Kimagure Orange College - Episode 26
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the twenty-sixth episode of a fan-fict
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day",
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they
start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.
In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have graduated
from college, my experience is in the American college system and culture.
The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced education system is
limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  Any mistakes,
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant to show
disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, I would appreciate
any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might
offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 26 - All the World's a Stage

[Cut to Seishun-kan, Kasuga's room.  Ayukawa sits at the desk, reading in
the fading light of the departing day.  There is a knock on the door.]

Ayukawa:  Come in!

[Katsu comes in, and pauses when he sees that Ayukawa is alone.]

Katsu:  Is... is he here?

Ayukawa:  [Still reading.]  No; I came earlier than we agreed upon.

Katsu:  Oh.  [A long pause, during which his face turn more resolute.]
Maybe it is good that he is away.  I wanted to talk to you.

[Ayukawa looks up from her book.]

Katsu:  There's something I wanted to tell you... for quite a while.

Ayukawa:  [After a moment's hesitation.]  I... I think I know what
you want to tell me.  Please - I ask you - do not say this.  It will
do us no good.

Katsu:  [Decisively.]  No, I can't keep my silence.  Please listen to
me.  [Thinks for a moment, as if deciding on precise wording.]  Even
before I met you, I knew you were... not available.  And not only do I
know the man you're with, he's also one of my best friends.  I thought
that I was strong enough; I hoped that time will cure me.  I have
honestly tried to keep my mind off this - but to no avail.  [Ayukawa
stands up and looks at him sharply.]  But I see that I'm weaker than
my heart;  I have failed to resist my own feelings.  I - [Pauses.] -
I - [Swallows.] - I love you.

Ayukawa:  ...

Katsu:  I said it - now do what you will.  Tell him about this; or
order me to leave and never show myself in your presence again.

Ayukawa:  [Slowly.]  You... you might be surprised by what I have to
say.  All throughout my childhood I've spent little time with my parents -
so I've learned to hide my feelings; and this skill came to be severely
tested recently.  Nothing would have made me betray my emotions -
nothing, but the words you said.  Now I don't need to hide it - from
the moment I saw you, I fell in love with you.

Katsu:  Beloved!

[Katsu and Ayukawa embrace passionately.  The door opens and Kasuga
enters.  His jaw drops immediately at the sight.]

Kasuga:  [Yelling.]  NOW WHAT IS THIS??!

Ayukawa:  Ahh!

Katsu:  This... this is...

Kasuga:  I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!  You!  You!  How DARE you?!!  You were
my friend!  I didn't hide anything from you!  [To Ayukawa.]  And how
can YOU do this to me?!  I trusted you!  Trusted like no one else!

Ayukawa:  ...

Kasuga:  YOU!...  [Pauses.]  You!...  [Pauses; less confidently.]  You...
[Pauses again.  Sighs.  Weakly.]  Um, what's my line...?

Akane:  [Entering the room.]  You lazybones!!

Kasuga:  [With confidence, toward Ayukawa and Katsu.]  You lazybones!!
[Pauses.]  Ehh?  Are you sure that's the line?  Doesn't sound right.

Akane:  [Angrily.]  Not them - *you* lazybones!  You had half a page of
lines, and you didn't bother to learn them carefully!  How am I supposed
to get any practice if you keep messing up my cue?

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  Che*....
*Mild expression of irritation/disappointment.

Akane:  [Sighs.]  Well, we can give it another go.  [To Ayukawa
and Katsu.]  I hope you two don't mind.  By the way - great work!
Katsu-san, you remembered everything correctly - unlike this baka.
And, Ayukawa-san - you seem to have a good deal of acting talent -
or maybe you can just relate to this character?

[Ayukawa tenses and looks away, out of the window, where the last
rays of the sun disappear beyond the horizon and the street lights
are turning on.]

Kasuga Narration:  We had just come full circle with our first year at
college.  Spring was about to begin and the next year beckoned just
around the corner.  With final exams over, our scholastic obligations
were completed until the next school year.  But just as I was looking
forward to spending some time with Ayukawa, another familiar face came
back into my life....

