Kimagure Orange College - Episode 27
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the twenty-seventh episode of a fan-fict
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day",
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they
start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.
In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have graduated
from college, my experience is in the American college system and culture.
The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced education system is
limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  Any mistakes,
inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they meant to show
disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, I would appreciate
any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight any readers might
offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 27 - Three's a crowd

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  Kasuga is packing an overnight bag with a few sets
of clothing along with his normal toiletries.  He checks his watch, then
heads downstairs.]

Kasuga Narration:  It was a few weeks before the next semester classes
started.  Most of us were spending the time off traveling and
vacationing.  Ayukawa and I had planned to spend a weekend away to do
some hiking and sightseeing.  But sometimes, the best-laid plans go

[Outside, Fujimoto is taking advantage of the mid-day sun by hanging up
laundry.  She pauses when she sees Kasuga walking towards the front

Fujimoto:  Konnichiwa* Kasuga-san.  Are you going somewhere?
*Good afternoon

Kasuga:  Ahh...hai.  Ayukawa and I are going to spend the weekend at a
cabin in Karuizawa.

Fujimoto:  Karuizawa - isn't that far to be going by motorbike?

Kasuga:  [Less enthused.]  Un...Hayashibara-san's going to be taking us
there by car.  He says it's on his way to his father's company opening
tomorrow at Nagano.  It's...also his family's cabin we're going to be
staying at.

Fujimoto:  Really?  That's very generous of him.  He seems to be a very
nice young man.

Kasuga:  Ahh...un.  He's--!

[Kasuga is interrupted by a red RX-7 pulling up to the front street.]

Ayukawa:  [From the passenger's seat.]  Kasuga-kun, are you ready?

Kasuga:  Hai!  [To Fujimoto as he heads towards the car's trunk.]  Itte
*We're off

Fujitmoto:  Itte rasshai.  Ki wo tsukete kimasu!*  [Watches Kasuga pack
his backpack in the small trunk, then squeeze himself into the back
seat.  To herself as the car pulls away.]  Wow...Hayashibara-san is as
handsome as Miyasato-tachi** say.  Ayukawa-san must think very highly of
Kasuga-san not to have any temptations...
*See you soon.  Take care!
**The Miyasatos

[Cut to Kan'etsu Expressway leading out of Tokyo.  In the distance,
mountain tops still gleam white with snow from the recent winter.  In
the back seat, Kasuga squirms because of the cramped quarters.]

Hayashibara:  [While driving.]  Are you all right back there?

Ayukawa:  We can switch if yo--

Kasuga:  [Reassuringly.]  Heiki, heiki*!  [To himself.]  Besides, I
can't show weakness here in front of him...
*It's OK.

Ayukawa:  [After a momentary pause.]  Oh, sure.  [To Hayashibara.]  So
you don't think it was your skill?

Hayashibara:  [Thoughtfully as he pulls onto the highway.]  Ah... as
much as I might want it otherwise, there wasn't any reason for Uesugi-
san to change pitches like that when he was having so much success with
his fastball.

Kasuga:  Eh?

Ayukawa:  Oh, Hayashibara-san was just telling me that he thought that
his home run in the exhibition game a few weeks ago was probably luck
after all.

Kasuga:  Was that the time I lost Ojiichan's...[Trails off.]  I mean,
the game against Waseda?

Hayashibara:  [Confirms.]  Un.  Uesugi-san says he tripped during the

Ayukawa:  Un.  [Meaningfully to Kasuga.]  Keiko-san was there cheering
Hayashibara-san on.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  She must have accidentally used my power...

Ayukawa:  By the way, is it true that one of your boarding house
residents is taking Keiko-san on a date?

Kasuga:  Un.  I guess they should be leaving about now.

[Cut to the Kimura residence in the Blue Horseshoe apartments.  Keiko is
getting dressed in anticipation of an outing as Masaki watches

Kimura Masaki:  [Meekly.]  Are you sure you want to go through with
this?  After all, the last two times you went out resulted in nothing
but heartache!

Kimura Keiko:  [Unsure.]  I-I know.  [Brightening up.]  But this time
I'm sure.  Sakurai-sempai* said he'd show me a wonderful time when he...
*Older student Sakurai.

[Fade to memory.]

Sakurai:  [As Kimura looks up.]  They say that whoever is standing
beneath the mistletoe is waiting for someone to kiss them.

[Katsu and Kimura's eyes widen as Sakurai turns Kimura to him, then
kisses her full on the lips.  Astonished outbursts from the rest of the
group follow as Kimura melts beneath Sakurai's practiced kiss.]

Sakurai:  [As he breaks the kiss.]  Merry Christmas!

Kimura:  [Starry-eyed, and more than a little dazed.]  Ohhh...

