Kimagure Orange College - Episode 19
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College
[Writer's foreword:  This is the nineteenth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that 
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka 
as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending 
credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college 
system and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese 
advanced education system is limited with what I can pick up 
watching anime, reading manga, and consulting with friends, pen 
pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are 
neither intentional nor are they meant to show disrespect for the 
Japanese education system.  In fact, I would appreciate any 
constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers 
might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]
Episode 19 - Unexpected date! The Jester and the Princess
[Fade in on one of the Butsumetsu University cafeterias.  Students 
are milling about, and the buzz of general crowd noise and 
shuffling  of dishes can be heard.  Cut to Kasuga, paying for his 
lunch.  He walks with his tray into the main dining area, then 
stops as he recognizes someone.  Moving up to the table, he sets 
his tray down next to Saito's, breaking into the latter's 
conversation with Kasamatsu.]
Kasuga:  Hey guys, how's it going?
[Kasamatsu hurriedly scoops up some design specs he was reviewing 
and stuffs them into his backpack.]
Kasamatsu:  [Smiling to cover his actions.]  Kasuga-san!  Perhaps 
our local Ishihara Yujiro could add the voice of experience to 
today's discussion.
[Writer's note:  Ishihara Yujiro (1934-87), top male actor in 
Japan in the 1950s.  Approximate Western equivalent: Sean 
Kasuga:  Eh?
Saito:  [Picking at his food irritably as he shuffles the pages of 
a computer printout.]  Teruhiko-kun thinks that there's something 
weird about me exchanging e-mail with Chun-Li.
Kasuga:  [Momentarily confused.]  Chun...?  Oh, right.  Did you 
ever get that confusion at the park straightened out?
Saito:  That was what I was just checking on.  [Offers the 
printout to Kasuga.]  See, she wants to try to meet me again!  
She's really a sweet girl.
Kasamatsu:  For a bunch of electrons.  [Grabs the paper.]  Lemme 
Saito:  Oi*!
Kasamatsu:  [Reading the sheet.]
>From Wed Sept 21 22:42:34 1988
Date: Wed, 21 Sept 1988 22:42:34 +0900 (GMT)
Subject: Re:  Thanks
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7BIT
I'm so sorry I missed you at the club the other night.  I ran into
these strange guys who started harrassing me, so I couldn't stay
there very long.  I hope you understand.  You know, it's funny; we
both want to meet each other but luck doesn't seem to be on our
side.  In a way I'm glad this is happening, when we finally do meet
it will make the moment that much more special.
Kasuga:  I don't know a whole lot about these things, but isn't 
"e-mail" just as good a way to meet someone?  You really ought to 
talk with her in person, though.
Saito:  [Uncertain.]  Yeah...I guess so.
Kasuga:  Ah, Kasamatsu-san, before I forget...didn't you say you 
had Kurosawa's "Ran" on tape?
Kasamatsu:  Sure, and a couple of his other films, too.  Why do 
you ask?
Saito:  Kasuga-san, would you please pass the salt?
Kasuga:  [Reaching for the shaker.]  Nothing special...just a 
little history project I've been thinking about.  I'd like to 
borrow it sometime.
Saito: [Taking the proffered shaker.]  San kyuu*.
*3-9 or a colloquial for "thank you"
Kasamatsu:  Sure...anyway, what I've been trying to tell Saito-kun 
is that he should forget this Chun-Li girl.  He's got a perfectly 
good girlfriend in Yuko-san.
Kasuga:  True, but--  [Looks at the salt shaker as Saito begins to 
pour.]  Aaah! The lid--!
[Saito looks up at Kasuga's yell as the lid pops off the salt 
shaker, crowning his lunch with a large pile of white crystals.  
He looks down at the tray, not quite believing his eyes.]
Kasamatsu:  [Snickering.]  Ah, Saito-kun, is it any wonder you're 
having women problems if you can't--hee hee hee--work a simple 
salt shaker?  If you could only see your face!
[Kasamatsu stops as he dissolves into loud laughter.  Kasuga looks 
uncomfortable, remembering past pranks, as Saito begins to 
tremble.  Kasuga appears about to say something, but is 
interrupted as Saito shoots out of his chair, smacking his palms 
against the tabletop.  An embarrassed, angry expression is on his 
Saito:  [Almost yelling at Kasamatsu.]  Look, you, I may not be 
the world's greatest ladykiller, like Kasuga-san--
Kasuga:  Oi!  Leave me out of this!
Saito:  [Not even pausing.]  --but at least I HAVE a girlfriend!  
Prove to me--
Kasuga:  [In a loud whisper.]  People are staring!
[Saito looks around and, seeing that Kasuga is right, sits down.]
Saito:  [In a slightly calmer tone.]  Prove to me that YOU know so 
much about women.  All your big talk, yet I haven't seen you go on 
a single date since we entered college.
[Kasamatsu has long since stopped laughing.  He looks at his 
friend quizzically, then smiles as if nothing were wrong.]
Kasamatsu:  Is that all this is about?  That I can't get a date?
Saito:  Exactly.
[Kasamatsu quietly scans the cafeteria.  His eyes abruptly lock on 
Kimura, sitting by herself at a table across the room.  Her nose 
is buried in a book.  His eyes narrow shrewdly.]
Kasamatsu:  [To himself.]  An easy mark if ever I saw 
one...this'll be child's play.  [To Saito.]  I'll bet you a 
tempura dinner that I can get a date for tonight.
Saito:  [Taken aback.]  You sound pretty sure of yourself.  You're 
Kasuga:  [Not sure where to break into the conversation.]  ...
Kasamatsu:  Okay then, it's a bet.  [Standing.]  Back in just a 
minute; there's something I need to do.
[He casually saunters around the table, then towards the 
washrooms.  Looking back, he sees that Saito and Kasuga have 
stopped watching  him, then doubles back towards Kimura.  Once he 
has walked out of earshot of the others, he lets out his breath in 
a sigh and slumps his shoulders.]
Kasamatsu:  [To himself.]  Baka* what do I do?
[Cut to profile of Kimura, a dreamy expression on her face as she 
finishes the book she is holding.]
Kasamatsu:  [Nervously.]  Er, excuse me... 
[Kimura looks up.  Kasamatsu is standing before her table, looking 
about as nervous as he possibly can.]
Kimura:  Kasamatsu-san?  Konnichi wa*!
*Hello (alternatively, "Good afternoon")
[She flashes him a bubbly smile, still lost in her romantic 
Kasamatsu:  [Stammering.]  Umm, I-I-I was w-wondering...
