Kimagure Orange College - Episode 25
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the twenty-fifth episode of a fan-
 fict series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They
 are intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to
 that Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa
 Madoka as they start the next phase of their lives in college.
 If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new
 characters, and previous events are listed after the ending
 credits.  In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have
 graduated from college, my experience is in the American college
 system and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese
 advanced education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals
 and anime clubs.  Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither
 intentional nor are they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese
 education system.  In fact, I would appreciate any constructive
 criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might offer me.
 Mail all such letters, praises or flames to mailto://]

Episode #25 - Power-switching pendant

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  The winter snow is beginning to melt in the coming
springtime sun.  Inside, a few extra pairs of shoes in the genkan* reveal
the presence of visitors.]
*Small alcove by an entrance for shoes.

Kasuga Narration:  It was the end of the snow season.  With finals less
than a month away, ojiichan* and obaachan** dropped by to wish me luck.]
*Grandfather (familiar)
**Grandmother (familiar)

Kasuga:  [Accepting a box of various snack food items.]  Arigato gozaimasu*!
*Thank you very much

Grandpa:  Daijoubu*, it's the least we can do for our college-boy!
*It's all right

Grandma:  I still wish you hadn't moved away from your family.  I mean,
it wouldn't have been such a long commute for you, and we could visit
you and the rest of the family together.  It's also tiring to make so
many train changes on our way....

Grandpa:  [Jovially.]  Don't pay her any mind!  I understand why you
needed to move out!  [Conspiratorially.]  After all, you need your space
for...[Winks with a look of improper motives.]...heh, heh....

Kasuga:  [Indignantly and embarrassed.]  Ojiichan!  It's not like that
at all!

Grandma:  Anata*, I think we've distracted Kyosuke long enough.  He does
have to get back to his studies so he will do well on his finals next month.

Grandpa:  Wakatta, wakatta...*!  Kyosuke, you know you could always just
use your...
*OK, understood

Kasuga:  Ojiichan!  [Whispers as he points to the open door and hallways.]
Don't tell the neighbors!

Grandpa:  [Mostly to himself.]  What a bother...  [As he and Grandma
bow and wave good-bye.]  Yoshi!  Gambatte Kyosuke*!
*All right!  Good luck, Kyosuke!

Kasuga:  [Closes the door, then walks back to his desk.]  Ahh...she's
right, I gotta study.  Now where's that math study guide....  I think
it's in the closet.

[He gets up and opens the closet.  Immediately, an avalanche of books,
notebooks, boxes and an occasional girlie magazine falls out and buries
him.  Some boxes open and the stuff inside scatters on the floor.]

Kasuga:  [Getting up from under the pile of stuff.]  Che*... now I have
to clean this up....
*Mild expression of irritation

[After some work, everything is back in the closet.  He takes a look
around the room, and notices something shiny on the floor.  He bends over
and picks up a small round pendant.  It has a yin-yang symbol etched on
one side, but is otherwise unremarkable.]

Kasuga:  Eh?  I didn't know I had this.  I wonder when I got it?  Doesn't
look familiar....  [Putting the pendant on and looking at himself in the
mirror.]  Hmmm...not that interesting at all...actually kinda plain-looking.

[Kasuga ignores it and grabs his books.  He goes downstairs and almost
runs into Kimura who is on her way out with an armful of books.]

Kasuga:  K-Keiko-san!  What are you doing here?  Are those new books?

Kimura:  Un!  I just bought Sakurai-sempai*'s advanced math books so I
could get started early.  [Eyes light up.]  Wah...!  Kawaii** pendant!
*Older student, senior

Kasuga:  You really think so?  [Thinks for a moment, then takes the pendant
off and hands it to Kimura.]  Ok, you can have it.

Kimura:  Hontou desuka*?!?  Lucky!  Lucky!  Kyo-chan, arigato gozaimasu!

Kasuga Narration:  I was glad to see that someone could appreciate my
act of generosity so much.  However, I never could have guessed how much
trouble it was going to cause....

[Cut to the Butsumetsu train station.  Grandpa and grandma are both waiting
for the next train back to the countryside.]

Grandpa:  [Grumpily.]  Our clan is degenerating, I tell you.  Not only are
the youngsters weak, but they're afraid of using the power!  What's wrong
with them?!

Grandma:  Well, anata, maybe he wants to be like everyone else?

Grandpa:  Everyone else?  But everyone is using their natural talents,
why can't he?  And even if he would - he can't do much, only about a
half of what I can do!

Grandma:  Um, if you really wanted him to possess full power, you could
have just given him your pendant for a few days.

Grandpa:  Pendant?  [Pats his pockets, then checks his bag without
results.]  Shimatta*!
*Oh shoot

[Cut to the Butsumetsu undergraduate library.  With final exams bearing
down, most of the study cubicles are occupied.  Ayukawa and Kasuga are
seated in one of the smaller group-study rooms.  Although Ayukawa is
going through her mathematics book carefully, she notices that Kasuga
is only giving it cursory attention.]

