Kimagure Orange College - Episode 32
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the thirty-second episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", 
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they 
start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  
In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system 
and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced 
education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  
Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are 
they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In 
fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or 
flames to]

Episode 32 - The Proof

[Cut to the campus of Butsumetsu University; late spring.  It's 
afternoon, and the day's classes have just ended.  Kasuga and Ayukawa 
are walking across the courtyard, carrying their books.]

Kasuga Narration:  The spring semester was half way through.  The 
classes, while harder than the ones I took last year, were also more 
interesting, and I felt that, for once, I was doing quite well.  The 
midterms were just over and I was looking forward to relaxing and 
spending some time with Ayukawa and my friends.  I got my second wish; 
little I knew it would be anything but relaxing.

Ayukawa:  So - you think you've done well on the midterms?

Kasuga:  I hope so.  After all, they weren't that hard.  I spent some 
time studying, so....

Ayukawa:  [Smiling.]  Way to go, Kasuga-kun.  I also had to spend some 
time, mostly practicing.

Kasuga:  Um.  Thanks for inviting us to Club Noir last weekend, by the 

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Sure.

[They turn around the corner and see Kimura and Akane, sitting together 
on the bench and engaged into a private conversation.  Akane notices 
Kasuga and Ayukawa and waves.]

Akane:  Hi, Kyosuke!  How're you doing, Madoka-san?

Kasuga:  Hi.  Oh, Keiko-san.  I haven't seen you around for a while; 
have you been busy?

[Kimura looks up.  She doesn't look her usual bubbly self; her 
expression is that of doubt and uncertainty.]

Kimura:  Oh, Kyo-chan!  And Madoka-san!  I... I was looking for you.  I 
need your help.

Akane:  [Getting up.]  Well, I gotta be going.  Keiko-san, please 
remember what I told you.  And... good luck.  Kyosuke, please enjoy 
your weekend.  [Akane waves and departs.]

Ayukawa:  [To Kimura, worried.]  Is there a problem?

Kimura:  Well, I'm... unsure.  Something strange happened to... a 
friend of mine, and she - I mean this friend - is very shy, so she 
asked me if I can help her, and I didn't know what to do, so I got an 
appointment with a councilor - you know, a faculty member who helps 
students if they have problems.

Kasuga:  Is it really that bad?

Kimura:  I... I just don't know what to think of it!  It's 

Ayukawa:  Did you say you want us to help you?

Kimura:  [Hesitantly.]  Y...yeah.  [She stands up.]  Can you please go 
with me to this councilor appointment?  I would appreciate it if you 
could just be there.  It would make me feel better.

[Kasuga and Ayukawa look at each other.]

Ayukawa:  Of course.

[They follow Kimura toward the administrative building.]

Ayukawa:  We haven't seen you for a while, Keiko-san.  Busy studying 
for the midterms?

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  No, that was simple.  I was busy doing 
research with Hokusai-sensei.

Kasuga:  Um.  Say, what were you talking to Akane about?  I'm just 

Kimura:  Well, I wanted to get my mind off... stuff, so we talked about 
some random things, mostly about theater - you know, acting and... 
plotting, and such.  It was fun!  [Sighs.]  But I'm still worried.

[They stop before the door with the plaque: "Shun Mitoshi, grievance 
councilor".  Kimura knocks.]

Mitoshi:  [From behind the door.]  Enter, please!

[Kimura, Ayukawa and Kasuga open the door and enter.  Mitoshi stands up 
to greet them.  He is quite young and has a lively demeanor.  Tall, 
with short black hair and glasses, he doesn't look that much different 
from a student.]

Kimura:  Good afternoon, Mitoshi-san.  I'm Kimura Keiko.  These are my 
friends, Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka.  They came with me, to... 

Ayukawa:  To make sure she's all right.

Mitoshi:  Everyone, please sit down.  [They do.]  So, Kimura-san...?

Kimura:  [Hesitantly.]  Well, something strange happened to a, um, 
friend of mine.  She didn't know what to do, so she asked me to talk to 
you about it.

Kasuga:  [Whispering to Ayukawa.]  I wonder who is she talking about.