Kimura:  [Still starry-eyed.]  Hmmm?
Kasamatsu:  [Taking a deep breath.]  ...would you like to go to 
the movies with me tonight?  I know it's--
Kimura:  [Smiling.]  Un!
Kasamatsu:  [Continuing, blithely unaware.]  --short notice and 
all, but I thought I'd--  [He stops, confused.]  Was that a "hai"?
Kimura:  [Nodding.]  Hai!
Kasamatsu:  [Flustered.]  I, well, er, who, what time should I 
pick you up?
Kimura:  [Thinking.]  Saa*...when's the movie?
*I don't know
Kasamatsu:  Eh?  Oh, right, right, the movie, of course, right.  
It's at 8; should I pick you up at 6:30 for dinner?
Kimura:  Okay!
Kasamatsu:  [Bowing as he backs away, bumping into chairs.]  See 
you then!  Arigato*!  Arigato!  Arigato!
*Thank you
[Kimura giggles, then smiles wistfully as she muses to herself.]
Kimura:  A date, huh?
Kasamatsu:  [Who has reappeared in front of Kimura's table.]  
Kimura:  [Back to reality.]  Huh?
Kasamatsu:  [Sheepishly.]  Er...I need your address....
[Cut to the other table, where Kasuga and Saito are engaged in 
deep conversation.  Their backs are to the rest of the cafeteria, 
so they  have witnessed none of the previous exchange.]
Saito:  Honestly, though, I think he pushes things too far!  What 
business is it of his who I go out with, anyway?
Kasuga:  You have to admit, though, he does have a point.
Saito:  What?  Don't tell me you agree with that fool!
Kasuga:  Ask yourself this: if you ever do meet this "Chun-Li" in 
person, what do you intend to do?
Saito:  [A worried expression on his face.]  ...
Kasuga:  [Kindly.]  And what are you going to tell Yuko-san?
Saito:  [Looking lost.]  But...  [Pointedly.]  What about you, 
Kasuga-san?  How do you manage to juggle all those women?
Kasuga:  [Flustered.]  Hold it!  I don't ask them to hang around just kind of happens that way.  [Images of Hikaru, Kimura, 
and others fade in and out briefly over Kasuga's profile, while 
the last image freezes for a moment before fading away.]  Besides, 
I only have eyes for Ayu--
[He stops as Kasamatsu sits down, a dazed expression on his face.]
Kasuga:  Hey, where have you been?
Kasamatsu:  [Distant, slowly.]  She said yes...  [Focusing 
slightly on Kasuga.]  She said yes!
Saito:  What?  Who?
Kasamatsu:  [Smiling.]  Kimura-san...I'm going on a date with 
Kasuga and Saito:  [Wide-eyed and slack-jawed with disbelief.]  
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Kimura-san, kawaisou ni*...
*Poor, unfortunate
[Cut to a kissaten, where girls are giggling in the background as  
colorful commentary streams out of a radio speaker above the 
Dogman:  Well, "Ronin-san", if you want the Dogman's advice, hang 
in there.  If she really hated you, she would've kicked you out of 
the pad by now.  Though with that coach guy hitting on 
her...well...looks and money aren't everything--but they sure 
help!  Ha ha ha ha!  Gambatte, ne*?  Owwwwwwww!  Meanwhile, for 
the rest of you cool dogs, some more happening music coming your 
*Good luck
[The two girls at the table, who are the Miyasato twins, are now 
giggling furiously as they listen to the broadcast.]
Yoko:  I can't believe some of these guys!  Where does Dogman dig 
up these losers?
Yuko:  Beats me.  [She looks momentarily distracted.]  I knew I 
shouldn't have let you talk me into that third coffee!
[She hurries away, followed by Yoko's laughter.  Outside the 
window, Kimura stops, having noticed them at the table, then moves 
away from the window.]
[Meanwhile, at an apartment building elsewhere, Kasamatsu steps 
out of an elevator carrying a small bag of groceries.  He juggles 
the bag as he unlocks the door to Apartment 47 and steps inside.]
Kasamatsu:  [To no one in particular.]  Tadaima*!
*I'm home
[He turns on the light, illuminating his apartment: one large 
common room and a small kitchen area.  The common room is in a 
state of squalor: a futon in disarray, manga and technical designs 
strewn about the floor, empty cup ramen.  Two things are seemingly 
unaffected by the mess: an entertainment center, with TV, VCR, and 
unending rows of neatly organized tapes; and a desk, atop which 
sits a personal computer.  In the corner opposite the desk is a 
covered bird cage.
Kasamatsu kicks off his shoes in the entryway, then walks into the 
kitchen and puts some groceries into a little refrigerator.  
Threading his way through the piles of junk, he boots up his 
computer, then goes to a corner of the room and removes the cover 
from a standing birdcage.]
Kasamatsu:  Hey, did you miss me?
Baka:  BAKA!
Kasamatsu:  [Grinning.]  Sure, say what you like.  YOU don't have 
a date with a cute young lady tonight!
Baka:  [Agitated, flapping around the cage.]  Bakabakabakabaka...
Kasamatsu:  Wait a second...  [He opens the cage.]  There you go.
[Baka streaks out of the cage and swoops around t 
Kasamatsu:  Teme*!  Careful of the posters!
*<Netiquette violator>
[The parrot finally perches atop the computer monitor, cocking a 
curious eye at the screen.  Kasamatsu, meanwhile, has started a 
word processing program.]
Kasamatsu:  [Typing.]  "Red Ninja Journal -- 88.09.23
"Suddenly, I find myself with a Mission.  Months of meticulous 
preparation still cannot describe the nervousness I feel, about to 
embark on a so-called 'date'.  All my training will put itself to 
the test this very evening.  Women are mysterious and dangerous 
beings, but even though my comrades-in-arms doubt that the Mission 
will succeed, I feel confident that they will be proven wrong.
"Some new tricks in the Red Ninja Arsenal should come in quite 
[Kasamatsu sits back, pausing.  Baka leans down and appears to 
consider the words on the screen for a moment, then bobs its head 
and speaks.]
Baka:  Hentai*!  SQUAWK!
Kasamatsu:  Urusai!  Baka no baka*.
*Quiet!  Baka, you idiot (also, "Idiot of idiots").
Baka:  Sukebe*!  SQUAWK!
Kasamatsu:  That's enough out of you!