Ayukawa:  You'd better concentrate.  Math was never your strong subject,
remember?  It'd be embarrassing if you got held back because you failed
your final exam.

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Confidently waves off.]  Heiki, heiki*!  For some reason,
I feel really good about the exam.
*Don't worry about it.

Ayukawa:  [Dubiously.]  Oh really?  [Points to the next problem.]  Try this

Kasuga:  [With uncharacteristic confidence.]  Hmm...this differential
equation is second order, linear and homogeneous with constant coefficients.
The characteristic equation is r^2+4r+5=0, which has two complex conjugate
roots -1+i and -1-i.  We use these complex roots to construct a real
solution.  So the answer is: exp(-x)[Acos(x)+Bsin(x)], where A and B are
real constants.

Ayukawa:  [After a long moment of silence.]  Uso...*
*Can't be

Kasuga:  [Confidently.]  Yatta!*
*I did it

Ayukawa:  [Regains her composure.]  I got Keiko-san to do that
problem for you in advance.

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head sincerely.]  Not at all.  The answer just
popped into my head.

Ayukawa:  [Thinks for a moment, then turns several chapters ahead and
picks a problem at random.]  Try this one.

Kasuga:  Let me see....  [Rapidly flips through several preceding pages.]
Aha.  The solution is obtained by integrating the velocity vector with
respect to time and adding an arbitrary vector of integration to the result.
We will use the initial condition to evaluate the integration constant.
The integral of v by dt is cos(t)I+sin(t)J-exp(-t)K+aI+bJ+cK, where a, b
and c are arbitrary constants. The initial condition requires that a=0,
b=1 and c=2.  Thus, r=cos(t)I+(1+sin(t))J+(2-exp(-t))K.

Ayukawa:  Masaka* one can do math like that.  Except...

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Keiko-san.  Actually, I ran into her this morning on
my way here.

Ayukawa:  But....  [Thinks for a moment.]  Could your power have something
to do with it?

Kasuga:  Power?  Well, no.  I found out a while back that I don't have
telepathy like Kazuya.  I don't think that's changed anytime recently.

Ayukawa:, why don't you try again and see if there's
something different with your powers now?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un.  [Concentrates for a few seconds, but fails to get
results.]  Eh?  [Concentrates harder then pants with fatigue.]  Pah.... gone!

Ayukawa:  [Surprised and concerned.]  Gone?  How did that happen?

Kasuga:  [With rising concern.]  It's power's not there

Ayukawa:  Not there?  Then where is it?

[Cut to the Blue Horseshoe apartments.  Kimura is seated by the small desk
in her room, concentrating on her new math books with an open notebook.
However, the notebook is empty and her face has an uncharacteristic
look of incomprehension.]

Kimura:  Hmm...[After several minutes, she puts down the pencil and
sighs with fatigue.]  Upper division math must be a lot harder than
I thought.   [Closes her eyes and puts her head in the book for a moment's
breather.  She reaches for a glass of water on her desk, not
noticing the glass slide quietly into her hand.]

[Cut to the hill going up to the Seishun-kan.  Ayukawa and Kasuga are
walking up briskly with growing concern on their faces.  As they reach the
top of the hill, they are surprised to see Grandpa and Grandma waiting for

Grandpa:  Ah good, you're back!   [Sheepishly embarrassed expression.]
I think I probably dropped something back in your room and I need to get
it back before it causes any trouble.

Kasuga:  Eh?  What did you drop?

Grandma:  A pendant that happens to be a family heirloom.

Kasuga:  [With apprehension.]  Pendant...?

Grandpa:  Not just an ordinary pendant.  It's a power-switching pendant.
Its powerful magic allows us to exchange powers and abilities between
each other.  That way, if an ESPer needed to use someone else's abilities
for a while, he could wear the pendant and then give it to another person
who should put it on.  To switch the powers back, the ESPer should wear
the pendant again.

Kasuga:  But...what happens if it's worn by a normal person?

Grandpa:  Don't be silly!  Why on earth would you do that?  [Looks at
Kasuga, then Ayukawa, then has an expression of sudden realization.]
Masaka!  Kyosuke!  Don't tell me...!

Ayukawa:  So that's why you're doing math like Keiko-san.  Then she's...
[Foreboding realization.]

Grandpa:  [Concerned.]  You've got to get that pendant back!

Kasuga:  [Downcast.]  Well...that may be tough.

Grandpa:  Eh?  Why?

Kimura's voice from memory:  Lucky!  Lucky!  Kyo-chan, arigato

Kasuga:  [Sheepishly.]  I sorta...gave it to her as a gift.  It's going
to look pretty bad if I just walk up and take it.

Ayukawa:  Look, I'm supposed to be seeing her later after band practice.
I'll just tell her it was a mistake.  I'm sure she'll listen to reason.

Kasuga:  Are you sure?

