoheto Pub.  The room is smoky and dark as 
young people indulge in Western and Japanese food along with 
copious quantities of alcoholic beverages.  Seated alone in one 
corner of the room, Ikemoto nurses a cup of liquor as she mentally 
goes over a list of figures in her head to prepare for tomorrow.  
She is interrupted by a familiar face.]

Morita:  May I sit down?

Ikemoto:  [Almost immediately recognizing the face.]  YOU?!?

Morita:  Oi!  Not so loud!  A man of my profession doesn't like to 
attract attention!

Ikemoto:  [Sarcastically.]  I think I'd better go check on my car.  
[Starts to get up.]

Morita:  [Casually.]  Don't worry about it; I'm on my break!  Even 
my job needs time off.

Ikemoto:  Some job!  A bunch of hoodlums and punks in a warehouse 
robbing people of their proper belongings!  [Lights a cigarette.]  
You're a crook, plain and simple.

Morita:  [Unconcerned by Ikemoto's attitude.]  A lady like you 
shouldn't smoke; you may regret it in your future years.

Ikemoto:  [Condescendingly.]  Unlike you, I only indulge in two 
vices; drinking and smoking.  So worry about your own bad habits 
before you get concerned with mine.

Morita:  So I like to live life to its fullest.  You know what 
your problem is?  You need to let go of some of that formality and 
stiff attitude.  You ought to think about your future.  Do you 
really want to be where you're headed 10-20 years from now?

Ikemoto:  [With an arrogant tone.]  What preposterous nonsense!  
I'll have you know I'm one of the youngest shunin in my company 
and one of the few women to ever make it.  I'm on the fast-track 
for advancement and I'm going places in my profession.  
[Meaningfully to Morita.]  Unlike some people, I'm making 
something for myself and I'm going to be on top!  [Stands up.]  

[Morita finishes his drink as Ikemoto gets up.  After making sure 
that no one is watching, he finishes what's left in Ikemoto's 
glass as well.  His smile of satisfaction dims some as he watches 
her leave.]

Morita: sure is lonely at the top isn't it?


Voiceover:  Why do fools fall in love?

[Cut to a beach house as Keiichi tries to kiss and take advantage 
of Sayoko.]

Voiceover:  Why do romances never turn out like they do in the 

[Cut to Keiichi's house as Urd crawls out of Keiichi's television 

Voiceover:  And why can't young lovers ever find the right things 
to say?

[Cut to Keiichi lying over Belldandy as both are searching for the 
right thing to say.]

Belldandy:  [Smiles vacuously as she pours a bottle into a cup.]  
Why ask why?

Voiceover:  Try Bud Dry!

[Show a cold glass mug overflowing with beer foam.]

Voiceover:  True refreshment...true taste.  So even if your 
girlfriend isn't divine...

[Show Skuld giving Keiichi a smack on the head with her hammer.]

Voiceover: least your refreshment will be!

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the business district of Tokyo.  Amid the normal bustle of 
people, Kasuga is trying to force his way through the crowd.]

Kasuga:  [Checks his watch as he runs with a manila envelope under 
his arm.]  Oh shoot!  Running late again!  [Arrives at Mason 
Financial Company and enters the front lobby.]  I have a package 
for Ikemoto Sachiko!

Receptionist:  [Checking with the telephone and appointment book.]  
Ah, you're running late!  They've been inquiring about this!  
[Calls an office mail carrier and hands him the envelope.]  Have 
this rushed up directly to the reception projection room.

Mail carrier:  [Bows as he accepts the package.]  Hai!

Kasuga:  [Catching his breath as he leaves the building.  He then 
checks his watch, noting that it is 10:52am.]  Well that was a 
close call.  [Thinks back to the delivery he made earlier that 
morning.]  Hope Keiko-san does well.

[Cut to the Butsumetsu mathematics building.  In one of the small 
conference rooms, Kimura pulls out her slides and quickly checks 
her appearance as the dean and Oinuma walk in.]

