Kimagure Orange College - Episode 35
by Stephen Tsai
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Stephen Tsai <>

Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the thirty-fifth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", 
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they 
start the next phase of their lives in college.
        If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  
In addition, previous episodes are available at

        One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system 
and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced 
education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  
Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are they 
meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In fact, I 
would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and insight 
any readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or flames to]

Episode 35 - Keiko's Fairy Tale, Part 2

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  Outside, cicadas can be heard as the summer 
breezes calm down.  The peace of the day is interrupted as Saito and 
Kasamatsu disembark from the city bus and walk towards Seishun-kan.]

Kasamatsu:  I can't believe you're really going to ask her out!  
[Half-mockingly.]  Yuko-san, wherefore art thou Yu--

Saito:  [Annoyed, while holding flowers and a box of chocolates.]  And 
why are you here anyway?  I sure won't take you out on my date!

Kasamatsu:  [Humorously.]  Oh, you know...on the off chance that you get 
cold feet and back out on the girl like you always did in high school.

Saito:  [Nervously straightens his shirt collar.]  Th-that won't happen 
this time.  Yoko-san and I...[Catches himself and blushes.]

Kasamatsu:  That's Yuko-san.  [Chuckles.]  Don't get it wrong, or you 
might be eating that chocolate through your nose.  [Enters Seishun-kan.]

Saito:  [Indignantly.]  You...!  [Calms down.]  Don't worry about me!  
I've rehearsed every possible situation.  [Determined.]  I'm ready for 

Kasamatsu:  Anything?  [Points inside the boarding house.]

[Saito's thoughts come to an abrupt halt as he sees Kasuga, Katsu, 
Ayukawa, Egami, Yoko, and Yuko all leaning against and eavesdropping on 
Door #3.  Curiosity gets the better of both Kasamatsu and Saito as they 
walk towards the group.]

Kasamatsu:  [Amused.]  So who's getting embarrassed?

Yoko:  [Whispers.]  Be quiet!

Kasuga:  [Whispers.]  We're listening to Keiko-san's story!  She's using 
us as her characters in a medieval fantasy epic.

Kasamatsu:  [Thinks it over.]  So which one are you?  [Smirks.]  The 
court jester?

Yoko:  [Sarcastically.]  She's probably saving that role for you...

Saito:  [Nervously.]  Ah...right.  Say, Yuko, are you going to be 
getting ready?

Yuko:  Well, ah...[Embarrassed whisper.] I'm sort of tied up right now!

Saito:  What do you mean "you're tied up"?

Yuko:  [Points towards the closed door.]  The evil wizard has me tied up 
in his castle!

Saito:  [Big sweats.]  But...what am I going to do with this chocolate?

Yoko:  [Eyes light up.]  Aa, chocolate?!  [Grabs box.]  Just the thing 
for the intermission!

Saito:  Aa!  That's for Yuko!

Yuko:  [Nonchalantly.]  That's OK.  I don't care for chocolate.

Saito:  Eh?  Oh...[Flowers wilt in his hands.]

Ayukawa:  [Whispers.]  Shh!  I think she's starting again...

                             *      *      *

[Cut to a cavern deep within the Dwarven mountains.  Ayukawa and Kasuga 
are sprawled on the cavern floor next to a running stream of water.  
Slowly, Ayukawa awakes and looks around in the darkness.  Guided by a 
dim light glowing from Kasuga's staff, she finds Kasuga sprawled on the 
ground nearby.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  [Shakes Kasuga.]  Kasuga-kun, wake up!

Kasuga:  [Groggily.]  Wh-what...?!  Ayukawa!

Ayukawa:  I'm here.  [Looks up and sees a hole in the cavern ceiling and 
a pile of recent debris near the underground river.]  The floor must 
have given way and dropped us into the river just before the dragon's 
breath reached us.

Eiji voiceover:  Ha!  I knew you wouldn't let them die!

Kimura voiceover:  Of course!  It wouldn't be fair if they died.

Kasuga:  [Looks up and nods.]  Un.  Are you all right?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  We'd better get moving.  Katsu-san might need our 

[Ayukawa and Kasuga get up.  After taking a moment to listen for 
suspicious noises, they start walking down river.]

Kasuga:  Ayukawa...back in the dungeon...did you know Prince 

Ayukawa:  [After a moment of silence.]  I met him before his family 
assumed power in Guilder.  It was during the Desert Wars.  His family 
was fighting to unite the tribes.  One of his generals hired mercenaries 
to fight alongside the army, including me.  We both happened to be in a 
forward scouting group when we were ambushed.  Most of us were killed; 
we two held off the enemy soldiers until the main group arrived and 
saved us.

Kasuga: two...

Ayukawa:  [Coldly.]  Don't get me wrong.  That was a long time ago.  
There's nothing between us.

Kasuga:  But you two seemed to like each other.

Ayukawa:  Not that way.  I never needed anyone else.

Kasuga:  Well, everybody needs someone to believe in.

Ayukawa:  Not for me.  I never found anyone to trust with my life.  Even 
that battle...I almost died when a soldier got a lucky swing at my 
back.  As I fell down, I saw Prince Hayashibara was still fighting.  I 
had thought we were watching out for one another.  But when he saw me go 
down, he didn't do anything to help, but kept fighting.  Like a lot of 
things during my earlier years, it was another one of many 
disappointments.  Eventually, I stopped wanting to believe in anyone but 

Kasuga:  But that's terrible!  If you don't believe in anyone, you'll be 
lonely for the rest of your life!