[Fade back to one week ago.  Kasuga is in his room.  There's a knock on
the door.]

Kasuga:  Come in!

[Akane jumps into the room.  She is in high spirits.]

Akane:  Kyosuke!  Congratulate me!

Kasuga:  [Warily.]  Congratulations....  Should I ask why?

Akane:  I got the part!  I am Iponine!

Kasuga:  You are who?

Akane:  What?  Did you forget?  I got the part in the University Theater
Guild production of "Les Gens Abattu"*.
*French for "The Sad Ones".

Kasuga:  [With more sincerity.]  Really?  That's great!  Congratulations!

Akane:  Thanks.  And, guess what, I need you to help me!

[Kasuga startles and looks at her as a rabbit would look at the boa
constrictor.  The images flash before his eyes:  Akane making a pass
at Ayukawa at the pool;  Akane saying to her friends:  "This is my
boyfriend!";  Kimura, shocked, looking at lacy lingerie that Akane
bought as Kasuga's present.  He shudders.]

Kasuga:  [Putting his hand behind his head and laughing.]  Ah hahaha....
I'm very busy right now... really.  Maybe later... how about next year?

Akane:  [Narrowing her eyes.]  Yeah, I know you're busy.  I know you're
studying VERY hard.  [Points at the volume of "Ranma 1/2" manga on
Kasuga's desk.]

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  I mean... I'm going to be very busy, VERY soon.

Akane:  Ah.  I see.  Well, I guess I'll have to ask Madoka-san's help.
[With a hint of menace.]  I'm sure she will be... more cooperative.
Sorry for interrupting your worthy pursuits.  Ja*!  [Slams the door.]
*See you

Kasuga:  [Visibly perspires.]  This was close.  I hope she doesn't get
Ayukawa into whatever she has in mind.  Maybe I should call and warn
her....  [Dials the number, but no one answers.]  Che... she must be

[There's a knock on the door.]

Kasuga:  Come in!

[The door opens and Ayukawa enters.]

Kasuga:  A...Ayukawa!  I was just calling you!  You see, Akane was here
a minute ago, and I think she has some plan, and...

Ayukawa:  Shame on you, Kasuga-kun!  I met her on the street just now,
and she was very angry at you.  She told me that she only needs your
help to rehearse some scenes, and I think you should help her.  After
all, she's your relative.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Hmm... this is a bit *too* convenient.  [Aloud.]
Tell me... Ayukawa... when was our first kiss?

Ayukawa:  [Stammering.]  Well... umm... I know, of course, but... umm...
why are you asking this?

Kasuga:  [Triumphantly.]  Aha!  You don't know!  And let me tell you,
WHY you don't know!  You thought I was stupid and couldn't see through
your pretense - but I'm smart!  I saw right through it!  You might be
a theater major, but, let me tell you, you have to work on your act,

[The door opens and Akane enters.  Kasuga's jaw drops.]

Akane:  [Sweetly.]  You saw right through WHAT, Kyosuke?

Kasuga:  [Eloquent as usual.]  Uhnmph.

Ayukawa:  Under the tree in the park, Kasuga-kun.  [Smiles.]  We really
met on the streets a minute ago.  Akane asked me to ask you for your
help.  I'm really surprised you took me for her!  So - will you help her
rehearse?  I'll do it too.

Kasuga:  [Coming to his senses.]  Umm...yeah, I guess I'll help.  But -
tell me, Ayukawa - didn't... didn't you hesitate when I asked you about
our first kiss?

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  I was just acting that way.

Akane:  All right!  Let's rehearse!  Let's invite that guy Katsu -
we need more people for the scene.  [Seriously to Kasuga.]  Kyosuke,
please make sure to see my play.

[Kasuga and Ayukawa flinch.]

Akane:  Um, what's wrong?  Was it something I said?

[Fade to present.  Cut to the drama department of Butsumetsu University.
It is dominated by a large theater building situated on the edge of
campus.  Inside, the auditorium is bustling with activity as various
props are being moved on and off the stage.  Seated in the front seats,
a director, a few teachers and producers are watching various scenes
being rehearsed.]