Ayukawa:  [Whispering back.]  I think I have an idea.

Mitoshi:  I don't think such secrecy is necessary; after all, we 
guarantee complete anonymity to the students who talk to us.  Anyway, 
what happened to her?

Kimura:  It was yesterday, in late afternoon.  She wanted to talk to 
one of the professors in the department of ma... in one of the 
departments.  But when she came to his office, it was empty - he must 
have left already.  As she was leaving, she saw two men in the empty 
hallway.  They looked strange - like they did not really belong there, 
and they seemed to be hiding from sight.  So I decided to listen in -

Mitoshi:  *You* decided...?

Kimura:  [Blushes.]  Ahh!

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  That's what I thought.

Kimura:  [Sighs.]  I'm sorry.  It's just that I was so worried, 
and...and... and had no idea what to do.  [To Mitoshi.]  You must think 
I'm really stupid now...?

Mitoshi:  [Shakes his head.]  No, not really.  Maybe - just maybe -a 
bit naive, but....

Kimura:  [Sighs again.]  If you do, you're not the only one.

Mitoshi:  In any case, you should feel safe here.  Just tell me what 
you heard.  It sounded really interesting, you know - creeping dusk!  
Empty hallway!  Two strangers!  Suspicious voices!  Just like a spy 
thriller!  What was the name of that movie, "The Mortal Death"?

Kasuga:  "The Lethal Death".

Mitoshi:  [Grins.]  Oh, you saw that too?

Kimura:  [Looks at him silently for a moment.  Nods.]  It was in the 
department of mathematics, and I wanted to talk to Hokusai-sensei - you 
know, he's a professor in the theoretical math and topology group - 
about my research with him.  But when I came there, he already went 
home - and then I heard those voices in a hallway.

Mitoshi:  Do you think those people saw you?

Kimura:  No, I'm sure they didn't.  They continued talking, in low 
voices - but I was hiding behind the corner and I thought I heard some 
of what they said.

Mitoshi:  You *thought* you heard?

Kimura:  [Hesitantly.]  Yeah... you see, the conversation was not loud 
at all, and they also had a weird kind of accent.

Mitoshi:  Accent?

Kimura:  Um.  I thought it was Russian accent.

Mitoshi:  [To himself, excitedly.]  Just like in "The Third Dead Spy"!  
[To Kimura.]  So, what did they say?!

Kimura:  I just heard several words.  They said "tomorrow" and "after 
midnight" and "janitors".  Then I couldn't make out any of it, and then 
just two words - "green folder".  And then I was really alarmed.

Mitoshi:  Do you know anything about this green folder?

Kimura:  I... I think I do.  Hokusai-sensei is being secretive about 
it, but he hinted that he is doing some classified calculations for the 
government.  I saw him hide a green folder in his desk drawer.

Mitoshi:  Aha!  Now everything is clear!

Kimura:  [Doubtful.]  Is... is it?

Mitoshi:  Of course!  It's obvious, especially if you've seen "The 
Corpse in the Night".  Have you?

Kimura:  No.

Ayukawa:  No.

Kasuga:  Yeah.

Mitoshi:  Anyway, I'm certain that we're dealing with the international 
ring of spies!  If you are right about their accent, they might be from 
some place like KGB!  [Stands up and starts pacing to and fro.]  Ohh, 
this is so exciting!  They must be after his secret calculations!

Ayukawa:  Shouldn't we call Hokusai-sensei and warn him?

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  I don't think we can reach him now.  He 
must have left already, and, you see, he has no phone at home.

Kasuga:  [Incredulously.]  No phone?

Kimura:  Well, he is doing theoretical math.  Maybe that's why he is so 
old-fashioned.  He doesn't drive and doesn't even have a computer - he 
writes all his papers in longhand.

Mitoshi:  I know what we must do!  Kimura-san, will you be able to 
recognize those two people?

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Yes.  One of them was really tall and slim, with 
short blond hair and a beard.  The second was really short and fat, 
with long red hair and moustache.

Ayukawa:  [Suspiciously.]  What do you have in mind, Mitoshi-san?