Ayukawa:  [Softens.]  Well, I guess I should start by thanking you for 
saving both our lives.  Your power must have cracked the floor at the 
last second and saved us.

Kasuga:  [Confused.]  But I didn't do anything.

[Cut to Tanaka's castle.  Tanaka gazes into a large crystal ball mounted 
on the floor of the main throne room.  The image within the crystal 
follows Kasuga and Ayukawa as they walk through the Dwarven mountain 

Tanaka:  [Smiles.]  Of course you didn't.  It was me who saved you.  
[Caresses the crystal ball as the image shifts to Ayukawa.]  After all, 
a king is not complete without a queen.  I've searched long and hard for 
one who was worthy to share my throne; it wouldn't do at all for her to 
perish before joining me by my side.  [The crystal ball then shifts to 
another part of the cavern where Yoko and several surviving oni are 
digging their way out of the collapsed tunnel.]  Oh well...I suppose I 
should take care of this.

[Tanaka walks towards a large mirror mounted in the throne room, closes 
his eyes, and chants some mystic syllables.  The mirror comes to life, 
glowing with energy and opens a portal to the cave.]

Yoko:  [Emerging from the open portal.]  What was that?!  You never said 
anything about a dragon!

Tanaka:  [Smiles.]  I cannot be held responsible for every monster that 
roams the land.

Yoko:  [Suspiciously.]  You once claimed you commanded the loyalty of 
every monster in the land.

Tanaka:  [Chuckles sinisterly.]  That was just idle boasting.  Forgive 
me for exaggerating.  I assume the other part of your mission was a 

Yoko:  [Reaches into her pouch and pulls out a small gemstone.]  You 
wouldn't have gotten this if that dragon decided to go after us instead 
of them.  [Tantalizingly offers the gemstone.]  How about settling up 

Tanaka:  Very well...[Pulls out a pouch of money and exchanges it for 
the gemstone.  He inserts the gemstone into the base of the crystal 
ball, then pulls out a scepter and an amulet.  In the cloudy sky above, 
lightning strikes and thunder rumbles.]  With the last piece of the 
mystic artifact in place, the weapon is now invincible!  Soon all will 
bow before me!

Yoko:  [Eyes narrow.]  And just what does that mean?

Tanaka:  It means that you will soon be rewarded for your services.

[Just then, one of the oni comes running inside and points and grunts 
with concern.  After listening to the unintelligible speech, Tanaka 
immediately leaves the throne room with Yoko right behind him.  He walks 
down the main circular staircase into the dungeon and stops as he sees 
an empty cell with unlocked manacles.]

Tanaka:  [Nonplussed.]  Impressive...apparently we underestimated your 
sister's skill with locks.

Yoko:  [Angrily.]  Search the castle!  Find her at once!

Tanaka:  [Calm reassurance.]  She can't go very far.  [To himself.]  
Besides, it'd be better if she won't tell her sister what she knows...

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the hallway outside Room #3.]

Yuko:  Yatta*!
*All right/I did it

Everyone else:  Shh...!

Yuko:  [Catches herself.]  Aa...I mean...[Whispers.] it just goes to 
show that middle-aged ugly men are no match for a kawaii heroine!

Katsu:  [Incredulously.]  You stole my picks and tweezers and you call 
yourself a heroine?

Yuko:  It was for a good cause!

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the edge of the Dwarven mountain.  Katsu emerges from the mouth 
of the cave and looks across the rocky plain and sees a single tower in 
the middle of a lake.]

Katsu:  [To himself.]  That must be the place.  [Looks back towards the 
cavern guiltily.]  I really hope they found a way to escape that dragon.

[Katsu looks around for a way to the tower, then freezes as he hears a 
sound.  He lies down in the tall grass and holds his breath as he 
watches the trail behind him.  He tenses up when he sees a familiar 
figure walking up the corridor.]

Katsu:  [To himself.]  It can't be...[Pulls out a glass tube and loosens 
the stopper.]  This will stop her!

[Katsu shakes the fluid in the tube, then releases the stopper at Yuko's 
general direction.  The liquid sprays out in small droplets.  Yuko 
recoils and falls back as the odor of pepper spray fills the air.  
Yuko's eyes tear uncontrollable as she struggles to regain her 
equilibrium.  Katsu takes advantage of her disorientation as he tackles 
her to the ground.]

Katsu:  Got you!

Yuko:  Aa!  Please, I'm here to help!

Katsu:  That's what you said when you killed my best friend!

Yuko:  Wh-what are you talking about?!  I just escaped the wizard's 

Katsu:  Don't try lying!  I saw you calling the oni to attack all of us!

Yuko:  That wasn't me!  That was my evil twin Yoko!

Katsu:  [Shakes head.]  Oh please...that's the oldest excuse there is!

Yuko:  It's really true!  I do have an evil twin!  She captured me after 
you guys left me in the Guilder dungeon and took my place!  She's 
working for the wizard Tanaka!

Katsu:  Even if I believed you had an evil twin, what proof do you have 
that you were the twin at Guilder?

Yuko:  Well...[Trails off, sighs, then reaches into her pockets.] 
here.  [Holds out Katsu's picks and tweezers.]