Student 1:  [Reading from the manuscript.]  "Ushiko-san, wherefore art
thou Ushiko-san?"  [Grimaces.]  What kind of cheezy dialog is this?

Director:  [Impatiently.]  Just read the script!  We're two days
behind in rehearsing!  The sets are falling apart!  People don't
know their lines!  First performance is scheduled for next week!
At this rate, I'll never graduate!  Oh horrors and tribulations!  Where's
our lead actress?!  She's supposed to be here six - no, seven minutes
ago!  Furukawa - go ahead and start the scene!  If she's not in time
for her entrance - there's always the understudy!

[A tall guy with sandy hair and plain features looks up from the script
he's reading.]

Furukawa:  [With a Hokkaido accent.]  We'll be ready in a minute.

[Furukawa leaves for the stage.  Another guy - short, heavy-set,
dark-haired - enters, eating a bologna sandwich.]

Guy:  [To the director.]  Bon jour*, boss.  How is it going?
*Good day (French)

Director:  You're late, Yuu-kun.  Get yourself onto the stage!

Yuu:  Oh, non*.  I wanted to talk to you before this.  True method
acting requires that I participate in all of the creative process.
Oui, c'est la vie**.  [Takes a bite of a sandwich.]  In order to
interpret the character in all its multifaceted complexity, I have
to make sure every single detail is perfect.  For example - do you
have Pinot Gamay?
*Oh no (Fr.)
**Yes, that's life (Fr.)

Director:  Pin-a-WHAT?!

Yuu:  [Stares icily at the director.]  Pinot Gamay is the wine,
very popular during the precise historical period "Les Gens Abattu"
is set in.  In... let me see... third scene of second act, there's a
scene, where the students drink wine, discussing their plans of an
armed uprising.  To make the character of Anorex - the rebel leader -
most convincing, it has to be Pinot Gamay we're drinking.  I remember
being in a period play last year, and the director - quel brute* -
put KoolAid in the wine bottle.  Of course, all my character
interpretation immediately fell apart.  Quel horreur**.
*What a beast (Fr.)
**What horror (Fr.)

Director:  [Returns the icy stare.]  Let me assure you, I know what
am I doing.

Yuu:  Bien*.  Remind to whoever plays Iponine not to forget her dagger.
Those actresses need reminders.  [Takes another bite of the sandwich.]
Do take care of the makeup as well - in my interpretation, my character
has a beard.
*Good (Fr.)

Director:  Fine!  Get yourself onto the stage - NOW!

[Yuu gets up and leisurely moves toward the stage.]

Furukawa:  [From the stage.]  We're ready to go - but Akane is not here

Director:  Don't mind her!  Start the scene!  Nonmerci and Closette!

[Furukawa nods and goes toward the wings.  Michiko, his co-star - a girl
with long hair, who is playing Closette - sits in the chair in the middle
of the stage and starts reading.  Furukawa, who plays Nonmerci, appears
and knocks on the wall of the set.  The set rocks visibly.]

Director:  CAREFUL!!

Furukawa:  Ohh, sorry.  [Knocks again, quieter.]

Michiko:  Come in!

[Furukawa comes in, and pauses when he sees that Michiko is alone.]

Furukawa:  Is... is he here?

Michiko:  [Still reading.]  No; I came earlier than we agreed upon.

Furukawa:  Oh.  [A long pause, during which his face turn more resolute.]
Maybe it is good that he is away.  I wanted to talk to you.

[Cut to the entrance of the theater building.  Ayukawa, Kasuga, Akane
and her father - Yukimasa Kenji - enter rapidly.  Kenji is tall,
dark-haired and mysterious.]

Akane:  [As they are walking toward the auditorium.]  Che... we're late.
Why did you want to see the rehearsal anyway, oyaji*?  Will it help you
to achieve enlightenment or something?
*Informal for "father".

