Kimagure Orange College - Episode 34
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the thirty-fourth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", 
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they 
start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  
In addition, previous episodes are available at
        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system 
and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced 
education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  
Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are 
they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In 
fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or 
flames to]

Episode 34 - Keiko's Fairy Tale

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  With summer in full swing, the sun is high in the 
sky as the neighborhood engages in mid-day activities.  Inside Room #3, 
Eiji sits on the futon with a home video game control in his hand and a 
thermometer in his mouth.]

Fujimoto:  [Pulls the thermometer out of Eiji's mouth as she looks at 
her watch.]  Hmm...I'm afraid you do have a fever.

Eiji:  [Stuffed voice.]  I could have told you that already...

Fujimoto:  I have to go to the pharmacy and the grocery store to get 
some medicine and food.  I may be a while so I have a baby-sitter 
coming to keep you company while I'm gone.

Eiji:  [With hope.]  Yoko-oneechan*?
*Older sister or older female friend

Fujimoto:  [Shakes head.]  No, Kimura-san.

Eiji:  [Big sweats.]  ...!

Fujimoto:  [Concerned.]  I thought you liked Kimura-san.

Eiji:  Well...I sort of do...  It's just that the last time she was 
here, she kept hugging me and squeezing me.  She treats me like a 
stuffed toy or something.  I really hate it when she does that.

Kimura:  [Cheerful voice from outside in the main hall.]  Gomen 
*Please excuse me (Standard greeting when entering a house)

Fujimoto:  [Reassuringly.]  Well, maybe she won't do it this time...  
[Opens the door.]  Come in.

Kimura:  [Bows.]  Thank you for having me!

Fujimoto:  [Smiles.]  Not at all.  Thank you for agreeing to watch him 
on short notice.

Kimura:  It's no trouble at all.  [Bubbly expression.]  Eiji-kun!  How 
are you?  [Wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug.]

[Eiji looks at Fujimoto with a knowing expression as she tries to hide 
the embarrassment on her face.]

Kimura:  You poor're burning up!

Eiji:  Well, it's not so bad.  I mean I get to miss school and 

Kimura:  Hmm...that's so sad.  School is a lot of fun.

Eiji:  [Dryly to himself.]  Says you...

Fujimoto:  Well, I guess I'll be going then.  Is there anything else 
you think you'll need?

Kimura:  [Confidently.]  We'll be OK...  I'll make sure to take good 
care of him!

Fujimoto:  [Smiles.]  Very well, you two take care.  I'm off.  

Kimura:  [Bubbly.]  Come back soon!

Eiji:  [Despairingly.]  Very soon...

Kimura:  Well, what shall we do today?

Eiji:  Well, maybe you can play with me on "Killer Kops".  I don't get 
to play 2-player a lot.

Kimura:  "Killer Kops"?  Is that a manga title or something?

Eiji:'s a cool video game!  You get to shoot people!

[Eiji turns the video game console back on and hands Kimura the other 
controller.  However, after only a few games, it becomes obvious that 
Kimura is not catching on.]

Eiji:  I can't believe're even worse than the computer!

Kimura:  [Embarrassed.] parents were never fond of video 
games.  They say it can damage your eyes.

Eiji:  Wh-what kind of nonsense is that?

Kimura:  Hmm...[Thinks for a minute.]  I got it!  I'll tell you a 

Eiji:  [Sarcastically.]  Do I have a choice?

Kimura:  [Self-absorbed.]  Once upon a time, in a land far away...

Eiji:  [Mostly to himself as he reluctantly settles in.]  I guess 

                            *      *      *

[Cut to a dark forest in the middle of a strange and mysterious realm.  
Although the mid-day sun is shining, the only clearly lit area is the 
path leading to the village ahead.  As he approaches a fork in the 
road, Kasuga pulls off his hooded cloak and checks his bearings.]

Kasuga:  Hmm...[Pulls out his map and looks at the sky.]  That marker 
should be right about here...

Voice:  Don't tell me that you can't find the marker after only five 

Kasuga:  [Sees familiar figure come from the opposite fork.]  Katsu-

[Katsu walks up to Kasuga and after a brief reunion, they continue on 
their way.]

Kasuga:  Five years...Gee, has it been that long?

Katsu:  [Nods.]  Since the two of us left the village.  How was it at 
the Wizardry school?

Kasuga:  I can't complain.  They taught me a lot about using the Power.  
What about the Alchemy college?

Katsu:  It was useful.  [Sagely.]  It's a changing world.  Science is 
definitely going to be competing with magic one of these days.

Kasuga:  No!