Dean:  [To Oinuma.]  I hope this girl is as smart as you say she 
is.  I dislike allowing exceptions to the normal academic 

Oinuma:  Trust me Kajiyama-sensei*, keeping Kimura-san in lower-
division courses would be wasting our time and her potential.  
[Noting that Kimura is already present and laying out her notes.]  
I'm sure that after hearing her presentation you'll agree.

Kajiyama:  [Whispers to Oinuma.]  I just hope she doesn't have 
those ridiculous cartoons.  [Leafing through a folder of Kimura's 
midterm exam and some chosen homework assignments.]  

Oinuma:  Of course Kajiyama-sensei.  [Motioning to Kimura.]  You 
may begin.

Kimura:  [Slightly nervous.]  Ah...hai!  [Bows, then places the 
first slide into the opaque projector.]  As you both know, the use 
of statistical analysis allows us to make a projection of future 
events based on probability and analysis of past trends.  [Turns 
around to address her first slide.]  Currently we use...[Trails 
off as she looks at her first slide.]

Oinuma:  [To himself.]  Bar charts?  [Clears his throat.]  Kimura-
san, I thought this was supposed to be an example of mathematical 
statistical trend analysis.

Kimura:  [Stutteringly.]  Ah...yes!  This is...a real-life 
example!  [To herself.]  Kuma-chan...doko desu ka*?
*Where are you

[Cut to the Mason boardroom.  Several well dressed businessmen sit 
down as the main lights dim to improve the projector's visibility.  
On the other side of the table, a small group of very well dressed 
gaijin stop their private conversations and pay attention as 
Ikemoto steps up to the podium.]

Ikemoto:  <<Mr. Jamerson, Mr. McNamara.>>  [Bows.]  <<Gentlemen, 
it is an honor to speak to you today.  I am here to present to you 
the options our company offers in financial investments during the 
coming months and years ahead.>>  [Presses a remote control to 
advance the first projected slide.  She continues her 
introduction, ignoring the sudden murmurs arising from the 
assembled businessmen.]  <<As many of you know, these changing 
economic times...>>

Ginga:  [To Amano as he tries his best to suppress his amusement.]  
No wonder she wanted everyone here...

Amano:  [Smiles, then covers his mouth.]  Maybe she's not such a 
frigid ama* after all!
*<Netiquette violator>

Ezaki:  [Excitedly to himself.]  What the hell is *this*?!?  Is 
this the "Western" way of selling?!?

Ikemoto:  [Finishing up her introduction.]  <<...allows those 
invested in unconventional ways the opportunity to protect their 
money and insure their investments allow for short-term and long-
term growth.>>  [Picks up a wooden pointer and turns around.]  
Firstly, I'd like to sho...>> [Trails off as she sees the screen 
for the first time.  The tip of the pointer is touching a dancing 

Jamerson:  [Barely suppressing a chuckle as he whispers to 
McNamara.]  <<I thought you said the Japanese didn't have a sense 
of humor!>>

McNamara:  [Trying to follow the column of huge numbers and 
whispers back to Jamerson.]  <<What I want to know is what's with 
all the complex calculations?!?>>

[Cut back to the Butsumetsu mathematics building.  Kimura 
continues to struggle as she points to a pie chart and tries to 
make sense of it.]

Kimura:  ...which this fictitious company's sum-
total example...[Spots a line chart conveniently going the correct 
direction.]  that probabilities are strong for a downward swing in 
their...[Reads the chart's title and legend.]  financial 
forecasts.  Based on...[Citing from memory.]  Boyce-sensei's 
theorem of means analysis, we can...

Kajiyama:  [Whispers to Oinuma.]  You know, this isn't quite what 
I was expecting.

Oinuma:  No, neither was I.  Do you object?

Kajiyama:  [Watches as the next slide reveals several columns of 
numbers for current and potential future prices on commodities.]  
No...let her continue.

[Cut back to the Mason boardroom.  Ikemoto has managed to continue 
the presentation, but is no longer quite as confident as she 
started out.]

