Kimagure Orange College - Episode 29
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the twenty-ninth episode of a fan-fict
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that
Day", and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as
they start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.
In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college
system and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese
advanced education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and
research.  Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional
nor are they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education
system.  In fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms,
corrections, and insight any readers might offer me.  Mail all such
letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 29 - Friends and Remembrances

[Cut to the Butsumetsu main campus. The cherry trees bloom on both
sides of the lane, filling the air with their petals.  Kasuga walks
through the crowd of students with his next year class schedule in
hand.  Around him, various clubs are inviting students in the crowd to
join their memberships.]

Student 1:  [While clapping his hands.]  Are you tired of your weak
arms?  Join the archery club!

Student 2:  [With his hands around his mouth.]  Irrashai, irrashai*!
Tired of instant ramen all the time?  Join the cooking club!
*Welcome, welcome

Kasuga Narration:  The spring semester had finally come.  I remember
what it was like a year ago, meeting everyone for the first time.  I
was looking forward to the coming year.  However, knowing that none of
the friends we had met the previous year were in my classes brought
back the uncomfortable feeling of starting over as well...

[Writer's note:  In Japanese colleges, after the first year, students
in different majors are assigned to different classes.]

Student 3:  [To the group of new student hopefuls.]  Didn't make it in
this year?!?  Don't lose hope!  We'll be cheering for you next year!

Komatsu:  [Frustrated as he looks at the posted list of test scores.]
*<Netiquette violator>

Hatta:  Oh well, let's go date some college girls instead...[To a girl
in the crowd.]  Ojoochan*...<slap!>...ITE**!
*Miss, young lady

Student 4:  [While clapping her hands.]  Need to improve your writing
skills?  Join the school newspaper!  All majors welcome!

Kasuga:  [Freezes.]  Ano koe*...I'm sure I've heard it before...
*That voice

[Kasuga turns around and sees a familiar looking girl with long black
hair and round rim glasses.]

Kasuga:  O-oda-san...?

Student 4:  [Stops clapping her hands.]  K-kasuga-san...?

Kasuga Narration:  Oda Kumiko was the girl I met in my summer tennis
camp, during the third year of junior high.  The time we spent in the
mountain cabin was...unique.  In some ways, if things had turned out
differently, she and I might have...

[Cut to one of the many campus bus stops.  On the sidewalk, a small
bookstore is busy selling textbooks for the next semester.  Kasuga
brings out two cups of coffee and sits opposite to Oda by an outside
table, under the blossoming cherry tree.]

Kasuga:  [Puts one of the coffees next to Oda.]  Hai.

Oda:  [Accepts the coffee.]  Arigato.  So what do you think?  Are you
interested in joining the school newspaper?  We'll be doing interviews
tomorrow at the journalism building.

Kasuga:  [Perks up.]  Ah, sure!  I think it would be a really good
chance for me to improve my writing!

Oda:  [Smiles.]  So it isn't just to hang around me, eh?

Kasuga:  [Puts his hand behind his head.]  Aa...ahh...  [Takes his
first sip.]  So what happened after the hospital?

Oda:  Well, you know what I was facing in the hospital.  [Thinks
back.]  While I was waiting for the operation, I thought about
everything that I had done.  I think...even more than dying, I was
afraid of being forgotten.  [Pauses for a second and glances upward,
at the cherry blossoms filling the air with dropping petals.]  I
started writing with the hope that at...if the worst happened...there
would be something to remember me by.

Kasuga:  [Uncomfortably.]  S-sou ka*...
*I see

Oda:  [Brightens up.]  Well, it turned out for the best!  Anyway, what
made you decide to taking writing as a major?

Kasuga:  Well - I like to read - and the writing classes didn't start
too early - and it seemed like it would be a fun thing to do.  Plus,
I'm...ummm...not that good at math and sciences.

Oda:  Ohh.  I see.  Um, if this works for you....Say, are you and
Ayukawa-san still seeing each other?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un.  As a matter of fact, I'll be meeting her at the
recreation center in a little while.

Oda:  [Looking slightly down.]  Oh...  What about the other girl?
Hiyama-san, wasn't it?