Mitoshi:  It's obvious those two will dress up as janitors and will try 
to get into Professor's office after midnight today to steal the green 
folder!  But they won't be able to do it!

Kasuga:  Why?

Mitoshi:  Because we'll ambush them!!

Ayukawa:  NO WAY!

Kimura:  I... I agree with Mitoshi-san.

Ayukawa:  You do?!

Kimura:  Well... I don't see anything else we can do.  If we wait till 
tomorrow to warn the professor, it will be too late.  If we call the 
police, this might spook the... um, the spies.

Mitoshi:  Ohh.  Yes, you're right.  Although I had another reason to 
suggest an ambush.

Kimura:  Which is...?

Mitoshi:  This will be so much fun!  Oh yeah!

[Ayukawa facefaults.]

Mitoshi:  Let me see, it's - [Glances at his watch.] - 6pm now.  How 
about we meet in the lobby of mathematics department at 11:30?  I'll 
get the master key, which should open all the locks, and we'll get 

Ayukawa:  One moment now.  Who do you mean by saying "we"?!

Mitoshi:  All four of us!

Ayukawa:  No way I'm coming.  I feel I had my share of fun in the dark 
lately.  Uggh.  I get shivers each time I remember that haunted house.

Mitoshi:  Haunted house?

Ayukawa:  Never mind.  Why do you need us to come, anyway?

Mitoshi:  Well, I need Kimura-san to come so she can recognize the 
perpetrators.  And wouldn't you two want to go with her?  [To Kasuga.] 
I mean, the person who had seen "The Lethal Death" *and* "The Corpse in 
the Night" shouldn't be able to resist the temptation!

Kasuga:  [Not that sure.]  Umm... yeah.  Maybe we should still get 
someone from campus police to come with us?

Kimura:  I think this is a good idea.

Ayukawa:  Me too.

Mitoshi:  [Sighs.]  I guess I'm outvoted.  All right.  [Picks us the 
receiver and dials a number.]  Campus police?  This is Shun Mitoshi, 
from the counseling office.  We will need one officer, *armed*, for the 
duty tonight.  Yes.  Ohh.  Ok, I guess a police stick will suffice.  
Yes.  11:30pm, mathematics department.  OK.  We'll meet him there.  
[Hangs up.]  All right, anything else we need to take care of?

Kimura:  Umm... Mitoshi-san... can you please write a note to my 
parents?  On the official letterhead?  They won't let me out otherwise.

Mitoshi:  No problem.  How do you want me to word it?  "I, the 
undersigned, witness that tonight Kimura Keiko will be busy thwarting 
the conspiracy of the international spy ring, who plan to...".

Kimura:  NO!  If you write something like this, they definitely won't 
let me go.  Just say it's some kind of an official group function.  
That should do it.

Mitoshi:  [Clearly disappointed.]  Oh.  Ok, I'll write something more 
reasonable.  Anything else?

Kimura:  I... I guess that's it.

Kasuga:  I think we should go before we get ourselves over our heads.

Ayukawa:  [Deadpan.]  I think we already did just that, Kasuga-kun.

[Cut the the lobby of the mathematics building.  It's late at night - 
the big digital clock on the wall displays 11:32.  The place is almost 
empty.  There's a campus police officer sitting in one of the lobby 
chairs.  He is in his late fifties, with wary face and graying hair.  
The big glass doors open and four people - Ayukawa, Kimura, Kasuga and 
Mitoshi - enter the building.]

Mitoshi:  [Noticing the officer.  Quietly.]  Oh, why did they have to 
send *him*?!

Ayukawa:  [Quietly to Mitoshi.]  Do you know this guy?

Mitoshi:  [Quietly to Ayukawa.]  Yeah.  Just watch him start grumbling.

[They approach the officer, who doesn't look enthusiastic at all at the 
sight of Mitoshi.]

Officer:  I should have known.  If it's something ridiculous, like to 
be here, in the middle of the night, without an explanation, it's 
*bound* to be you.  When you will finally grow up?!

Mitoshi:  Listen, this is a real thing!  I'm telling you, we might 
really be on the tail of an international conspiracy here!

Officer:  Yeah, sure.  And, let me see, there are after some really 
important papers, and only you can stop them, and any interference from 
regular police is undesirable?