[Without warning, an ugly, dark-skinned creature leaps out of the 
trees.  It bellows a blood-curdling cry with a weapon in hand.  Kasuga 
concentrates, causing the creature to fly past both of them and land 
hard on a fallen log.  Undeterred, the creature stands up and tries to 
charge at both of them.]

Katsu:  Watch out!  [Pulls out a glass vial from his vest and throws it 
at the creature's face.  The creature wails in pain as acid burns into 
its face.  It goes running off into the woods.]  Wh-what was that?!?

Kasuga:  Oni*!  But they only come out at night!  What's going--?

[Interrupted by an explosion visible in the distance.]

Katsu:  The village!

[Cut to a small settlement located in a large clearing in the forest.  
What was once a quiet and peaceful village is under siege by a 
marauding band of oni and other creatures.  Villagers everywhere run 
frantically to save what they can as the marauders loot the town and 
burn buildings.  Amid the chaos, one lone figure of resistance is seen 
in the form of a woman warrior with long black hair wielding a sword.]

Ayukawa:  [Visibly wounded but still defiant.]  You vile creatures must 
be destroyed!

[Three oni leap off the roof of a nearby building, trying to flank and 
surround Ayukawa.  Seeing this, she pulls out three picks with one 
smooth practiced motion, embedding each attacker in their arms, 
disarming them.  Seeing his troops finally encounter real resistance, 
the largest oni, clearly the leader, approaches Ayukawa.]

Ayukawa:  [Readies her weapon.]  I challenge you!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the outer hallway in Seishun-kan.  Kasuga and Katsu are coming 
in the main entrance.]

Katsu: I told him, "Don't put that tube on the burner yet.  I'll 
get to it when I can."  Anyway, what time is Ayukawa dropping by to 
pick us up for the show?  [Stops when he sees Kasuga's attention is 
elsewhere.]  Hey, Kasuga-san.  What is it?

Kasuga:  I thought I heard someone mention Ayukawa.

[Kasuga goes over to Room #3 and puts his ear on the door.  After a 
moment, curiosity gets the better of him and Katsu does the same.]

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the village.  With several of their brethren slain by 
Ayukawa, many of the creatures attempt an escape.  However, the leader 
steps forward to challenge her.  Although she manages to hold her own 
for a time, size, reach and battle fatigue finally takes its toll as 
she falls back towards a wall as her sword is dashed from her hands and 
lands across the street.]

Kasuga:  Who is she?

Katsu:  Never mind that!  She's fighting on our side!  [Throws a vial 
of putricine on the ground, incapacitating a group of oni.  Turns and 
sees Ayukawa's peril.]  Kasuga!  They're too close together for me to 
help her!  Cast a spell or something!

Kasuga:  [Nods firmly.]  Un!

Eiji Voiceover:  Oh come on, don't be silly!

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to Room #3 at Seishun-kan.]

Kimura:  Eh?  What do you mean?

Eiji:  [Dismissively.]  Kyosuke-oniichan* a wizard?  That scatter-
brained, wishy-washy guy couldn't turn cream into butter!
*Older brother or older male friend

Kasuga:  [Whispers from outside the door.]  Why that little...!

Katsu:  [Whispers from outside the door.]  Hey...he probably doesn't 
mean any real harm.  Besides, he's got a point.

Eiji:  And Ritsu-oniisan?  He's lucky he hasn't blown himself up by 

Kasuga:  [Smirks as he whispers.]  Sounds right to me...

Katsu:  Hrumph...!

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the scene of the battle.  Kasuga whispers as he 
concentrates his power.  As he does so, the leader of the oni rears 
back for his final blow.  Ayukawa steels herself for the blow then 
suddenly hears a voice in her mind.]

Kasuga's voice:  "Don't worry!  I've got your sword."

Ayukawa:  [To herself as she watches the sword lift off the ground 
unaided.]  Wh-what?

Kasuga's voice:  "I can help you...but you have to trust me..."

[Ayukawa tenses as the oni leader is about to swing.  Behind the 
leader, Ayukawa sees her sword start flying through the air towards 
her, handle first.  Not seeing this, the leader takes his time with his 
final stroke.  Just before he brings his blade down, Ayukawa lunges 
forward between the leader's legs, snatches the sword out of the air in 
mid-tumble, and imbeds it in the surprised leader's back who 

Katsu:  [Excitedly.]  He did it!

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Kasuga:  [Smug whisper to Katsu.]  "I did it..."

Katsu:  [Unimpressed.]  Don't be so proud of yourself.  It was my 
"chemicals" that gave you cover.