Katsu:  Aa!

Yuko:  [Subdued.]  Alright, I am a thief.  I took these from you when I 
asked you to protect me from the evil men.  Shortly after that, the 
Prince came down and took the three of you out when he recognized 

Katsu:  [Calming down.]  So that was you...  [Hesitantly.]  I still 
don't know if I believe you have an evil twin through.  That sounds too 
weird to be true.

Yuko:  [Exasperated.]  If I wanted to lie, don't you think I'd come up 
with a more believable story?!

Katsu:  [Relents.]  OK.  Let's say I believe you for now.  What do you 
know about Tanaka's plans?

Yuko:  He's got some kind of magical weapon that can destroy lots of 
people!  He boasted that as soon as he got the last piece in place, 
he'll demand complete obedience from the continent or he'll destroy 
towns until they bow down.

Katsu:  What about your sister?  Where does she fit in?

Yuko:  [Downcast.]  Yoko has always been more greedy than I.  Tanaka 
must have made her some kind of a deal to steal the mystic parts for his 
weapon.  After she captured me, Tanaka had her go infiltrate your group 
and set them up for an ambush.  But he was going to betray her; he never 
told her about the dragon that was waiting.  So I escaped his dungeon 
and managed to sneak my way out of that weird magic mirror of his.

Katsu:  So that's why the oni ran away when they heard the dragon coming 
instead of staying to fight alongside with it.  They didn't know about 
it either.

Yuko:  Yoko isn't really evil like Tanaka.  If she knew what he was 
planning, I know she'd turn against him.

Katsu:  Well, unfortunately Kasuga and Ayukawa aren't with us anymore.  
If you really want to make amends for your sister, you should help me.  
I'm going to see this sorceress to see what I can do to stop Tanaka.  
But that means we could end up turning against Yoko.  Do you still want 
to come?

[Yuko face shows doubt for a minute before she nods reluctantly.]

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the hallway outside Room #3.]

Yoko:  [Barely restrained whisper.]  Greedy, am I...?!

Kasamatsu:  Well, it doesn't help your image when you keep charging 
everyone for stuff.

Yoko:  But that's doesn't make me evil!

Ayukawa:  Sometimes greedy people can be tempted by evil.

Yoko:  Oh, look who's talking!  A mercenary who can't even trust someone 
as handsome and noble as Hayashibara just because he happened not to see 
you in a battle!

Ayukawa:  [Red-faced.]  Th-that's just a story!

Yoko:  [Nods with satisfaction.]  My point exactly!

Saito:  [Ponders out loud.]  We've been listening for quite a while.  
When is she going to introduce us?

                             *      *      *

[Cut back to the Dwarven mountain cavern.  The underground river has 
picked up speed as the slope increases.  Ayukawa and Kasuga reach the 
end of a slope, and suddenly see oni digging their way out of the 
cavern.  The oni look up and start howling in recognition.  Kasuga and 
Ayukawa bolt and run down river.  Right behind them is a whole horde of 

Kasuga:  Look out!  [Concentrates and uses his power to deflect a group 
of hurled spears.]

Ayukawa:  These monsters never seem to give up!  [One of the oni leaps 
towards Kasuga as he concentrates on another group of oni.  Ayukawa 
swings her sword, slashing it in mid-air.]

Kasuga:  Thanks!

[Both of them break away and run.  As they slide down a cavern slope, 
the cavern comes to an end.]

Ayukawa:  Another dead-end!

Kasuga:  We've got to take a chance on the river!  Unless you think you 
can take them all!

Ayukawa:  [Stops counting at thirty and shakes her head.]  Not on the 
best day of my life!

[Ayukawa and Kasuga each take a deep breath and jump into the river.  
The rapid current takes them through a narrow hole out of the cavern, 
leaving the group of monsters howling in frustration.]

[Cut to the Guilderian castle.  Hundreds of soldiers are preparing to 
line up into formations of archers, pikemen, cavalry, and infantry.  As 
Prince Hayashibara and his generals go over last-minute details, several 
soldiers take opportunities to say their farewells to their loved ones.]

Umao:  [Wearing pikeman's uniform and equipment.]  Ushiko-san, wherefore 
art thou Ushiko-san?

Ushiko:  [Wearing a medieval dress.]  Umao-san, wherefore art thou 

Hayashibara:  Have our scouts reported anything?

General:  I'm afraid not, my liege.  The surrounding villages have been 
evacuated as per your orders.  The army is fully assembled and ready.

Hayashibara:  [After a moment's consideration.]  Then we'd better head 
towards Tanaka's castle.  If they do manage to get the shield down, they 
may not be able to keep it down for long.  Our window of opportunity may 
not be very long if we don't support them.

General:  But we haven't heard back from the advance group!  How do we 
know the mystic shield will be disabled by then?

Hayashibara:  [Thoughtfully.]  Ayukawa-san...won't quit, and neither 
would those who travel with her.  We should have faith in our comrades, 

                             *      *      *

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Egami:  Faith in you two?!  [Shakes his head in disbelief.]  Don't make 
me laugh!

Kasuga:  [Annoyed.]  Oi, what's that supposed to mean?

Katsu:  [Defensively.]  We were good enough to defend your honor, 
weren't we?

Ayukawa:  Besides, you shouldn't talk.  I'll bet your village was 
probably one of the first ones evacuated.