Kenji:  [Evenly, without addressing anyone in particular.]  One can't
find enlightenment by looking for it; one can't find enlightenment by
not looking for it.

Akane:  ...

[They enter the auditorium.  The scene continues to be played out on the
stage; Yuu - as Anorex - is center stage.]

Yuu:  I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!  You!  You!  How DARE you?!!  You were
my friend!  I didn't hide anything from you!  [To Michiko.]  And how
can YOU do this to me?!  I trusted you!  Trusted like no one else!

Michiko:  ...

Yuu:  You!  You are nothing but conniving villains and despicable

Akane:  [In the auditorium.]  My cue is coming up!  [Runs toward the

Yuu:  [Foaming at the mouth.]  I tell you what I'm going to do!  I'm
denouncing my title, my wealth and privileges!  I'm going to leave this
miserable world of rich and spoiled!  I'm going to start a revolt against
it!  And I won't be alone!  [Suddenly sentimental.]  Oh, where is she,
my childhood friend Iponine, whom I loved dearly!  But no, she is gone,
she is not here!

Akane:  [Appearing on the stage; loudly and clearly.]  She's here!

Yuu:  YOU!... You!... You...  [Pauses.]  Um, what's my line?

[Cut to the auditorium.  While the rehearsal continues, Ayukawa, Kasuga
and Kenji are talking between themselves.]

Ayukawa:  [To Kenji.]  So, Akane told me you're the head of a major
Buddhist temple in Yokohama.  It must have been hard to get such a
high-profile place.

Kenji:  There was a competition.  The most capable of three applicants
was to be chosen by a retiring priest.  He placed an apple on the table
and asked us to tell him what this apple was *not*.  The first applicant
said that it was not an orange; the retiring priest frowned.  The second
applicant said it was not an apple; the retiring priest smiled.

Kasuga:  And what did you say?  I mean, you *did* get the place.

Kenji:  I didn't say anything.  I ate the apple.

Kasuga:  ...

[Cut to the stage.  The scene is over, and the director is talking with
the actors.]

Director:  Now, next we have the love scene with Anorex and Iponine!
[Yuu leers at Akane.  Akane sticks out her tongue at him.]  It's
outdoors, so the set of the garden should be on the stage!  We will
set up the big spotlight to serve as the sun, and...

Akane:  I want a moon.

Director:  What?

Akane:  This is a love scene, right?  There should be a moon.

Director:  But this scene takes place during daytime!  There should be
a sun!

Akane:  The moon!

Director:  The sun!

Akane:  [Angrily.]  The moon!  I can't work like this!

[She jumps off he stage and storms away.  After a moment's hesitation,
Furukawa takes off after her.  Director raises his arms in exasperation.]

Director:  [Yelling towards the wings.]  You!  Set workers!  Make a
moon!  And it should be here when Iponine wants it!  Don't forget!
When Iponine - moon!  When moon - Iponine!  [Growls.]  I can't work
like this!  [Dejectedly.]  Maybe I still have time to switch my major
to basket weaving.

[Cut back to Kasuga, Ayukawa and Kenji.  Akane approaches them, fuming.
Furukawa is coming after her.]

Akane:  Can you believe that, oyaji?!  All I want is a moon, and NOOOO!
Is this too much to ask for?

Furukawa:  [Softly.]  Yukimasa-san...umm....  I'm very sorry for
interrupting, and I don't know you at all... but... maybe you can
be more considerate....

Akane:  [Bluntly.]  I don't recall asking you.  Why don't you go back
to your Hokkaido?!

[Furukawa opens his mouth as if to say something, but doesn't.  Instead,
he turns and walks away, back to the stage.  Akane bites her lip and
looks like she wants to call him back, but doesn't say anything either.]

Kenji:  [Not addressing anyone in particular.]  A young monk once went
to his teacher and asked him: "Tell me, is patience a virtue?"  The
teacher said: "Wait for me; I'll return and tell you."  The teacher
left the room and returned one year later, while the monk was still
waiting for him.  The teacher asked: "Tell me, is patience a virtue?"
At this moment, the monk was enlightened.