[He digs a paper sack out of the rubbish near his feet, then pulls 
out a rice cracker and stuffs it in Baka's mouth.  He looks back 
at the computer screen, then saves the file and quits.  In his 
directory, there is a journal file for nearly every day.  He moves 
aside some more junk, and grabs a pile of papers and books.  
Setting aside the top item (a paperback book called "Bachelor 
Japan"), he turns his attention to a computer text printout. The 
header on the printout reads "Handy Dating Tips".  Kasamatsu scans 
a section far down in the document which is heavily underlined.  
He begins to read aloud.]

Kasamatsu:  "Women always appreciate men who can make them 
laugh...."  [He glances at his watch, then drops the printout.]  
Oh no, I almost forgot!
[He grabs Baka off the monitor, prompting a spray of cracker 
crumbs and an outraged squawk, then stuffs the parrot back in the 
Baka:  [Nips at Kasamatsu's fingers as the cage is closed and 
covered.]  TEME!
Kasamatsu:  You'd better believe it.  [Looking at his watch 
again.]  Kuso*, I'm pressed for time!
*<Netiquette violator>
[Grabbing a light jacket, he stops to remove a small tissue-
wrapped object from his grocery bags, and sprints out the door.]
[Back at the kissaten, Yoko is sipping her coffee.  She starts a 
bit as she hears a bubbly voice.]
Kimura:  Konnichi wa, Yoko-san!
Yoko:  Hey, don't surprise me like that!  [Gesturing.]  Go ahead, 
Kimura:  [Sitting down.]  Sorry; it's just that I saw you and 
Yuko-san, and wanted to say hi.
Yoko:  Yeah, we were just listening to Dogman's show--  [Finally 
realizing something.]  Hey, how can you tell us apart?  Most 
people don't catch on that quick.
Kimura:  I used to babysit twin boys before we moved here; I think 
it must be because of them.  [She thinks for a second.]  Then 
again, it could be because of the ribbon Yuko-san always wears....
Yoko:  ...
Yuko:  [Returning.]  Konnichi wa, Kimura-san!
Kimura:  [Smiling.]  Konnichi wa!  Yoko-san and I were just 
[The girls talk about classes and guys for a bit, then Yuko and 
Yoko wave Kimura to silence as Dogman comes back on.]
Kimura:  Eh?  What's going on?
Yuko and Yoko:  [Together.]  Shhh!
Dogman:  Back to the show, young lovers!  Owwwwwww!  Now, 
apologies to all the lovely young ladies who sent fan-mail to the 
Dogman, but today is Guys' Day on Dogman's show.  Once a month, 
Dogman reads all the mail from the hound dogs out there who want 
advice from the master.  Dogman's address again, in case you 
forgot, is--
Kimura:  What's Dogman?
Yuko:  He's a DJ who reads letters from people wanting love 
Yoko:  He's so over the top!  He's hilarious.
Kimura:  [Innocently.]  Then are you waiting for your letters to 
be read?
[The twins face-fault sideways.]
Dogman:  "--how can I bear to live with my first love, who is now 
my brother's wife?  Signed, Green With Envy."  Whoa, Green, sounds 
like some heavy stuff.  Owwwww!  Take the Dogman's advice and get 
out of the house.  Get into a dorm room or something, cause it's 
uncool to dig another dog's babe.  Best to put some distance 
between you so you can get on with your life.  Next letter!
Yoko:  [As Dogman continues his spiel.]  Like WE have something in 
common with losers like that?  Our love lives aren't that bad!
Ayukawa:  [Walking up to the table.]  Wasn't Dogman on at night 
before?  He's been handing out advice since I was in high school.
Kimura:  Madoka-san!  Hi!
Yuko:  [As Ayukawa sits down.]  He's so popular that they re-run 
his show in the afternoon now.  Good thing, too; I can't listen to 
a midnight show with my study schedule.
Kimura:  [Barely containing her enthusiasm.]  Oh! Madoka-san!  I 
wanted to tell you...I have a date tonight.
Yuko and Yoko:  [Suddenly very interested.]  A date?
Ayukawa:  That's great!  Who asked you out?
Kimura:  Kasamatsu-san!  He asked me at lunch.
[The twins face-plant again.]
Yoko:  Uso*!
*It's a lie (alternatively, "You're kidding")
Yuko:  Masaka*!
*No way
Kimura:  [Genuinely confused.]  Madoka-san, what do they mean?
Ayukawa:  [Glancing warningly at the twins.]  Be nice, you two.
Yuko:  But...
Yoko:  Kasamatsu-san?
Yuko and Yoko:  [Together.]  That hentai?!
Yoko:  He's such a sukebe.
Yuko:  Really.  Why would you ever date him?
Kimura:  [Her face falling rapidly.]  He can't be as bad as 
Yoko:  Oh no?  Remember the dog--
Ayukawa:  Chotto*, I think it's nice that Keiko-san's going out on 
a date.
Kimura:  [Almost pleading.]  Ne*, Madoka-san, what do you think of 
*Say (alternatively, "tell me")
Ayukawa:  Eh?  I should stop worrying about other 
people and just try to have a good time.
Kimura:  [Brightening.]  Right!  This'll be fun!
Yuko and Yoko:  [Eyes narrowed.]  ...
[The group breaks up, each going a different direction.  Dogman's 
broadcast continues in the background.]
Dogman:  "--I've just been watching helplessly as she looks to 
many others to try to find the right guy, never finding the right 
time to tell her how I really feel.  What should I do?  Signed,--"
[Quick cut to a small portable radio on a desktop.]
Dogman:  "--Tongue-Tied."  Well, here's what you do--
[Katsu quickly switches the radio off as he hears a knock at his 
door.  He opens it to Kasamatsu's grinning face.]
Kasamatsu:  Oi!  I wasn't sure I was going to make it in time.  
Hope I didn't interrupt anything.
Katsu:  Nah, I caught that show last night.  [Amused.]  Besides, 
it's not like *I'm* going anywhere.
Kasamatsu:  Maybe not, but I've got somewhere to be soon.  
[Glances around furtively.]  Do you have the item?
Katsu:  [Grabs a sealed vial off the desk.]  Here.  I just 
finished it a little bit ago.  [Stops just short of handing it 
over.]  Do you have the amount we agreed upon?
Kasamatsu:  [Whispers.]  Give me the password!
Katsu:  [Disbelieving expression.]  What?
Kasamatsu:  The password!  How else do I know you're really you?