Kasuga:  [Uncomfortably.]  Well...ahh...

[Interrupted by a bus pulling up.]

Kasuga:  Ahh, that's my bus!  [Finishes his coffee.]  I'll make sure
to see you tomorrow at the newspaper building.

Oda:  Ja ne*!

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un, ja mata*.  [Heads for the bus.]

Oda:  [Interrupts just before Kasuga gets on board.]  Say
you ever still think about that time we...almost...

Kasuga:  Ahh, I...  [Turns beet red.]

Oda:  [Smiling.]  You haven't changed a bit, eh?

[Cut to the Butsumetsu recreation center.  Located a block away from
the main campus, it features an indoor swimming pool, several internal
racquetball and basketball courts, sparring and weight rooms, and an
array of tennis courts located behind the main building entrance.
After he gets off the campus bus, Kasuga goes to the entrance and
shows his student ID to the admittance booth.  Once inside, he heads
for the rear of the building and looks at the signup list for the
tennis courts.  After confirming which court Ayukawa and Katsu have
signed up for, he heads over to the court just in time to see them
start the next point.]

Ayukawa:  [With determination as she tosses a tennis ball up in the
air and serves.]  Here it comes!

Katsu:  [Runs back a few steps and returns it straight down the line.]
Got it!

Kasuga:  [To himself as he watches the game deadlock to a 5-5 set
score.]  Sugoi*...Ooya-san wasn't kidding when he said Katsu was a
prefecture tennis runner-up...

[As the set finishes, Ayukawa holds a 6-5 advantage in the set tie-
breaker.  She runs towards the middle of the court as she serves.
However, Katsu sends the return crosscourt, forcing Ayukawa to make an
out-of-position shot right to the volley court.  Much to her surprise,
Katsu volleys the ball right to her direction.]

Ayukawa:  [As she swings.]  Sukiari*...!
*An opening

[The ball bounces just inside the far foul line, ending the set at 7-5

Katsu:  [As he watches the ball bounce out of bounds.]  Ahh...I guess
you win.

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  You're really good; it's been a long time since I
played anyone as good as you.

Katsu:  [Puts hand behind head.]  Ahahaha...

Kasuga: two both play really good.

Ayukawa:  Ah, Kasuga-kun.  Did you take care of your sisters' presents

Kasuga:  Eh?  [Thinks.]  Y-yabai*...!  I forgot to get their presents!
*Oh shoot

Katsu:  [Confused.]  Eh?

Ayukawa:  Tomorrow is Kasuga-kun's little sisters' birthday.  I
thought that's what he was taking care of.

Kasuga:  [Mostly to himself.]  I-I'd better get something there
fast...Kurumi can get upset and cause a lot of problems with her power
if she thought I forgot...

Ayukawa:  I'm sure they'll understand.

Kasuga:  [Looks unsure.]  Aa...ahh...

Ayukawa:  By the way, if you didn't get their presents, what held you

Kasuga:  Well...I met one of our old friends on campus...Oda-san is
attending Butsumetsu as well.

Ayukawa:  [Surprised.]  O-oda-san...[Regains composure.]  I see...
Well, that should be a lot of fun to see her again.  Hopefully, this
time we'll meet under less embarrassing circumstances.

Kasuga:  [Blushes.]  A-Ayukawa...

Katsu:  Kasuga-san, do you want to play a game?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Sure!  [Gets his racket out of his bag and goes to
the court.]

Ayukawa:  [To herself as she sits down.]  That was a good
game...but...why didn't Katsu-san go for that shot when he had the
chance to win...?

[Cut to Okonomiyaki Maru.  Kasuga, Ayukawa and Katsu enter with their
sports bags.  It's the dinner hour, and the place is packed.  Kasuga
starts to look around for a free table, when Katsu interrupts him.]

Katsu:  Say, isn't it your cousin over there?

Kasuga:  [Looking over and noticing Akane, Kenji and Furukawa at the
big table by the window.]  H...hai.  Let's get out of here, before

Akane:  [Yelling across the room.]  Kyosuke!