Mitoshi:  [Suspiciously.]  Yesss... how do you know?

Officer:  Doesn't take great brains.  It's always the same thing with 
you.  This sounds like it was made up by someone  [Glares at Mitoshi.] 
with overactive imagination.

Mitoshi:  Now wait a minute -

Kimura:  [Interrupting.]  Listen, it's already quarter to midnight.  
They can be here any time soon.  Shouldn't we get to the Professor's 

[Mitoshi and the officer glare at each other, but don't say anything.  
All five of them get to get elevator.]

Kimura:  Fourth floor.

[They get out on the fourth floor.  It's quite dim - only each third 
lamp is lit, to save the energy after hours.  The corridors are empty.]

Kimura:  It's room 408.

[They start walking through the empty corridors, lined with 
blackboards, empty and half-empty bookcases, stands filled with old 
computer tapes and folded printouts.  Their footsteps echo in the 
otherwise silent building.  The chalk dust fills the air.  Ayukawa 
looks around and sides closer to Kasuga.]

Ayukawa:  [Whispering to him.]  This place looks... abandoned.

Kasuga:  [Whispering back.]  It's ok; I'm sure it looks better during 
the day.

Ayukawa:  [Whispering.]  But now it's... scary.  We also don't know 
what's hiding in those corridors.

Kasuga:  [Whispering.]  What, do you think some horrible monster will 
leap at us from the shadows?  What was that movie where they picked 

Ayukawa:  [Whispering.]  Listen, let's not think of invented scary 
stuff, ok?  This is real - and scary enough.

Kasuga:  [Smiles at her.]  Ok.  But you don't have to worry - I'll 
protect you if anything happens.

Ayukawa:  [Looks around uneasily.]  I hope so.

[They stop in front of the door #408.  Mitoshi takes out a key ring out 
of his pocket and looks through it for the master key.  Kimura watches 
as he unlocks and opens the door.  They enter the room and turn on the 
light.  It's a standard scientist's office, although this one is 
perhaps cleaner than usual.  The blackboard is erased, and papers on 
the desk are neatly arranged.  There is no computer terminal.  There is 
a old grandfather's clock in the corner, which now shows 11:50.  Mitoshi 
closes and locks the door behind them.]

Mitoshi:  [Pointing at the clock.]  What's this monstrosity doing here?

Kimura:  I told you, Hokusai-sensei is somewhat... peculiar.

Mitoshi:  [Looks at her, with an unusually serious expression.]  
Listen, I actually wanted to ask you something.  You've worked with him 
for quite some time, didn't you?

Kimura:  No, only for a month or so.  Why do you ask?

Mitoshi:  [Unsure.]  Well... some previous students found it hard to 
work with him.

Kimura:  [Rapidly.]  Why?

Mitoshi:  [Shakes his head.]  I don't really know, so I can't say.  How 
is your research going?

Kimura:  [Shrugs.]  Not so good.  We've been working on Taniyama 
conjecture, and I thought I found a proof.  I gave Hokusai-sensei my 
notes, but he told me that I don't know enough math yet to prove this 

Ayukawa:  I wouldn't worry about this.  You're just a second year 
student, after all.

Kimura:  [Hotly.]  But I know my proof was correct!  It might have been 
unusual, but it was rigorous!  [Pauses.  Quietly.]  I hate when people 
are being unfair to me.

Mitoshi:  [Blushes.]  Listen... if you mean me saying earlier that you 
are naive... I didn't really mean it.

Kimura:  [Looks at him and smiles.]  Oh, I didn't mean that.  I know 
some people think so.

Officer:  [Interrupting.]  Listen, it's five minutes to twelve.  Didn't 
you say that "they" can be here any time after midnight?

Kimura:  Um.  At least that's what I thought I heard.

Mitoshi:  All right, let's get ready.  I think we should catch them 

[He goes to the light switch and turns it off.  The room now is 
illuminated only by the light from a street lamp outside.  Kimura, 
Ayukawa, Kasuga, Mitoshi and the officer sit down on the floor and 
prepare to wait.  Their don't wait for long.  The clock starts chiming.  
On the twelfth stroke, they hear the footsteps outside.  The footsteps 
stop immediately outside the door - and there's a sound of a key turned 
in the lock.  The door opens, and two men in janitors' uniforms enter 
the room.]


