Kimagure Orange College - Episode 20
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College
[Writer's foreword:  This is the twentieth episode of a fan-fict series 
based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are intended to 
take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", and follow the 
characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they start the next phase 
of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new characters, 
and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  In addition, the 
older episodes are available at the ftp site.
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have graduated 
from college, my experience is in the American college system and culture.  
The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced education system is 
limited with what I can pick up watching anime, reading manga, and 
consulting with friends, pen pals and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, 
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant to show 
disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, I would appreciate 
any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might 
offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]
Episode 20 - Broken Heart to Dream
[Cut to the outside of Chez Kooun.  As the camera pans down the street, 
the viewer sees Kasuga running towards the door.]
Kasuga:  [Muttering to himself.]  Chikusho*!  Late again.  Why does this 
always seem to happen to me?  [Smiling.]  Well, I guess I'm just excited 
about today.
*<Netiquette violator>.
[Out of breath, Kasuga arrives at the door and goes into the restaurant.]
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Where is everyone?  The lunch hour rush will be 
here soon.  [Heading into a back room.]  Oh well, I guess I'd better get 
changed before I have to start cooking.
[Kasuga goes into the back where there are several lockers.  Reaching into 
one of them, he pulls out his work clothes.  As he begins to remove his 
shirt, quiet giggling can be heard in the background. Kasuga, however, is 
too absorbed in his thoughts to notice right away.]
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Let's see now...[Pauses putting on his 
shirt.]...Ayukawa said that they'd be here at...[Interrupts himself at the 
sound of louder giggling.]  Che*!
*Japanese expression for mild irritation/disappointment.
[Kasuga hurriedly pulls on his sweatshirt and storms into the dining room.  
There, the waitresses of Chez Kooun are clearly enjoying themselves at 
Kasuga's expense.]
Naoko:  [Giggling.]  He's cute when he's angry!
Hitomi:  Let's see...chest is...[Scribbles something on a notebook.]  You 
look so manly!
Nakamura:  [Deadpan.]  Why Kasuga-san...[Slyly.]...You have such a great 
body, how can you expect us not to look?
Aoki:  Sorry Kasuga-san, I just wasn't able to stop them.  [Laughing.]  
They can't seem to help themselves.
Kasuga:  Not you too?!  [To himself.]  Why those...They're not the only 
ones who can play this game.  I'll show them.  [To the girls.]  I know, I 
know.  It must be hard for you to control yourselves when we work 
together.  After all, I am so very handsome and desirable.  But alas, I am 
pledged to Ayukawa and have always been faithful to her.  Oh, if it were 
possible for there to me more than one of me.  [To himself.]  Thank 
goodness that's only happened once.  [Outloud again.]  Truly, she's lucky 
to have me as her boyfriend.  What more can a girl ask for?  You all will 
just have to settle for basking in my presence...
[Slightly taken aback, Naoko and Hitomi's eyes widen.  Nakamura covers her 
face with a hand and groans.  In the serving area behind them, Aoki greets 
three new customers.  While the other waitresses are too busy rolling 
their eyes to notice them, the customers discuss something quietly amongst 
Kasuga:  ...Sometimes I even impress myself.  Now I know it'll take a lot 
of effort, but you've got to keep your hands off.  I can't even look at 
another girl; Ayukawa is the only one for me...
Woman:  [In a seductive voice.]  But Kyosuke, what about the night you 
spent with me?
Hitomi & Naoko:  [Shocked.]  EHH...!?  [They look over Kasuga's shoulder.]
Nakamura:  M...masaka!*
* way!
Kasuga:  [Just now notices that someone is there.  A tall, dark haired 
woman walks towards Kasuga and sits at the bar.]  Huh?  [Kasuga pauses for 
a second before he recognizes who it is.]  Yukari-san!
Kasuga narration:  I am always slightly surprised to see Yukari.  Even 
though I knew that she and Ayukawa's cousin Shu were coming to visit that 
day, I didn't expect her to show up here!  I always seem to get caught up 
in some misunderstanding every time I meet her, and now it seemed to be 
starting again!
Nakamura:  [Appalled that he really knows Yukari.]  Kasuga-san!
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  What am I going to do now?
Yukari:  [Playfully.]  Kyosuke, don't I mean anything to you anymore?
Kasuga:  [Places his hand behind his head.]  Well, I uhh, I mean, well...
Waitresses and Yukari:  [In unison.]  Yes?
[At this time, two more people enter the restaurant.]
Shuuichi:  Kasuga-san!  It's good to see you again.
Kasuga narration:  Oh no!  Shu.  Of course he would be here with Yukari.  
I'm glad they were able to work everything out...
[Cut to several years ago, in Kasuga's memory.  The viewer sees Yukari 
slap Shu.  The scene shifts to Ayukawa and Kasuga discussing something 
which apparently causes Ayukawa to slap him.]
Ayukawa:  [After slapping Kasuga.]  I met Yukari-san this morning.  She 
said thanks about last night.  She told me to tell you that Shu-chan was 
with her.
[Back to the present.]
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Still, what do I say now, especially since Shu's 
walked in?
Yukari:  Well Kyosuke?  What about that wonderful night we shared?  
[Smiles.]  You were very good...[Winking.]...and it was so enjoyable.
Shuuichi:  What?!  [An evil look has entered his eyes.]  I'll get you for 
this Kasuga!
Kasuga:  G...good!?  [Thinking.]  What is she doing, trying to get me 
killed?  She knows nothing happened, at least that's what she's always[Remembers waking up in her bed clad only in underwear, and 
begins to worry.]
Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun?  [Pleadingly.]  Say it's not true, please.