Egami:  [From down the hallway.]  What are you two doing?!?

Kasuga & Katsu:  [In unison.]  Shhh...!

Egami:  [Surprised.]  Eh?

Katsu:  [Whispers while pointing towards Room #3.]  Kimura-san's 
telling Eiji a story.

Egami:  [Dismissively.]  Pah...!  Probably all about bunnies and cute 
little puppy dogs.  [Walks over and puts his ear by the door.]

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the village.  While many of the villagers struggle to rebuild 
what they can, the mayor of the village listens to a small gathering to 
plan their next move.]

Ayukawa:  ...and so my village elder bade me to investigate your 
village.  Apparently, the plague of evil has already begun.

Egami:  Then your village has also seen the signs of unrest.

Ayukawa:  Yes, your honor.  Since they have already attacked you as 
well, it will only be a matter of time before this evil threatens us 

Egami:  [Nods.]  I agree.  [To Kasuga and Katsu.]  Therefore we must 
find and defeat this great evil at its source.  I'm assigning the two 
of you to accompany Ayukawa-san to the city of Guilder.  There you must 
learn as much as you can and seek whatever means you need to defeat 
this evil.

Katsu & Kasuga:  Eh?

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the hallway outside Room #3.]

Egami:  [Smugly to Kasuga and Katsu.]  That's is a 
reflection of life after all.  I'm lord of the land.

Kasuga:  [Unimpressed.]  Aren't you exaggerating just a little?

Katsu:  [Matter-of-factly.]  And you're drafting us to defend your 
honor again.

Egami:  Wh-what did you say...?!

Kasuga:  Shh...!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the edge of the mysterious forest.  As the trees give way to 
open plains, the city skyline is visible on the horizon.]

Katsu:  [Rhetorically.]  The city-state of Guilder...rumors say it's a 
hive of scum and villainy.

Eiji voiceover:  Oneechan, you stole that line!

Kimura voiceover:  It's all right, no one will ever know!

Ayukawa:  [Pulls out a large leaf, rolls it into a thin cigarette, then 
lights it with a match.]  It's a pit, but it's the only place we can 
get help.  The ruler of the city is...someone who I think will help us.

Kasuga:  [Coughs as the acrid smell of burning leaf fills his 
nostrils.]  You know, you shouldn't smoke!  It's bad for your health!

Eiji voiceover:  That line sounds so corny!  Even Kyosuke-oniichan 
wouldn't say something that weird, would he?

Kimura voiceover:  Aa...umm...well...Madoka-san says he did.

Eiji voiceover:  [Flatly.]  I should have known...

Ayukawa:  [Coldly.]  My health is not your concern.  Besides, [Takes a 
drag from the cigarette, then deliberately tosses the burning stub into 
the brush.] it's our village's tradition before going into battle.

Kasuga:  [With trepidation.]  Battle?

[The brush begins to smoke, drawing out several previously-hidden 
figures from the surrounding bushes and tall grass.  Their armor 
markings declare their allegiance as clearly as their grim faces 
declare their intentions.]

Kasuga:  Guilderian soldiers!  They're here to help us!

Ayukawa:  [Rolls her eyes.]  What an idiot...

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the hallway outside Room #3.  Kasuga, Katsu and Egami are 
engrossed in listening in, and fail to notice the main door open.  
Ayukawa walks in and stops as she looks surprised by the trio of people 
leaning against door #3.  After a few minutes, she clears her throat.]

Ayukawa:  A-hem...!

Katsu & Kasuga & Egami:  Waah...!  [Recover composure.]  Shh...!

Ayukawa:  Eh?  What are you guys doing?  It isn't nice to be 
eavesdropping on people.

Katsu:  [Whispers as he points towards the door.]  We're not 
eavesdropping!  We're listening to a story!

Kasuga:  Keiko-san is telling Eiji a story!

Ayukawa:  Eh?  [Walks to the door and starts listening in.]  Is it a 
romance story?

Egami:  [Smirks.]  Not quite.

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the dungeon of the castle.  The cell door slams shut, echoing 
the sound of imprisonment throughout the dungeon.]

Katsu:  [Angrily from behind bars.]  Hey!  What do you think you're 

Guard Captain:  [Unconcerned.]  These are difficult times.  Until you 
can prove your identity, we're going to have to keep you here.  [Turns 
and leaves.]

Katsu:  H-Hey...!

Kasuga:  [Frustrated.]  Che...why did you have us surrender?  We could 
have taken them on.