Kasuga:  [Sighs.]  ...too late.

Akane:  Hey, come here and join us!

[The trio approaches the table and takes their seats.  After ordering
the food, Kasuga introduces Katsu.]

Kasuga:  This is Katsu Ritsu, my housemate.  He's majoring in
chemistry.  This is Yukimasa Kenji, Akane's father, my uncle-in-law,
and this is Furukawa Seizou, Akane's friend from the Theater Guild.

Katsu:  [Nods.]  Nice to meet all of you.

Kenji:  [Looks at Katsu and nods in approval.]  Using the human mind
to understand the world is second only to using it to understand the
mind itself.

Katsu:  ...

Akane:  [Shaking her head.]  Here he goes again.  My dad likes to say
things no one understands.

Kenji:  [Calmly.]  There's no use in saying the things everyone
understands, as much as there is no use in solving the problems for
which the answer exists.

Katsu:  It would be interesting to talk to you, Yukimasa-san.  But -
[Looks at the rest of the company.] - I wouldn't want to interrupt the

Furukawa:  Heiki, heiki*.  I was just talking about how the Theater
Guild did "Hamlet" last year.  A tragedy of terrors, so to speak.
[Akane laughs.]  Anyway, as I was saying, I really like that place
where the elder Hamlet comes to talk to his son.  I mean, this very
concept of them two meeting is fascinating.  My favorite line is
there, too - "Remember me!".  It's as if the ghost is more afraid of
being forgotten than of death itself.
*It's nothing

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Someone said something like this today
already, but....

[He's interrupted by the waitress bringing their food.  Katsu tastes
his soba* soup with nori** and shakes his head.]
*Buckwheat noodles
**Dried seaweed

Katsu:  This is not really the best soup I had.  Maybe I should have
ordered a tako-okonomiyaki* instead.
*Octopus okonomiyaki (pancake or pizza)

Ayukawa:  You can still do it.

Katsu:  Ah, never mind.  I wouldn't want to make everyone else wait
for me.

[Kenji looks at him for a second but doesn't say anything.]

Furukawa:  Uh, where I was?  Oh, yes, Hamlet and the ghost.  A major
plot twist, this meeting.  The case of past altering the future, so to

Kenji:  There's only one thing that can alter the future.  It is not
past; it is not man; it is not Buddha; it is our perception of future.

Furukawa:  I would argue with that.  Our perception is formed by what
we are, and we are formed by our past.  Not that I think much about
this anyway.

Kasuga:  [Whispers to Ayukawa.]  I wonder how long these two are going
to talk about this stuff?  I don't have that much time.

Kenji:  [Not addressing anyone in particular.]  A student asked his
teacher to explain him the mystery of time.  The teacher took the pot
of water and made a hole in the bottom; the water started to leak out.
"Notice," said the teacher, "that the less water there is, the slower
it disappears."  The student asked: "But what does it have to do with
the mystery of time?"  The teacher replied, "Time is nothing like the
water."  At this moment, the student was enlightened.

Kasuga:  [To Katsu.]  Is this over your head?

Katsu:  S-sort of.  But I didn't really want to interrupt him.

Kenji:  [Quietly.]  According to Buddha, the mind is superior over
body, so the man of thought is superior to the man of action.  But
both are superior to the man of inaction.

Katsu:  ...

Akane:  I'm confused again.  We're still talking about Hamlet, aren't

Furukawa:  [Smiles at her.]  But of course.


[Cut to a scene in deep space.  As the shadow of a planet pulls away,
the Soyokaze is revealed in a standard patrol orbit.  Inside, the crew
is engaged in an informal get together with snacks.]

Lt Kim:  [As she looks at the empty jar.]  Oi, we need more Pace
Picante sauce!

[Captain Tyler nonchalantly hands her another jar of thick red sauce.]

Lt Kim:  [Gets upset.]  Nanda*...this isn't Pace!
*What the

Capt Tyler:  [Only half interested.]  What's the difference?

Cmdr Yamamoto:  [Stands at attention.]  Senchou*!  Pace Picante is
made in San Antonio where people know what picante sauce is supposed
to taste like!