Kasuga:  Ayukawa,
Ayukawa:  Masaka...sonna bakana...!*  [Suddenly looks hurt, appearing to 
be at the point of tears.]  How could you do this to me? [Runs out of the 
*Can't be, impossible.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  NO!!!  This can't be happening.  [He moves to go 
after Ayukawa, but is intercepted by Shu.]  A...AYUKAWA!!!!
Ayukawa:  [Re-enters, smiling.]  Yes?
Kasuga:  Eh?!  [Thoroughly confused.]  But, but...
[Yukari, Madoka, and Shu can no longer contain themselves.  They burst out 
Ayukawa and Yukari:  [In unison.]  Can't you take a joke?
Kasuga:, you were crying.  What...I'll, I'll, oh why me?  
[Covers his face with his hands.]
Ayukawa:  [Strolls over to Kasuga and kisses him on the cheek.]  Because I 
love you.  I wanted your friends to realize that picking on you is OK 
though.  No need for them to quit, especially after that wonderful little 
speech you gave, ne* Kasuga-kun?
*Right, as in "little speech you gave, right Kasuga-kun?"
Kasuga:  [Gulps nervously.]  You, you heard all of that?
Ayukawa:  [A slight smile on her face.]  Every word.  We didn't plan this 
from the start, but with you seemingly lost in your own virtues, Yukari-
san felt that something needed to be done to bring you back to the real 
world.  So...[Ayukawa shrugs her shoulders and then whispers to Kasuga, so 
that only he can hear.]  Besides, you know I can use crocodile tears, ne 
Kasuga:  Oh boy...
Ayukawa:  [Looks serious.]  Don't take it so hard.  We were just kidding.
Kasuga:  [Looks sheepishly around the room, with hand behind head.]  Well, 
maybe I did get just a bit carried away with that speech...
[Everyone laughs and smiles as introductions are being made.  The girls 
bow as Ayukawa introduces Shu and Yukari to them, who bow in return.  A 
few more people come in to the restaurant.]
Aoki:  Time to get to work everybody.  [Turns to a customer.]  Irasshai 
mase*!  What would you like today?  [The rest of the waitresses move to 
help the remaining customers.]
*Welcome; normal greeting for customers at restaurants and stores.
Kasuga:  Well, I'd better get to work.
Ayukawa:  That's fine.  We were on our way to get Yukari settled in at my 
place.  Since Ikemoto-san is out of town, I thought she could stay with 
me.  We'll be back to get you your shift ends.
[Ayukawa, Yukari, and Shu turn to leave.]
Yukari:  Mata ne* Kasuga-san.  [Smiles at Kasuga and then leaves.]
*See you later.
Kasuga:  Uhh, hai.  Ja na*!
*See you around.
Nakamura:  Kasuga-san!  Two daily specials Table 5!
Kasuga:  Hai!
Kasuga narration:  I should have known that with Yukari and Shu coming 
into town to play at Club Noir, something like this was bound to happen.
[Flashback to Ayukawa's apartment, a week or so ago.]
[Kasuga and Ayukawa are sitting on the couch, listening to music while 
drinking tea.  This peaceful moment is interrupted by a ringing telephone.  
Ayukawa reluctantly lifts her head from Kasuga's shoulder and moves to 
answer the phone.]
Ayukawa:  [Into the telephone.]  Hello?  Shu-chan!  I'm doing just fine.  
How are you getting along?  That's good to hear.  Yes, I talked to my 
sensei and he thinks it's a wonderful idea for the band to play at the 
club.  He's set the date for a week from this Sunday.  Is this alright 
with you?  It is?  Good.  Well, we'll see you then.  OK, I will.  Bye.  
[Hangs up the receiver.]
Kasuga:  So Handa-sensei decided it was alright for a rock band to play at 
a jazz club?
Ayukawa:  Sure, why not?  He's very open to other types of music and he 
feels that the patrons will enjoy it too.
Kasuga:  That's great.  It'll be nice to see everyone again.
Ayukawa:  They'll be here next Saturday.  [Smiling slyly.]  Speaking of 
everyone, Shu-chan said to tell you that Yukari-san says hello.
Kasuga:  Yukari-san?
[Cut back to the present, as Kasuga is busy cooking.]
Kasuga narration:  Well, it still was good to see Shu and Yukari, even 
though they participated in that awful joke.  [Thinks for a second.]  
Well, maybe I did deserve it.  Of course, the joke was far more enjoyable 
than what happened next...
[The afternoon goes by rather quickly, with many people coming and going.  
Finally, the traffic slows down quite a bit and it appears that the 
afternoon rush is over.  Kasuga looks up at the clock on the wall as he's 
cleaning up in the kitchen.]
Kasuga:  [Sighs.]  Whew!  [To himself.]  It's just about 4 o'clock. 
Ayukawa and the others should be here soon.  Hopefully they'll have 
forgotten about my little speech earlier.
[As if on cue, Nakamura appears at the entrance to the kitchen.]
Nakamura:  Kasuga-san, your lovers and poor Sawada-san are here!  [Quickly 
skips back into the dining room laughing.]
Kasuga:  [Leaves the kitchen, muttering to himself.]  GRRR!!
[Kasuga enters the dining room to find Yukari, Shu, and Ayukawa sitting at 
a table.  Aoki is serving them drinks.]
Aoki:  [Jokingly.]  What would you like lover boy?
Kasuga:  Seeing how today has gone so far, sake kudasai*.
Ayukawa:  [Scoldingly.]  Now and alcohol just don't get 
along all that well...[Yukari and Aoki begin to giggle while Shu smiles.]
Kasuga:  [Slightly embarrassed.]  OK, OK, melon soda please.
[As Kasuga sits down at the table, the conversation turns to a discussion 
of times past and present.]
Shuuichi:  ...and the band will be in town tomorrow morning.  They want me 
to meet them around 8 am or so.  [Turns to Kasuga.]  That reminds me.  