Ayukawa:  Yes, but I doubt they would be willing to help us afterwards.  
We'll never get their help if we end up fighting them.  This way, they 
got us here without too much fuss.

Katsu:  But we can't get help unless they let us out of this cell!

Yuko:  [Shrouded in the shadows in the back of the room.]  Save your 

Kasuga:  Eh?

Yuko:  Those guys won't do a thing without the Prince's permission.

Ayukawa:  [Suspiciously.]  Who are you?

Yuko:  Me?  [Innocently.]  I'm an honest merchant who specializes in 
hard-to-get items and material transport.

Katsu:  [Deadpan to Kasuga.]  A smuggler.

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Probably a thief too.

Yuko:  [Indignantly.]  They never proved that!  [Faked hurt tone as she 
grabs Katsu by the waist.]  Please protect me from those awful men!

Katsu:  [Embarrassed.]  Let me go!

Ayukawa:  Shh!  [Motions towards the outer stairs.  As they go silent, 
the sounds of approaching footsteps can be heard.  A few moments later, 
the outer door is unlocked and two guards enter.  Behind them, a tall 
handsome figure enters, his mustache lending dignity to his face.]

Hayashibara:  Are these the prisoners?

Guard 1:  [Salutes.]  Yes, my Prince!  [Holds the torch closer to the 
cell to better illuminate the interior.]

Hayashibara:  [Surprised expression.]

Ayukawa:  [Bows slightly.]  Hello, Prince Hayashibara.  It's been a 
long time.

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the hallway outside Room #3.]

Egami:  [Quietly croons.]  Ohh...the handsome prince likes the warrior 
maid!  [Rhetorically to Ayukawa.]  I wonder where she got that idea...?

Ayukawa:  [Turns red.]  Th-that's probably just a coincidence!  Princes 
and warriors are all over the place in fairy tales!

Kasuga:  [To himself.] it that obvious Hayashibara likes 

Miyasato-tachi:  [Coming from the front door.]  What are all of you 
doing here?

Katsu:  [Whispers.]  Shh...!  [Motions to Yuko.]  Come're 
just in time.  You're being introduced now!

Yuko:  Introduced?

Ayukawa:  Kimura's telling Eiji a story, but she's using all of us to 
tell it.

Yoko:  Wait a minute...what about me?  [Puts ear on door.]

Egami:  [Gruffly.]  Wait your turn!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to one of the main dining areas of the castle.  Banners of various 
kingdoms and allegiances hang from the high ceiling.  Hayashibara sits 
at the head of the table, listening intently as Kasuga goes over the 
events of the past few ways.]

Hayashibara:  I this plague of evil isn't an isolated event.

Kasuga:  We don't think so.  It's happening in several places at once.

Ayukawa:  What's more, the methods for attack are similar.

Hayashibara:  [Thoughtfully rubbing his clean-shaven face.]  I 
see...then whoever it is uses the same creatures to attack the 

Eiji voiceover:  Wait a minute!  I thought you said he had a mustache!

Kimura voiceover:  I did?

Katsu:  The creatures we saw were identical to the ones who attacked 
Ayukawa's village.

Hayashibara:  [With a mustache.]  If so, then we face a great crisis.  
Clearly, the evil wizard Tanaka-san has decided to expand his empire of 

Kimura voiceover:  But you know...he looks so much more handsome 
without it!

Kasuga:  E-evil wizard?

Katsu:  Empire...?

Ayukawa:  Then we have to stop him!  Could you tell us what you know 
about him?

Hayashibara:  [Distracted manner without a mustache.]  Un.  I've heard 
that he's a powerful dark lord of magic.  It was thought that his power 
was sealed away many years ago by...

Eiji voiceover:  But you should be consistent.  I mean, I don't see you 
changing anyone else.

Kimura voiceover: tou...

Hayashibara:  [Snaps at the ceiling.]  Make up your mind!

Kimura voiceover:  Aa, sorry!

[Cut to the remote reaches of the land.  With dark and stormy clouds 
perpetually overhead, the region has an ominous atmosphere of fear and 
dread.  In the center of the tallest mountain in the range, a dark and 
sinister-looking castle looms into the sky.  The castle is dark and 
foreboding with only one lit window visible from the outside.  Inside 
the main throne room, a hooded figure watches a large crystal ball with 
a thin cruel smile.]

Tanaka:  [Pulls back his hood slowly.]  So...  The prince believes 
these foolish young people can stand again me...[Pours himself a glass 
of blood-red wine.]  The game begins...