Akane:  ... I... I guess I'll go and apologize to that guy.

[She takes off and runs in the direction Furukawa left.  She catches up
with him as he wanders around the backstage.]

Akane:  Umm... Furukawa-san... I'm... I mean, just now... I guess I
should not have said what I said.... [To herself.]  Why can't I just
say sorry?!

Furukawa:  [Waves.]  It's ok.  I'm sorry for being so intrusive.  It's
just I can't really hide what I think, the country bumpkin that I am.
I guess I'm not just smart enough to pretend.

Akane:  [Amused.]  But you're doing this play!  One can't act without

Furukawa:  [Quietly.]  One can't act *by* pretending.  The actor has
to show feelings that are true.

Akane:  Umm... there might be something to what you're saying.

Furukawa:  [Smiles.]  Perhaps we're both right.  I really don't know
anything about acting.  Shall we go back?  Our opening is only one
week away, after all.

[Akane nods and they leave together in the direction of the stage.]


[Scene:  A TV control booth.  A number of monitors line the wall.  Two
technicians watch over the screens.  Focus on the rightmost screen, which
shows a basketball court.  There is the sound of a whistle, and Hanamichi
steps off the court, grabs a towel, and sits on the bench, looking quite

Announcer:  And that's time out in the All Japan High School Basketball
Championship Tournament.  Looks like Hanamichi will have to do something
to get back in this game.

[The sound of a soda being opened and poured is heard.  The fizzing
sound attracts the attention of Hanamichi, who looks across at the
Pepsi on the far left monitor.  He gets up and leaves the screen.]

Announcer:  Hanamichi's leaving the court!

[Focus on the monitor just to the left of the one with the basketball
game.  It shows a hideous evil creature throwing energy beams at a
fleeing, very frightened young girl with blond hair in long twin
ponytails who is wearing a sailor-suit.]

Technician 1:  He's on Sailor Moon!

[Hanamichi sees the situation, and throws his basketball at the monster.
Of course, it does a lot more damage than Sailor Moon had been doing.
The girl sits up and looks at the distant figure of her savior.]

Sailor Moon:  [With hearts as pupils.]  Uniform Kamen!  He's so dreamy!

[With a flourish, Hanamichi redrapes the towel around his neck and

Sailor Moon:  *SIGH*

[Focus on the next monitor, which shows a cliff overlooking a plains
dotted with pools and bamboo poles.  A red haired girl, chased by a
panda, nearly knocks over a lost looking guy with a yellow and black
polka dotted bandanna.]

Ryouga:  Ah!  [Regains footing.]  Phew!  [Glancing back.]  Ahhh!

[Hanamichi enters, knocking Ryouga down the cliff.  As he crosses the
screen, we hear a splash and a squeal.]

Technician 2:  He's at Jusenkyo!

[A very upset-looking P-chan threatens the receding figure of Hanamichi
as much as is possible in his current state.  Cut to next monitor.  It
shows a familiar couple on a park bench.]

Umao:  Ushiko-san, wherefore art thou Ushiko-san?

Ushiko:  Umao-san, wherefore art thou Umao-san?

Umao:  Ushiko-san ... huh?

[Hanamichi enters, jumps on the park bench, and jumps off the screen.  He
finally arrives at the Pepsi.  He grabs it and finishes it in one gulp.]

Hanamichi:  Ahhhh!

[Cut back to original monitor.  Hanamichi appears running and joins the
game with gusto, slamming in the goals above the heads of every opposing

Both technicians:  Slam Dunk!

Hanamichi:  [Close-up.]  Who says there's nothing good on TV?

Slogan on the screen:  Nothing else is a Pepsi.

[Writer's note: Standard disclaimer.]


[Cut to next week, outside of the drama department building.  It's
afternoon.  The large banner, proclaiming "Les Gens Abattu", is hanging
above.  The line of students stands in front of the box office.  Five
people meet outside - Ayukawa with Kasuga and Akane with her parents.
Her mother, Yukimasa Asako is dressed quite tastefully, although
perhaps a little bit too eye-catchingly.]