LtCmdr Star:  [Disbelief as she reads the label.]  T-this stuff is
made in New York City!

Crew:  NEW YORK CITY...?!?

Marines:  [Crack knuckles.]  Sencho...!  The airlock is too good for

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the next day at the Butsumetsu journalism department building.
Kasuga is sitting in a waiting room as he watches through a glass wall
as Oda talks with one of the senior students.  He straightens up as
the conversation ends and she walks towards him.]

Oda:  Good news, Kasuga-san.  Doko-sempai* says they can probably
accept you as a shoki-kouhai**.  It's not a big assignment or anything
*Older student Doko
**Junior writer

Kasuga:  Heiki, heiki, I'm just glad to get the opportunity to start.
Thanks a lot...for helping me out.

Oda:  Just think of it as...repaying a favor.

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Thank you.  By the way, what kind of work will I be

Oda:  Well, our sports department is short a few people and I
mentioned that your father was a photographer so Doko-sempai said you
could start helping out by being an assistant sports photographer.

Kasuga:  [Smiles.]  Sports photographer...[Thinks for a moment, then
stops smiling.]  Eh?!  But that means I'll be covering...

Oda:  [Nods.]  Un, the spring baseball game.  It's the first one of
the regular school season.  [Sees Kasuga's tension.]  Daijoubu*
of our regular sportswriters will be writing the game itself.  You
just need to do the photography.  [Remembers something.]  Oh, you'll
also need to do the after-game locker interviews.
*It's alright

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  L-locker interviews?

Oda:  Well, the regular reporter is a girl.  She can't go into the
locker rooms.  Don't be so nervous.  They've even prepared the list of
questions for you to ask this year's team captain, Hayashibara Akira.
[Hands Kasuga a pad of paper with several questions written on it.]
Many of our fans are wanting to know what it's like to be the
returning star of the team.

Kasuga:  Aa...ah...[Tucks the notepad away.]

[Cut to the Butsumetsu baseball stadium.  The stands are filled with
people watching the game.  As the teams take the field, a roar of
applause rises from the crowd.  Seated in the trenches close to the
dugouts are Kasuga, and a blonde-haired girl taking notes.  As the
games progresses, Kasuga takes several pictures.]

Radio Announcer:  ...and that will do it for the second inning, the
score Butsumetsu 3, Tohoku 2!

Blonde Girl:  How are you holding up?  [Scribbles more notes.]  This
is your first assignment, right?

Kasuga:  [As he finishes his first roll and changes film.]  Ah, un.
But I've taken pictures before, Sakai-sempai.  [Thinks for a moment.]
By the way, what do we do with the pictures we don't use?

Sakai:  [As she starts a new sheet of paper.]  They go in the archive.
[More sternly.]  Also, what exactly were you going to do with those
autograph pads?  We're not supposed to be asking for personal favors
from the players.

Kasuga:  Ah...un.  [To himself.]  Che...last time I do Miyasato-tachi*
a favor...
*The Miyasatos

Ayukawa:  [From the stands.]  Kasuga-kun!

Kasuga:  [Goes over to the home team stands.  As he gets closer, he
sees Ayukawa and Katsu sitting together.]  Glad you two could make it.

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  I guess you were repaying the favor.  This time
you were the one with the baseball passes.

Katsu:  [Nods in agreement.]  Sou, sou*...these tickets would have
cost a lot of money otherwise.
*That's right, that's right

Kasuga:  Un...I guess this job does have a few perks.

Katsu:  By the way, the whole gang is going to be at Daikokuya for a
little dinner after the game.  Care to join us?

Kasuga:  Sure, I'd like that.

Sakai:  [Annoyed from the press box.]  Oi, Kasuga!  You're here to
take pictures, not pick up dates!

Kasuga:  [Embarrassed.]  Aa, ah... [To himself.]  She sure takes this
stuff seriously.  I guess I'd better pay more attention.

Katsu:  By the way, Miyasato-tachi were asking if you got them those
autographs they were wanting.