[Cut back to the present.]

Kimura Masaki:  H-he k-k-kissed...?!?  [Turns pale in shock.]

Kimura Akiko:  [Sternly to Masaki.]  Anata*, don't overreact.  [To
Keiko.]  Keiko, I know you're looking for a boyfriend because you think
it's the proper time, but truthfully, you don't have any experience with
dating.  We just don't want you to be hurt--

[Interrupted by the knock on the front door.]

Sakurai:  [From outside.]  Gomen kudasai*.
*Please excuse me (Greeting when visiting.)

[Kimura Akiko opens the door and coldly gives Sakurai a thorough

Sakurai:  [To himself as he and his flowers wilt.]  Aiya...Kasamatsu-san
wasn't kidding...[Confidently to Kimura Akiko.]  I'm here to pick up
your daughter.

Kimura Akiko:  [Not budging from the door.]  You must be Sakurai-san.
[Narrowing her eyes.]  Did you really steal a kiss from our daughter's

Sakurai:  Ah...umm...err...[Thinking rapidly.] it was...just a Western
Christmas tradition.  It...wasn't supposed to offen--

Kimura Akiko:  I'm sure.  [Finally lets him inside.]  What other
"western traditions" should we know about?

Sakurai:  [Regaining his composure.]  I went to school in England for a
couple of semesters to improve my foreign language skills, not to
romance girls.  Your daughter is perfectly safe with me.

Kimura Masaki:  [Quaking.]  Anata, how do we even know he won't try
anything improper?  You know those western ideas are all full of moral

Sakurai:  [Mostly to himself.]  Che...*
*Minor expression of irritation

Kimura Akiko:  Oh, I'm sure he won't try anything.

Sakurai:  [To Keiko.]  There, you see?  Nothing to worry about at all.
[Chuckles in satisfaction.]  Hahaha...

Kimura Akiko:  [Sternly to Sakurai.]  Because I'm coming with you.

Sakurai:  [Laughter dies abruptly.]  ...hah...

[Cut to Kan'etsu Expressway.  Behind the car, the Tokyo skyline fades
behind the rolling Kantou plains as the mountainside forests begin to
take over the scenery.  Farms are visible in the countryside as the
urban surroundings give way to rural ones.  Snowdrifts from the recent
winter melt slowly in the coming spring.  As everyone enjoys the change
in scenery, Hayashibara pulls the car to one of the few service stations
on the highway road.]

Hayashibara:  [To the attendant.]  We would like a fill up.

Attendant:  [Pulls out the gas hose and begins to pump gas into the
car.]  At once, sir.

Ayukawa:  [Gets out of the car.]  Do you want anything?

Kasuga:  Ahh...a soda would be OK.

[Ayukawa goes into the service center to get some food and drinks.
Outside, Kasuga gets out to take the time to stretch his legs.]

Hayashibara:  So, I've heard that Ayukawa and you had interesting times
in junior-high and high school.

Kasuga:  Ah...un.  We met when my family moved into town.  Her family's
still got a house back home.

Hayashibara:  I've heard her sister's living there now.  How are they

Kasuga:  She's been married for about four years.  We just saw the
family during Shogatsu.  They have a baby daughter Mika.  [To himself.]
I guess that makes Ayukawa an aunt now.  Wonder how she feels about

Hayashibara:  [Chuckles.]  Is it really true you thought Ayukawa was the
one getting married during her sister's wedding rehearsal?

Kasuga:  [Shocked to himself.]  Ayukawa...talked to him about that?!?
[Stammering.]  Well...ahh...I didn't...I was just a big
misunderstanding.  I'm...kinda surprised Ayukawa even mentioned it.

Hayashibara:  [Nonchalantly.]  Don't worry about it.  We talked about a
lot of things on the way to your place.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  I wonder...

[Fade into imagination.]

Hayashibara:  [Pulls over to a side street and stops the car.]
Che...[Smiles.] the car seems to have problems.

Ayukawa:  Oh really...[Insincerely.] that's too bad...[Leans towards
Hayashibara and closes her eyes.]  I guess we'll be late.

Hayashibara:  [Teeth gleam just before he leans over to kiss Ayukawa.]
Daijoubu desu*.  We have all the time we want...
*It's all right

[Snap back to reality.]

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head vigorously.]  Dame dame dame*...!  Ayukawa
would never do that!
*No no no

Ayukawa:  [Holding a couple of sodas and bag of shrimp chips.]  What
wouldn't I do?

Kasuga:  Wah...!  [Puts hand behind head.]  Ah...ahahahaha...nothing!
It was nothing!

Ayukawa:  ....