Egami:  [Blusters.]  I'm sure that was for the good of the village!

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the underground river.  The current drags Ayukawa and Kasuga 
along at high speed as it flows through the mountain.  Both of them 
struggle to stay together and hold their breaths.  As seconds stretch to 
a minute, fear begins to creep into their hearts as both run out of 
air.  Just before they do, they hit a small pocket of trapped air in the 

Ayukawa:  [Gasping.]  How much longer?!

Kasuga:  [Gasping.]  It's can't go on forever!  This much water has to 
be dumping somewhere nearby.

Ayukawa:  [Looking around.]  This pocket isn't very big.  We can't stay 

Kasuga:  [Reassuringly.]  Remember what I said earlier about believing 
in something?  Do you believe in luck?

Ayukawa:  [Pause, then smiles.]  I guess I don't have much choice.

[Both take another deep breath and submerge back into the river.]

[Cut to the edge of the lake.  In the middle of the lake on a small 
island, a tower casts a long shadow on the water.  Katsu and Yuko walk 
along the edge in silence, looking for a way across.]

Yuko:  Hey...[Long pause as they keep walking.]  Hey, why the silent 
treatment?  I said I was sorry for stealing your stuff.

Katsu:  What do you want me to say?  Even if I believe you being a twin, 
you're still the twin of the person who betrayed the two best friends I 

Yuko:  Th-that's not my fault!  Besides, why are you so sure your 
friends are dead?  You didn't actually see them die, did you?

Katsu:  The last time I saw them, we were being chased by a dragon the 
size of a mountain.  [Downcast.]  They...led the dragon away to save me.

Yuko:  Those caverns go all over the place.  They could have gotten 

Katsu:  [Long pause, then nods.]  Maybe.  But if they did, they could be 
miles away.

[Just then, Ayukawa and Kasuga come up from the lake, gasping for air.]

Katsu:  [Stunned shock.]  I-impossible...!  [Hurriedly helps Kasuga and 
Ayukawa out of the lake.]

[Cut to a few moments later.  Katsu brings Kasuga and Ayukawa up to date 
as they catch their breaths and dry off.]

Kasuga:  Evil twin?  That's just a little hard to believe.

Yuko:  How many times do I have to explain it!?  Besides, if I was 
against you, I sure wouldn't be here helping you.  I'd be leaving the 
continent as fast as I could.

Ayukawa:  Assuming that story about Tanaka's plans is true.  [Relents.]  
Unfortunately, it fits too well with what we've seen so far.  Maybe this 
sorceress can tell us more.

[Cut to Ikemoto's castle.  Inside, several book shelves are filled with 
tomes from ancient civilizations.  On the wall behind Ikemoto, mystic 
runes are marked "NIKKEI", "PRIME RATE", "CURRENCY EXCHANGE" and 
"FUTURES".  Next to each rune is an ever-changing digital display.]

Ikemoto:  And I'm supposed to help you?  Why should I?

Ayukawa:  If you don't, Tanaka will take over the world.

Ikemoto:  True, that's bad.  But just what do you think I can do about 
it?  Anything I know about the arcane arts, he probably knows as well or 
better than I do.

Kasuga:  But you studied under him.  You probably know more about him 
than anyone.

Ikemoto:  Perhaps I do.  What do you want to know?

Katsu:  Well, for starters, what advice can you give us?

Ikemoto:  [Sagely.]  You should buy stocks when the national interest 
rates are low.

Katsu & Kasuga:  [Big sweats.]  ...!

[Yuko hastily scribbles the advice on a pad of paper.]

Ayukawa:  [Testily.]  Do you have any relevant advice?

Ikemoto:  [Nods.]  Very well...  It's true that I studied with 
Tanaka-san when I was younger.  He was a man of great wisdom and 
knowledge.  But when I discovered his goals, I decided I could not be a 
part of such an evil plan.

Ayukawa:  [Concerned.]  Evil plan?

Ikemoto:  [Menacingly.]  He possesses the Great Orb of Dragons.  With 
this artifact, he can see anywhere throughout the land.

Kasuga:  So what can he do with that?  I mean, that lets him spy on 
everyone, but...

Ikemoto:  I wasn't finished.  If he can obtain the Amulet of Kings and 
the Scepter of the Stars, he will be able to combine them into a magical 
weapon of unimaginable power.  One that will enable him to destroy any 
town or city throughout the land.

Katsu, Kasuga, Ayukawa:  ...!

Yuko:  It may be too late!  When he had me tied up, he was boasting that 
he would be able to take over the continent.  I also know that Yoko had 
been hired to steal some old artifacts in the last year or so.

Ikemoto:  Then there is nothing you can do.  It would be best if you run 
away to another land and start your young lives over.

Kasuga:  Don't talk such nonsense!  Everyone is counting on us to defeat 
his mystic shield.  Prince Hayashibara will come with an army and...

Ikemoto:  And do what?  Even without the shield, Tanaka is still a 
master of magic and commands his own army of monsters.

Ayukawa:  Monsters we can fight!  All we need is a way to defeat his 
magical weapon!

[Ikemoto shakes her head and is about to say something when Ayukawa 

Ayukawa:  Don't tell us to give up!  Even if we're defeated, we can't 
give up on so many people!