Katsu:  [Rolls his eyes, then half-heartedly.]  Musume o miru 
yori, haha o miyo.*
*Look at the mother instead of the daughter (Japanese proverb)
Kasamatsu:  [Whispers.]  Nyobo to tatami wa atarashi ho ga yoi.*  
[Digs in a pocket and pulls out two 1000-yen notes.]  Here.  Your 
prices are pretty steep.  No need to count it; it's all there.
*Wives and tatami are better when new (Japanese proverb)
Katsu:  [Pocketing the money.]  As much as I hate selling out like 
this, let me point out that you're not just going to be able to 
order a batch from a catalog.  Now, you're not going to be using 
this stuff in classrooms, are you?  I don't want it traced back to 
Kasamatsu:  Do I look that stupid?  [Pauses.]  Never mind.  Don't 
worry, it's strictly for private use.  [Looks at the vial 
suspiciously.]  How do I know it's the real thing?
Katsu:  Go ahead, open it.
[Kasamatsu unscrews the top of the vial, then staggers back as the 
stench reaches him.  Katsu, off to one side, discreetly holds his 
nose as Kasamatsu reseals the vial.]
Kasamatsu:  Phew!  I'm convinced.  What did you say it was called 
Katsu:  Putrescine.  It's a compound secreted by the bacteria that 
decompose corpses.  You should probably dilute it before using it.
Kasamatsu:  No kidding.  That's pretty foul stuff.  [Grins.]  I 
have BIG plans for this!
Katsu:  I DON'T want to know.  You be really careful with that, 
now!  [Sighs.]  I can't believe what college tuition is forcing me 
to do.
Kasamatsu:  Thanks, pal.  Ja*!
[He leaves, and Katsu stares at the closed door for several 
moments before moving.  He grabs a squeeze bottle labelled 
"Acetone" from a shelf, then kneels down and wrestles a large jug 
from under his lab bench.  He unstoppers the jug, and uses the 
acetone to clean his glassware, dumping the waste into the jug.]
Katsu:  [To himself.]  I hope he's not going to do anything 
[A burbling noise causes him to raise his head.  He stares at the 
jug, then at the flask in his hand, then back at the jug, on which 
is a neatly-lettered label: "Inorganic Waste Only".  He scoops up 
the glass stopper and jams it into the mouth of the jug.]
Katsu:  Shimatta*!
*Oh, no!
[The stopper pops out explosively, bouncing off the ceiling.  A 
dingy froth overflows the jug, and a greenish-grey cloud of smoke 
emerges.  Cut to outside of boarding house; Katsu's window is 
thrown open suddenly, allowing a huge cloud of smoke to billow 
Katsu:  [Coughing; resignedly.]  Wonderful...
[FADE IN on a mountainside terrace.  Several people are seated at 
outdoor tables, conversing and sipping from cups of coffee.]
Announcer:  [Voice-over.]  Here at the world famous Bashitarlle 
Coffeehouse and Pancake Restaurant, we've secretly replaced the 
legendary Shizuma Drive with new Vogler's Crystals.  Let's see if 
anyone can tell the difference.
[Cut to a gloved hand removing an Anti-Shizuma Drive from a black 
attache case, and locking it into a mechanism next to two 
identical others.
External shot: A huge globe of darkness explodes outwards, 
enveloping the countryside and plunging it into blackness.  
Maniacal laughter can be heard over the explosion.  An Anti-
Shizuma Drive fades into the foreground as, in the background, the 
restaurant slowly sinks into a crater.]
Announcer:  [Voice-over.]  Vogler's Crystals.  Now available in 
new "Beautiful Night" blend!
[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]
[Fade in to the Kimura household, where Keiko is bustling about, 
finishing her preparations for her date.  Her mother, Akiko, 
hovers like a fretful hen, as Keiko puts on earrings and 
straightens her clothing.  Keiko's father, Masaki, watches with 
equal apprehension from the living room.]
Akiko:  [Exasperated.]  Keiko, you're SURE that this is what you 
want?  Did I make it clear that you could ask for ANYTHING?
Kimura:  [Sighing.]  Okaasan*, all I want is a couple of extra 
hours on my curfew for my date tonight.  That's all.
Akiko:  [To Masaki.]  Anata*, speak with your daughter!
*Dear (used by wives to husbands)
Masaki:  [Meekly.]  But, you were the one who promised her 
anything she wanted after the dean gave her such high praise for 
her presentation.
Akiko:  [Glaring at Masaki.]  You are NOT helping matters!  [To 
Keiko.]  You didn't tell me WHY you want the extra time.
Keiko:  Kasamatsu-san is taking me to dinner and a movie, so I 
thought we could go somewhere and talk after the find 
out more about each other.
Masaki:  [Pulls out his handkerchief and sniffs.]  Kawaisou na 
Akiko:  [To Keiko.]  I'll find out everything you need to know 
about him as soon as he--  [She is interrupted by the doorbell 
Keiko:  [Clapping her hands together.]  Ya-ho!  He's here!
[Akiko walks over and opens the door.  Kasamatsu looks up, and is 
frozen by her icy glare.  He quickly hides his proffered hand and 
removes the joy buzzer, then sticks it back out, where it is 
summarily ignored.]
Akiko:  [Coldly.]  You must be Kasamatsu-san.  Come in.
Kasamatsu:  [To himself.] sense of humor.
Masaki:  [Pleadingly.]  Promise me you'll take good care of our 
Akiko:  [Interrupting.]  Before you leave with my daughter, there 
are some ground rules.  First, have her home by 11:00--
Keiko:  [Interrupting; pleadingly.]  Okaasan!
Akiko:  [Grudgingly.]  --by 1:00.  Don't try anything strange with 
her--and I WILL know.  Now, I have some questions for you:  What 
are you studying?  What are your intentions toward my daughter?  
What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
Kasamatsu:  [Intimidated, but calm.]  1:00, ma'am, understood.  My 
major is Engineering.  I hope to get to know your daughter on this 
date, so we can both decide if we want to date again.  I'm still 
just a first-year student--
Keiko:  [Grabbing Kasamatsu's arm.]  Let's go!  We don't want to 
be late!  [Whispering.]  How can you stay so calm?
Kasamatsu:  Uhh...hai.  [Whispering back.]  Years of practice at 
ducking authority.  Please tell me I won't have to do that again.
Keiko:  [Giggles; then, to her parents.]  Bye, okaasan, otoosan*!  
I'll be back later!  [They leave.]
Akiko:  [After a moment, to Masaki.]  Grab your coat.  We're going 
to follow them.
Masaki:  I-I don't think we should...
Akiko:  [Glaring at him.]  What did you say?