[Cut to a junior high school.  Kurata runs down the hallway in a panic.  
When she opens the door, she sees her classroom in complete chaos with 
objects being thrown back and forth and people chasing each other 
around the room.  Mitsuya is sitting in front of the class room 

Mitsuya:  [Crying at her desk.]  This is so terrible...!  Our classroom 
is going to lose its Internet access if we don't find a way to make it 

Kurata:  [Very rapidly.]  Oh no oh no!  [Starts running around the 
room, waving her arms.]  What do we do?!?  What do we do?!?  Internet 
is supposed to be about having fun and writing love-letters!

Hayama:  [Icy-calm.]  Baka...You're an 11-year old girl.  You can't 
vote and don't have a clue how big money-making companies make the 
money to buy the computers that give you that fancy Internet.  So 
basically you don't have the slightest idea what you can really use the 
Internet for besides your silly ideas.

Kurata:  [Angrily.]  Hayama-akuma*...!

Logo:  Work the Web.

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut back to the hallway outside Room #3.  Everyone present is 
listening intently against the door.]

Yuko:  [Whispers.]  This isn't fair!  My character hasn't even gotten 
to do anything yet!

Katsu:  Well, it's not like you can do anything about it.  You're in 

Yuko:  And that's another thing...why am I supposed to be a thief?  
[Look at the door.]  It's not like I stole anything from her.

Egami:  Well, it's about as believable as Kasuga-san being a wizard.

Kasuga:  Oi...!

Ayukawa:  Shh...!  I think she's continuing!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the next morning.  The palace courtyard is filled with 
activity.  Katsu, Kasuga, and Ayukawa are on horses, with their 
equipment packed.  Behind them, a large company of men are making 
preparations for an extended campaign.  Hayashibara stands in front of 
the horses with a look of concern and hope.]

Hayashibara:  The castle is several days' ride from here.  As I 
explained last night, it's protected by a powerful mystic field that 
prevents our armies from approaching directly.

Kasuga:  Then how are we supposed to get past that?

Hayashibara:  Tanaka had a student who might be able to help you.  
She's supposed to be a pretty powerful sorceress in her own right, but 
she has no alliance with the Kingdom.  However, it's possible she might 
be willing to talk to a small group of you.  She lives in the mountain 
range to the north.

Ayukawa:  OK.  If she does have a solution, then what?

Hayashibara:  We'll give you a week to make contact with her and bring 
the mystic wards down.  Once they're down, we'll lay siege to the 
castle.  Be careful though; even without the field, many evil and 
powerful creatures serve him.

Kasuga:  [Whispers to Katsu.]  What's wrong?

Katsu:  [Checks his poaches.]  My picks and tweezers are missing.  I 
could have sworn I packed my set of chemistry tools.

[Cut to the dungeon of the castle.  Yuko looks around and sees no 
guards in the area.]

Yuko:  [Indignantly.]  Of all the nerve of those two... calling me a 
thief!  [Pulls out a set of picks and tweezers and begins working on 
the lock.]  It's not like I stole everything he had...!  [After a few 
minutes, the cell door unlocks.]  Lucky!

Figure in the shadows:  [Mockingly.]  So...I see you haven't lost your 

Yuko:  [Apprehensively.]  Who's there...?!

Yoko:  [Menacingly as she steps out of the shadows.]  It's a shame you 
never learned to work for the winning side!

Yuko:  Oh no!  It's my evil twin Yoko!

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Yoko:  [Angry whisper.]  What...?!

Everyone else:  Shhh...!

Yoko:  [Frustrated whisper.]  How come I'm always the "evil twin"?!

Yuko:  [Whisper.]  At least you're not a thief!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to Tanaka's castle.  Yuko is bound and chained against a stone 
wall.  As she struggles, watches Tanaka talk to Yoko.]

Yuko:  Let me go!

Yoko:  Would you shut up...?!

Tanaka:  [Cold amusement.]  Let her rant...for all the good it will 
do...  [Turns serious.]  Do you remember what to do?

Yoko:  Just so long as you remember to pay my fee.  [Turns towards 
Yuko.]  Unlike some people, I'm a professional thief.

Tanaka:  [Eyes narrow.]  Then impress me with your professionalism.

Yoko:  [Tries to hide her exasperation.]  I'm supposed to infiltrate 
Kasuga's band of travelers, lead them into the mouth of the ancient 
dwarven mountains, then slip away when the oni attack.

Tanaka:  For which you will be paid a substantial fee, of course.  
[Gives Yoko a small badge.]  This will let the oni know you serve me, 
so they won't attack you.  Now go.  [Watches Yoko leave.]

Yuko:  You dirty rotten b--[Interrupted by Tanaka slapping her across 
the face.]