[Cut to Shinjuku station.  One of the largest and busiest commuter
terminals in the country, it is surrounded by hundreds of restaurants,
bars and cabarets, along with half a dozen movie theaters and other
entertainment establishments.  Amid the afternoon crowd, Sakurai, Akiko
and Keiko make their way through towards one of the larger movie

Kimura Akiko:  [Hesitantly.]  I-I don't know if this is the kind of
environment that Keiko should be exposed to.

Sakurai:  [Annoyed.]  Oh, come on...  a million people go through this
station every day.

Kimura Akiko:  [Reasserts herself.]  I know that, but I haven't seen any
of these movies yet.

Sakurai:  Eh?  [Looks at the movie theater billboard.]  What would be
the point of watching a movie you've already seen?

Kimura Akiko:  I haven't had a chance to review these films for

Sakurai:  [Incredulously.]  You mean you review every film before
letting Keiko-san watch it?

Kimura Keiko:  [Trying to get attention.]  Ano...

Kimura Akiko:  Of course.  [Looks at an adjoining theater, catering to
younger audiences.]  This film is appropriate.

Sakurai:  [Increasing exasperation.]  It's a kiddie film!  [To himself.]
I'll never get her in the mood watching this stuff...

Kimura Keiko:  [Sighs in resignation.]  ...

[Cut to Karuizawa.  The cabin is a rustic-looking structure built with
resin sealed logs.  Despite its primitive appearance, the inside of the
cabin is fully furnished with modern utilities and amenities.  Down the
road, a small river is visible in the distance.  Surrounded by woods,
the cabin has the ultimate perk of isolation and privacy.]

Ayukawa:  It's very nice.

Hayashibara:  When I was younger, my father and I spent many vacations
here.  Some of our best times together were here.

Kasuga:  When was the last time you were here?

Hayashibara:  It's...been a while.  You know...he and me... well, the
demands of running his business take up a lot of Otoosan's free time and
I've been tied up with baseball and school, so...

Ayukawa:  ...

[Hayashibara unlocks the front door and looks inside.  He gives the
utilities a cursory examination and nods in approval.]

Hayashibara:  Everything seems OK.  Let's get you two unloaded.

[The three of them work for the next twenty minutes getting everything
they brought with them inside the cabin.  Kasuga and Ayukawa both note
that both beds are in one room.]

Hayashibara:  [Points at the side door.]  There's a bathroom there with
a hot tub.  I think you'll like it.

Ayukawa:  Ah...un.  That'll be nice to try.

Hayashibara:  [Hands Kasuga a set of keys.]  Anyway, I'm sure you'll
find everything fine.  [Looks at his watch.]  I can't stay too long;
otoosan's company opening ceremonies start early tomorrow morning and
I'm supposed to meet him in a few hours for dinner.

Kasuga:  Ah, un.  Thanks for everything.

Ayukawa:  Un.  I hope you have a good time with your father.

Hayashibara:  [Gets back into the car.]  I'll be back in three days.
Ja!  [Turns key, but the car fails to turn over.]  Eh?  [Tries again,
but barely gets a grunt from the car.]

Ayukawa:  Is everything OK?

Hayashibara:  [Frowns.]  I'm not sure.  [Pops the hood of the car, gets
out and looks it over.]  The car seems to have problems.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Masaka...!

[Hayashibara turns the key and the car makes a noise sounding like a
weak attempt to turn over, but not quite making it.  After a few more
attempts, with the car sounding weaker each time, he gives up.]

Ayukawa:  Well, it's 50 kilometers to Nagano..

Hayashibara:  Well, at least people know where we are.  I'm sure someone
will come and get you before long.

Ayukawa:  Then I guess you should stay with us.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  EHH?!?

Hayashibara:  Well, it is a one-room cabin.  [Concerned.]  Are you sure
it won't be an imposition?

Ayukawa:  Not at all.  It wouldn't be right to make you walk that far if
help is coming.  Right, Kasuga-kun?

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Nods.]  I mean...un...  [Forlorn to himself.]
Somehow...I knew things would turn out like this...

[Cut to the Shinjuku Palace theater.  Sakurai grimaces with
embarrassment as children from six to ten years of age watch him buy
three tickets to the children's showing of an animated film.]

Sakurai:  Three adult for "Minky Momo" please.

Ticket attendant:  5100 yen please.

Sakurai:  [To himself as he hands over six 1000Y bills.]  It's a good
thing no one else is here to see me watching this fluff...

Kimura Keiko:  [Noting Sakurai's discomfort.]  Daijoubu desu ka?

Sakurai:  Ah...sure.  Everything's fine.  That is, as long as you like
watching films like this...

Kimura Keiko:  [Nods and smiles.]  Hai.  I like romantic movies.

Sakurai:  [To himself.]  Just how "romantic" can two images drawn on
film be...

Kimura Akiko:  [From behind Keiko.]  When is this film going to start?