Ayukawa:  [Confidently.]  Leave it to me.

[Cut to the Butsumetsu music hall.  With finals close, band rehearsals are
shortened and there are only minimal numbers of people practicing their

Ayukawa:  [To herself while she plays.]  I don't see what the big deal
will be...I mean, it's just a pendant.  Kasuga-kun even said it wasn't
all that pretty... [Confidently to herself.]  I'm sure there won't be
any problem.

[Cut to the music hall break room a half hour later.  Vending machines
serving everything from coffee to beer line the sides of the walls.  Only a
few other students are present, most of them taking the quiet time to study
and read.]

Kimura:  [Slightly downcast while drinking soda.]  ...couldn't even
understand a thing.  Okaasan* says I need to double my effort so I don't fail
the test.  [Sighs.]  Aiya...schoolwork was never this hard in high-school.

Ayukawa:  [While drinking coffee.]'re just trying too
hard.  Sometimes when you're too nervous, you can't do schoolwork like you
normally can....  [To herself.]  Of course having your natural talent
transferred to someone else can't be helping either....  [Changing subjects.]
Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Kasuga-kun.  [Thinking about how to
be subtle.]  He told me he gave you a gift.

Kimura;  [Pulls up the pendant.]  Kore desu ka*?

Ayukawa:  [Smiles with recognition.]  Yes, that's the one.  You see,
Kasuga-kun told me it was a very special pendant.

Kimura:  Un.  I promised I would wear it forever and ever.

Ayukawa:  [Derails train of thought.]  Y-you did...?

Kimura:  Hai!  You should have seen him when he gave it to me.  It's the
first time I've ever received a present from a boy.  Waah... [Puts hands
on cheeks to partially hide her blushing.]

Ayukawa:  [To herself.]  Kasuga-kun...  [Aloud.]  But isn't this just a
trinket, Keiko-san?

Kimura:  No, no!  I wear it like a symbol of a friendship with such a
wonderful guy as Kasuga-kun!

Ayukawa:  [Can feel resolve crumbling away.]  Ahh...un.... [Nods

[Cut to the city street.  Ayukawa is walking towards the Chez Kooun.]

Ayukawa:  [Annoyed tone.]  Mou*... of all the things Kasuga-kun has to get
involved with....  "Forever and ever"...why didn't he tell me she was *so*
attached to such a simple-looking little trinket?  [Stops walking and thinks
to herself.]  Then again, I guess I should have seen that coming.  Keiko-san,
romantic that she is, probably wouldn't have interpreted it any other way.

[Cut to Chez Kooun.  Ayukawa walks in the dining area behind a small queue
of people building up as the dinner hour approaches.]

Nakamura:  Irrashai mase*!  [Playfully outloud after she see who comes in.]
Kyo-chan, it's your other girlfriend!

Kasuga:  [Tenses up and drops his current entree on the grill.]  I wish
she'd stop doing that...!

[Cut to the employee break area.  The closet-sized room is small but
functional with a round table and three chairs.  There is a steel cabinet
in the corner for hanging personal belongings.]

Kasuga:  ...sorry she's so forward.  I'll make sure to talk to her about
that.  So how did it go?

Ayukawa:  [Subdued.]  Well, we talked for a while and I mentioned how
special the pendant was to you.

Kasuga:  Ah good.  Ojiichan said all I have to do is wear it to get my
powers back.

Ayukawa:  Well...

Kasuga:  [Seeing the general pessimistic expression.]  Ah...

Ayukawa:  Keiko-san has it in her mind that your pendant was "a symbol of
your undying friendship" and promised she would wear it forever and ever.
One could wonder what went on between you and Keiko that afternoon.

Kasuga:  [After taking a moment to read her implication.]  Ch-chigau*!
N-nothing like that happened!  It's just that...well...Keiko-san....

Ayukawa:  [Conceding.]  I know, I know...  But this still leaves us the
same dilemma.  Sooner or later, Keiko is going to find out your family

Kasuga:  Daijoubu.  I'll take care of it then.

Ayukawa:  Are you sure?  She seemed pretty determined.

Kasuga:  [Confidently.]  Un!  It's time I took responsibility for my

Ayukawa:  [Smiling.]  Way to go, Kasuga-kun.  So - what are you going to do?

Kasuga:  [With rapidly deflating confidence.]  Err..ummm...I was thinking
of going to her house and...well, you know....

Ayukawa:  Hmm... I'm not sure I like this idea.  And what will you do if
you're in danger of being caught?

Kasuga:  Oh, I'll just teleport out!  Why?

Ayukawa:  How much is 13 cubed?

Kasuga:  [Immediately.]  2197.  [Realization dawning.]  Ohh....

[Cut to the Blue Horseshoe Apartments.  It is late at night and most of the
apartments are dark.  The daily activities are winding down in the Kimura
residence and almost all lights are off already.  Masaki is watching the
television news, and with his attention focused on the screen, he fails to
notice the front door of their apartment opening.]