Masaki:  N-now, okaasan, remember what happened last time we tried 
following her around?  Besides, she's got to grow up sometime.  
[Sniffs.]  My poor baby girl....
Akiko:  Hmph.  I suppose you're right.  [Sighs.]  Let's wait up 
for them instead.
[Cut to the interior of Room 4 at the boarding house.]
Katsu:  [Pounding on the door from outside.]  Tanaka-san!  
[Coughs.]  There's been a chemical accident; we need to leave!
Tanaka:  [Listening.]  How...serendipitous.  [Turning to his 
guest.]  I trust, then, that you understand your instructions?
Ginga:  I am to search the room, and provide an analysis of what I 
discover there.
Tanaka:  Precisely.  But not a single item out of its proper 
Ginga:  [Sniffs.]  I AM a professional.
Tanaka:  I did not mean to suggest otherwise.  Take careful note 
of anything you find which is related to the young lady, and you 
will be suitably compensated.
Ginga:  [Performing a seated bow.]  You honor me.
Tanaka:  [Handing him a breathing mask.]  I believe you will 
require this.  I must now join the others, for...appearance's 
[He stands and slips out of the room, delicately holding a 
handkerchief over his nose and mouth.  In the hall, he nearly 
bumps into Kasuga.]
Tanaka:  [Solicitously.]  Ah, Kasuga-san, I trust that the evening 
finds you well?
Kasuga:  [Coughing.]  Haa...about as well as can be expected.
Tanaka:  Indeed.  Let us make haste; the air grows fouler by the 
[He guides Kasuga down the stairs.  A minute or so later, Ginga 
leaves Room 4 wearing the breathing mask, and slips quietly into 
Room 5.
Outside of the boarding house, Fujimoto finishes hanging her 
sheets on the drying line and is about to head back inside when 
she stops and sniffs the air.  A moment later, she watches with a 
knowing expression as she watches Eiji, Yoko, Yuko and Katsu come 
running out of the house gagging and holding their noses.  Kasuga 
stumbles out a moment later, and Tanaka walks behind, still 
gingerly holding his handkerchief over his mouth.]
Eiji:  [Barely manages to speak coherently.]  Wh-what the hell is 
Katsu:  [Embarrassed expression behind a face filter.] 
exothermic reaction between inorganic waste and putrescin--
Both Miyasatos in unison:  [Holding their noses and covering their 
mouths.]  Urusee*!
*Shut up!
Kasuga:  [Holding his nose.]  What were you doing with something 
so smelly?
Fujimoto:  You're very fortunate Egami-san is away for his real 
estate trip.  If he were here, he'd probably dock you 2000 yen.
Katsu:  [Nervously, then claps his hands palm-to-palm.]  
Ah...could we please keep that secret?
Yoko:  [Extortingly.]  Well...if you're going to have to pay anyw-
Fujimoto:  [Gently but meaningfully.]  <A-hem!>
Yuko:  [Interrupts Yoko.]  Ah...sure we can!
Eiji:  Okaasan, I'm missing TV!
Fujimoto:  You're supposed to be studying.
Eiji:  ...
Fujimoto:  [To everyone else.]  I guess the house 
is...uninhabitable for the time being.  I'll try and air it out 
for tonight.  If there is anything you could do until then, I'm 
sure we'll all come out of this with no problems.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Guess I could call Ayukawa and see what 
she's doing.  I still need to talk to her about some things.
Yuko:  Since this idiot  [Glares at Katsu.]  has driven us out of 
the house, I'm gonna go down to the computer lab and see if Saito 
wants to do anything tonight.
Yoko:  I'd better come along.  [Cracks knuckles.]  You don't know 
if that hentai boyfriend of yours would try anything strange.  
Besides, [Smiling a little.]  I want to check my e-mail.
Tanaka:  I shall also take my leave.  [Bowing.]  Pardon me.
Fujimoto:  [To Katsu.]  Well, unless you'd like to help with 
airing out the house....
Katsu:  No, that's okay...I'm going to take a walk to clear my 
Fujimoto:  All right. The house should be ready in a few hours. 
See you later!
[Clucking her tongue softly, she gathers her laundry and heads 
inside.  She enters each of the first-floor rooms in turn, opening 
the windows and leaving the doors propped open to air out the 
house.  She finishes the first floor and starts up the stairs to 
the second.
On the second floor, Ginga is leaving Kasuga's room, and carefully 
closes the door behind him.  He is about to go downstairs and 
leave, when he hears approaching footsteps.  Startled, he looks 
for a place to hide.  Fujimoto appears at the top of the stairs, 
and gasps in surprise as she sees the prowler.]
Ginga:  [Muttering.]  Kuso!
Fujimoto:  Stop!  What are you doing?
[He lunges forward, pushing Fujimoto roughly onto the floor as he 
races downstairs and escapes.  When it becomes clear that the man 
has left, Fujimoto pulls herself up, brushes off her clothing, and 
hurries downstairs to use the phone.
Meanwhile, inside a nearby pasta restaurant.  Kasamatsu and Kimura 
have just been seated and handed menus by the waiter.]
Kasamatsu:  I hope this is all right.  I tried to find a place 
close enough to the theater.
Kimura:  [Smiling.]  No, this is perfect.
[Kasamatsu nervously returns the smile.  The two of them sit in 
silence for a moment, Kimura beginning to fidget as Kasamatsu 
desperately thinks of something to break the ice.  At a loss, he 
rummages in his backpack.]
Kimura:  What's in the pack?  I was wondering why you brought it.
Kasamatsu:  You never know when it'll be useful.  One second...
[He pulls out something unseen, then squeezes a bulb in his left 
hand, which causes the attached rubber frog to leap at Kimura from 
his right.  She starts in surprise, then laughs.]
Kimura:  Kyaa!  Kawaii*!  Where did you get it?
*How cute
Kasamatsu:  Some guy in the park traded it to me for a 
takoyaki*.... He said something about not needing it now that the 
tutoring was over.
*breaded octopus on a stick
Kimura:  [Giggling.]  How neat!  [She plays with the frog a 
Kasamatsu:  [To himself.]  It's working!  She's having a good 
time.  [Glances sidelong at Kimura.]  She's really cute when she 
[They talk and laugh a while longer.  Kimura excuses herself.  
After she has gone, Kasamatsu pulls a drinking glass from his 
backpack, dumps Kimura's water into it, wipes the new glass, and 
hides the original.  Kimura returns shortly afterwards.]
Kimura:  Sorry about that.