Kasuga-san, would it be alright if I stay at your place for the evening?
Kasuga:  You're more than welcome to stay, but my room is really small.  
Are you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable somewhere else, say a hotel 
or something?
Ayukawa:  I'd offer you our couch but I'm not sure what Ikemoto-san would 
say if she found out...
Shuuichi:  Well, normally I'd...
Yukari:  [Interrupting Shu.]  This isn't a normal situation anymore. 
[Reaches into her purse and slips something onto her finger.  Yukari holds 
up her left hand and smiles.  Everyone's attention is drawn to the 
sparkling ring that is flickering in the light.]  Since he finally broke 
down and decided to marry me, we're trying to save a little money here and 
Ayukawa:  That's wonderful Yukari-san!
Kasuga:  Absolutely!  Congratulations.  When did this happen?
Shuuichi:  Last week.  I decided that I couldn't wait any longer.
Kasuga:  And you're just telling us now?
Yukari:  We wanted to tell you and Madoka-san in person, and since we knew 
that we would be seeing both of you soon, we decided to wait.
Ayukawa:  Have you set a date yet?
Shuuichi:  Sometime next spring, I think.  You'll both come of course?
Yukari:  I'm sure they will.
Ayukawa and Kasuga in unison:  Hai!
Yukari:  In that case...[Assumes a formal manner.]...Madoka-san, would you 
do me the honor of serving as my maid of honor?  I can't think of anyone I 
would rather have.
Ayukawa:  Yukari-san...I'm flattered.  Hai, I would be honored.  [Bows her 
head.]  Doumo arigatou gozaimasu*.
*Thank you very much.
Kasuga:  Just let us know the date and we'll be there.
Ayukawa:  [Smiles and glances at her watch.]   We'd better get going.  I 
want you both to meet my sensei before the club opens this evening.
Shuuichi:  That's fine with me.  I want to check out the stage and the 
acoustics.  This will be the perfect opportunity.
[Everyone gets up to leave.  They exit the restaurant and begin to walk to 
Club Noir.]
Kasuga narration:  Yukari's announcement of her impending marriage to Shu 
left me a bit surprised.  I really am happy for her though.  It's so good 
to see that maybe they've finally been able to work through the problems 
they've had over the years.  Maybe one day it will be Ayukawa showing them 
the ring I'll give her...
[Fade to a scene in from Kasuga's imagination, several years ago. The 
viewer sees Kasuga running hand-in-hand with Ayukawa, who is wearing a 
wedding gown.  Smiling, they come to a bus and board.  They move to the 
back and sit down.]
Kasuga narration:   But if the day ever comes, the man next to her will 
[Cut back to the present.]
Kasuga:  [Unintentionally outloud.]  ME!
Ayukawa:  You what Kasuga-kun?
Kasuga:  Well,'s nothing Ayukawa.  Gomen*.
[They arrive at Club Noir.  Upon entering the club, Ayukawa looks around 
and frowns.]
Ayukawa:  Hmmm...I don't see him.  He must be in the back.  [To Yukari and 
Shu.]  Wait here and I'll get him.
[Ayukawa heads towards one of the doors beside the stage.]
Yukari:  This is a nice club.  It'll be a great place to perform.
Shuuichi:  [Nods.]  No doubt.  The sound should be great too.
[Ayukawa returns with Handa in tow.]
Ayukawa:  Sensei, this is my cousin Sawada Shuuichi and his fiance, 
Shuuichi:  Pleased to...
Yukari:  [Interrupting Shu.]  You?!?  I won't do it, I won't sing here.  
[Dashing from the room.]  Gomen ne*...
Handa:  Yukari-san...
Kasuga:  Nan da?*  [Begins to head after Yukari.]
*What the-
Shuuichi:  No Kasuga-san.  [Frowning at Handa.]  I'll go after her.  You 
stay here with Madoka.  [Leaves.]
Kasuga:  [Hesitantly.]  Uhh...hai.  Ayukawa, do you know what's going on 
Ayukawa:  Sensei?
Voice-over:  Coming this fall, a hot new series from a joint production by 
Fuji TV and Aaron Spelling, in conjugation with Fox Television... You You 
[Yuusuke and Kuwabara are seated at a table eating dinner.]
Yuusuke:  I took Yukina out last evening.  [Smilingly lewdly.]  We were so 
hot that I worried she'd melt!
Kuwabara:  Kuso*!  How could you!  She's a 'snow girl!'  And I'm the one 
in love with her.  You call yourself my friend!  You, you backstabber!
*<Netiquette violator>.
[Kuwabara prepares to use his "rei ken*" to slice Yuusuke who in turn 
readys his "rei gun**."  Suddenly, they both begin to choke and turn 
*Psychic sword
**Psychic gun
Yuusuke:  What...[Cough, cough.]...have you done?
Kuwabara:  I...[Urk!]...didn't do anything.  We've been poisoned you fool!  
[Both collapse.]
[Hiei enters smiling.]
Hiei:  [To himself.]  The poison Kurama gave me worked beautifully.  
[Outloud.]  You, you backstabbers!  You'll not betray me any more!  Leave 
[Suddenly, a rose whip can be seen wrapped around Hiei's neck.]
Hiei:  [Choking.]  Nan da*!
*What the-
Kurama:  [Smiling wickedly.]  Betrayal has its price...
Voice-over:  Who will survive?  Who will be stabbed in the back next?  
Tune in to "You You Backstabber" this fall to find out!
[Writer's note:  Standard disclaimer.]
[Cut to Ayukawa, Kasuga, and Shu walking down a street in the middle of 
town.  Ayukawa and Kasuga appear to be trying to explain something to Shu, 
but they seem to be having little success.]
Ayukawa:  But Shu-chan, that's what he told us.  I've known Handa-sensei 
for a good while now.  I can't see that he would lie to me.