Ikemoto:  [After a long pause.]  You young people...still full of 
idealism.  [Sighs, then smiles.]  I suppose I was young and foolish 
once.  Very well, the Dragon's Orb is found in the center of the 
castle.  Take this map to guide you, but beware, [Menacingly.] for the 
castle carries a terrible curse!

Kasuga:  [Worried]  T-that's bad!

Ikemoto:  [Cheerfully.]  But you can avoid most of the deadly traps by 
taking the underground caverns.

Kasuga:  [Relieved]  That's good.

Ikemoto:  [Menacingly.]  The caverns are populated by ferocious denizens 
of the undead!

Kasuga:  [Worried]  That's bad!

Ikemoto:  [Cheerfully.]  But this potion will protect you and your party 
from the walking dead.

Kasuga:  [Relieved]  That's good.

Ikemoto:  [Menacingly.]  The potion contains potassium benzoate!

Kasuga:  [Confused.]  Ahh... [Long pause.]

Katsu:  [Whispers to Kasuga.]  That's bad.

                             *      *      *

[Cut back to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Ayukawa:  [Amused whisper.]  That's Ikemoto-san alright...nasty one 
moment, nice the next.  Keiko-san has her personality just right.

Saito:  She still hasn't used us!

Yoko:  [Sarcastically.]  Maybe she doesn't consider you heroic material?

Kasamatsu:  [Nods and smirks.]  That's right.  I guess we aren't cut out 
to be evil henchmen to dark wizards.

Yoko:  [Big sweats.]  ...!

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the mountain range.  Looming ominously in the distance, Tanaka's 
castle awaits on the horizon.  Kasuga, Ayukawa, Katsu, and Yuko come to 
a stop at the edge of a deep gorge.  Bridging the ravine is a 
rickety-looking old rope bridge, which sways visibly with the continuous 

Ayukawa:  [Apprehensively looking into the canyon.]  That's got to be at 
least a kilometer deep.

Yuko:  [Fearfully looking down.]  D-do we have to go this way?

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  We're late as it is.  If Prince Hayashibara sticks to 
the original timetable we agreed on, he's probably already enroute.  We 
can make up for lost time by cutting across the ravine instead of going 
around it.

Katsu:  [Nods.]  Besides, the Dwarves were probably the ones who built 
this bridge.  [Starts carefully across.]  Dwarven workmanship is 
supposed to have legendary str...  [Cut off abruptly as the wood planks 
snap beneath him.]  Gyaa...!

Kasuga:  Katsu!  [Concentrates, and lifts him back to the bridge.]

Yuko:  [Fearful sarcasm.]  What were you saying about Dwarven 

Katsu:  [Fearfully.]  They must have had an off-day...!

[Katsu swallows and continues across much more tentatively, testing each 
plank for weight.  Yuko, Ayukawa and Kasuga watch him intently.  After a 
few close calls, Katsu reaches the other side and breathes a sigh of 

Yuko:  [Fearfully.]  My turn, right?

Ayukawa:  Be careful...!

[Yuko starts across, doing her best to walk steadily and lightly.  Gusts 
of winds threaten her progress as Ayukawa, Katsu and Kasuga watch and 
wait.  After several minutes, Yuko makes it across, jumps off the bridge 
and lands in Katsu's waiting arms.]

Yuko voiceover:  [Whispers from the hallway outside Room #3.]  Don't get 
any ideas...!

Katsu voiceover:  [Deadpan from the hallway outside Room #3.]  Never 
crossed my mind...

[Kasuga nods to Ayukawa, who gets on the bridge.  She makes it halfway 
across when she suddenly stops.]

Kasuga:  [Worried.]  What's wrong...?!

Ayukawa:  [To herself as she stands frozen.]  That sound...!

[Without warning, three dark winged reptilian creatures flying at high 
speed bank around the surrounding cliffs into view and fly straight 
towards the bridge.]

Kasuga:  Wyverns!

[Without hesitation, Kasuga quickly gets on the bridge and tries to make 
it across, but the wyverns reach Ayukawa first.  The lead wyvern 
snatches Ayukawa right off the bridge just as Kasuga reaches for her.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  [Carried away at high speed.]

Kasuga:  [Reaches out in vain.]  Ayukawa!

Katsu:  [Shouts.]  Kasuga-san!  The bridge...!

[Katsu's warning is too late as the flanking wyverns slice the ropes as 
they pass by before disappearing around the cliffs.  Kasuga lunges 
forward just as the bridge snaps in two.  He manages to grab a wood 
plank and some supporting rope as half of the bridge falls and dangles 
against the cliff.]

Yuko:  [Sees the main suspension ropes fraying.]  Hurry up!  The 
bridge's going down!

Katsu:  [Hurriedly dumps his backpack and pulls out a coil of new rope.  
He then throws one end of the rope over the cliff.]  Kasuga!  Grab this!

[Kasuga manages to grab the new rope just as what's left of the bridge 
goes crashing down into the ravine.  However, his attention is on the 
wyverns as they fade into the distant horizon and stormy clouds that 
surround Tanaka's castle.]

Kasuga:  [Despairingly.]  Ayukawa...


[A girl runs along the Tokyo Bay.  Silhouetted by the rising dawn, she 
tries to shake off the two men chasing her.  Desperate, she tries an 
alley, but alas, it's a dead end.  She tries to turn back, but the two 
men have already blocked the way.  The rising sun behind them shadowing 
their faces, gives them a sinister look.  She raises her hand to cover 
her eyes, as if the sunglasses she wears are not enough to protect her 
from the sun.]