Kasamatsu:  [Smiling.]  No problem.  So, what were you saying 
about the Dean's review?
Kimura:  [Reaches for her glass.]  Oh, right!  I'm supposed to 
finish out the current term, then they'll--  Ara*?
*Oh my
[She stops as she feels a thin trickle of water from her glass 
into her lap, then quickly sets the glass on the table.]
Kimura:  [Mops at the spill with her napkin.]  Can you call the 
waiter?  I think this glass is leaking.
Kasamatsu:  [Chuckling.]  No, that's one of mine.
Kimura:  [Confused.]  One of yours?  What do you mean?
Kasamatsu:  It's a dribble glass.  I thought you might get a laugh 
out of it.
Kimura:  ...
[The awkward pause is broken as the waiter brings their meals, and 
their conversation slowly, tentatively resumes.]
[Cut to the living room of Ayukawa's apartment.  Ayukawa is leafing 
through a textbook as the doorbell rings.  She gets up to answer 
Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  Come in.
Kasuga:  [Looking around nervously.]  Your roommate's not here, is 
Ayukawa:  No, she's working late.  [Concerned.]  Again.
Kasuga:  [Relieved.]  That's great; I didn't want to have her 
yelling at me again.
Ayukawa:  [Slapping Kasuga's shoulder playfully.]  Come on, she's 
not going to hold a grudge this long!  Besides, it all turned out 
all right.
Kasuga:  [Rubbing the back of his head.]  I guess so.
[They sit down and start talking about classes and schoolwork.  
Ayukawa pours them both some juice, then digs out a bottle of 
Kasuga:  [Worried.]  Do you really think we should drink?
Ayukawa:  I'll keep an eye on how much we drink.  [Smiles.]  Don't 
worry.  Besides, it's been a while since we could talk like this.
Kasuga:  [Reassured.]  True.  All right then, go for it!
[Ayukawa pours a little of the alcohol into their cups.  The main 
window of the apartment reflects them as they continue to talk.]
[Cut to a glass-enclosed movie poster.  On it are heroes in 
dramatic poses, armored battle suits, spacecraft, etc.  The 
movie's name, which is in very tiny type near the top of the 
poster, is "Remember the Superdimensional City Fortress Hunters of 
Love".  In front of the movie theater where this poster is 
displayed, Kasamatsu and Kimura are waiting in line to enter.]
Kimura:  Are you sure this is the right movie?
Kasamatsu:  Oh, don't worry, it'll be great!  I've seen it seven 
times already.
Kimura:  [Uncomfortable, trying not to offend.]  I was thinking of 
something a little more...romantic.
Kasamatsu:  [Oblivious.]  This's got something for everybody--
action, adventure, romance, mecha...
Kimura:  [Not reassured.]  ...
[Later, inside the theater, Kasamatsu and Kimura have just found 
their seats.]
Kasamatsu:  I'm going to grab some popcorn.  Do you want anything?
Kimura:  [Tentatively.]  Could you get me a small cola?
Kasamatsu:  No problem.  One thing first...
[He opens his backpack and pulls out a plastic prop: an overturned 
drink cup, with popcorn embedded in the soda spill.]
Kimura:  [Bemused.]  What's that for?
Kasamatsu:  I use it as a seat saver.  Be right back!
[He places the prop on his seat, where it rests perfectly.  Kimura 
breaks into giggles as he leaves.]
Kimura:  [Smiling to herself.]  This doesn't seem so bad after 
[Cut to Katsu wandering through a downtown park district, looking 
rather downtrodden.  All around him, "discreet" young lovers 
embrace under trees and on benches.  Trying hard not to look 
around him, he pulls up the collar of his jacket and lets out a 
heavy sigh.]
[Cut to the movie theater, where the film has already begun.  On 
screen, a group of heroes fights valiantly as they are menaced by 
an enormous insectoid robot.  Kasamatsu digs in his pack, pulling 
out a large rubber spider on a string, which he dangles in the 
face of the young woman in front of him.]
Woman:  Kyaaaaaa!
Woman's date:  [Standing to his full six-foot height.]  Kono 
*<Netiquette violator>
Kasamatsu:  Ah, sorry, sorry!  I'm putting it away now, see?
Woman's date:  [Mutters as he sits back down.]  Teme...
[The woman glares back at Kasamatsu, and Kimura gives her an 
apologetic look, staring at Kasamatsu strangely.  He turns to her 
and gives her an ingratiating smile.]
Kasamatsu:  Guess some people can't take a joke, huh?  [Suddenly 
gesturing at the screen.]  Here, here, this is one of my favorite 
[Kimura looks at the screen.  The heroes are lined up on the deck 
of their space cruiser, ready to take flight in their fighter 
ships and engage the enemy.  Their friends and crewmates are 
seeing them off in a rather emotional scene.
The camera focuses on a curly-haired man in his twenties, pleading 
with a departing female pilot.]
Man:  Jadzia, please!  You don't have to do this!  Let me go 
Jadzia:  Julian, that's very sweet, but you don't have the fighter
training I do.
Julian:  [Desperately.]  But I love you!
Jadzia:  [Smiling.]  I know.
[Jadzia climbs into her ship.  All the fighters launch, and the 
gathered throng disperses...except for a beautiful young woman 
with short, dark hair, tears streaming down her face as she 
watches the receding lights of the ships.]
Ushiko:  Umao-san...please come back to me safely!
[Back in the theater, few are unaffected by the scene's emotional 
manipulation.  Kimura also has tears streaming down her face.]
Kimura:  Ohhh...that's so beautiful.  Don't you think so, 
Kasamatsu-san?  Ara...?
[She leans over as if to rest her head on his shoulder, then 
realizes he isn't there.  She looks around the theater for him, 
then spots him coming down the aisle and plopping into his seat.]
Kasamatsu:  [Grinning apologetically.]  Sorry, I had to use the 
Kimura:  [Brow furrowing.]  ...
[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment, where Kasuga and Ayukawa are still 
laughing and talking.]
Kasuga:  Oh, you heard about it too?
Ayukawa:  I ran into Keiko-san and the twins this afternoon.  She 
sounded really excited about the date.
Kasuga:  Sure, but I hope she knows what she's getting herself 
Ayukawa:  [Mock-exasperated.]  Not you, too!
Kasuga:  Huh?  What'd I say?
Ayukawa:  The twins were coming down pretty hard on Keiko-san 
earlier.  I don't think they were being very fair.
Kasuga:  Even so...