Shuuichi:  [Frustrated.]  But that doesn't explain why Yukari reacted that 
way.  I wish I could understand what is going on.  [Exasperated.]  I 
couldn't even get her to tell me why she ran out.
Ayukawa:  What did she say Shu-chan?
Shuuichi:  All she would say was that she was sorry for letting the band 
down.  Although she loves me, she said she couldn't tell me what was wrong 
right now.  Che!  I'm trying to understand but she won't tell me anything.  
I hope she's alright...she said she needed some time alone so I left her 
at your apartment.  [Irritated.]  I wonder what this Handa guy did to 
upset her like this?
Kasuga:  I wish we could tell you more but that's all Handa-sensei told 
Ayukawa:  [With a concerned look.]  Shu-chan, why don't you go on with 
Kasuga-kun to his place and I'll try to get Yukari-san to talk to me about 
what's going on.
Kasuga:  That's a good idea.  [To Shu, brightly.]  C'mon Shuuichi-san, we 
can go to my apartment.  It's small, but I live with several interesting 
people, so things are never dull.  Besides, Ayukawa can call if she needs 
Shuuichi:  [Despondent.]  Hai.
[Ayukawa, Kasuga, and Shu go their separate ways.  Later, Kasuga and Shu 
enter the boarding house, where they run into Katsu and Kimura in front of 
Katsu's room.]
Kimura:  [Beaming.]  Kyo-chan!  What are you up to this evening?
[Shu looks at Kasuga with a bemused expression.]
Kasuga:  [Hand behind head.]  Well, I've been really busy.  [Grins.]  What 
are you doing here at this time of night?
Kimura:  Studying math with Katsu-san for next week's test.
Katsu:  [Smiling.]  Don't tell me you forgot.
Kasuga:  [With a worried look.]  Oi*, that's right; we do have a test next 
week.  [Smiles.]  Let me introduce you.  This is Sawada Shuuichi, 
Ayukawa's cousin.  Shuuichi-san, these are my friends Kimura Keiko and 
Katsu Ritsu.
[Kimura and Katsu bow.]
Shuuichi:  [Bows in return.]  Hajimemashite*.
*How do you do.
Kasuga:  Shuuichi-san is in a band.
Kimura:  Sugoi!*  A band?!  Are you performing here in town?
Shuuichi:  [Proudly.]  Tomorrow night at Club Noir...[To himself.]...I 
Katsu:  You must be good.
Kimura:  Can we come?
Shuuichi:  Sure, the more the merrier.
Katsu:  Great, we'll ask the Miyasato twins, Saito-san, and Kasamat...
[He looks over at Kimura as if he's committed a faux pas.  Smiling, Kimura 
continues for him.]
Kimura:  [Smiling.]  Kasamatsu-kun?  Sure, I think he'd have fun!  
[Seriously.]  By the way, did anyone find out more about that intruder in 
the boarding house?  Katsu-san was telling me about it.

Kasuga:  No, not yet.  Egami-san is having the police look into it though.
Kimura:  How awful!  Oh well, I'll see you tomorrow night then.  Oyasumi 
nasai* Kyo-chan!  [Leaves.]
*Good night.
Kasuga:  Oyasumi.
Shuuichi:  Kyo-chan?
Kasuga:  [Laughs.]  Don't's just how Kimura-san is.
[Later that night, Shu and Kasuga are lying back discussing the day's 
Shuuichi:  Kasuga-san, I just want to thank you for all of the help you've 
given me in the past with Yukari.  [Sees Kasuga start to object.]  No, I 
mean it.  I know how much the time you spent with her helped our 
relationship.  She was always concerned for you and Madoka and I'm glad 
that things have worked out for you.
Kasuga:  Thanks.  I've always felt some level of understanding with 
Yukari-san but I've never really known why.  She's been helpful and 
understanding in my relationship with Ayukawa in the past as well.
Shuuichi:  You know Kasuga-san, I've got to wonder what made Yukari react 
like that.  The only rival I've ever had for her affection in the past is 
myself.  Too many times, I ignored her or took her for granted for the 
sake of the band.  Can you relate to this?
[Kasuga, although listening to Shu, has a blank look in his eyes.]
Kasuga:  [To himself] Hayashibara...[Switch to Hayashibara 
dancing with Ayukawa.]  No... He said he wouldn't cause trouble between me 
and Ayukawa.  [Grudgingly.]  I think I may even be starting to like the 
Kasuga:  [To Shu.]  Shuuichi-san, I'm sure Yukari loves you very much.  
Ayukawa will talk to her and set things straight.  Don't worry.
Shuuichi:  [Hesitantly.]  Hai.  Well, I better get some sleep; I've got to 
meet the band in the morning so we can set up at the club.  We'll talk to 
Madoka in the morning.  Oyasumi nasai Kasuga-san.
Kasuga:  [Turns off the light and sighs.]  Oyasumi nasai.
[The scene shifts to Ayukawa's apartment.  Ayukawa and Yukari are sitting 
around watching television.]
Yukari:  Madoka-san, I really appreciate you letting me stay here.  I wish 
it could have been under more pleasant circumstances.  Thanks for agreeing 
to be my maid of honor as well.  It means a great deal to me.
Ayukawa:  It's no problem at all.  [Pauses.]  You really love Shu-chan 
don't you?
Yukari:  [Smiles.]  Very much so.  I've loved him for so long now, but you 
can understand how that feels can't you?  [Ayukawa blushes.]  That's why I 
hate to hurt him this way, but I just can't perform at Club Noir, not like 
Ayukawa:  Handa-sensei told me some of what happened but he seemed to be 
leaving something out.
Yukari:  I hope you understand Madoka-san, but I really can't talk about 
this all that easily.  I'm sorry.