Tanaka:  Such language!  One would think you were a foul-mouthed 
commoner instead of a cultured professional that you claim to be.  
[Calms down and them smiles sinisterly.]  But I forget my manners.  
After all, with the Kingdom soon to be crushed beneath my boot, I can 
afford to be magnanimous.

Yuko:  You'll never make it!  Even Yoko would never do anything to kill 
so many people!

Tanaka:  Ahh...but your sister Yoko will soon no longer be in a 
position to do anything...[Smiles evilly.]

Yuko:  [Turns pale.] made a deal with her!

Tanaka:  Of course I did...I just didn't tell her the whole deal.  It's 
true that oni will be waiting for the heroes at the entrance of the 
cave.  What I failed to mention was the ancient and powerful dragon who 
sleeps in the giant cavern just past the entrance.

Yuko:  D-dragon...?!

Tanaka:  [Pours himself a brandy and takes a whiff.]  The dragon hates 
to be awaken.  When he does, he will destroy them all, except for the 
one I have chosen to be my consort.  [Smiles.]  Heheh...Sadly, your 
sister Yoko isn't the chosen one.

Yuko:  You dirty rotten b--

Eiji voiceover:  Oneechan, can't you come up with any other dirty 
language than that?

Kimura voiceover:  [Embarrassed.]  Well...I mean...little kids 
shouldn't be hearing such harsh language!

Eiji voiceover:  [Exasperated.]  I heard them already...

[Cut to the edge of the mountain range.  Visible across the horizon, 
the city skyline fades behind Kasuga, Katsu and Ayukawa as they enter 
the range of the mountains.]

Katsu:  ...and so we decided to make our fortunes in the big city.  
Both of us just got back from five years of study at our respective 

Ayukawa:  [To Kasuga.]  And you decided on ... magic?

Kasuga:  Since I was a little kid, I always seemed to have this...power 
to make things move.  My grandfather said that I had inherited the 
power from our family bloodline and that the Wizardry school would be 
the best place to study.

Katsu:  Since I didn't have any special power, I decided to study 
chemistry and alchemy.  [To Ayukawa.] did you become a 

Ayukawa: parents are very good musicians, but they tend to 
travel from village to village a lot performing.  I suppose I fell into 
the wrong crowd and had to learn to defend myself.

Kasuga:  That's rough.  [Long pause.]  Did you...ever find anyone sp...

Ayukawa:  [Abruptly.]  Well, we'd better not let ourselves get 
distracted.  There's no telling who or what might be working with the 
evil wizard.

[Cut to the cliff overlooking the valley.  Yoko watches the party's 
progress through a spy glass as she chews on a weed.]

Yoko:  [Looking through a spy glass.]  There they are...[Sinisterly.]  
Just you wait...!

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Katsu:  [Whispers.]  You are so sneaky!  Can't you even challenge us 

Yuko:  [Faked hurt tone.]  How could you do such a thing?  Turn against 
your own sister for money?

Yoko:  [Indignant whisper.]  D-don't put the blame on me!  [To the 
door.]  You'd think she'd be more grateful after I took her to a ball 

Katsu:  Oh?  And how did you treat her at the ball game?

Yoko:  What do you mean by that?

Katsu:  Weren't you the one who called her a putz who lived in her own 
little world?

Yoko:  [Off-guard.]  I-I didn't say that...exactly...

Katsu:  [Aloof.]  I see...

Ayukawa:  [Slightly nervous whisper to Kasuga.] 
didn't tell her about...?

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head.]  Not that I know of... she's just getting 
lucky...[To himself.]  I hope...

                            *      *      *

[Cut to the mountain range.  Kasuga, Katsu and Ayukawa hide in some 
rock outcroppings as they scan the trail in both directions of the 

Katsu:  [Whispers.]  Are you sure about this?

Ayukawa:  [Whispers.]  I could have sworn I heard something!  [Her eyes 
narrow on a boulder in front of their path.]  Metal on rock maybe...[To 
Katsu.]  Do you have any more of those foul-smelling mixtures?  
[Gestures towards the boulder.]

Katsu:  [Nods.]  No problem.  [To Kasuga.]  Ready?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un.

[Katsu pulls out a two-chambered glass tube and lofts it over the 
boulder.  The tube shatters against the rocks, enabling the binary 
compounds to mix, rapidly causing a billowing cloud of noxious fumes.  
Amid the cloud, a figure can been staggering out from behind the rocks 
and the sounds of choking and gagging can be heard.]

Kasuga:  [Concentrates.]  Gotcha!