Akane:  [To her mother.]  I don't think you've met Ayukawa Madoka yet.
She's my good-for-nothing cousin's girlfriend.  Don't you think she
deserves someone better?

Kasuga:  Hey!

Asako:  [Smiling at Ayukawa.]  It's nice to meet you, Ayukawa-san.
You dress quite well, if I may say so.

Akane:  [Whispers to Ayukawa.]  Mom's a fashion designer, in the case
you didn't notice.

Ayukawa:  Thank you.

Asako:  I hope you don't mind asking, but - Ayukawa-san, Kyo-chan has
never mentioned your power....

Ayukawa:  Huh?

Kasuga:  [Interjecting.]  She... she's not an ESPer, obasan*.

Asako:  Ohh - I - I mean - forgive me for assuming.  It's just that
there's an old belief in our village that ESPer-human couples don't
usually succeed.  That's why my father was so opposed when my elder
sister decided to marry his [Nods at Kasuga.] father.  It was so much
easier for me, because my husband is an ESPer as well.

Kasuga:  [Firmly.]  I think this is just an old superstition, obasan.

Akane:  [Interrupting.]  Sorry to break this family chat, but I gotta
go!  I don't want to be late for the play!  Come on!  [Pauses.  Sighs.]
I hope everything goes well....

[Cut to the auditorium.  Ayukawa, Kasuga and Akane's parents are seated
and watching the action on the stage, where a familiar scene is playing

Furukawa:  I said it - now do what you will.  Tell him about this; or
order me to leave and never show myself in your presence again.

Michiko:  [Slowly.]  You... you might be surprised by what I have to
say.  All throughout my childhood I've spent little time with my parents -
so I've learned to hide my feelings; and this skill came to be severely
tested recently.  Nothing would have made me to betray my feelings -
but the words you said.  Now I don't need to hide it - from the moment
I saw you, I fell in love with you.

Furukawa:  Beloved!

[They embrace passionately.  Embrace takes quite some time.  Nothing
else happens.  They both look toward the door.  There's no one there.
They look at each other, unsure of what to do.]

Michiko:  [Hesitatingly.]  My darling...!

[Another embrace.  Nothing happens.  They break the embrace and look
toward the door again.]

Furukawa:  Umm... I don't wish to compromise your reputation, my love,
and I suspect that Anorex should be here soon...!

Michiko:  Yes, yes!  [Menacingly toward the door.]  HE SHOULD BE HERE

[A sound of someone running is heard off-stage.]

Furukawa:  [With relief.]  He's here!

[Yuu appears running.  He has a sandwich in one hand and a beard in the

Yuu:  [Yelling.]  NOW WHAT - [Pauses and tries to paste the beard onto
his chin.] - IS THIS??!  [Stops to take a bite of his sandwich.  Big
sweat drops appear on Michiko and Furukawa.]

[Cut to the director, who starts slumping in his chair.  Cut back to
the stage; the later scene is on.  The set is that of an inn.  A bunch
of students is sitting around the big table.  Yuu enters, his beard now
glued in place.]

Yuu:  The students!  The future - and the only hope of our nation!  I
came to talk to you!

Student 1:  It's him!  It's Anorex - the fighter for the bright future!

Student 2:  The protector of the ones who are sad!

Student 3:  Talk to us, Anorex!  Show us the way!

Yuu:  Let us talk!  Pour me some wine and we can talk about how we can
bring our country to the light!

[Students pour him some wine.  He drinks it and his manner becomes more

Yuu:  That's pretty good wine you have here, my friends!  I'll bet the
life of my favorite uncle that this is real Pinot Gamay!  Pour me more!
Let us drink first!  We can talk later!  [Takes a swig of wine, spilling
some of it on his beard, which goes unglued and falls off.]

[Cut to the director, who is pulling on his hair in desperation.  Cut
back to the stage.  Another scene is on.  The background is that of a
lush sunlit garden.  Akane appears.  She is wearing a fancy period
dress and looks lovely.  Immediately, a large crescent moon, cut out
of cardboard and painted yellow, is lowered from below the ceiling.]