Ayukawa:  [Dejected.]  I can understand that.  It's not always easy to 
deal with emotions...[The scene begins to shift rapidly to various scenes 
from the past.  An image of Kasuga, Ayukawa, and Hikaru looking through a 
photo album, Ayukawa and Hikaru shopping, Kasuga and Ayukawa kissing under 
a tree, Hikaru confronting Ayukawa in ABCB, Hayashibara telling Ayukawa 
that he loves her, a battered Kasuga dressed in 14th century clothing 
running into her arms while holding back tears, Kasuga crying on Ayukawa's 
shoulder while detailing his experience with Lady Fujiwara...]  [To 
Yukari.]  Well, I think I'm going to bed.  Maybe things will be better in 
the morning.  [Ayukawa opens her closet and pulls out a futon.]  You can 
use my bed; I'll sleep on this.  Oyasumi Yukari-san.
Yukari:  Arigatou Madoka-san.  Oyasumi nasai.  [Ayukawa leaves the room.]  
[The next morning, the scene shifts back to the boarding house and zooms 
in on Kasuga's room.  A ringing telephone can be heard in the background.  
A dazed Kasuga blindly reaches around to silence the awful noise that has 
disturbed his sleep.  Finally, his search is rewarded as he discovers the 
Kasuga:  [Sleepily.]  Hai?
Ayukawa:  Ohayo* Kasuga-kun.
*Good Morning.
Kasuga:  [Mumbles.]  Ohayo...what time is it anyway?
Ayukawa:  Seven.
Kasuga:  [More awake now.]  You're waking me up at 7 o'clock in the 
morning?  Is something wrong?
Ayukawa:  [Laughs.]  No, nothing's wrong.  Shu-chan has to meet the band 
and I've got practice pretty soon.  Do you want to meet for breakfast, say 
around 8 o'clock?
Kasuga:  Sure, that'll be great.  [Seriously.]  How did it go with Yukari-
Ayukawa:  She and I talked about a lot of things...but she wouldn't tell 
me what's going on.  [Pauses in reflection before continuing.]  Kasuga-
Kasuga:  Yes?
Ayukawa:  I...I need to tell you...[Hesitates.]  I love you.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  She seems upset this morning; I guess it has to do 
with what's going on with Yukari and Shu.  [Outloud.]  I love you too...I 
truly love you Ayukawa.
Ayukawa:  [Smiles to herself.]  I know; I feel the same way about you.  
I'll see you soon.
Kasuga:  About you think Yukari-san would like to eat with 
Ayukawa:  She's still asleep and since she was fairly tired yesterday, I 
don't think we should disturb her.  [Teasingly.]  Don't be late now...
Kasuga:  [Smiles to himself.]  I won't.  Ja na.  [Hangs up the receiver.]
Shuuichi:  [Groggily.]  What did Madoka say about Yukari?
Kasuga:  [Surprised.]  Shuuichi-san?  I didn't know you were awake.
Shuuichi:  The phone did it, along with your talking.  [Hopeful.]  So, I 
guess everything's OK with Yukari?
Kasuga:  Well, not exactly.  Ayukawa talked to her last night, but she 
really didn't say anything else.
Shuuichi:  Che...I wish she would tell me what's wrong.  I have to meet 
the band soon too.  Kuso*!  Is Madoka going to spend the day with her?
*<Netiquette violator>.
Kasuga:  Err, no.  Actually, she's got practice today.  I'll stop in to 
see Yukari after I finishing eating with Ayukawa.
Shuuichi:  [Later, as he is preparing to leave.]  Thank you for that and 
for all of your hospitality.  [Bows.]  I'll see you later today.
[Some time later, Kasuga is standing outside the door of Ayukawa's 
Kasuga narration:  Ayukawa wasn't able to tell me anything more about what 
was bothering Yukari.  I had some ideas, but the truth wasn't quite what I 
Kasuga:  [Knocking on apartment door.  A few seconds later the door 
opens.]  Ohayo Yukari-san!
[Kasuga is greeted by a towel-clad Yukari.]
Yukari:  Ohayo Kasuga-san.  Are you looking for Madoka-san?  She left 
about 45 minutes ago.  I thought she was meeting you for breakfast?
Kasuga:  [Flustered.]  Uhh, sorry to disturb your shower.  We had 
breakfast, but then she had to leave for band practice.  So I, uh, thought 
I'd come by to see you, um, how you're doing.
Yukari:  That's alright.  Give me a couple of minutes to get dressed and 
we'll talk.  [Heads to Ayukawa's room.]
Kasuga:  [Hand behind head.]  Hai.
[Kasuga sits down on the couch and waits.]
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Great, she wants to talk.  What am I going to say?  
Handa-sensei said that...
[The thought is interrupted as Yukari emerges from the room and sits down 
beside Kasuga.]
Yukari:  I hope you didn't take our joke too seriously yesterday.  After 
all, we were just kidding...
Kasuga:  That's OK.  I was getting a bit carried there now wasn't I?
Yukari:  Yes, just a bit.
[Both laugh.]
Yukari:  [Hesitantly.]  How's Shu this morning?  Did he leave to meet up 
the band?
Kasuga:  Yes, he left right before I did.
Yukari:  I think he still wants to perform tonight...I know how much 
performing always means to him.  I feel like I keep letting him down.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  She feels like she's letting Shu down?
Yukari:  There was the time when I collapsed and almost kept us from 
competing in the "'Shine On!'  Talent Scout Caravan" contest a few years 
ago.  The band even won the competition.*
*See the KOR OVAs, "Spring is for Idols" and "Birth of a Star."
Kasuga:  But, Shuuichi-san didn't accept the award.  After all, he 
wouldn't accept it without the entire band being there.