[The figure is pulled towards the group and dropped to the ground in 
front of Ayukawa who readies her sword.  The group comes to a stop when 
the see who the figure is.]

Kasuga:  You...!

Katsu:  It's the thief from Guilder!

Yoko:  I am not a thief!  [Sniffs her clothes and recoils.]  What is 
this stuff anyway?!

Katsu:  Methyl mercaptan mixed with butane and DMSO.  It should work 
its way out of your clothes and skin in a few days or so.

Yoko:  A-a few days?!  You mean I have to smell like this for a few 

Ayukawa:  [Seriously with a pointed sword.]  If you don't explain what 
you were doing hiding behind that rock, you won't have to wait a few 

Yoko:  Aa...err...I heard about your mission and I came to help!

Kasuga:  I see.  And just how can we be sure we can trust you?

Yoko:  Because it's written in the script!

Kasuga:  Eh?

Yoko:  [Catches herself.]  Aa...I mean...if you fail, then I'm also 
going to suffer under that wizard's evil rule.  My many travels have 
taken me to many places, including the cave you're going to.  I can be 
your guide!

Kasuga:  [After a moment's consideration.]  OK, I guess that makes 
sense.  [Gestures.]  Lead on then.

Yoko:  [To herself.]  Trusting fool...[Starts ahead of the group and 
heads towards the cave.  Katsu and Ayukawa hesitate before proceeding.]

Katsu:  I guess we'll take whatever help we can get.

Ayukawa:  Maybe...[Starts off, then stops.]  Wait a did 
she know we were going to a cave?

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to Room #3.]

Eiji:  So, she already figured out she was a traitor?  Did Madoka-
oneechan stab Yoko-oneechan in the back?

Kimura:  [Shocked.]  Wh-what?  That's a terrible thing to say!  Madoka-
san would never do anything so devious as that!

Eiji:  [Deadpan.]  I see...and Yoko-oneechan would?

Kimura:  [Freezes.]  Well...I...ahh...

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Yoko:  [Whispers.]  So, you were going to stab me in the back?

Ayukawa:  No way!  When I threatened you, I was standing in front of 

Yuko:  What about me?  What's happening to me?!

Kasuga:  If Tanaka's an evil wizard, well, probably all manner of 

Katsu:  Unless maybe you do what Yoko did and turn evil.

Yoko:  Oi!

Yuko:  [Indignantly.]  No way!  Even if I am a thief, I would never be 
on the side of evil!

Egami:  That's true.  Anyway, Tanaka the wizard already said you 
weren't good enough for him!

Yuko:  [Big sweats.]  ...!

                            *      *      *

[Cut to a cavern deep under the mountain.  Inside, there are signs of a 
once-grand civilization, long-ago gone.  Carvings to various deities 
and prominent figures adorn the walls and ceilings.  Kasuga, Katsu, 
Ayukawa and Yoko step carefully as dust stirs with every step.]

Katsu:  [Admiring a carving of a gargoyle.]  Wow...this thing almost 
looks real!

Kasuga:  So this was the "Great Dwarven Mountain"?

Ayukawa:  Eh?  What do you know about it?

Kasuga:  Well, according to my Wizard classes, the Dwarven center of 
civilization was here over 1000 years ago.  They were supposed to be 
master craftsmen and traded with other races until some great 
earthquake changed the structure of the mountain, leaving these caverns 
unstable.  They say a lot of the Dwarven people are buried here...

Ayukawa:  [Fearfully.]  A lot of old ghosts...!

Yoko:  [Deviously to herself.]  And a few new ones pretty soon...  
[With trained movements, Yoko slips away from the party.  On the ground 
away from the others, she sees signs of fresh intrusion.]  That must be 
them.  [Pulls out her badge, and listens carefully and is rewarded by 
the barely audible sounds of several swords being carefully pulled out 
of their sheaves.  To Kasuga.]  I think we should go this way.

Kasuga:  Is this they way out?

Yoko:  Yes.  Your destination should be on the other side of the 
mountain pass at the end of the cave system.

[As they proceed, Yoko deliberately slows her pace, letting the others 
pass her.  As soon as she is behind the three of them, she starts 
running away from them.]

Yoko:  Now!

[Without warning, a dozen oni of various sizes, armed with several 
different weapons come pouring out of concealed locations.]

Ayukawa:  I knew it!  [Readies her sword.]

Katsu:  Shoot!  We're sitting ducks!

Kasuga:  [Concentrates.]  Head for the end of the corridor!  [Oni in 
front of them look surprised as unseen energy picks them up and hurls 
them aside, leaving the front corridor clear.  Behind them and to their 
flanks, the Oni charge.]