Ayukawa:  Even so, don't you think Kasamatsu-san deserves the 
benefit of the doubt?
Kasuga:  I guess so.  Looks like we'll have to pry the details out 
of them tomorrow, eh?
[Ayukawa looks at him curiously, then starts laughing.  Kasuga 
joins her, until Ayukawa trails off, noticing that their glasses 
are empty.  She picks up the pitcher of juice.]
Ayukawa:  Can I refill your-- ah!
[Kasuga's hand, reaching for the glass, jostles the bottle, 
causing juice to spill on the table, and all over Kasuga's arm and 
Ayukawa:  Sorry!  Let me get you a towel.
Kasuga:  Don't worry about it, it was all my fault.
[He pulls a white handkerchief out of his shirt pocket.  A red 
handkerchief is also tugged out, and falls unnoticed to the 
ground. He wipes his arm off as Ayukawa notices the red 
handkerchief and picks it up.  She examines it thoroughly, 
fascinated by its design.]
Ayukawa:  What a beautiful handkerchief!  Where did you get it?
Kasuga:  [Looks surprised as he realizes what Ayukawa is holding, 
then gently takes the handkerchief from Ayukawa.  He almost 
reverently fingers the delicate silk as he recalls.]  This was a 
gift...from a very special woman I met...  [He stops, entranced by 
the intricate embroidered crane pattern]  a long...time...ago.
[Ayukawa, whose face briefly registered jealousy when Kasuga 
mentioned "a very special woman", looks over at Kasuga with 
concern, noting his haunted expression.]
Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun...daijobu*?
*Are you all right?
[As she watches him, tears pool near the corners of his eyes.  A 
lone tear trickles down his cheek.  More concerned, she lightly 
touches his shoulder.]
Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun?
Kasuga Narration:  It was as if I was reliving the entire 
experience.  I could clearly picture Lady Fujiwara in my mind, and 
the desperate battle with Akumu...the carnage I had witnessed, and 
the knowledge that all those I had met on my journey were long ago 
turned to dust.  All of it still weighed heavy on my mind, and I 
had been unable to tell anyone about it.  Until now....

Kasuga:  Ayukawa?
Ayukawa:  H-hai?
Kasuga:  [Speaking slowly, in a daze.]  How you 
remember... about the time Grandpa sent you back in time to find 
Kasuga Narration:  All of it poured out of me in one long 
stream...explaining the timeslips, describing the past I had 
fallen into, and--and my part in causing a man's death.  Through 
it all, Ayukawa listened to me, and her soft words of comfort and 
cradling arms did much to ease my troubled mind.  She understood; 
if not all I had experienced, then its effect on me...her soothing 
manner and reasoning arguments helped me cope with the experience.  
After all of that...and the small amount of alcohol I had 
drunk...I was exhausted.
[Some time later, Ayukawa sits in a chair, thinking, and watching 
Kasuga's sleeping form on the couch.  She rises, walks over to 
him, and pulls a blanket over his shoulders.  Looking down at his 
face,  she caresses his hair softly.]
Ayukawa:  [To herself.]  Kawaisou na Kasuga-kun...  [She picks up 
her glass and finishes it.]  I never got a chance to talk with you 
about Hayashibara-san.  [Whispering.]  Kasuga-kun...I love you.
[She switches off the light, sitting back down, as if standing 
guard over Kasuga.  After a while, she too falls asleep.]
[Cut to the movie theater.  Kimura and Kasamatsu are still 
watching the film, which is nearing its end.  Things are a bit 
more peaceable than before, and Kimura actually watches the movie 
with mild interest.  She occasionally glances over at Kasamatsu, 
smiling in wonderment as she sees the intense emotions play across 
his face, evoked by the movie's powerful scenes.
Kasamatsu suddenly remembers something, and once again goes 
digging in his backpack.  He finds what he was searching for, but 
as he pulls out the tissue-wrapped object, a familiar-looking 
glass vial slips out of the opening and smashes open on the floor 
of the theater.]
Kasamatsu:  Aah--!
[Kimura looks at him, surprised by his outburst, then notices, as 
do many of the other patrons, the pervasive, cloying stench 
spreading through the theater.  Many people cough and wheeze as 
they struggle from their seats and dash to the exits.  Tears well 
up in Kimura's eyes, and a crushed look of disappointment falls 
across her face.  She stands, grabbing her coat.]
Kimura:  [Not quite crying.]  Hidoi*!  I can't believe you'd-- 
*How awful
[She turns and runs out of the theater, swallowed by the rest of 
the mob.]
Kasamatsu:  Kimura-san!  Wait!  It was an accident.  An 
[He looks forlornly at the object in his hand.  The tissue paper 
has fallen away from the single red rose he purchased earlier.
On the movie screen, the commander of the heroes gives one of his 
crew a severe dressing-down.]
Commander:  One of these days, your childish pranks are going to 
really hurt someone!
[Kasamatsu turns and shuffles out of the theater.]
[Cut to Kimura walking along a quiet street, not far from the 
theater.  Her head is bowed, and her eyes still seem sad.  Despite 
the coat she wears, she shivers from the cold breeze.
A couple blocks away, at the top of a short hill, Katsu approaches 
from the other direction, affecting a depressed demeanor similar 
to Kimura's.  He stops short as he looks down the hill, noticing 
the young woman as she passes under a street lamp.]
Katsu:  Huh?  Kimura-san...?  [Louder, waving as he walks swiftly 
down the hill.]  Kimura-san!
Kimura:  [Looking up in surprise.]  Katsu-san?  What are you doing 
Katsu:  [Embarrassed.]  It's a long story....  What about you?  
[Noticing that Kimura is dressed up.]  Were you on a date?
Kimura:  [Sadly.]  Haa...
Katsu:  [Sees the expression on Kimura's face.]  Listen, do you 
want to talk about it?  [He fingers the two 1000-yen notes in his 
pocket.]  There's a kissaten near here, I'll buy us some coffee.

Kimura:  [Shaking herself to dispel the gloom.]  That sounds nice.
[The two of them walk back up the hill in silence.  Later, at an 
all-night kissaten, Kimura and Katsu sip at cups of coffee as they 
Katsu:  Kasamatsu-san, huh?  He didn't try anything crude, did he?
Kimura:  [Slowly.] fact, he was a perfect, maybe I'm overreacting.
Katsu:  About what?
Kimura:  Lots of little things.  Like the dribble glass at 
Katsu:  Uso!  He used a dribble glass during a dinner date?!  Then 
again, that does kind of sound like his style.