Man A:  Give it up.

Girl:  [Terrified.]  What do you want?  I don't know what you are 
talking about!

Man B:  We know who you are, Miyu-san.  We know what you are.  Stop 
running and release your soul to its rightful rest.

Miyu:  [Dropping the terrified girl act.]  Sorry, but I can't.

Man A:  Can't or won't?  No matter.  [To Man B.]  Get her sunglasses, 
let the sun do the rest.

[There are screams and shouts and the sunglasses clatter to the ground, 
unbroken.  Then there's silence.  Miyu steps out from the alley. Behind 
her the two men stand still, smiling happily at nothing.]

Miyu:  Foolish humans, eastern vampires do not fear the sun.  [Picks up 
the sunglasses and puts them on.]  Still, they're almost amusing....

Voiceover:  Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses.  Not because you need 
them...because they're cool.

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to Tanaka's castle.  The wyverns level off and land on the upper 
battlement.  Ayukawa is dropped to the floor, surrounded by armed oni 
and a familiar-looking figure.]

Yoko:  [Cold satisfaction.]  We meet again...

Ayukawa: must be the "evil twin" Yuko-san was talking about.

Yoko:  I prefer to call myself open to opportunities.  True warriors 
sometimes have to compromise their ethics.

Ayukawa:  [Coldly.]  Call it whatever you want.  Anyone who ambushes her 
opponents is no warrior.

Yoko:  Oh, really?  [To the oni after helping herself to one of their 
swords.]  Tell your master we'll be along in a few minutes.

[Reluctantly, the oni leave the roof of the battlement.  Yoko then 
tosses one of her swords to Ayukawa and draws her own weapon.]

Yoko:  [Confidently.]  I've heard about you since the Desert Clan wars.  
I always wondered just how good you really were.

Ayukawa:  [Equally confident.]  Then I hope I don't disappoint you...

[For the first few seconds, both warriors take each other's measure.  
Yoko charges first, lunging forward with a thrust to her opponent's 
midsection.  Ayukawa blocks the thrust, pivots and strikes Yoko's face 
with her free hand.  Yoko reels back, barely managing to dodge Ayukawa's 
follow-up sword swing.]

Ayukawa:  [Taunts.]  You're too aggressive.  It'll be the death of you.

Yoko:  Damare*!
*Shut up (rudely)

[Yoko lunges forward again, but feints and changes her attack to an 
underhanded circular swing.  Ayukawa manages to knock the sword's 
momentum aside, but pays the price as Yoko elbow strikes Ayukawa's 
abdomen.  Ayukawa rolls with the blow and tumbles backward, getting her 
sword up in time to block Yoko's follow-up sword attack.  With their 
swords locked, Yoko tries to force her weapon forward with strength and 
leverage, but Ayukawa shifts her grip, causing Yoko to lose her 
balance.  As Yoko falls forward, Ayukawa rams her sword handle into 
Yoko's chin.  Yoko sprawls to the ground and Ayukawa steps forward.  
However, without warning, Yoko throws a fistful of dirt into Ayukawa's 
face, causing her to momentarily lose sight.]

Yoko:  [Pivots.]  Sukiari*!  [Raises her sword.]  See you in h--!
*An opening

Eiji Voiceover:  [Embarrassed.] don't have to get so 

                             *      *      *

[Cut to back to Room #3.]

Kimura:  Eh?  What do you mean?

[Eiji motions towards Kimura's hands.]

Kimura:  Hm?  [Looks down and sees that she has pulled must of Eiji's 
bed covers into her lap.]  Ah, sorry!  I got distracted!  [Takes a 
breath and calms down.]  Ee tou...where was I?

Eiji:  [Matter-of-factly.]  "See you in h--"

Kimura:  That's right...

                             *      *      *

[Cut to Tanaka's castle.  Yoko smiles with satisfaction as she brings 
her sword down.  However, her final blow is blocked by the sudden 
appearance of a scepter.]

Tanaka:  [Coldly.]  I told you she wasn't to be harmed...  Don't make me 
punish you for your lack of professionalism.

Yoko:  She's dangerous!

Tanaka:  On the contrary, she's priceless.

[Yoko takes the hint and leaves reluctantly.  Tanaka escorts Ayukawa 
downstairs, assisted by an awaiting platoon of oni.  Once in the throne 
room, Tanaka caresses his crystal ball.]

Tanaka:  Please forgive my rude hireling, she acted without authority 
from me.  I have far greater plans for you.

Ayukawa:  [Determined.]  I don't care what you do!  Even if you torture 
me, I'll never help you!

Tanaka:  [Smoothly.]  I'm afraid you've misunderstood my intentions.  
[Smiles.]  You've been brought here to fulfil your my 
beloved consort.

Ayukawa:  [Indignantly.]  Don't talk such nonsense!  What makes you 
think I would ever agree with that?!

Tanaka:  What indeed...?  [Smiles menacingly.]  What about...the lives 
of everyone in the country?

Ayukawa:  [Shocked.] can't be serious...!

Tanaka:  [Gestures at the large crystal ball in the middle of the throne 
room.]  Behold the legendary Orb of Dragons.