Kasuga:  [Closing the door as quietly as he can.  He takes off his shoes, laces
them together, and tiptoes in barefoot while carrying his shoes.]
Let's see...Keiko's room was down the hall and second to the right.  [Crawls
on all fours, while straining to hear any sign of activity.  He freezes
abruptly as he hears footsteps and voices in the main family room.]

Kimura Akiko:  Anata!  Are you going to sit there all night?  The TV is
loud!  I want it off before I'm out of the bath!

Kimura Masaki:  Ah...I just want to catch the scores before turning in.

Kasuga:  [Fearfully sweating.]  If I get caught, this'll look really bad!

[Kasuga manages to reach Keiko's room, opens the door, and close it behind
him with little noise.  He takes a moment to reacquire his bearings as his
eyes adjust to the dim light.]

Kasuga:  [Looking around as he catches his breath and tries to calm down.]
Sugoi*...look at all the stuffed toys....  [Gets up and tries to search
quietly through Kimura's desk of personal belongings.]  It's gotta be here
somewhere....  [After several minutes of fruitless searching, it slowly dawns
on him that there is only one place left.  His fears are confirmed as he
looks at sleeping Kimura and notices a portion of a string around her neck.]
Yabai**...I guess she wasn't kidding when she told Ayukawa she'd wear it
**Bad, oh shoot

[Kasuga slowly and fearfully reaches for Kimura's nightgown, his heart
pounding from fear.  He swallows hard and looks away as he lifts the
blouse up and reaches under, trying to carefully feel around for the
pendant.  However, as he does so, Kimura's eyes open.]

Kimura:  [Sleepily.]  Ummm?

Kasuga:  [Paralyzed with fear as he looks at his own hand under her blouse.]

Kimura:  [Half-asleep.]  Kyo-chan?  What are you doing here?

Kasuga:  [Whispering in near panic.]  Ah...ahh...this...this is...[Tries
desperately to think of something.] ...this is a dream!

Kimura:  Eh?  Dream?  [Innocently.]  Are you sure?

Kasuga:  [Sweating and shaking as he nods.]  Sure, sure!  [To himself.]
Baka!  No one's going to believe that!

Kimura:  Hmmm.... [Thinks about it for a few moments, then nods.]  Um, ok!
[Closes her eyes.]  Oyasumi nasai*!
*Good night

Kasuga Narration:  Right about then, I was feeling pretty bad about taking
advantage of Kimura's trust like that.  Even though I had to get that
pendant back before things got worse, I still wished there was an easier

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Yoshi...  Ikuzo*!  [Plunges his hand into her
sleeping blouse and nervously and delicately feels around.  His shaking and
sweating is rewarded as his fingers brush something hard.]  Yatta!  [Reaches
for the pendant then suddenly hears a sound of an opening door behind him.]
*All right... let's do it

Kimura Akiko:  [Opens the door.]  Keiko, daijoubu desu k...*  [Trails off
as she sees that there's someone leaning over Kimura's bed.]
*Are you all righ...

Kimura:  [Wakes back up and looks towards the door.]  Ah okaasan!  Are
you a part of this dream too?

Kasuga:  [Freezes in fearful anticipation.]  Yada...*!
*Oh no


[Cut to the gathering of the Uresei Yatsura Lum fan club.  In front of a
large group of well-armed students, the leader of the club paces back
and forth on the stage with an inspired look on his face.]

Leader:  This time, we're going to put an end to that horrible
Moroboshi, once and for all!

Crowd:  [In unison.]  Yeah!

Leader:  This time, we're going to finally show Lum-sama that we are
worthy of her affections!

Crowd:  [Louder in unison.]  Yeah!

Leader:  And no one is going anywhere, until we figure out how!

[Crowd's enthusiasm visibly drains out of the crowd, and is replaced
with confusion and uncertainty.]

Voiceover:  Not going anywhere for a while?  Have a Snickers!

[Show a candy bar being broken in half, revealing caramel and peanuts.]

Voiceover:  When you're hungry, why wait?

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to Ayukawa's apartment the next morning.  Ayukawa is applying some
antiseptic to several large bruises on Kasuga's arms.]

Ayukawa:  Sou ne*...  [Sighs as she finishes the job.]  So what happened
*I see

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed and downcast.]  Well...

[Cut back to the night before at the Blue Horseshoe apartments.]

Kimura Akiko:  [Furiously.]  KONO...*!
*<Netiquette violator>

Kasuga:  [While running.]  GOMEN*, GOMEN!!

Kimura Akiko:  [Swinging a heavy broomstick.]  WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DARE

Kimura Masaki:  [Sobbing.]  MY POOR BABY GIRL!



[Cut back to the present.]

Ayukawa:  Sou ka*...I guess you won't be visiting her apartment any time
*I see

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un.  At least it was dark there, so I don't think they
recognized me....  Well, we're back to square one.  Any other ideas?