Sakurai:  A couple of hours.  We were going to have a late lunch first
at one of the nearby clubs.

Kimura Akiko:  [Shakes head.]  I'm afraid that is not acceptable.  Keiko
has almost no tolerance to alcohol.  One of the kissaten will have to

Sakurai:  [Stiffens, then relents.]  Hai...  [To himself.]  And to think
I thought it was cute when...

[Fade to recent memory.]

Kimura:  [Innocently.]  Demo*...I think I should ask okaasan first...

Sakurai:  [Confidently.]  Daijoubu.  I'm sure your parents will be
watching over you.  [Confidently to himself.]  In spirit.

[Fade back to the present.]

Sakurai:  [Annoyed to himself.]  Che...who could have known it would
turn out like this...


[Cut to the racing pits.  A familiar-looking car is in the pits with
smoke rising from the open engine hood.]

Speed:  Oh no!  The Mach 5 has been sabotaged!

Pops:  [Jumping side to side.]  Speed, if you don't win, we could lose

Inspector:  [Hands Speed a set of car keys.]  Here Speed!

Speed:  Oh!  The Volkswagon GTI!

[Cut to the big race.]

Trixie:  [From the passenger seat.]  Faster, Speed!

Pops:  [From the racing pits.]  Look out!

Speed:  Ahh!  [Steers sharply to avoid two other cars side-swiping each

[The race continues and the red Volkswagon pulls out in front.]

Speed:  [As he watches another car go over the cliff.]  This GTI is

Pops:  [From the back seat.]  And it's got room for four!

Spritle:  [From the hatch.]  Make that six!

Voiceover:  On the road of life, there are passengers and there are

Background music:  Go Speed Racer go!

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to Karuizawa.  Hayashibara is outside, trying various adjustments
to the car.  Inside, Ayukawa is putting the last of the food inside the
kitchen cupboards, while Kasuga lays out the beds.  As he finishes, he
watches Ayukawa pick up and listen to the phone sitting on the counter.]

Ayukawa:  [Hangs up.]  There's no dial tone.  I guess the snow we drove
past on the way here knocked the lines out.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Che...  [To Ayukawa as he looks at the two
beds.]  How do you think we should set the sleeping arrangements?  [To
himself.]  No way that guy's sleeping that close to Ayukawa...!

Ayukawa:  [Unsure.]  Well...

Kasuga:  It'd be easier for two than three...

Ayukawa:  Be reasonable.  You can't expect him to have to walk 50km to

Kasuga:  [Mutters mostly to himself.]  Too bad he can't stay in an

Ayukawa:  [Sternly.]  Kasuga-kun!

Kasuga:  [Defensively.]  Waah...!  Jodan, jodan!*  [Thinks for a moment,
then looks up.]  How about this?.  I'll just teleport us to Nagano, get
the parts he needs, then teleport back.  He'll never know we were gone.
*Joking, kidding

Ayukawa:  Don't be silly.  For one thing, you haven't any idea what's
wrong with the car.  And even if you did, how do you explain to him that
you happen to have car parts in your backpack?

Kasuga:  Well...[Wilts.]

Ayukawa:  [More subdued.]  I know this isn't the trip we planned.  But
we should make the best of the situation.

[Cut to Chez Kooun.  Inside, the crowd is still sparse as the dinner
hour has not yet arrived.  The bell on the door rings as Sakurai, Akiko
and Keiko enter.]

Aoki:  Irrashai mase*!  Ah, Keiko-san!  What brings you here?
*Welcome; normal greeting for customers at restaurants and stores.

Kimura Akiko:  [To Keiko.]  Do you actually come here?

Kimura Keiko:  Ah hai.  Kyo-chan works he...[Trails off as she sees
Akiko's reaction to Kasuga's name.]

Sakurai:  Who cares why she comes here?  Kasamatsu-san told me the girls
here are really...[Stops himself, mindfully as he looks at Kimura
Akiko.] good waitresses...ahahaha...[Trails off as he sees that his
comment didn't help the mood.]

Aoki:  [Noting the animosity.]  How about a booth by the window?

[Sakurai and Kimura Akiko both nod and sit down.  Aoki pulls out her pad
and begins to take their order.]

Sakurai:  One large soda.  Two straws.

Kimura Akiko:  [Sternly.]  Two medium sodas for me and my daughter.

Sakurai:  [Relents.]  Three medium sodas.  [To himself.]  So much for
the "indirect kiss...."

Aoki:  And to eat?

[Sakurai looks at Kimura Akiko expectantly.]

Kimura Akiko:  Two of your specials.

Sakurai:  I'll have the double cheeseburger with bacon.

Aoki:  I'll be right back!  [Heads for the kitchen and puts the order on
the queue.]