[Tanaka closes his eyes, chants some syllables, and concentrates.  The 
crystal forms an image of the Dwarven mountains.  Without warning, the 
image erupts with a powerful explosion of fire.  Ayukawa watches in 
horror as the mountain bathes with fire as the updraft forms a 
mushroom-shaped cloud.  The view fades and changes to show several 
children playing in the town square of Guilder.]

Tanaka:  [Gently.]  What beautiful[Turns cold.] unaware just how fragile life can be.  [To 
Ayukawa as the crystal ball fades.]  You can see that no power on the 
continent can stand before me.

Ayukawa:  Not if you don't have this!  [Swings her sword at the crystal 
ball, only to watch it glance off harmlessly.]  I-impossible...!

Tanaka:  [Sneers.]  Bwahaha...I'm afraid it's not that easy!  [Smiles 
coldly.]  Don't mistake my laughter; I would have been disappointed if 
you haven't tried.  Your fire is why I have chosen you; as my queen, it 
would be your privilege to determine the fate of entire cities.  With 
you by my side, I would be in a position to allow those children to 
serve as my subjects.  If you refuse...then I cannot allow them to grow 
up as my enemies...

Ayukawa:  [Visibly shaken as she whispers.]  Then I have no choice...

Tanaka:  [Gently caresses the back of her neck.]  That's true.

[Ayukawa trembles slightly, then tenses up, refusing to show weakness.  
After giving Tanaka a venomous look, she leaves the throne room with as 
much dignity as she can muster.]

Tanaka:  [Evil smile.]  Heh heh....[Laughs.]  Hahahaha...[Lightning 
flashes and thunder underscores Tanaka's gloating.]

Eiji voiceover:  [Intimidated.]  Boy, that guy's really evil...

Kimura voiceover:  [Reassuringly.]  Don't worry!  Nobody is that evil in 
real life!

[Cut to just outside the reaches of Tanaka's castle.  In the main tent, 
Hayashibara has just finished listening to a frantically-retold story 
from Kasuga, Katsu and Yuko.  Soldiers go everywhere to plan their 
attack accordingly.]

General:  [Salutes.]  The men are in position.

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  Very well.  We have to destroy that weapon at all 

Kasuga:  You mustn't!  Tanaka's kidnapped Ayukawa!  If you attack now, 
he'll kill her!

General:  Impossible!  If we delay, he might use that weapon against all 
of us!

Katsu:  No, he can't!  According to Ikemoto-sensei's notes, he can't 
target that weapon so accurately.  He can look anywhere, but he can only 
destroy a large area at a time.  He can't attack the army so close to 
his castle or he'll destroy himself.

Kasuga:  [Desperately.]  Please, I beg you!  Give us a chance to rescue 
her first!

General:  [Brusquely.]  She's only one person!  One life isn't worth...!

Hayashibara:  [Interrupting sternly.]  General.  Everyone's life is 
important.  Ayukawa-san is one of the people who helped us to this 
point.  If we abandon our own people, then what makes us different from 
what Tanaka-san did to Yoko-san?  [Looks at the night sky, then straight 
to Kasuga.]  Our soldiers are best trained to fight during the day.  
It's two hours until dawn.  You have until that time to rescue 
Ayukawa-san.  After that, I have no choice but to attack for the good of 
the Kingdom.

Kasuga:  [Bows.]  Thank you, your Highness.

[Cut to a dark cavern underneath Tanaka's castle.  The cavern's 
foreboding appearance is made even more apparent by the sounds of 
rattling and slithering in the darkness surrounding Yuko, Kasuga and 
Katsu as they walk.  Guided by a dim but usable light from Kasuga's 
staff, the three are gripped with fear but manage to continue on.]

Katsu:  You realize that by attacking at night, the undead are going to 
be at their most powerful.

Yuko:  [Fearfully and exasperated.]  Oh, like I really needed to hear 

Kasuga:  [Uncertain.]  Don't worry.  Ikemoto said as long as we stick 
close together, the potion will prevent them from approaching us.

[Without warning, a skeleton creature emerges from the dark and lunges 
forward.  Kasuga, Katsu and Yuko all cringe as claws and teeth glisten 
in the dimly-lit cavern, only to watch in relief as the creature 
suddenly collapses five meters away.]

Katsu:  We're saved...!

[Just then, sounds of rattling and movement grow louder and surround 
them from all sides.  At the edge of the visible radius, horrific 
skeletons and rotting visages glare with hate and hunger.]

Yuko:  [Fearfully.]  Th-that potion's still working, right?!

Kasuga:  [Nods uncertainly.]  I-I took it just a little while ago.  I 
hope it's still working!

[Suddenly, one of the undead monsters picks up a stone and hurls it at 

Kasuga:  Ite!  [Looks around and sees the other monsters readying hurled 
weapons of their own.]  Oh shoot!  They've figured out a weakness to the 

Yuko:  Use your magic!

[Kasuga concentrates and manages to telekinetically block the first 
volley, but begins to struggle as the next wave of thrown weapons is 

Kasuga:  There's too many of them!

Katsu:  Run for it!  I'll cover you!  [Pulls out a two-chambered vial 
filled with tin tetrachloride and ammonia and throws it into the crowd.  
Billowing smoke immediately appears, but the skeletal monsters ignore it 
and continue to advance.]

Kasuga:  They're undead!  Smoke won't stop them!

Katsu:  Now you tell me...!