Ayukawa:  Well, I was thinking this over and I really don't think you'll
get her to give it up.  So ojiisan gave me a description of the pendant
and I was able to find a normal one that looks like it.
[Presents another pendant.]  Hora*.

Kasuga:  [Looking it over.]  Heh...a good likeness.  Now all we have
to do is substitute it for the real one.

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  As the sun rises and dries the dew on the grass,
Fujimoto comes up with a basket of laundry and begins to hang it on the
line.  As she does so, Kimura arrives to the walkway.]

Fujimoto:  Aha!  Ohayo gozaimasu* Kimura-san!  What brings you here this
early in the morning?
*Good morning

Kimura:  [A little hesitant.]  Ohayo gozaimasu.  I-is Kyo-chan still here?

Fujimoto:  "Kyo-chan"?  You mean Kasuga-san?  No, to the best of my
knowledge, he left already.

Kimura:  [Downcast.]  Sou ka....

Fujimoto:  What's wrong?

Kimura:  Last night, I had a strange dream.  Kyo-chan was in it and he
was trying to do something with me....

Fujimoto:  Strange dream?

Kimura:  Un.  Then this morning, okaasan woke me up and told me that
there was a very bad man in my room - as bad, she said, as Kyo-chan!
So she said I should stay away from him.

Fujimoto:  Kasuga-san *is* sometimes a little unusual, but that really
doesn't sound like him.

Kimura:  Un.  I always listen to okaasan, but I know Kyo-chan's not bad!
I guess I just needed to see him so he can tell me he wasn't sneaking
into my room last night.

Fujimoto:  Sneaking into your room?

Miyasato Yoko:  [Looking fatigued as she comes up the walkway.]  Who was
sneaking into your room?

Fujimoto:  Ahh!  Miyasato-san, okeari nasai*!  Did you get the tickets you
were looking for?
*Welcome back

Miyasato Yoko:  Hora!  [Brandishing a pair of baseball tickets.]  I was
in line since last night and got really good seats this time!  And, say,
Kimura-san, wanna go?

Kimura:  Who, me?

Miyasato Yoko:  Yuko canceled out to go on a date with that weirdo,
Saito-san.  [Half to herself.]  I swear, I can't see what she sees in
him....  [Turns back to Kimura.]  Anyway since I've already bought them,
I need someone to go with to the game and after the way you embarrassed
yourself at the game last year, I thought you could use the experience.

Kimura:  But...don't you already have a boyfriend?

Miyasato Yoko:  [Slightly defensive.]  O-of course I do!  A really cool
one!  But he wrote back and said he has a prior engagement.

[Eiji runs out of the building.]

Eiji:  [To Yoko.]  Yoko-oneechan*, let's go!
*Older sister or older female friend

Miyasato Yoko:  [Flatly.]  Sorry, no.  I've been up all night waiting
for these!  I need my sleep so I don't drop dead at the game tonight.
Oyasumi*.  [Walks inside.]
*Till later

Eiji:  [Disconcerted.]  Eh...?

Fujimoto:  [As she watches Yoko return to her room.]  Oh my...Kimura-san,
could I ask you a favor?

Kimura:  [Brightly.]  Hai?

Fujimoto:  Could you walk with Eiji to school?  It's on your way to the
University and it will make Eiji feel more comfortable not to be picked
on while going to school.

Eiji:  [Disbelieving expression.]  EH?!?  HER?!?

Kimura:  [Brightly.]  Hai!  I'll make sure he has a happy day!  Itte
*Let's go; we're leaving

Fujimoto:  Itte rasshai*!
*Come back soon

[Cut to a nearby alley.  A half-dozen street gang members watch as Eiji
and Kimura close on their location.]

Punk 1:  Here they come...!

Punk 2:  [Cautiously.]  Last time he had a kawaiikochan* with him,
that ama** broke my nose!
**<Netiquette violator>

Punk 1:  Don't worry so much.  [Looking ahead.]  This girl doesn't look
like she'll be so tough.

[When Kimura and Eiji reach the alley, they are suddenly interrupted and
pulled in.]

Eiji:  [To himself.]  Six of them...Mazui*...!
*This is bad

Punk 1:  Hey little kid, remember us?

Punk 2:  You'd better have your money this time!  You still owe us!

Kimura:  [Quizzed look.]  Eh?

Punk 3:  Didn't he tell you?  There's a toll to cross this street!

Punk 4:  [Menacingly.]  That's right!  500 yen for your own protection!

Eiji:  [Fearfully as he hides behind Kimura.]  Oneechan, hurry up and do

Kimura:  Emm...uhh...[Leafs through her purse.]  Yada...I don't have any
Y500 coins.  Can you break a bill?

Eiji:  [Face-faults.]  ...!

Punk 1:  [Gleefully surprised.]  Haha...!  Sure we can take bills!
[To Punk 3.]  We don't have any problems with that right?

Punk 3:  Sure, sure... of course we may have to charge extra for that...!