Kasuga:  Ah...[Interrupted by the roar of the crowd.] I'll have to get
back with you on that.  [To himself.]  Miyasato-tachi are going to be
upset, that's for sure.  No doubt they'll blame me...[Walks towards
one of the empty relief pitcher alleys, finishes changing his film,
and aims the camera towards the field for a light test.  As he does
so, his view suddenly goes black.]

Voice:  [Puts hands in front of Kasuga's eyes from behind him.]  Guess

Kasuga:  [Surprised.]  D-dare da*...?  [Turns around.]  O-ojiichan?!?
How did you get here?  This area is supposed to be for the team and
press only!
*Who is it

Grandpa:  [Grins.]  Oh, come you even have to ask?

Kasuga:  Che...  Ojiichan, could you please not use the power so
openly?  Someone might get suspicious!

Grandpa:  [Mostly to himself.]  Hrumph...  [Turns serious.]  Actually,
Kyosuke...I came for a very important reason.  After you're done here,
I need you to meet us at the Ginza Suehiro for dinner.

Kasuga:  Eh?  Why?  Isn't that place really expensive?

Grandpa:  [With conviction.]  Please...don't ask.  All I can say for
now, is that this involves something I've been planning for a long
time.  If everything goes well, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime

Kasuga:  "Once-in-a-lifetime"?  Well, we were going to go...

Grandpa:  [Alarmed.]  Kyosuke!  [Calms down.]  I've never asked you
for anything in my life.  I'm asking you now.  Whatever it takes, you
have to be there!

Kasuga:  Ah...[Nods.] un.  Wakatta*.

Grandpa:  [Looks relieved.]  I'll see you there.  Make sure to call
the reservation desk in advance to check where our table is going to
be.  Ja.  [Turns and leaves.]

Kasuga:  [To himself as he turns his attention back to the game.]  I
wonder what all that was about...?

[Cut to the Butsumetsu baseball locker room.  As the players enter,
they begin opening their lockers, showering, and changing clothes.  As
they do so, just outside the locker room, Kasuga shows his press pass
and enters.  He puts his camera away into his bag and pulls out his
notepad, pencil, and micro-tape recorder.]

Kasuga:  [Looking over the questions as he slowly walks towards the
first row of lockers.]  This isn't so bad...these questions look
pretty professional.  [Stops and straightens up.]  It's not like he's
going to be talking about Ayukawa...

Sagawa:  [From the last row of lockers.]  Man...did you see the crowd?

Nose:  [Nods.]  All those pretty girls too!

Hayashibara:  [Shakes his head.]  I can't believe you two.  This was
our first game of the year and all you can think about was ogling the

Sagawa:  Oh look who's talking?  Mr. Ladykiller himself!

Hayashibara:  Omae wa*...
*You guys

Osugi:  You guys shouldn't tease Hayashibara-san like that!  After
all, he already has a girlfriend!

Sagawa & Nose:  Eh?

Kasuga:  [From behind the third row of lockers.]  EH...?!?  [Stops
walking and hides behind the row of lockers.]

Hayashibara:  [Nervously.]  Wh-what are you talking about?

Osugi:  It's true!  I've seen him driving all over town with a really
beautiful girl in his car.  Rumors say they've gone everywhere

Hayashibara:  [Embarrassed.]  Y-you're exaggerating!  Ayukawa-san and
I are just friends!

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Eh...?!?  All over town...?!?

Sagawa:  Oh?  Are you telling me she's not your type?

Hayashibara:  [Exasperatingly.]  I didn't say that!  [Composes
himself.]  She's a very special person; she's beautiful, smart and is
a wonderful person to be around.  If it were up to me, well...I'd...

Sagawa:  [Jokingly.]  So how far have you been with her?  "A"?  "B"?
Maybe even...

Hayashibara:  [Firmly.]  Guys, I would never do any of those things to
Ayukawa-san without her permission.

Kasuga:  ...!

[As he listens, Kasuga sweats nervously, not noticing a shadow coming
over him.]

Matsuoka:  [Sternly.]  Oi chotto*...
*Excuse me

Kasuga:  Ah!  [Tries to remember from the baseball program.]  M-

Matsuoka:  Dare da*?
*Who are you

Kasuga:  [Holds up his press pass.]  Ah...I-I'm supposed to be doing
an interview with a couple of your players.