Kimura:  Once in a while, I thought I was having a wonderful 
night...then something else would happen, and I didn't know why I 
was there in the first place.
Katsu:  Maybe he just has a hard time relating to people.  His 
pranks aren't meant to be taken seriously, but they're probably 
one of the few ways he knows how to express himself.
Kimura:  I never thought of it like that.
Katsu:  [Smiles ruefully.]  Let's just say I know what shyness is 
Kimura:  You never did tell me what you were doing out so late.
Katsu:  [Sheepishly.]  Well, er...I had a bit of an accident in 
the one was hurt, but we had to evacuate the house for a 
while.  Everything's probably back to normal by now.
Kimura:  That's good.  I'm glad you're okay.
Katsu:  [Startled by her words.]  Umm...thanks.
Kimura:  [Wrinkles her nose.]  What's that smell?  [Sniffs her 
coat; dismayed.]  Oh no, it must be in my clothes!
Katsu:  [Over Kimura's words.]  It's probably from the lab 
accident.  It must be in my clothes.
Kimura and Katsu:  [Simultaneously.]  What do you mean, in YOUR 
Kimura:  Kasamatsu-san set off a stink bomb in the 
theater...that's why I left.
Katsu:  [To himself, aloud.]  Stink bomb?  He couldn't have been 
that stupid!  [To Kimura.]  Did you see him playing with a little 
glass vial?
Kimura:  I thought I heard some glass breaking....
Katsu:  [Musing.]  Then he probably didn't do it intentionally.  
That could've brought him real trouble.  See, this is all very 
embarrassing...Kasamatsu-san asked for my help with a prank, which 
involved a particularly odious chemical compound....
Kimura:  Hidoi!  What did you help him with such a thing for?
Katsu:  [Surveys their table.]  Apparently, for four cups of 
coffee, and...  [Smiles tentatively at Kimura.]  and some very 
good company.
[Kimura stares at him uncomprehendingly for a moment, then breaks 
out in a giggling fit.  Katsu laughs along with her.  The tension  
of the moment is dissolved, and they order two more cups of coffee  
as they continue talking.]
[Cut to Kasamatsu's apartment.  Kasamatsu arrives home, switching 
on the lights.]
Kasamatsu:  [Despondent, to no one in particular.]  Tadaima...
[He lifts the cover from the parrot cage, then slumps onto his 
Baka:  Kono BAKAYARO*!
*<Netiquette violator>
Kasamatsu:  [Sighing heavily.]  Tell me about it.
[He sits on the futon for several minutes, then lets Baka out of 
the cage and boots up his computer.  He enters the word processing 
program again.]
Kasamatsu:  [Typing.]  "Red Ninja Journal--88.09.23"
[He stares at the first line for a long moment, then slowly 
deletes the entire line and starts over.]
Kasamatsu: [Typing.]  "Journal of Kasamatsu Teruhiko--88.09.23
"Tonight I really screwed things up.  I thought I was doing the 
right things to make Kimura laugh, but everything I did seemed to 
fall apart.  She must despise me.  I have to explain to her that 
it was an accident...well, that last part was, my 
pranks really come across that way to others?"
[Fade to black as he continues typing away.]
[Fade in to a Mathematics lecture hall the next morning at B.U.  
Kasamatsu walks in and sees Kimura sitting near the middle of the 
hall.  He sits down next to her as the lecture begins.]
Kasamatsu:  Uh...Kimura-san?
Another student:  Shh!  Pay attention to the lecture!
Kasamatsu:  [Sheepishly.]  Haa...
[He looks over at Kimura, but she is doodling idly in her 
notebook.  He writes and hands a quick message to her.]
Kasamatsu's note:  I'm sorry about what happened last night.  I 
realize I wasn't on my best behavior, and I'd understand it if you 
hated me.
[Kimura reads the note and composes a reply, then passes it back.]
Kimura's note:  [Accompanied by a doodle of a dancing panda.]  
Really, I'm not mad!  I'm sorry I ran out on you so suddenly.  You 
shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
Kasamatsu's note:  Would you let me make it up to you with another 
Kimura's note:  [With a smiling group of flowers.]  That's 
probably not a good idea...we can still be friends, though, ne?
Kasamatsu:  [Whispering as he reads the note.]  Hai...  [To 
himself, sorrowfully.]  I could have understood it if she were 
angry...but I don't know how to handle this boundless cheer....
[After class, Saito grabs Kasamatsu's arm as he leaves the lecture 
Saito:  Looks like I owe you a tempura dinner!
Kasamatsu:  [Distracted.]  Huh?
Saito:  Come on, I saw you writing notes to Kimura-san during 
class!  [Winks at him.]  Lucky guy, you must've been a real 
charmer last night!
Kasamatsu:  [Sadly.]  You just don't understand it at all....
Saito:  [Confused as he watches his friend's retreating back.]  
[Kasamatsu walks along the University commons, stopping as he 
notices the sun shining down, and the pleasantly cool breeze.  He 
takes a deep breath, exhales, and a faint smile plays across his 
Kasamatsu:  [Musing wistfully.]  Friends, huh?
Writer					Jeff Williamson
New Characters Designer			Stephen Tsai
Pre-readers				Bob Carragher
					Robert DeLoura
					Doug Eckhart
					Brian Edmonds
					James Holman
					Quincy S. Huoh
					Lisa Richardson
Very special thanks to			Hitoshi Doi
A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing.
If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing 
faux pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must 
flame, aim them at me and me alone.
Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  
If you are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
the ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off 
the net, I've got the next episode in the works.  If you have any 
story ideas, or general ideas, please send them.  Any tidbits 
about the Japanese advanced education system will be especially 
looked at (see first writer's note).
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!
For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major 
location descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis 
for each episode.  If there is a particular character, place or 
event that you would like to know more about, and it is not being 
covered, don't hesitate to email me and I will send you either a 
note or a copy of the episode where it is introduced. 
Focus on Dogman [First introduced in the audio CD drama "Cassette 
Tape Message"]: Dogman hosts a nighttime radio program popular 
with teens and young adults.  His listeners send in letters 
seeking advice on matters of the heart, hoping that they'll be 
read on-air.  With an irreverent DJ style similar to Wolfman 
Jack's, Dogman plays the latest pop hits while reading letters and 
dispensing advice.  A great non-continuity original episode, 
"Cassette Tape Message" can be found on the Orange Road CD 
"Cassette Tape no Dengon" as well as disc #5 of Singing Heart^2.  
A translation can be obtained from the FTP site.

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