Akane:  [Looking to the left.]  There he comes, my beloved Anorex!
Oh, how do I love his pale, serious face!  How does it remind me of
all that is noble in human beings!

[Yuu enters, having some problems with walking.  He is flushed and
looks drunk.  His beard is missing.]

Yuu:  Akane!  Hic!  I mean, Iponine!

Akane:  [Looks at him with wide-eyed disbelief.  Whispers to him.]
What's with you?  [Aloud.]  Yes, my beloved!  What - umm, what happened
to your beard?

Yuu:  [Whispers.]  Shuddup, I'm awright.  [Aloud.]  I've - I've -
I've shaved!  Iponine, I have something - hic! - important to tell
you.  I arrived at this after not little conter- constre- consterem-
consternation!  Hic!

Akane:  [Whispers.]  You're drunk!  [Aloud.]  Do tell me, my heart!

Yuu:  [Aloud.]  AM NOT!  [Embraces her.]  Iponine!  I decided to devote
the rest of my life to fight for liberty!  I'm the champion of love and
justice!  Hic!  And I will punish you!  That - means - you!

Akane:  [Whispers.]  What is this nonsense you're saying?!  [Aloud.]
I will join you, Anorex, in this struggle!  Life is too short to make
only myself happy!  I want to bring the happiness to others!  Let's
swear that we won't forget this, and will continue our fight nobly
and selflessly!  Let's swear on my family dagger!  [Pauses.  Goes pale.
Whispers.]  Oops, I forgot my dagger.

Yuu:  [Whispers.]  I should have expected this from someone so stupid.
[Aloud.]  Oh, my darling Iponine!  I knew you would under-der-der-stand -
and - [Falls down.  Akane catches him.] - support me.

Akane:  [Whispers.]  What do you mean by this, you jerk!  [Aloud.]
I'm happy I can show my love to you, Anorex!

Yuu:  [Whispers.]  What I said, you fool.  [Aloud.]  My one and only!

Akane:  [Yells.]  WHAT DID YOU SAY?!  TAKE THIS!

[She tosses him aside.  He hits the backdrop.  Backdrop shakes and falls
down.  Cut to the director, who is rocking back and forth in his seat,
moaning in abject pain.]

[Cut to the empty auditorium after the play.  It's almost dark, save for
a spotlight shining in the center of the stage.  Akane sits dejectedly
on the side of the stage, away from the spotlight.  She's wearing her
normal clothes.  The door opens and her parents enter.  She barely
glances at them.]

Asako:  Akane-chan, we've been waiting for you to come out.  It doesn't
take an hour to get changed out of your costume, does it?  Kyo-chan and
Ayukawa-san said they had to go and left already.

[Akane is silent.]

Asako:  Are you alright?  I personally think it went very well.

Akane:  [Downcast.]  They laughed.

Asako:  [Sincerely.]  Of course, it was very funny!  I haven't laughed
that much for quite a while!  I think this was a great comedy.

Akane:  Go ahead, rub it in.  [Turns away.]

Asako:  Um, what's wrong?  Was it something I said?

Akane:  [Turns back with a tear in her eye.]  Don't you understand?
Not at all?  Now, out of all times, when I need someone to tell me that
yes, everything is going fine and this was just a small setback - and
you're... joking.

Asako:  Oh... Akane-chan... I didn't mean it this way....  But if you
were... displeased by this, then by no means you should feel forced to
continue acting.  I think you have lots of taste in clothing; I would
love to have you work in fashion industry.  Am I right that you made
that costume by yourself?  It was lovely.  You know, I can get you a
place at my company.  Just think of what can we do together.

Akane:  I... I need some time to think of this.

Kenji:  [Not addressing anyone in particular.]  A young monk learned
that a famous guru, who lived nearby, had the power to reverse time.
He went to visit the guru and arranged an appointment.  As he was
waiting, the guru entered the room and set by the table.  The monk
asked him: "Can you really reverse the time?"  The guru didn't reply
anything.  He stood up and left the room, walking backwards.  At this
moment, the monk was enlightened.