[Kasuga stands up.  As he does so, several of the players stop talking
and look as their coach dresses Kasuga down.  Conversations in the
adjacent row die down as Hayashibara freezes at seeing Kasuga so
close.  After several seconds of silence, Kasuga walks over towards
the last set of lockers and sits down.  As he does so, the rest of the
players leave, giving them some privacy.]

Kasuga:  [Forced calm voice.]  So, I've been assigned to do the after-
game interview for the school paper.  [To himself.]  Just what did
they mean by driving all over town...?

Hayashibara:  [Forced calm voice.]  I-I see...congratulations on your
new assignment.  Of course I'll answer any questions you have...  [To
himself.]  Kasuga, just how much did you hear...?

Kasuga:  [Turns on his tape recorder and starts reading off his
notepad.]   What is it like to be appointed the team captain this

Hayashibara:  [Stiffly.]  Well, of course there is a sense of
responsibility for the team.  As captain, I have to set an example for
the rest of the team.  Because of that, I don't have a lot of free
time to fool around.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  What did he mean by that?  [To Hayashibara as
he writes.]  Is there any pressure to replace Doi Matsui as the
cleanup hitter?

Hayashibara:  [To himself.]  Why is he looking at me like that?  [To
Kasuga.]  I can never replace Doi-san; he was a great player and I
hear that he is doing well in the professional farm-leagues.  What I
can do is to do my best to fulfil his role on this year's team.

Kasuga:  [To Hayashibara.]  On to the game tonight, in the sixth
inning, our team was down 5-3.  Did you feel any special
responsibility for leading the team's comeback?  [To himself.]  Why do
I get the feeling he's holding stuff back?

Hayashibara:  [To Kasuga.]  Well, as you know, there isn't a clock in
baseball, so we didn't let our confidence waver.  Matsuoka-kantoku
teaches us to maintain our discipline during a game so we don't let
our fears conquer our chance for victory.  [To himself.]
Ma-masaka...did he hear me that night in the cabin?

Kasuga:  [To Hayashibara.]  W-well, it seemed to work this game.  For
the season, how do you see this year's team chances of making the
finals?  [To himself.]  H-he's it just exhaustion from
the game?

Hayashibara:  [To Kasuga.]  Well, this was only our first game, so
anything can happen.  Of course when I have a goal, I will do
everything I can to accomplish it.  [To himself.]  Th-that might not
have come out well...

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Now what does he mean by that!?  [To
Hayashibara.]  And what if you won't succeed?

Hayashibara:  [To himself.]  We're still talking about baseball, are
we?  [Aloud.]  Well... then... I guess, I will accept the defeat
honorably.  However, let me assure you I'll do my best - and I don't
think anyone else can put up a good fight.

Kasuga:  Have you ever thought that you might be overestimating your

Hayashibara:  ... I... I don't think I am.  After all, my track record
is very good.

Kasuga:  But what if you lose?  Don't you think that if you are
accustomed to winning all the time, one loss can destroy this self-

Hayashibara:  [Pauses.]  Well - then - I guess - I should try to lose
the game without losing my honor.  At any cost.  After all, to other
people that happens all the time.  [Pauses.  Smiles.]  In baseball, I

Kasuga:  [Smiles back.]  Yeah, in baseball.

Hayashibara:  Definitely in baseball.  [Smiles again.  His teeth

Kasuga:  ...  [Switches off the tape recorder and stands up.]  Hai,
arigatou gozaimashita*.  We'll probably be posting this as a sidebar
article to the game coverage.  [Turns to leave.]  I hope you - I mean,
your team - has a very good season this year.
*Thank you very much

[Cut to the Suehiro restaurant.  Located behind the Matsuzakaya
depaato, the large multi-level building sits five minutes from the
Ginza station.  After checking with the information desk, Kasuga makes
his way to the seventh floor of the restaurant.  On his way there, he
nearly bumps into Ojiichan at the elevator door.]