[Cut to a small black piglet running along the street.  It looks kind 
of lost, but continues to plod along, staring at the neon signs around.  
Suddenly, its eyes light up and it rushes across the street into a fast 
food place.  There, it approaches the counter and squeals at a brown-
haired girl in the uniform.]

Ukyou:  Oh, a cute piglet!  What do you want, piggy?

P-Chan:  Pssst... Tako Beru kudasai.

Subtitle:  I want some Taco Bell.

[Writer's note: standard disclaimer.]


[Two men in janitors' uniforms enter the room and turn on the light.  
When they see five people already inside, they jump.]

Janitor 1:  Wh...what is this?!

Janitor 2:  What are you people doing here, at this hour?

[Mitoshi looks at janitors carefully.  However, both of them are 
average height and build, and have neither facial hair nor accent.  He 
glances at Kimura and she shakes her head.]

Mitoshi:  Umm... we're having a... a... a meeting here!

Janitor 1:  In the middle of the night?

Janitor 2:  In the darkness?!

Kimura:  Yes, that's right!  We've been discussing the... the... the 
Pythagoras theorem, and got so absent-minded we didn't notice it turned 
that late!  

Ayukawa:  That's true!  And we didn't turn on the light because it 
would distract us!

Janitor 1:  [To Janitor 2.]  Pythagoras theorem?  Isn't that sort of 
easy for college?

Janitor 2:  [To Janitor 1.]  Maybe they're in a remedial class.

Janitor 1:  [To the people in the room.]  You scientists.  Just like 
little kids.

Janitor 2:  [Nods.]  I don't think you ever grow up.

[The janitors empty the waste paper basket and leave, turning off the 
light.  Everyone sighs with relief.]

Officer:  See?  Even the janitors say you are behaving like kids.

Mitoshi:  If you ask me, I think growing up is severely overrated.

Officer:  If you think so, you must be still a kid yourself.

Mitoshi:  No way.  I have a job and I'm good at it.

Officer:  Are you?  You call running around, chasing some imaginary 
spies - doing good work?  

Mitoshi:  They're not imaginary!

Officer:  Even if they're not, it's not your job to go after them.

Mitoshi:  But that's fun!  What's wrong with having some fun once in a 

Officer:  I'm not against fun.  But the young people these days are so 
irresponsible!  Take my son, for example.  Yes, he has a job - but he 
is not serious about it.  He's not serious about anything!  He spends 
time listening to what is now called music and watching stupid spy 

Mitoshi:  What's wrong with spy films?!

Officer:  [Sighs.]  Nothing, really.  But it's his attitude I'm worried 
about.  He's thirty two now, and still behaves like a kid.  I don't 
think he'll ever grow up.

Mitoshi:  As I see, there's nothing good in growing up.  You're 
supposed to behave seriously, have a family, and spend all your time 
being boring.  What *good* is there in growing up?

[Pause.  Kimura listens to this whole conversation with a good deal of 

Ayukawa:  [Quietly.]  Grownups can protect themselves.

[Kasuga moves close to Ayukawa and touches her hand.]

Kasuga:  [Whispering to her.]  A... Ayukawa...

Ayukawa:  [Whispering to him.]  Yes?

Kasuga:  [Whispering.]  I... I really meant what I said back in the 
corridor.  I can... I would like to protect you if something happens.

[Ayukawa smiles at him.  Then she realizes that he can not see her 
smile in the darkness and gently squeezes his hand.]

Ayukawa:  [Whispering.]  Thank you.

[They sit in the darkness until the clock chimes one.  Mitoshi yawns.  
Kimura looks around uneasily and then opens her eyes wide.]

Kimura:  Listen... I think Friday is Professor's day off.

Kasuga:  And...?

Kimura:  [Stands up from where she was sitting on the floor.]  But... 
but that means....  Oh my gosh!

Ayukawa:  What's wrong?!