Kimura Akiko:  [Looking at Sakurai disapprovingly.]  All that fat and
calories....  Don't you know that Western food gives you gas and

Sakurai:  [Snaps.]  Nobody asked you to eat any!

Kimura Keiko:  [Pleadingly.]  Stop it, please?  [To both Sakura and
Akiko.]  Can we all get along?

[Inside the kitchen, the usual gossip starts up as they watch the
threesome at the table.]

Hitomi:  [To Naoko.]  How much do you want to wager that that date's

Naoko:  [To Hitomi.]  I don't take sucker bets!

Aoki:  Hidoi yo*!
*That's awful

Nakamura:  [Deadpan.]  Don't be naive.  Since when did you ever hear of
a date go well with three?

Aoki:  ....

[Cut back to Karuizawa.  On the path leading up to the hilltop, Ayukawa,
Kasuga and Hayashibara are hiking up the slope.  They come to a stop at
the top of the hill, revealing a panoramic view of the surrounding
woods.  As Kasuga catches his breath, Hayashibara hands climbing
harnesses to Kasuga and Ayukawa, then unrolls two coils of rope.]

Hayashibara:  This is the top of the first hill.  [Points to a towering
set of mountains on the other side of the valley.]  Those go all the way
to the top of this valley.  It's too rugged for roads so the only way up
is by foot.

Ayukawa:  [To Kasuga as she puts on her climbing harness.]  Daijoubu?

Kasuga:  [Straightens up and puts his harness on.]  Ah, un.  Just needed
to catch my breath.  [To himself as he looks towards the mountains with
trepidation.]  How on in the world am I going to keep up with them?

[Hayashibara then inserts two climbing pitons into the rock surface and
ties one end of each rope to a piton.  He then tosses the loose ends of
the ropes down the steep cliff.]

Hayashibara:  [Goes over to Kasuga.]  Make sure your safety harness is
tied tightly.  [Checks the harness and nods with approval.  He then goes
over to Ayukawa and checks her harness.]  No, not like that...[Gets
behind Ayukawa and reaches around her with both arms to pull the straps
more evenly.]

Kasuga:  [Tenses up, but keeps his peace.]  ...!

Hayashibara:  [Taking the first rope.]  I'll lead off.  Some of the rock
still has some snow or ice so watch your footing.  [Carefully rappels
his way down the cliff.]

Ayukawa:  [Softly after Hayashibara is half-way down the cliff.]  Are
you sure you're up to this?  You don't have to do this.

Kasuga:  D-don't worry, I'm up to it.  Besides, sliding down a rope
isn't so hard.

Ayukawa:  Maybe not.  [Takes the second rope in hand and leans towards
the cliff.]  But the hard part is coming back up.  [Pauses and sees that
Kasuga is not changing his mind.]  Suit yourself; I'll see you at the
bottom.  [Rappels her way down.]

Kasuga:  [Picks up the first rope once it goes slack.]  I can do
this...[Starts the descent.]

[Cut to Shinjuku palace movie theater.  Inside the lobby, Sakurai, Akiko
and Keiko stand in line awaiting the film to start.  Sakurai notes
ruefully that the rest of the film's audience are all children ranging
from six to ten and squirms uncomfortably at the stares and finger-

Kid 1:  [Whispers to Kid 2.]  Isn't he a little old to be watching this?

Kid 2:  [Nods.]  Maybe he's a little slow...

Sakurai:  [Whispers harshly.]  I am not slow!

Kimura Keiko:  What did you say?

Sakurai:  Waah..!  Ah, ie...I was talking to someone else!  [A little
more discretely to Keiko.]  I just didn't expect to be paying for three.

Kimura Keiko:  [Slightly embarrassed.]  I know okaasan can be a little
protective sometimes...

Sakurai:  [To himself]  "A little protective...?"

Kimura Keiko:  ...but she's only looking out for me.  Otoosan is like
that too.

Sakurai:  [To himself.]  I don't know if I can take this nonsense much

[Cut to back to Karuizawa.  The evening sun has set as darkness of night
descends and takes over the surrounding woods.  Back at the cabin,
Kasuga, Ayukawa, and Hayashibara are making their way slowly back
towards the cabin.]

Hayashibara:  [As he puts the climbing gear away into a closet.]  That
was pretty amazing, Kasuga-san!  I didn't picture you as much of a
climber, but you really scaled those hills like a pro!

Kasuga:  Well, I guess I was just...ah...lucky...

Hayashibara:  I guess we all have our...talents...  [Turns on the cabin
lights.]  Anyway, it's getting late so I guess we'd better turn in.  [To
Ayukawa.]  Do you want to take your bath first?

Ayukawa:  Ahh, sure.  [To Hayashibara after a short pause.]  Why don't
you go on inside?  We'll join you shortly.