Yukari:  [Almost to herself.]  That award was so important to him too.  
[Outloud.]  We practiced for weeks for that contest...But this is 
Kasuga:  Huh?  [Clueless.]  How so?  Handa-sensei told Ayukawa and me some 
of what happened.  I didn't know you went to college here.
Yukari:  He did, did he?  [Becoming irritated.]  Just what did he have to 
[Cut to Club Noir, on the previous afternoon.]
Kasuga:  [Hesitantly.]  Uhh...hai.  Ayukawa, do you know what's going on 
Ayukawa:  Sensei?
Handa:  Why don't we all sit down and talk about this.
[Kasuga, Ayukawa, and Handa sit at a nearby table.]
Handa:  Several years ago, back before the both of you were in high 
school, Yukari was a student here at Butsumetsu.
Kasuga:  [Interrupting.]  What?
[Kasuga notices Ayukawa glaring at him and decides not to push that 
thought any further.]
Handa:  [Continues.]  Yukari was one of my best students and we had 
become, uh...we had become very close friends.  Unfortunately, we had a 
rather ugly falling out.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Close friends?  Hmmph.  I wonder just exactly what 
he means by "close friends?"
Handa:  [Reflectively.]  You see, the university had a policy that 
students were not allowed to perform in bands outside of school.  This 
oftentimes made things very difficult on our young, aspiring musicians.  
[Pauses to rub his eyes before continuing.]  They must've felt like they 
were being betrayed, that they were being cheated out of their dreams.  
Yukari wanted to perform in one of the local bands, but because of school 
policy, she was not allowed to do so.  She was so upset about this that 
she dropped out of the university to pursue a singing career.
Handa:  [Dejected.]  I never thought the policy would hurt anyone.  If I 
had known...
Kasuga:  [Exclaims.]  So you're saying you instituted the policy?!
[Handa appears surprised by Kasuga's outburst.]
Handa:  [Clears his throat.]  You see, when I was in college, a friend and 
I were in two different bands that performed in nightclubs around town.  
My mixed with the wrong sort of people.  One thing led to 
another...there was some trouble with drugs and he finally died from an 
Ayukawa and Kasuga: ...
Handa:  [Slightly shaken.]  So, when I got my job here, I instituted that 
policy.  I was afraid that something like that would happen to someone I 
cared about, like maybe one of my students.  [Pauses.]  And I never even 
had the chance to explain why to Yukari.
Ayukawa:  [Respectfully.]  But sensei, I'm in a band outside of the 
university.  You even recruited me...
Handa:  [Patiently.]  After what happened with Yukari, I began to realize 
that it wasn't being in a band that killed my friend, but my friend's 
personality and actions.  After all, I was in a band and... [Grins.]...if 
you look at me now, you see that I'm quite respectable.  [Laughs.]  
Ayukawa-san, you're not involved with the wrong sort of people are you?
Ayukawa:  [To herself.]  Not for a very long time now...[Outloud.]  Of 
course not.
Handa:  See?  That policy wasn't really necessary and I regret hurting 
Yukari, more than anything else in my life.  We shared some special 
moments together and I saw in her a talent that I hadn't seen for quite 
some time.  I encouraged her in every way possible to enhance her gifts 
because I truly believed that one day she would get her break.  I've 
always feared that my actions kept her from achieving her potential...
Ayukawa:  I understand now.  Sensei, today Yukari is part of a very 
successful band and I know she's proud of her career.  We'll try and talk 
to Shu-chan and Yukari-san about this.
Kasuga:  [To himself.]  I'm glad SHE understands.
Handa:  I hope to see everyone tomorrow evening.  Ayukawa-san?
Ayukawa:  Hai?
Handa:  [Starts to say something else but suddenly changes.]  Don't forget 
about tomorrow morning's rehearsal.
Ayukawa:  Hai sensei.
[The scene fades back into Ayukawa's living room.]
Kasuga:  ...and that's what he said.
Yukari:  [Stops to reflect on what Kasuga has said.]  He's being awfully 
insensitive but I suppose what he said is true.
Kasuga:  Insensitive?
Yukari:  He never mentioned this friend to me before.  [Pauses.]  I always 
wanted to be a singer; it was my dream for such a long time.  That's why I 
went Butsumetsu in the first place.
Kasuga:  Why Butsumetsu?
Yukari:  Can you see me as an idol singer?  [Both Yukari and Kasuga 
laugh.]  I wanted to get some formal training in music and I had heard 
that they had a great music program.  Doesn't Madoka-san enjoy it?  
[Smiles.]  You really don't expect me to believe she came to school here 
just because you got accepted?
Kasuga:  [Laughs.]  It would be nice to think so but yes, she enjoys the 
music program very much.
Yukari:  I did too.  You see, I met Handa when I first arrived.  He was 
always so relaxed and informal and we became good friends, even though he 
was a professor and I was a student.  [Hesitates.]  Actually...I thought 
of him as more than a friend.  [Smiles wistfully.]  To be honest, I had 
fallen in love with him.  [Sighs.]  What made everything so very difficult 
was that he had fallen in love with me too.
Kasuga:  ...
Yukari:  Now I know what you're thinking Kasuga-san.  No, it probably was 
not the most proper relationship to have with someone.  Me, a student, 
involved with someone on the school faculty.  [Smiles.]  Absolutely 
scandalous!  Seriously, we kept our relationship private and we never 
allowed it to interfere with my schoolwork.  [Yukari's eyes focus 
distantly as she remembers the past.]  I was treated just like everyone 
Yukari:  A friend of mine who was in a local band invited me to fill in 
for their singer who was unable to perform at a show one night.  I knew it 
was against school policy, but here was my chance to make a break.  Maybe 
I could finally realize my dream.  The performance went really well and 
when it became obvious that the other girl would not be able to return, 
the band asked me to sign on as the new lead singer.  [Pauses.]  Of 
course, I knew this was not going to sit well with Handa but I had to tell 
him anyway.  After all, he always encouraged me to chase my dreams and 
since we cared for each other, I thought he would understand.