Kimura:  [With a slight edge of concern.]  Ano....  [Hopefully.] Your
exchange charge is the the usual fifteen percent, right?

Eiji:  [To Kimura with his eyes squeezed shut in anticipation of a beating.]
AHO*!  He's going to take it all!
*<Netiquette violator>

Kimura:  But...[Look of shock.] that's robbery!

Punk 4:  [With confidence.]  "Robbery" is such an ugly word...this is
protection money, for your own safety!  [Roughly pushes both Kimura and
Eiji against the wall.]

Kimura:  Itai*!  [Closes eyes with fear, anticipating the worst.  For
several long seconds, both Eiji and Kimura stand with their eyes closed.
The assault still doesn't come.]

Eiji:  [With his eyes still closed.]  Are they gone?

[Kimura gingerly opens her eyes, then looks around the alley
with surprise and astonishment as four of the six gang members
are sprawled in various stages of unconsciousness and injury.
The two remaining have their backs against the wall with
expressions of abject terror on their faces.  Kimura moves from
the wall toward them to take a closer look, but then stumbles as
a wave of fatigue hits her.  She leans against the wall
momentarily to catch her breath, and then walks over to the

Eiji:  [Opens eyes; with wondrous surprise.]  N-nani ga...*?
*What the...

Kimura:  [Leans forward to examine the two still conscious punks.]
Daijoubu desu ka?*
*Are you all right?

Punk 5 and Punk 6:  [Blubbering while crawling on their hands and knees.]
*We're very sorry

Punk 5:  [In tears.]  PLEASE DON'T HURT US!!


Kimura:  [Surprised expression.]  Hurt you...?

Eiji:  [With surprise and admiration.]  Waah...!  Keiko-oneechan is cool
after all!

[Cut to later that afternoon.  At the Butsumetsu baseball stadium, the
stands are filled with people watching the game.  The air is filled with
energy as students and supporters gather for another year of baseball
excitement and expectations of championships.]

Radio Announcer:  ...and we're in the bottom of the ninth with one out,
Waseda holding on to a slim 2-0 lead!  However, the home team has managed
to get runners at the corners, and Hayashibara is at the plate!

Butsumetsu crowd:  IKE, IKE!  HAYASHIBARA GAMBARE!*
*Go, go!  Hayashibara, do your best/good luck!

Kimura:  Waah...Hayashibara-san is so handsome...!

Miyasato Yoko:  [Excitedly.]  Never mind that!  He's got to get a hit
against that pitcher!  Everyone...[Glances at her betting receipt.]
everything is counting on it!

Kimura:  [Dreamily.]  Maybe he is the "special someone"...!

Miyasato Yoko:  What on earth are you talking about?  I swear, sometimes
I think you live in your own little world or something....

Radio Announcer:  This has been an exciting one all the way!  Hayashibara,
who is expected to be this year's clean-up hitter, is 0-for-4 today and he's
not alone as Uesugi the Waseda sophomore phenom has been simply sensational
keeping the dangerous Butsumetsu lineup off the bases!  However, Butsumetsu
has fought back this inning with 1 walk and 1 single, and Hayashibara now
represents the winning run!

Miyasato Yoko:  [Barely paying attention to Kimura.]  Don't just sit there!
Stand up and cheer him on!

Kimura:  [As Uesugi pitches.]  Hayashibara-san, gambatte kudasai!

Uesugi:  [To himself as an unseen force grips him across the waist.]  N-n-nan
*What the...

[He stumbles during the wind-up as the ball slips out of his hand.  Robbed
of its full pitching motion, the ball lazily drifts towards home plate with
the speed of a floating balloon.]

Hayashibara:  [Unable to believe his eyes.]  Eh?!  [Pulls out of his bunt
stance and brings the bat back to behind his shoulder.]


Radio Announcer:  Oso!  Hayashibara rips one to deep left!  Moroboshi is
reaching for it on the wall... and it is gone!

Butsumetsu crowd:  HOORAY!!!

Radio Announcer:  Uesugi got caught napping on that one, trying to sneak
an off-speed pitch past Butsumetsu's top hitter!

Miyasato Yoko:  [Contemptuously as she calms down after Hayashibara
crosses home plate.]  Baka ne... trying to pull off a cheap trick like
that....  [Brandishing her receipt.]  Oh well, time to cash in!

Catcher:  [Removing his mask and coming towards the mound as Hayashibara
finishes his trot around the bases.]  What the hell were you doing?!  I
signaled a fastball!

Hayashibara:  [As he is carried off the field by a victory-minded crowd.]
Uesugi-san...what kind of pitch was that?

Uesugi:  [As he watches the Waseda coach irritatedly getting out of the
dugout and heading to the mound.]  S-sonna*...!
*Can't be

[Cut to the next morning to the Butsumetsu University mathematics building.
The teaching assistant walks around the room, passing out a set of stapled
sheets of paper.]