Ikemoto:  <<...and as you can see from our...>>  [Noting the 
extremely precisely calculated columns of numbers.]  <<carefully 
computed analysis, our funds offer highly diversified choices and 
flexibility in changing economic times.>>

McNamara:  [To Jamerson as he tries to scan over the columns of 
numbers and complex mathematical formulas.]  << that what 
those mean?  I've not seen stuff this precisely calculated since 

Jamerson:  [By now unable to suppress his smile.]  <<I like it 

Ikemoto:  <<...can see, we've arranged to demonstrate that, with 
existing economic trends, we believe there is a 72.5% chance that 
the smaller, more aggressive funds will continue to show favorable 

Jamerson:  [Pointing at a panda cartoon with a speech bubble.]  
<<But the bear is saying 68.9328%?>>

Ikemoto:  [Trying her best to maintain her composure.]  
<<Ahh...yes!  So he does.  He's...citing a figure provided 
by...Nippon Stock gains...for larger 

Amano:  [Sarcastically to himself.]  Oh he is, is he?

[Cut back to the Butsumetsu mathematics building.  Kimura has 
wrapped up her presentation and is making concluding statements.]

Kimura:  [Bows.]  Thank you very much for allowing me to make this 
presentation.  I will await your decision at our next course 
curriculum meeting.  [Bows again and leaves.]

Oinuma:  Well...not quite what I was expecting.  She seemed...a 
little less sure of herself that I've known her.

Kajiyama:  Perhaps she was nervous.  I suppose that's to be 
expected.  Nevertheless, I see your point about her academic 
skills.  I'll submit the necessary paperwork before the next 
semester starts.

Oinuma:  Then you're satisfied with her mathematical ability?

Kajiyama:  Oh I knew she had the talent to succeed in upper-
division math by looking at her test papers.  [Slightly haughty.]  
I was simply concerned about her maturity with all those silly 
cartoon animals on her assignments.  [Looking very satisfied.]  
But I have to admit; that presentation was one of the most 
professional I've seen in a long time.  [Straightens his tie as 
both leave the office.]  Almost made me want to go buy some stock.

[Cut back to the Mason boardroom.  As the meeting is breaking up, 
Jamerson and McNamara approach Ikemoto.]

Jamerson:  <<Well, I'll say your style is...unorthodox, but I have 
to say I was impressed with your figures.>>

McNamara:  <<Could we get a hard copy of some of those figures?  
I'd like some of our people to confirm your calculations.>>

Ikemoto:  <<Well...I'll have to...get them reprinted of 

McNamara:  <<Certainly.>>  [To Ezaki.]  <<That was an engaging 
presentation.  She is an...interesting person.>>

Amano:  [With an amused expression after listening to the 
translator.]  Yes, around here we call her the "Bunny Queen".

Ikemoto:  [Gritting her teeth.]  ...

Ezaki:  [Visibly uncomfortable.]  Ah...yes.  I hope we can do 
business nonetheless.

McNamara:  [After hearing the translation.]  <<We will of course 
be going over several proposals and we will be in contact soon.>>

Ezaki:  [After hearing the translation.]  Of course.  [All parties 
bow to each other, then he turns to face Ikemoto.]  I would like 
to see you in my office.

Ikemoto:  [Follows with her head down.]  ...

Amano:  [Smiling with cold satisfaction to Ginga.]  Well, you'd 
better distance yourself off from her...she's bound to be 
reassigned after this.

Ginga:  [Watches with curiosity.]  Perhaps...

[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment.  After she finishes reading a book on 
Classical Music History, she puts it down and looks at the clock.  
Noting that Kimura will be coming over soon, she turns on the 
television to occupy some time until her arrival.]

Television:  ...but Kanemaru-san continued to deny any wrongdoing.  
Prime Minister Miyazawa has stated his confidence in Kanemaru-
san's integrity.  In sports today, the Hawks upset the Lions 
behind a strong performance by Akiyama who went 4 for 4 against 
his former team...

Ayukawa:  [Gets up as she hears a knock on the door.]  Ah!  Keiko-
san!  How did it go?