Katsu:  Kasuga!  [Pulls out another two-chambered vial filled with tin 
tetrachloride and ammonia and throws it into the crowd.  Billowing 
smoke immediately appears, blocking the oni's line of sight.]

Kasuga:  [Runs to follow Katsu and Ayukawa.]  Thanks!

Ayukawa:  [Throws three picks at the first wave of charging oni, 
disabling them.]  I thought there was something wrong with her!

Katsu:  Worry about that later!  Let's go!

[The three run down the corridor, with Ayukawa guarding their rear 
flank.  Behind them, the oni charge ahead, bellowing rage and anger 
from their fallen comrades.  In front of them, the corridor opens up 
and Kasuga and Katsu take up flanking positions at the cul-du-sac as 
Ayukawa assumes point to the charging Oni.  Just then, a loud crashing 
sound is heard echoing throughout the cave.  Upon hearing this, the 
rest of the oni flee immediately.]

Katsu:  What the-?!  [Hears the sound again.]  That's no oni!

Kasuga:  [Hears sound again.]  Sounds foot steps!

Ayukawa:  [Hears the sound again.]  Big footsteps...coming this way!

[Just then, a giant reptilian foot comes down right in front of them.  
Looking up, Ayukawa, Kasuga, and Katsu are momentarily paralyzed with 
fear as a dragon stands before them, with flames flickering in his 
mouth and an evil expression blazing from his eyes.  Seeing his prey, 
the dragon roars a deafening bellow of rage.]

Ayukawa:  D-dragon!

Katsu:  It's huge!  And it's blocking our way!

Kasuga:  We've got to get past this big monster and reach the 
sorceress!  If we don't, then the Guilderian army will never survive!

Ayukawa:  Then we can hold it off!  [To Katsu.]  Katsu!  You've got to 
get to the sorceress and get her to help you take those wards down!

Katsu:  You can't expect me to leave you two behind!

Kasuga:  If one of us doesn't reach that sorceress, then the whole 
Kingdom will suffer!  It's be OK!  [Pauses.]  We'll be right behind 
you; I promise!

Katsu:  [Hesitates, then briefly takes Kasuga's hand.]  Good luck!  
[Runs down the side corridor and disappears around the corner.]

Ayukawa:  [Take Kasuga's hand.]  Let's go!  We've got to buy Katsu some 

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Un!

[Ayukawa and Kasuga run away with the dragon's crashing footsteps right 
behind them.  They find a small passage on the side of the main cavern 
and enter, trying to lose the dragon in smaller corridors.]

Ayukawa:  [Running through the corridors.]  You're supposed to be a 
wizard!  Do you have any magic that can affect it?

Kasuga:  [Shakes head as he runs.]  Nothing that big, no!

Ayukawa:  [Turns the corner, then comes to a sudden stop as she faces a 
solid wall of rock.]  Kasuga-kun, we're trapped!

Kasuga:  [Frantically looks over the cave wall.]  There's got to be 
another way around!

Ayukawa:  [Turns around and freezes as the dragon reaches them.]  I-
it's no use!  There's no way out!

[Seeing his prey stop, the dragon rears back as he inhales deeply.  
Kasuga and Ayukawa cringe in anticipation as he breathes...]

                            *      *      *

[Cut back to Room #3 at Seishun-kan.  Eiji is leaning forward as he 
hangs on Kimura's every word.]

Kimura:  [In reverie.]  "...and breathed fire onto the helpless couple.  
The flames filled the corner of the room; no where to run, no where to 
go..."  [Pauses.]

Eiji:  [Bursts out after a few moments.]  Well?!  What happened next?!  
Did they die?!

Kimura:  Well, [Looks up at the desk clock.]  Oh my...!  Look at the 
time!  You poor thing...I kept you up way too long!  [With concern.]  
If you don't get some rest, you'll never get better.  [Starts to tuck 
Eiji back into bed.]

Eiji:  [Indignantly.]  Wh-wh-what...?!?  How am I supposed to get back 
to sleep after you leave me hanging like that?!

Kimura:  [Unsure.]  Well...

Eiji:  [Firmly.]  If you don't finish that story, I'll never get any 

Kimura:  [Thinks for a moment, then acquiesces.]  Well...OK!



New Character Designer                  Stephen Tsai
Writer                                  Vladimir Zelevinsky
Pre-readers                             Stephen Tsai
                                        Robert Carragher
                                        Herbert Fung
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing.

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, mail 
them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  I've 
got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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