TA:  ...covers the major points you can expect to be on the final.  As
you can see, the majority of the material can be found in the text, but
a few subjects are also found in the study guide from the beginning of the
year so I hope you kept good notes.  I will be holding extra office hours
from now until the exam to answer any questions.

[He begins to write a set of times and days on the chalkboard, as Kasuga
glances at Kimura across the room.  Cut to Kasuga's room; he is talking
to Ayukawa, who is looking out of the window.]

Kasuga:  I gotta to find a way to get that pendant....  [Glances at the
list of the material on the math handout.]  Not just my powers, but
Keiko-san will also need her talent to do well on the exam.

Ayukawa:  [Turns back, with resolve.]  Do you still have the other pendant?
The one I gave you?

Kasuga:  Y..yes.  Why do you want it?

Ayukawa:  I think I have an idea.  I'm meeting with Kimura today, to
talk about some course work....  I'll ask her to give me the pendant
for a moment, so I can take a closer look at it.  Then I'll try to
switch it with this one.  Do you think this will work... Kyo-chan?

Kasuga:  [Slightly shocked - but manages a smile.] ....

[Cut to the study room at the music department.  Ayukawa and Kimura
open the door and enter.  Ayukawa opens her bag and places stacks of
notes on the table, while Kimura sits down next to the piano.]

Ayukawa:  Say, do you play that?

Kimura:  What?  Oh, no, I don't.  I've never had much talent in music.
I took a few lessons when I was a kid, but wasn't any good at it.

[They start to look through the notes.  Kimura absentmindedly plays with
the string of the pendant.]

Ayukawa:  [Calmly.]  Oh, are you still wearing that pendant?

Kimura:  Yes!  Isn't it just so cute?

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  That's nice.  Say, can I take a closer look at it?
It looks quite interesting.

Kimura:  Oh, certainly!  Here you go, Madoka-san.  [She removes the pendant
and gives it to Ayukawa.  Then an idea hits her.]  Say, Madoka-san!  I bet
this looks very cute on you, too.  Can you please wear it?

Ayukawa:  [Frozen.] ....

Kimura:  Oh, please!  Please!

[Pause.  Then Ayukawa suddenly smiles.]

Ayukawa:  Of course, Keiko-san!

[She puts on the pendant.]

Kimura:  Oh, it does look cool!

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Does it?  That's neat!  Umm... can you wait a minute?
I want to check how it looks on me in the bathroom mirror.

Kimura:  Sure!

Ayukawa:  Thanks!  I'll be back in a moment!

[Ayukawa exits the practice room, goes into the bathroom and locks the door
behind her.  She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and concentrates.
Then, in the flash of light - she is gone.]

[Back in the room, Kimura sits silently, her chin in her hands.  Turning
around, she looks at the piano and leafs through the stack of sheet music
on the top of it.  Slowly, she opens the lid and pauses.  With one finger,
she plays c - f - g - a-flat on the keyboard and pauses again, deep in

[Cut to Kasuga's room.  He lies on the futon, reading, as suddenly, with
a flash of light, Ayukawa materializes in the room, immediately above
the futon - and falls down on Kasuga.  For a moment, she looks around
the room, disoriented.  Then she jumps up and shouts with joy.]

Ayukawa:  YES!!  It worked!!

Kasuga:  [Shocked.]  A...A...Ayukawa...!

Ayukawa:  I teleported!!  Do you realize that?!  I teleported!!

Kasuga:  Emm...umm...uff.  [Slowly coming to his senses.]  But... what
happened?  And...HOW!?

Ayukawa:  Keiko-san asked me to wear the pendant!  And then I got this
idea!  You see, you don't necessarily have to exchange your powers with
her directly - you can do it through me!  [Removing the pendant]  Now,
put it on!

[Kasuga smiles with understanding.  He puts the pendant on and, after
a moment, removes it and gives it back to Ayukawa, who puts it on.]

Ayukawa:  Ok, now I gotta go back and return it to her!

[She concentrates.  Nothing happens.]

Ayukawa:  [Puzzled.]  W...what?

Kasuga:  [Smiling.]   How much is 55 squared?

Ayukawa:  [Immediately.]  3025.  Ohhh!!

Kasuga:  [Smiling.]  Do you want a ride?

Ayukawa:  [Smiles and nods.]  Music department restroom, please.

[They hug each other - and Kasuga teleports them out.  They appear
in the restroom.]

Ayukawa:  Thank you.  [Begins to disengage from Kasuga.]

Kasuga:  No. [Tightens his grip slightly and stares into her eyes.]
Thank *you*.

[Ayukawa stares at Kasuga, slightly confused.  He releases her.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  It's for what you did.  Come over to my place when you can.
You're invited.

Ayukawa:  I'll be there.  [Smiles]  This time, I'll walk.

[The door opens and a random guy enters, immediately freezing in his tracks
because of the sight in front of him.]

Guy:  Ano....

Kasuga:  [Puts a hand behind his head.]  Ahh...this...this isn't what it
looks like....