Hayashibara:  [Pauses.]  I'll start dinner.  [Goes inside.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa?

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  Kasuga-kun, look me in the eye and tell me you
weren't using your power.

Kasuga:  Well...[Tries to meet Ayukawa's gaze, but shrivels up almost

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun, I understand that there are probably times and
places you should use your power, but I don't think competing with
Hayashibara-san is one of them.

Kasuga:  Well, I...I just wanted to keep up with him...

Ayukawa:  Sou ka, does this mean you're going to join the school
baseball team next?  [Long pause.]  I hope you enjoyed the climb.  [Goes

Kasuga:  [Forlorn.]  The worst...this is really the worst...

[Cut back to Shinjuku Palace.  The theater darkens as the curtains pull
back.  After a few previews and messages extolling the theater's
refreshment center, the main attraction begins.  Sakurai checks his
watch impatiently.  As he does so, he notes that Keiko is paying
complete attention to the film.]

Sakurai:  [To Keiko.]  Psst...!  Do you really like this movie?

Kimura Keiko:  Hai!  The characters are very cute!

Sakurai:  I'll tell you what I think is cute.  [Points at Keiko.]
"There's ketchup on your nose."  [Confidently to himself.]  That line
always works...

Kimura Keiko:  [Blushes.]  Honto desuka?  Yada...[Takes out a
handkerchief and carefully wipes her nose clean.]

Kimura Akiko:  [Suspiciously but discretely.]  What are you talking
about?  You're ruining the mood!

Sakurai:  ...

[Cut back to Karuizawa.  Inside the cabin, a sheet is draped over a rope
jury-rigged across the middle of the room, with a bed on both sides.]

Hayashibara:  Since there are only two beds, I guess I'll take the

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head.]  That wouldn't be right.  This is your
place; I'll take the floor.

Hayashibara:  [Shakes his head.]  But you're my guests.  It wouldn't be
proper manners to have you on the floor.

Kasuga:  Don't be silly!  [Laughs with hand behind head.]  It's no
problem for me.

Hayashibara:  [Teeth gleam.]  I should get the bed.

Ayukawa:  [Annoyed.]  If you two keep this up, no one is getting any
sleep tonight.  [Sighs with exasperation.]  Very well, I'll sleep on the

Kasuga and Hayashibara:  Waah!?

Hayashibara:  B-but that wouldn't be proper!

Kasuga:  He's right!  You shouldn't have to sleep on the floor.  We can
find some kind of agreement!

Ayukawa:  I don't think that either of the two of you wants to show
weakness in your manners for the sake of pride.  [Soften.]  Besides,
it's not the first time I've slept on a floor.

[Hayashibara turns out the lights as everyone goes to sleep for the
night on the floor.  For almost an hour, there is no movement or sound
in the cabin.  Then, Hayashibara sits up in the dark and turns to face
Kasuga who is still sleeping next to him.]

Hayashibara:  [Whispering.]  Oi!  Kasuga!  [Whispers after he checks to
make sure Kasuga is still asleep.]  I guess I'm a coward for not saying
this to you directly, but I need to get this off my chest.  You know I
remember talking to Ayukawa about a friend of mine who had a problem
with his girlfriend and she asked me if I was some sort of "ladies man".
[Pauses.]  I never really gave her a straight answer...*
*KOC #21

[On the other side of the sheet, unseen by Hayashibara, Ayukawa opens
her eyes and listens as she lies on the floor.]

Hayashibara:  [Hesitantly.]  You see, Hiro-kun and I first met when we
broke team curfew on our first night with the baseball team.  We were so
excited to make the school team, we went out to celebrate and didn't
make it back until sometime after midnight.  Coach was so upset, he made
us run wind sprints until we both collapsed.  Anyway, that night,
otoosan told me, "You'll never be like Sadaharu Oh* if you don't keep
your focus on your career."  I told him that that was just fine with me.
You see, I admire Oh-san as a player, but I never wanted to be just like
him.  [Long pause.]  The truth is I never really envied what anyone else
ever had.  [Looks at Kasuga.]  Until now.
*Japanese baseball player/manager who hit 868 career home runs with the
Yomiuri Giants.

Ayukawa:  [To herself as she listens.] he talking about...?

Hayashibara:  [Still whispering.]  Maybe it's Kami-sama testing my
resolve.  [Thinks for a moment, then shakes his head.]  Ie, probably
not...  Still, it's kind of...ironic that of all the girls I've seen and
met...all the fans who cheer me on...that I should fall in love with
someone who's already got a boyfriend...[Long pause.]  When I first met
Ayukawa-san and I heard that she and you were close, I didn't think it
would be a problem.  She's your girlfriend and that was that.  But I
guess things weren't meant to work out that smooth and easy.