Kimura:  I think I heard those guys say the word "tomorrow", and we 
thought they were talking of the day they gonna get it... but what if 
they were taking about tomorrow's being Professor's day off?

Mitoshi:  And this means...

Kimura:  This means that they could have been here *yesterday* - since 
professor is away, and tomorrow is weekend, the disappearance of the 
folder won't be noticed for three days!

Mitoshi:  [Gets up as well.]  Chikuso*!  [Turns on the light.]  What 
do we do now?
*Netiquette violator

Kimura:  Well, I *might* be wrong.  We should check if the folder is 
still here.

Mitoshi:  Where does Professor keep it?

Kimura:  He keeps all the important stuff in the desk drawer.  [She 
tries to open it, but the drawer is locked.  Agitatedly.]  Do you have 
a key for it?

Mitoshi:  Let me see....  [He gets out his key ring and looks though 
it.]  Yes, I've got it.  Hmm... the lock doesn't seem to have been 
tampered with....

[He opens the drawer.  Everybody lets out a sigh of relief, because a 
large green folder lies safely inside.  However, Kasuga and Ayukawa are 
looking at something else.]

Kasuga:  What is *this*?

[He points at the stack of papers inside the drawer.  The words "The 
Proof of Taniyama Conjecture" are written on top of the first page in 
familiar handwriting;  the rest of the page contains long formulae - 
and doodles of cute panda bears and kittens.]

Kimura:  This is my proof, which the Professor said was wrong... what 
is it doing in the locked drawer?

Mitoshi:  Let me see it.

[He takes the stack of papers and looks carefully at them.  His face 
changes his expression - now he looks resolute and decisive.  He flips 
through the pages.  After several pages, the doodles disappear and the 
handwriting changes.  Mitoshi puts both sets of pages on the desk, next 
to each other.]

Mitoshi:  Very curious.  Just look at this.

[He points at the second set of pages.  The handwriting is obviously 
different, but the formulae are the same as in Kimura's notes.  The 
title at the top reads:  "For the Journal of Theoretical Mathematics 
and Topology: The Proof of Taniyama Conjecture, by Prof. Hokusai".]

Mitoshi:  [Quietly.]  I have been looking for something like this for 
last three years.

Kasuga:  Huh?

Mitoshi:  [Sighs.]  I think I'd better explain.  During the last three 
years, I've been receiving unconfirmed complaints from the students, 
who worked with Professor Hokusai, that he plagiarized their research 
and published it as his.  However, it's hard to prove who was first in 
generating a certain idea; and I can't let a reputation of our faculty 
member to be destroyed with ungrounded accusations.  So I've been 
waiting for - a proof.  For something like this.  I can't believe that 
I got it in such an unexpected way.

Kimura:  [Dazed.]  Wow.

Mitoshi:  Are you all right, Kimura-san?  I can understand all this is 
a shock to you, and...

Kimura:  But... but this means - this means my proof is *correct*!  
[Smiles.]  This is great!

Mitoshi:  [Smiles for a second, and then his face turns serious again.]  
I have to think what to do about this.  Right now.  [He collects the 
papers and heads toward the door.]

Officer:  Um, wait a minute.  What about those international spies?

Mitoshi:  Actually, I think you were right.  Catching them is not my 
job.  However *this* - [Waves the papers.] - is, and I intend to do it 
seriously.  I think you should call for a backup or whatever is needed 
- you're better qualified for something like this.  [To Kimura, Ayukawa 
and Kasuga.]  Let's go, guys.  I think it's time for you to head home.  
I'll give you a ride.

Officer:  [Looks at Mitoshi for a while.  Then, for the first time, he 
smiles.]  I think I should take back the words about my son never 
growing up.

Mitoshi:  [Pauses.  Smiles back at him.]  Thanks, dad.

[Cut to the university campus, next Monday afternoon.  Ayukawa, Kasuga, 
and Akane are sitting on a bench in a courtyard.  Kimura approaches 

Kasuga:  So, how did it go?

Ayukawa:  What are they going to do?

Kimura:  Well - nothing.  I decided not to file a formal complaint.

Kasuga:  WHY?

Akane:  [Aside.]  'Cause she's weird, that's why.