Kimura:  [Bubbly smile.]  Well, it was a little confusing; the 
slides were different!

Ayukawa:  [Surprised expression.]  Eh?  What do you mean 

Kimura:  [Shows Ayukawa one of the presentation slides.]  
Kajiyama-gakubucho said I'll have to stay in the freshman class 
until the end of the fall semester, but he'd evaluate my status 

Ayukawa:  [Looks over the slides.]  Uh oh...[Her realizations are 
interrupted by the door opening.]

Kasuga:  [At the front door.]  Ayukawa?  Are you two ready to go?

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  [Holds up the slides.]  What's the meaning 
of this?

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Leafs through the slides.]  What's this?

Ayukawa:  This is what you delivered to Keiko-san this morning.  
It's Ikemoto-san's sales presentation.

Kasuga:  Then what did I drop off at Maso...?  [He is interrupted 
by the door opening again, this time with more force.]

Ikemoto:  [Looking very angry as she storms into the apartment.]  
Where is he?!?

Television:  ...and Butsumetsu split the series with Kyodai*, 
losing the day game 5-3, and coming back to win the nightcap 7-2 
and Waseda continues it's dominance over Todai**, winning 9-1.  
Other scores include...
*Kyoto University
**Tokyo University

Kasuga:  [Looking fearful.]  Ahh...what's wrong?

Ikemoto:  What's wrong?!?  [Grabbing Kasuga by his shirt lapels.]  
You *ruined* my presentation and made me the laughing stock of the 

Kimura:  [Shocked expression.]  Hidoi*!  Madoka-san, what is she 
talking about?
*How awful, terrible

Ayukawa:  ...  [Momentarily speechless, then with an annoyed 
tone.]  Now just a minute!  It was an honest mistake; it...[Pauses 
slightly.]  could have happened to anyone!

[Just then, the telephone rings.]

Ayukawa:  [Walks across the room and picks up the phone.]  Hello?

Hayashibara:  [From the telephone.]'s me.  I'm calling 
from Kyoto.

Ikemoto:  [Still holding Kasuga's shirt as Ayukawa talks on the 
telephone.]  How could you be so stupid?!?

Kasuga:  [Fearfully.]  Mistake!  It was a mistake!

Ayukawa:  [Still trying but failing to keep track of the 
conversation occurring across the room.]  Hello...I saw the game 
on television.  You...[Long pause to consider what she says.  
Glancing over her shoulder, she sees Ikemoto, Kasuga, and Kimura 
involved in an animated but hushed discussion.] did well in the 
second game.  The announcer said you're right behind Doi-san in 

Hayashibara:  [Cheerfully.]  Well Doi-sempai is our team's best 
hitter.  [More seriously.]  Ayukawa-san...about the other 
night...I just wanted to clear things up...

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  Yes, I wanted to talk to you 
catch me off guard.

Hayashibara:  Does...Kasuga-san know about that?

Ayukawa:  No...[Glances guiltily back at Kasuga.]  I haven't told 
him yet.

Television:  ...repeating our top financial news, Jackson & Stein 
Investment Group made a surprise announcement today, stating that 
they intend to acquire a large block of Mason Financial's trading 
stock on the international market.  Experts expressed their 
surprise as it was widely expected...

Ikemoto:  [Attention being drawn towards the TV.]  Ca-can't be...

Kasuga:  [Sheepishly.]  Can you let me go now?

Hayashibara:  Well...please don't.  I think...we should try 
to...forget about what happened that night.

Ayukawa:  Eh?  Are you saying you don't feel that way after all?

Hayashibara:  No...I's just that...I don't want to be 
the one to come between you and Kasuga-san.

Ayukawa:  I see...[Sighs.]  You're be easier 
for all concerned.  I hope...I want us to still be friends.

Hayashibara:  I would like that very much as well.  Goodbye...I'll 
see you when I get back.  [To himself as he hangs up.]  This was 
the right thing to do...[Hangs his head, only partially from post-
game fatigue.]  I really wish I could convince myself that was 
true...[Fails to notice his hand still gripping the receiver, 
knuckles gone white.]