Ayukawa:  [Whispers as she pulls away.]  I meant the girls' bathroom....

[Cut to Ayukawa leaving the men's bathroom.  She walks back to the study room
and hears music being played.  Kimura, seated at the piano, is playing
Beethoven's "Sonata Pathetique".  Ayukawa stops and for a few moments
listens to the music.  She pauses in thought and touches the magical
pendant around her neck - and then takes the normal one out of her pocket
and looks at it.  She sighs and shakes her head, putting the normal
pendant back into her pocket.]

Ayukawa:  [Softly, removing the magical pendant.]  Keiko-san, here's your

Kimura:  [Stopping playing.]  Oh yes.  Thank you, Madoka-san.  [She puts
on the pendant.]

Ayukawa:  Say, how much is 21 cubed?

Kimura:  [Immediately.]  9261.  Why?

Ayukawa:  [Smiling.]  Oh, nothing.

[Cut to Kasuga's room.  He and Ayukawa are talking, sitting on his

Ayukawa: I've realized that, if we want all the powers to be
returned to their owners, Keiko-san should keep the pendant.  You can
give your grandpa this one.  [Gives Kasuga the normal pendant.]  After
all, if she will keep her promise and wear it "forever and ever", we are
pretty safe, right?

Kasuga:  Yeah... I guess so.  As long as she doesn't let anyone else
to wear it.  [Sighs.]

Ayukawa:  Is something wrong, Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  Well... you know, I've been thinking... this is not the first
time my power gets me into trouble.  And... I don't like it.  I...I don't
want you to think of me as a freak.

Ayukawa:  You - a freak?  [Laughs.]  Well, then so am I!  And so is Keiko-
san!  And Katsu-san!  And everyone!  [Seriously.]  You see, we all have our
"powers".  And they are not what makes us what we are.  It's how we use
them that does it....

[Kasuga looks at Ayukawa with gratitude and they lean in to kiss.]

Ayukawa:  [Suddenly.]  Oh yes - you know what else Keiko-san told me?

Kasuga:  W...what?

Ayukawa:  That two nights ago she had a dream - she was in her bed,
and you were there too, and you had your arms around her!

[Kasuga blushes.]

Ayukawa:  [Smiling.]  You know, you're never that bold in *my* dreams!

Kasuga:  [Blushing - but looking Ayukawa straight in her eyes.]  No?

Ayukawa:  [Starts to blush, too.]  Well....

Kasuga:  [After a pause.]  How about a fruit drop?  [Reaches for a can
with the label "Fruit Drops."]

Ayukawa:  Sure.  [Smiles.]  "I like the taste."

[Cut to the boarding house the next morning.  As the sun comes up, the
neighborhood wakes up for another day's activities.  Fujimoto inspects
Eiji as he prepares to leave for school with Kimura.]

Fujimoto:  Gambatte kudasai Eiji!*  Be a good boy at school.  Don't be a
bother to Kimura-san.
*Please do your best, Eiji!

Eiji:  Wakatta, wakatta...itte kimasu!*
*Got it, got it...let's go!

Fujimoto:  Itte rasshai!

Eiji:  [Nervously as he and Kimura run down the hill on the way to the
bus station.]  A-are you sure those guys won't cause any more troubles
this time?

Kimura:  [Brightly as she and Eiji slow to a walking pace near the bus
stop.]  Daijoubu desu!  I have just the thing to take care of those guys
this time!  Trust your oneechan!

[Just as the pass the same alley, six familiar faces emerge.]

Punk 1:  [Aggressively.]  Ok, you little kid!  Time to pay the tol--!
[Cuts himself off as Kimura turns around to greet them.]

Kimura:  Oh, it's you, guys!  [Reaches for her purse.]  I have coins
this time!

Punks 1-6:  [With sudden fearful recognition.]  WAAH!  [Turn around and
run away with abject fear.]  Sh-shitsurei shimasu!*
*Sorry, gotta go!

Kimura:  [Watches with confusion.]  What's wrong with them?

Eiji:  [With sincere satisfaction as he watches the punks run away.]
Keiko-oneechan is cooool!!

New Characters Designer/Writer          Stephen Tsai
Co-writer                               Vlad Zelevinsky
Pre-readers                             Bob Carragher
                                        Brian Edmonds
                                        James Holman
                                        Harold Ancell
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                                        Jeff Williamson
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
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Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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for each episode.  If there is a particular character, place or
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Focus on Sakurai Takahiro [Introduced in Episode 21]:  The current
occupant of Room No. 1, Sakurai is the only tenant who returns to
Seshun-kan from the previous year.  Currently a second year mathematics
student, he spent a previous semester in London studying abroad.  He has
a reputation among those who know him as something of a "ladies man",
however, he is currently broken up with his previous girlfriend.
Visual Description:  A tall handsome guy with sandy-blond hair.
Close anime comparisons include (but not limited by) Hasakawa from
Koko wa Greenwood and Jadeite from Sailor Moon.

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