[Ayukawa looks concerned and is close to letting Hayashibara know she
heard him.  But she doesn't.]

Hayashibara:  I know you're a little concerned about me being a rival.
I have to admit I'm...more than a little concerned about it myself.  I
know what's the right thing to do and what I want is just to be her
friend.  But...the truth is...[Bites lip.] the truth is I don't know if
I'm that strong...

Ayukawa:  [To herself as she tries to go back to sleep.]  Gomen nasai,
Hayashibara-san...I hope you are strong enough...for both of us...

[Cut back to Shinjuku Palace.  Sakurai shows clear signs of boredom as
the rest of the audience pays close attention to the film.]

Sakurai:  Geez...[Looks over to see if Akiko is watching him.  He then
quietly tries to put his arm around Kimura Keiko.]  ITE...!

Kimura Akiko:  [Holding Sakurai's finger backwards ninety-degrees.]
What do you think you're doing...?

Kimura Keiko:  [Embarrassed expression.]  ...

[By this point, several of the young audience is no longer paying
attention to the film but to the live spectacle in front of them.]

Sakurai:  [Shakes his hand loose.]  What was that for?!?

Kimura Akiko:  Don't put your hand where it doesn't belong!

Sakurai:  [Voice rising.]  What's the point of dating if you can't get
close to one another!?

Kimura Akiko:  [Standing up.]  A real gentleman doesn't take advantage
of his date!

Sakurai:  What would you know about a real gentleman?!?

Surrounding crowd of kids:  [Pointing, hooting and jeering.]

Kimura Keiko:  [In tears.]  Hidoi!  [To both Sakurai and Akiko.]  I
can't believe the two of you!  You've ruined everything!  [Gets up and
runs away.]

Kimura Akiko:  [To Sakurai.]  Now look what you've made her do!

Sakurai:  ...

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  What had started as a light rain has increased to
a downpour as the wind picks up.  The old shutters in the building creak
as they rap against the window frames.]

Egami:  [Listening to the rain as he pour Fujimoto a cup of green tea.]
It's really coming down hard.

Fujimoto:  Un.

Egami:  [Sips half his cup of tea.]  So, did you decide to give that job
offer some thought?  [Slightly disdainfully.]  The pay would probably
beat what the tenants pay you for doing their laundry.

Fujimoto:  I like doing those chores...They remind me of what it was
like to have a family.

Egami:  That's a weak excuse!  You're holding onto your past and you
know it.  Besides, your settlement with Ryo's insurance isn't going to
last forever you know.

Fujimoto:  Un.  I'm just not sure if I could face working with Ryo's
friends on a daily basis.  But I supposed you're right.  [Gets up after
a sip of tea.]  We'd better close the shutters. [As she pulls the
shutters close, she notices the soaked Kimura by the doorway.]  Taihen
*Oh no (how awful)

Kimura:  [Seemingly oblivious to the rain.]  I-is Kyo-chan here?  I...

Fujimoto:  [Concerned.]  Come inside before you catch your death of

[Cut to Egami's room inside Seishun-kan.  Kimura sips a hot cup of green
tea while wrapped in a blanket as Fujimoto hands Kimura a "Fatal Fury!"
tee-shirt and matching shorts.  After Kimura puts them on, Fujimoto
opens the door to let Egami, Eiji and Katsu come in and sit down.]

Fujimoto:  Those should fit you well enough until yours have dried.

Kimura:  A-arigatou...

Katsu:  I'm afraid Kasuga-san isn't here.  He went to Karuizawa with
Ayukawa this morning.  He probably won't be back for another day or so.

Kimura:  [Nods with recollection.]  Oh, that's right...

Fujimoto:  [Sits down.]  Is there something I can do to help?

Katsu:  Did Sakurai...?

Kimura:  [Shakes head.]  No!  He was...he was...[Shakes head again.]  I
just don't know!  When okaasan said she was coming along to keep an eye
on things, I didn't think...[Breaks down.]

Katsu:  [To himself.]  That explains it...

Fujimoto:  [Comfortingly.]  Your mother only wants what's best for you.
I'm sure that, deep inside, you know that's true.  I know that there are
times when it's hard to have faith in the people who try to shelter you.
But if you can have this faith to begin with, maybe the times can

Kimura:  [Downcast.]  I-I guess I can be a little naive sometimes...

[Fujimoto and Katsu look at each other uncomfortably.]

Egami:  [Amused tone after a long pull from his cigar.]  I know six-
year-olds with more street smarts than y--ITE!  [To Eiji.]  WHAT WAS

Eiji:  [Harshly as he grinds his heel into Egami's toe.]  Don't talk bad
about Keiko-oneechan!