Akane:  Oyaji, I need help and not your puzzles!

Asako:  Akane-chan, please consider what I said.

Akane:  [Stands up.]  But I don't want to do anything else but act!
You know that I have a talent to pretend to be someone else - and it's
more than just a talent, I simply love doing it!  I love being the
part of it - as, I hope, you love being the part of the audience.
There's nothing like this intangible connection between the actor
and the audience.  In the movies, there's so much in between - cameras,
film, screens - and there's none of it in theater!  [She walks to
the center of the stage, walking into the spotlight.]  People, real
live people give you everything they've got - their talents, their
emotions, their lives!  There's nothing else in the world - only the
actors and the audience, and actors live for audience!  And I know, I
know in the depth of my heart, that I want to do this.  "Life is too
short to make only myself happy!  I want to bring the happiness to
others!"  [Pauses for a moment.  Quietly.]  Funny... I said this as
Iponine, but didn't really understand it - until now.  It's really more
fun to bring happiness to someone else, isn't it?  Doesn't it make the
life worth living?  [Passionately.]  And one life - one short, boring
life - do you understand this?! - is just not enough for me!  I want,
desperately want to live many lives - to be someone else!  I want to
be Ophelia!  Juliet!  Lady MacBeth!  I know what I want to do with my
life!  We few - we happy few!  We, who are happy to love, dearly love
something - and are blessed with a talent in this!  There're so many
talentless pretenders, boring liars, clumsy storytellers - but they are
not the real actors!  No one will ever be able to remove the mask from
the real actor's face - because it is not, I'm telling you, it's not
the mask!  It's the actor's real face!  It's not water - it's real
tears!  And it's not ketchup - it's the real blood of the actor's heart!

[Silence.  Akane sighs and walks away from the spotlight, sitting down
where she was before.]

Akane:  Not that I'm sure anymore what it means - to act.  One can't act
by pretending; one can't act by not pretending.

Kenji:  [Softly, to no one in particular.]  At this moment, the monk was

[Akane looks up and smiles at her father.]

Akane:  ...  Arigato*.  You helped me.
*Thank you

Asako:  Akane-chan, please let me know what you have decided, ok?  [Akane
nods.]  I think it's time for us to go.  Ja!

[Asako and Kenji stand and walk out of the audience; Kenji is walking
backwards.  Akane looks at this with puzzled expression; then she shrugs
and shakes her head.  She sits for a while on the empty stage, then gets
up and walks away.  As she passes by the last row, she is startled to see
that there's someone sitting there.]

Akane:  Furukawa-san?

Furukawa:  [Smiles.]  I... kind of felt like making sure you're ok.
I'm sorry I didn't let you know I was here; but I didn't want to
interrupt your talking.

Akane:  [Sighs.]  I wasn't talking; I was raving.

Furukawa: was worthwhile.

Akane:  ...  Thank you.  And - you know - I - I wish you played Anorex.

Furukawa:  [Laughs.]  Well, I guess they didn't want to give me another
leading role after I did "Hamlet" last year.

Akane:  *You* were Hamlet??

Furukawa:  [Shrugs.]  Yeah, last year.  I was an understudy, and the
main guy got sick, so....  What, don't I look the part?

Akane:  Didn't... didn't you tell me, a week ago, that you didn't know
much about acting?!

Furukawa:  [Smiles.]  I was just acting that way.  [Stands up.]  Well,
gotta go.  Goodnight, sweet lady; goodnight, goodnight.

[He gets up and starts to walk away.  Akane stands for a second with a
puzzled expression on her face, and then takes off in the direction he

Akane:  Wait a moment!  Tell me about that!

Furukawa:  [Stops in his tracks; with ironical expression.]  Forgive me -
dost my eye deceive me - or hast thou chas'd me twice this past week?!

Akane:  YOU!... You...  [Pauses.  Smiles and winks at him.]  Um, what's
my line?


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