Kimura:  Well, I don't think I should.  I will receive due credit, and 
that's all I want.  Us and Mitoshi-san are all the people who know the 
whole story.

Ayukawa:  Hokusai-sensei knows it, too.

Kimura:  I don't think he'd want to tell anybody.  After all, it would 
hurt him the most.

Akane:  Wouldn't he want to get revenge on you?  Like fail you in his 
class, or something.

Kimura:  He can't.  It's a research group, there're no grades for this 
kind of work.  Plus, Mitoshi-sensei promised he'd keep an eye on him.

Kasuga:  But... didn't you say you wanted people to be fair to you?

Kimura:  Yes.  But I don't want to be mean to Hokusai-sensei.

Akane:  But he was mean to you!

Kimura:  So?  I'm sure Miyasato-tachi would agree with you; but I don't 
think I can be mean to anyone.  Even if they were mean to me first.  If 
I file a complaint, Hokusai-sensei will lose his job, and... and I just 
don't want that.  After all, I wouldn't be able to think of that proof 
without his help.

Ayukawa:  [Looks at Kimura carefully and smiles.]  I see.  That's... 
very nice of you, Keiko-san.  To say the truth, I would have probably 
filed that complaint.

Kasuga:  Oh, by the way, what about those guys with accent?  I haven't 
heard if campus police got them on Friday night.

Akane:  [Shakes her head.]  I don't think so.  I mean, if something 
like that happened, I'm sure the campus would be full of rumors by now.

Kasuga:  That's a pity.  [Laughs.]  I was already thinking of writing 
the front page article called "Courageous Kimura Keiko Cleverly Combats 
a Cunning KGB Conspiracy".

Kimura:  [Waves her hand absent-mindedly.]  Ah, I'm not even sure I was 
right about them.  I mean, after all, they were not loud, and I didn't 
hear much, and all that.  Maybe I was wrong about them, after all.  
Maybe we'll never know.  [Stands up and stretches.]  Well, I think I 
should head off to the library now.  I have some stuff to research.  
Oh, Akane-san?

Akane:  Yes?

Kimura:  I wanted to thank you.  You really helped me a lot.

Akane:  [Smiles.]  Glad to help.  The pleasure was mine.

[At this moment, Ayukawa opens her eyes wide and stares into space with 
a curious expression.]

Kimura:  Well, see you.

Kasuga:  Bye!

[Ayukawa is still silent, with the same expression on her face.]

Kimura:  Madoka-san?

Kasuga:  Ayukawa, are you all right?

[Ayukawa blinks twice and slowly turns toward Kimura.]

Ayukawa:  [Slowly.]  Keiko-san, can you please remind me what those two 
guys in hallway looked like?  I think - I think I have an idea.

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Yes.  One of them was really tall and slim, with 
short red hair and moustache.  The second was really short and fat, 
with long blond hair and a beard.  

Ayukawa:  But... but... [She loses her poise and falls down laughing.]  

Kasuga:  [Looking at her in shock.]  Ayukawa, are you...

Ayukawa:  [Wiping off tears.]  Yes, yes, I'm all right.  Hahahahaha!  
Creeping dusk!  Empty hallway!  Two strangers!  Suspicious voices!  
Russian accent!  Just like a spy thriller!

[A pause.  Then Akane starts laughing as well, and Kimura smiles at 

Akane:  [To Kimura.]  I think she got it.

Kimura:  [Quietly.]  You're very smart, Madoka-san, do you know that?

Kasuga:  What are you talking about?!

Ayukawa:  [To Kimura.]  If you haven't thanked Akane-san a minute ago, 
I would've never guessed!

Akane:  [To Kimura.]  Yep, she got it.


Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun, do you remember how Keiko-san described those two 
"spies" yesterday?

Kasuga:  Uhh... umm... just like she said a minute ago?

Ayukawa:  Well, not quite.  Yesterday she said the tall one had long 
blond hair and a beard.  A minute ago, she said it was a short one.

Kasuga:  [Still in the darkness.]  So...?

Ayukawa:  She made it up!  SHE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP!

Kasuga:  What whole thing?