Kimura:  [With unsteady determination.]  No!  He's right!  I need to be
tough and strong!  I-I should be more[Loses resolve and
leaves the room to try and compose herself.]  Sh-shitsurei shimasu*!
*Please excuse me (I'm leaving)

[For a moment, everyone else sits in surprise.  After a minute, Katsu
gets up and goes out the door.  Fujimoto looks at Egami with stern

Egami:  [Questioningly.]  What?!?

[Cut to the porch of Seishun-kan.  Although protected from the rain by
the awning, occasional gusts of wind blow moisture towards the front of
the porch.  Kimura sits on the swing seat.]

Katsu:  [From behind the seat.]  Is this seat taken?

Kimura:  [Surprised.]  Eh?  Oh, go ahead.

Katsu:  [Sits on the adjoining seat.]  You know, just because you had
one bad date doesn't mean everything's bad.  I think sometimes you're
too hard on yourself.

Kimura:  [Depressed.]  Miyasato-san once told me she thought I was
living in my own little world.  I was sort of thinking that if I was
more like her, maybe things wou--

Katsu:  Iie*.  You know, even if you tried, nothing would change.

Kimura:  Eh?

Katsu:  You'd never be able to fool people into treating you differently
because you're not that kind of person.  Besides, it...wouldn't be right
for you to try and force yourself to be someone you're not.

Kimura:  W-why?

Katsu:  Because, the people who care about you...the ones who really
like you...[Long pause.] like you just the way you are.

Kimura:  Katsu-san...

[For a long time, they sit alone under Seishun-kan's awning.  The rain
continues to make noise against the roof, but goes unnoticed.  Without a
word, Katsu begins to drift towards Kimura.]

Sakurai:  [Coming up the walkway.]  There you are.

[Katsu pulls away reluctantly.]

Kimura:  Sakurai-sempai.

Katsu:  [To himself.]  Che...!

Sakurai:  I'd hoped I'd find you here.  Your mom's looking all over town
for you.  [Smirking.]  I hope she understands just how much she messed
up the afternoon.  I guess I'd better take you home before your parents
start panicking.  We can drop by a yakatori-ya* on the way there.
*Place that serves yakatori (strips of chicken).

Kimura:  [Cheering up.]  Un!  [Runs out to join Sakurai under his

Katsu:  Kimura-san.

Kimura:  [Turns around.]  Hmm?

Katsu:  [After a long moment's pause.]  Gambatte ne.

[Cut back to Karuizawa.  The sun is just coming up the eastern horizon,
drying the dew off the grass and trees.  The silence of the morning air
is briefly interrupted by the sound of an opening door as Kasuga and
Ayukawa step outside and close the door behind them.]

Kasuga:  [Looks inside.]  Guess Hayashibara-san's still asleep.

Ayukawa:  Well, he didn't get to sleep until pretty late.

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Looks at Ayukawa with a fearful expression.]

Ayukawa:  [Indignantly.]  Chigau!

Kasuga:  [Defensively.]  Waah, gomen!  [Calms down and looks away for a
moment.]  I mean, he's handsome and rich, and I guess a pretty nice guy
for letting us use his place.  I see him with all the girls in school
following him around and...I guess I have a hard time accepting that a
guy like him could be just a friend.

Ayukawa:  Keiko-san is also just a friend, remember?

Kasuga:  [Derails train of thought.]  Eh?

Ayukawa:  If I can accept Keiko-san being just a friend to you, then why
can't you accept Hayashibara-san as a friend of mine?

Kasuga:  [After a long moment of thought.]  You're right...I guess I've
been acting like an idiot...  I guess I have to learn to trust our
relationship enough to recognize friendships.  I mean, he told me he
doesn't even have any romantic feelings for you, so I'm probably
worrying about nothing, right?

Ayukawa:  [After a long pause.]  Actually...I wanted to tell you...

[Interrupted by sound of helicopter in the sky.]

Voice from the helicopter:  Oi!  Daijoubu ga?!?

[Ayukawa and Kasuga wave at the helicopter as it makes a pass over the
camp.  It then lands in an opening next to the RX-7.]

Co-pilot:  [Gets out of the helicopter.]  Hayashibara Takao sends his
regards.  He got worried when Hayashibara Akira didn't show up in Nagano
last night.

Kasuga:  Well, he had car trouble.

Ayukawa:  Hayashibara-san is still inside.

Co-pilot:  [Nods.]  I guess you two better come with us also.  We'll
have to send a tow truck to get Hayashibara-san's car and there's no way
to know how long it will take to fix in Nagano.

Kasuga Narration:  We boarded the helicopter that took the three of us
to Nagano.  As we looked down on the trees below, we could see the signs
of spring returning to the land.  Ayukawa didn't say anything to me on
the way there.  I kept telling myself that it was probably nothing.


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