[Fade to a scene in Yukari's memory, several years ago.  A much younger 
Handa smokes a cigarette as he looks out the window of his office.  
Suddenly, the door bangs open and Yukari angrily walks in.]
Yukari:  What's going on?!  The club was closed and the manager told me it 
was my fault that they fired the band.
Handa:  Yukari...[Sighs and puts out his cigarette.]  You won't be singing 
there anymore.  I had the management fined for violating university 
Yukari:  [Steps back, shocked.]  W-what? can you do this?  
They're good people, and I only sang there for one night!
Handa:  That's not the point.  Rules are rules.
Yukari:  [Slaps Handa.]  No!  At least you could have told me 
about what you were planning to do.  I really felt that this could have 
been my chance.
Handa:  [Slightly shaken.]  There was no time, I had to act immediately.  
Who knows what might have happened?  [Points a finger at her.]  Besides, 
you're a student, you don't belong singing in clubs.
Yukari:  [Angrily.]  Nonsense!  Why can't you see?  How will this hurt my 
performance here in school?  I can certainly manage both.  After all, this 
is a great opportunity for me to practice what I've learned.  And what's 
with this policy anyway?  Who instituted it and why?
Handa:  [With a practiced tone.]  The policy has been around for several 
years now and is in the best interest of the students.  We here at 
Butsumetsu only want what's best for everyone concerned.
Yukari:  [Frustrated.]   You're ignoring my questions!  Who instituted 
this policy?!
Handa:  [Quietly.]  I did.
Yukari:  You what!  You're the one?  But why Shun, why this strict a 
Handa:  [A bit unsure.]  I felt that...
Yukari:  [Interrupting.]  You felt what?
Handa:  [Determined.]  I instituted this policy because...[Clenches his 
fist.]...because, oh the hell with it!  Yukari, this is the way it is and 
I won't change it.  You will not perform in any band outside of this 
university or you will face expulsion!
Yukari:  You always taught me to look beyond rules and regulations, to 
follow what was in my heart, and now this?!  Hypocrite!  Your students 
need all the breaks they can get yet your policy denies them creativity 
and freedom, everything I thought you supported.  Just because...[Voice 
wavers, then quietly.]...just because you didn't have the talent to make 
it as a professional musician doesn't mean I don't.  Your jealousy is 
making you try to prevent your students from making it big.
Handa:  [Stands absolutely still, then slowly speaks.]  It's not like that 
at all.  Trust me, there's more at stake here than you realize.  [Sadly.]  
I can't do anything more.  You're just going to have to live with my 
Yukari:  [With tears forming in her eyes, whispers.]  But why?  Why are 
you doing this.  Please...I love you...don't do this to me.
Handa:  I know Yukari, I know.  I...I have to do this.  You have to 
understand.  I don't want anything to happen to you; I care for you too 
much.  Please try to see my side.  [Moves to embrace Yukari.]
Yukari:  [Takes a step back.] can you be like this?
[Yukari turns abruptly and leaves crying.]
[The scene returns to Ayukawa's apartment.]
Yukari:  I dropped out of the university and shortly after that, I met Shu 
and started singing for his band.  I'm still looking for that big break 
but at least I've got someone helping that understands my dream.
Kasuga:  So, now do you feel any different towards Handa-sensei?
Yukari:  Why should I?  He didn't even try to understand how I was 
Kasuga:  But, don't you see.  He had the university change the policy and 
he even began to recruit students for the local bands.
Yukari:  So?  I loved him.  Look what he did to me...he betrayed me!  He 
betrayed himself.
Kasuga:  [Becoming irritated.]  Betrayed you?!  Himself?  He was afraid 
something bad would happen to you.  [Kasuga shudders as he remembers 
meeting Yukari in another time and "place."]
[Cut to a scene in Kasuga's memory.  Ayukawa is fighting off bikers; she's 
doing quite well as she alternates between using a wrench and a deck of 
cards.  Yukari can be seen dressed in all black leather leading the bikers 
with whip in hand as they crash through ABCB's front windows.  Suddenly 
Kasuga finds himself with a knife at his throat...]
Yukari:  [With her knife pressing into Kasuga's throat.]  Stop right 
[The scene returns to the present.]
Kasuga:  Can't you see?  People can change!  Look at Ayukawa and me.  
[Grins.]  Don't you remember when we first met?
Yukari:  [Smiles.]  That's right.  I was taking you to love hotel, or so 
you thought...But, that's not how it ended up, ne?
Kasuga:  [Hand behind head, laughing.]  Yeah, but you sure had me going.  
I never did thank you for that.
Yukari:  You've done more than enough.
Kasuga:  [Seriously.]  About tonight...
[Kasuga is interrupted by someone knocking at the door.  Kasuga gets up 
and opens it.  There, standing in the doorway is...]
Kasuga:  Shuuichi-san!  What are you doing here?
Shuuichi:  Well, I got the band settled in and I wanted to see Yukari.
Kasuga:  I was just leaving for work anyway.  See you later!  [Leaves.]
Yukari:  [To herself.]  Can people really change that much?  Can I?
[The scene shifts to that evening at Club Noir.  Kasuga and Ayukawa are 
just arriving.  They enter the club and are greeted by Saito, Kimura, the 
Miyasato twins, Kasamatsu, and others.]
Kimura:  Kyo-chan!  Madoka-san!  Over here.  [Kimura has been saving two 
chairs.  She motions for Ayukawa and Kasuga to sit down.]