Ayukawa:  [Hangs up, then stares at the phone.  Softly, she 
whispers.]  Hayashibara-san...

Kasuga:  [Walks up to her with Kimura.]  Ayukawa, who was that?

Ayukawa:  [Startled.]  Ah, it was Hayashibara-san.

Kimura:  He called you all the way from Kyodai?  Sugoi*!  Did he 
ask about me?

Ayukawa:  He's...glad everything's all right.

Kimura:  He remembered me?  Lucky!  [Claps her hands together.]  
Madoka-san, isn't it wonderful being in the thoughts of someone so 

Kasuga:  ...

Ayukawa:  [Forces a smile.]  Un!  Now let's celebrate your success 
by going shopping.  Dinner's my treat.

Kimura:  [Smiles.]  Yaay!

[Cut to half an hour later.  As the trio ride in a train car, the 
click-clack of the tracks echo in the background.]

Kasuga:  Che*, I didn't think Ikemoto-san would ever stop 
lecturing me.  She finally stomped off to her room.  [Smiles 
nervously.]  It was an honest mistake!
*Mild Japanese expression of disappointment/irritation

Kimura:  [Dolefully.]  Ikemoto-san was so mean to Kyo-
chan...Madoka-san, the printer's shop must have switched them!

Ayukawa:  Ah...[Glances at the roof of the car.]  yes that must be 
it.  I suppose all's well that ends well.  [Smiles.]  Now tell us 
more about your presentation.  Oinuma-sensei must have been very 
proud of you.

Kimura:  Hai!  I was really nervous at first, and when the slides 
looked different I thought...

[As Kimura and Kasuga laugh about what happened, Ayukawa looks 
away.  Finding herself thinking of Hayashibara, one line repeats 
in her mind.  "Madoka...I love you..."]

Kimura:  And then Oinuma-sensei said...Madoka-san?  Madoka-san?  
Is something wrong?

Ayukawa:  [Turns back quickly.], of course not. 

Kimura:  ...

Kasuga Narration:  At that moment, I knew something was bothering 
Ayukawa, but I didn't think much of it at the time.  If only I 
did, maybe some unfortunate events could have been prevented...]

[Cut to the Suntory Beer Garden on the roof of the Suntory 
Building.  Ginga walks into the rooftop garden, ignoring the view 
of surrounding Akasaka and goes to the bar.  After ordering a 
beer, he sits down next to Tanaka who is waiting at a table.  
Smoke rises from the sizzling barbecue sirloin cooking on the 
table grill.]

Tanaka:  [Quietly hands Ginga a small envelope.]  I understand 
you've been having difficulties.

Ginga:  [Pockets the envelope and quaffs his first drink.]  You'd 
think a woman as attractive as her would be more interested 
in...after-office activities.

Tanaka:  [Pulls off a slice of sirloin and eats slowly.]  Akujo no 
*Ugly women are more passionate(Japanese proverb)

Ginga:  [Orders another drink.]  Well, the inverse is proving true 
here; she's too cold to seduce and too sharp to fool.  About all 
she's interested in is money and opportunity.  Now that she's 
successfully sold that stock deal, there are a lot of other 
managers and staff trying to follow her progress.  It's going to 
be harder than ever to try and gain favors from her.

Tanaka:  I see.  [Smiles]  A woman like my own heart.  [Hands 
Ginga an envelope of money.]  Here.

Ginga:  What's this for?

Tanaka:  Get her to open a few accounts for your friends as their 
broker.  Let's see if blackmail will succeed where greed won't.


New Characters Designer/Writer	Stephen Tsai
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Robert Carragher
				Chung-Mau Cheng
				Brian Edmonds
				Jeffrey T. Hollen
				James Holman
				Quincy S. Huoh
				Jim Ramberg
				Lisa Richardson
				Tony Schrick
				Eric Shen
				Takebe Rika
				Jeff Williamson
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
flame, aim them at me and me alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
the ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off 
the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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