Ayukawa:  The whole story about two suspicious guys in a hallway!  She 
made it up only to get into Hokusai's office and take a look inside his 
locked drawer!

Kasuga:  What?  Keiko-san, what is she talking about?

Kimura:  [Pauses.  Quietly.]  She is right.  I suspected Professor was 
going to steal my proof - and I wanted to stop it from happening.

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head.]  Can you explain all this from the 
beginning?  I'm kind of lost.

Kimura:  Well, you see, I have heard the rumours about him plagiarizing 
his students' research.  I didn't believe it at first, but then there 
was this thing with my proof.  He told me it was wrong and not 
rigorous, but I was sure it was right!

Ayukawa:  Couldn't you have filed an official complaint?

Kimura:  [Shakes her head.]  No, because I wasn't sure he wanted to 
steal it.  Listen.  Given: my suspicion and some rumours.  Statement in 
question: did he or did he not intend to steal my calculations?  Prove 
or disprove.

Ayukawa:  So you thought up this whole story about two guys who looked 
like spies....

Kimura:  Well, not quite.  I made this general plan, but I wasn't sure 
it would work.  I also wasn't sure I'd be able to pull this whole thing 
off.  So I met Akane-san, and I talked to her about it.  She helped me 
to refine the plan, and taught me a thing or two about acting.

Akane:  [Winks.]  And plotting.

Kimura:  What concerns the spy thing - well, I didn't think of that 
until Mitoshi-sensei mentioned that he loved spy movies.  So then I 
invented a few details - and it worked!

Kasuga:  What about the green folder?

Kimura:  Oh, Hokusai-sensei keeps the ungraded midterms in there.  I 
knew it must've been in his desk drawer, because he didn't have time to 
grade them yet.

Kasuga:  And secret calculations for the government?

Akane:  [Laughs.]  Theoretical mathematician?  Who doesn't even use a 
computer?!  I don't think the government can ask him to do any work for 


Kimura:  I should apologize to you two, by the way - for pulling you 
into this, and for not telling the truth.  But I really needed you.

Ayukawa:  Why?

Kimura:  Oh, to recognize my doodles, of course!  It would have been 
very suspicious if I pointed at my papers in the drawer!

Kasuga:  [Pauses.  In disbelief.]  And it was just you two who planned 
this whole thing?

Akane:  [Smiles.]  It wasn't that hard.  But when you thanked me, 
Keiko-san, I think it gave Madoka-san the idea you were just acting.

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  Yes; plus I remembered Mitoshi-sensei's father 
saying yesterday that this whole story sounded like it was made up by 
someone with overactive imagination.

[Kimura laughs.]

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head.]  I could never imagine you pulling off 
something like this.  I mean, yesterday you couldn't even pretend 
convincingly that this happened to "your friend".

Ayukawa:  That was a very nice touch, Keiko-san.

Akane:  [Smiles.]  My idea.

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Akane-san suggested if I start by pretending to be 
naive and simple-minded, nobody would doubt my story.

Kasuga:  You pretended then as well?  [Kimura nods.]  But... I'm not 
surprised Akane is involved in something like this, but it's really not 
like you, Keiko-san.  It's also weird to see you two working together.  
You're so much... unlike.  I mean, Keiko-san is so honest and open, and 
you, Akane, well....  [Sweats.]

Akane:  [Narrows her eyes.]  I think I'll interpret this as a 
compliment, for now.

Kimura:  Maybe that's why we can learn something from each other, don't 
you agree?  Actually, to me this whole thing was very simple.  Like 
some kind of a...

Ayukawa:  Mathematical theorem.

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Good comparison.  I knew what I wanted to do, so it 
was not that hard to think of a way to accomplish this.  After all - 
[Her face turns decisive and resolute.] - this concerns my job, and I 
want to be serious about it.  [Pause.  Quietly.]  Also, I told you 
yesterday, I hate when people are unfair to me.  And I want to be able 
to protect myself, too.

[Another pause.]

Ayukawa:  [Slowly.]  Yes, I guess you proved what you set out to prove.

Kimura:  [Smiles brightly.]  Um.  It might have been an unusual proof - 
but it was quite rigorous, don't you agree?


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