[The lights dim and everyone's attention is drawn to the stage.  The 
curtain opens and the band is all ready to perform, with the exception of 
a singer and a drummer.]
Kimura:  [Whispers to Kasuga.]  Where's your friend?  Didn't you say he 
was in the band?  I thought he was performing tonight...
Kasuga:  Err, uhh...
[A moment later, Shu and Yukari walk onto the stage.  Shu takes his place 
behind the drum set and Yukari steps up to the microphone.]
[The camera focuses on Yukari as she looks out across the audience.  She 
appears distracted.  The lights flash and Yukari begins to sing.]
Yukari:  [Singing.]
          If, by love, just my words
          Make you turn around, into your heart
          I'll throw words of stone, And then hold you close.
          I'm hiding a pain in my heart that's
          more distressing when I check.  I'm secretly
          Praying I will smile.
          "Broken heart to dream."
          Because having loved is more real than making someone love me.
          "Broken heart to dream."
          I give you passionate tears.
          "You are everything to me."
[Yukari continues to sing.  The audience is obviously enjoying the 
performance.  Ayukawa and Kasuga turn to each other and smile.  Both move 
closer together and Kasuga takes her hand in his.  Finally the song ends 
and the audience explodes into applause.  Yukari bows and smiles when she 
notices Ayukawa and Kasuga.  As Yukari begins to speak, her thoughts turn 
to earlier that afternoon.]
Kasuga's voice:  Can't you see?  People can change!
Yukari:  [To herself, smiling.]  Kasuga-san certainly can be strange at 
times, but he's right...people can change, and so can I.  [Outloud.]  
Thank you.  We would like to thank Handa Shun for allowing us to perform 
here this evening.  If it weren't for him, my interest in singing may 
never have reached this point.  [Backstage, Handa's expression becomes 
shocked.]  Club Noir is lucky to have him.
[The audience applauds this remark and Yukari and the band begin another 
[Later that evening, after everyone else has left, Ayukawa, Kasuga, Shu, 
and Yukari are sitting together talking.  Handa approaches them from 
Handa:  That was an incredible performance Yukari-san; you've come a long 
way.  You really are a fantastic singer.  I only wish I could have been 
more help but I never explained to you my reasons for instituting that 
policy.  I was always afraid that you'd miss out on your dream because of know I wouldn't have wanted that to happen.  [Bows.]
Yukari:  That's alright now; I finally understand what you were going 
through, but I wish you would have told me.
Handa:  Would that have made any difference?  I still would not have let 
you perform in that band.
Yukari:  No, I guess it wouldn't have mattered much.  It would have made 
my decision all the more difficult.  [Smiles slightly.]  But today, it 
really doesn't matter anymore...I felt betrayed by you for so long, but 
you were only trying to protect me.  You were a great help to me then and 
I'll always be grateful for that and for other things as well...Shun-
Handa:  I'm grateful too.  Through you, I was finally able to understand 
some things that I never was able to before.  [Smiles.]  Maybe things 
aren't so bad after all...
Kasuga's narration:  When Ayukawa told me that Yukari-san and Shu were 
coming to perform, I really had no idea what to expect.  Lucky for me, 
their visit was meaningful as I was able to appreciate what I have in my 
friends.  Long ago, Yukari-san nearly lost sight of her dream through a, Yukari-san and Shu are going to be married and 
Yukari-san was able to reconcile herself with her past.  I know now that 
being able to do that was one of the most valuable experiences I gained 
from college.
Writers				James Holman, Doug Eckhart
New Characters Designer		Stephen Tsai
Doujinshi Artwork		Tony Jung
Pre-readers			Bob Carragher
				Brian Edmonds
				Jeffrey Hollen
				Quincy S. Huoh
				Lisa Richardson
				Tony Schrick
				Rika Takebe
				Jeff Williamson
Very special thanks to		Hitoshi Doi
Special thanks to		Quincy S. Huoh
for his cultural references 
and suggestions.
Additional special thanks to	Bob Carragher
for doing the translation 
for "Like a Salvia Flower."
Some more special thanks to	Melinda Miller
for her help and information 
regarding "Yuu Yuu Hakusho."
A tip of the hat and a deep bow to	Matsumoto Izumi for starting the 
whole thing
If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, aim them 
at me and me alone.
Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series. If you 
are interested, previous episodes should be available at the 
ftp site.  Assuming that I don't get flamed off the net, I've got the next 
episode in the works.  If you have any story ideas, or general ideas, 
please send them.  Any tidbits about the Japanese advanced education 
system will be especially looked at (see first writer's note).
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!
For the new readers:  I'll be doing character profiles, major location 
descriptions, and situation updates on a rotating basis for each episode.  
If there is a particular character, place or event that you would like to 
know more about, and it is not being covered, don't hesitate to email me 
and I will send you either a note or a copy of the episode it is 
Focus on Yukari [Introduced in the KOR TV series, episode #22. 
Reintroduced in KOC Episode 20]:  Yukari is a friend of Kasuga and 
Ayukawa; she is also the fiance of Ayukawa's cousin Shuuichi and the lead 
singer of his band.
	Six years ago, Yukari attended Butsumetsu University as a music 
major.  There, she met Handa Shun and became his student and friend.  
Yukari fell in love with him but withdrew from the university after a 
falling out.  She then met Shu and began her professional singing career.
	Yukari met Kasuga for the first time when she was filling in for 
Ayukawa at ABCB.  They met again later that afternoon and spent the rest 
of the day together as Kasuga had once again leapt to conclusions about 
Ayukawa.  Fortunately, Yukari was able to straighten him out in a somewhat 
unconventional manner.
	Kasuga and Yukari became friends and have aided each other 
previously in their respective relationships, though Kasuga has been 
placed in some awkward situations.  Luckily, Yukari has always been honest 
about his actions and the situation at hand was resolved.
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