Grandpa:  Ah, good you're here!  [Looks Kasuga over.]  Even better,
you're dressed up.

Kasuga:  It's not like I had a choice.  The reservations desk said
this place had a dress code.

Grandpa:  Everything worked out as I planned.  I guarantee this is
worth your time!

Kasuga:  Ah, hai.  Actually, I've been curious about what all the
secrecy was about.  I even had to cancel the dinner with friends....

Grandpa:  [Gravely.]  Just wait Kyosuke; tonight may very well be the
most important night of your life!

Kasuga:  [Nervously.]  O-ojichan, aren't you exaggerating a little?

Grandpa:  Oi, don't you trust me Kyosuke?  This is an important
meeting; I would like Ayukawa-san to meet her too, later.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Eh...?  "Her...?"  What is ojiichan up to this
time?  [Concealed shock.]  Ma-masaka*...he can't be setting up an
**A meeting, introducing the participants of an arranged marriage

Grandpa:  [Solemnly.]  Don't worry about it!  When you meet her,
everything will be clear!  [Arrive at the table.  Already seated are
obaachan and a young woman with long brown hair.  The young woman
turns around and smiles; her eyes showing great anticipation.]

Young Woman:  [Trembling voice.]  Konban ha* Kyosuke.  [Stands up and
bows.]  You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this
*Good evening

Kasuga:  Konbanw... [Bows, then freezes.]  Ma-masaka!  [With a
trembling expression, he looks at his guest more carefully and his
blood runs cold.]  M-mom...?!?



New Character Designer/Writer                   Stephen Tsai
Co-writer                                       Vladimir Zelevinsky
Pre-readers                                     Bob Carragher
                                                Greg Dreher
                                                Herbert Fung
Very special thanks to                          Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to              Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux
pas are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame,
mail them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  If
you are interested, previous episodes should be available at
site.  I've got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

Focus on Suehiro:  A real restaurant in Japan, this place is extremely
expensive by US standards, with meals going from Y5500-Y20000 (and
that's 1993).  It serves steak and sukiyaki, getting beef from its own
cattle ranches for Matsuzaka beef.  The restaurant in Ginza is
complete with an information counter on the main floor and several
floors of dining.  Most formal and expensive is the European-styled
dining hall on the seventh floor, with serves Matsuzaka beef steaks
and teppanyaki.  The sixth floor specializes in shabu-shabu and
sukiyaki and features a traditional Japanese decor.  Least expensive
is the Bay of Ginza in the basement, which offers French cuisine with
steaks as the main course.  There are daily specials, best of which
are the set steak dinners starting around Y5500 available Mon through
Wed until 7:30pm.

Focus on Furukawa Seizou:  Born in Hokkaido, where he lived before
entering college.  At this time, a sophomore philosophy major, and a
member of the Butsumetsu University Theater Guild.  As a freshman, he
was an understudy in the university production of "Hamlet" - and when
the main actor was unavailable, acted the part.
Akane met him during the production of the period play, "Les Gens
Abattu", where he supported her - both in acting and in a personal
sense.  At this time, they are friends and spend some time with each
Furukawa usually behaves in a self-depreciating manner - but he is
smarter than one thinks at first.  He doesn't say everything he
Visual description:  a tall, blonde-haired guy with plain features.
Speaks with noticeable Hokkaido accent.  Close anime comparisons
include (but are not limited to) Yuu Matsuura from "Marmalade Boy" and
Darien (with blond hair) from "Sailor Moon".

Focus on Yukimasa Kenji:  Akane's father.  In his mid-forties, but
already a head of the major Buddhist chapel in Yokohama.  An ESPer,
but doesn't use his abilities.
Speaks in a detached manner; one gets an impression he is not
addressing anyone in particular.  He, like Furukawa, doesn't say
everything he thinks.  When he speaks, it's likely to be a Buddhist
koan, a parable, a quote from an ancient book, or something equally
hard to understand.  However, there's a point to everything he says.
Visual description:  Tall and lean with medium-length black hair.
Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Goemon from
"Lupin III" and Yotsuya from "Maizon Ikkoku".

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