[Katsu breaks away and runs, catching up to Kasuga and Yuko.  The undead 
monsters advance from all sides, trying to pin their prey down.]

Yuko:  [Freezes at the sight of zombie monsters blocking their way.]  

Kasuga:  Keep going!  [Concentrates and telekinetically knocks the 
monsters away, clearing a path.]

[Katsu pulls out another tube of concentrated sulfuric acid and throws 
it at the lead skeleton, only to watch in dismay as the acid has no 
effect.  As they converge and begin throwing spears, Katsu staggers 
back.  Before he can get to cover next to Kasuga, one of the spears 
strikes him in the back of his leg.  He collapses forward against the 
sharp rock floor.]

Katsu:  ITE!

Kasuga:  Katsu!  [Concentrates, and flings away several skeletal 
monsters surrounding Katsu.  He then looks at the deep gash in Katsu's 
leg and freezes from the sight of blood flowing from the wound.]  Oh 
shoot, it looks really bad!  [Tears off a strip of cloth from his shirt 
and ties a tight tourniquet.]

Katsu:  [Struggles with pain.]  Y-you've got to go on without me!  
[Tenses with pain as Kasuga tightens the tourniquet.]

Kasuga:  B-but...!

Katsu:  [Grits his teeth with determination.]  Ayukawa-san's life is in 
danger!  You're the only one who can save her and I'll just slow you 
down!  Don't worry...[Takes Kasuga's hand.]  I'll hold them off!  Go...!

Yuko:  [Looks down the corridor behind them with fear.]  Kasuga-san, 
they're coming!

Katsu:  [Shivers from blood loss and begins to pant with pain as he 
struggles to pull out a few glass tubes.]  I'll see you when you get 

Kasuga:  [After a short moment.]  I'll be back for you, I promise!

[Katsu watches Kasuga and Yuko run down the corridor, then turns his 
attention to the slowing approaching horde of skeletal monsters.  He 
pants as he tries vainly to slow the blood from his leg, blinking his 
eyes as his vision begins to blur.]

Katsu:  [To himself.]  Kasuga...forgive me...for lying when it's the 
last thing I'll say to you this lifetime...

[Katsu closes his eyes momentarily, recalling the lessons he learned 
from years at the academy.  After a moment, he pulls out 
cyclotetramathylenetetranitramine and trinitrotoluene and begins to 

Katsu:  [Quoting with closed eyes.]  "HMX and TNT mixed 70/30, it makes 
one our most powerful and dangerous compounds called Octol."  [Sets a 
fuse in the resulting mixture and lights it.]  "Octol has a detonation 
rate of over 8000 meters per second."  [Calmly watches as several undead 
monsters surround him.]  Kasuga...please make Ayukawa-san happ--

[Cut to the end of the corridor as it merges with the bottom floor of 
the castle.  Yuko and Kasuga are just getting out of the tunnels.  
Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard behind them.  The shock wave knocks 
them off their feet as it collapses the underground tunnels.]

Yuko:  [Whispers in shock.]  K-katsu-san...!

[Kasuga watches the tunnel collapse, his mind numb with shock.  Slowly 
his shock fades into grim determination and anger.]

Kasuga:  Tanaka...[Trembles with anger and tears.]  I won't forgive 

                             *      *      *

[Cut to back to Room #3.  Eiji has a look of shock on his face.]

Eiji:  R-Ritsu-oniichan died?!  B-but why would he do that?  
[Guiltily.]  I-I was just kidding when I said he'd blow himself up!

Kimura:  [Subdued.]  Katsu-san knew he couldn't go on without 
endangering his friends.  But he didn't want those bad monsters to get 
his friends.  [Looks at the desk clock.]  You know, it's really getting 
late.  Maybe you should get some sleep...

Eiji:  [Indignantly.]  Don't even think about stopping now!

Kimura:  [Resigned.]  Hai, hai...

[Cut outside the corridor.  Everyone's whispers come to a halt as they 
all turn towards Katsu.]

Katsu:  [Confused.]  I-I don't know what to make of it.  I mean, it's 
sort of unfair to die before the story ends...but I guess it was for a 
good cause!

Ayukawa:  Really...I hope I die for a good cause too.

Kasuga:  A-Ayukawa...!

Ayukawa:  Just in the story!

                             *      *      *

[Cut to Tanaka's throne room.  Tanaka uses his crystal ball to look just 
outside his castle and scans the arrayed forces against him as Ayukawa 
stands behind him, looking for an opening.  He sneers with contempt just 
as Yoko enters the throne room.]

Yoko:  There's an entire army outside!  What're you going to do about 

Tanaka:  [Looks at the army outside.]  They're pathetic fools...[Turns 
to one of the monsters beside him.]  Take our legions to destroy them.

[The monster nods, grunts and leaves.]

Kasuga:  [Enters the room from the outer hall.]  Tanaka!

Tanaka:  [Smiles with expectation.]  So, you've come at last.

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!

Kasuga:  Ayukawa!

Tanaka:  [Turns to Ayukawa.]  What do you think of my queen?  We've been 
watching your progress with interest.  A shame Katsu-san couldn't be 
here to watch the festivities when I am crowned Emperor of the land.

Kasuga:  [Trembling with rage.]  K-kisama bakemono yaro*...!
*<Netiquette violator>

Tanaka:  "Bakemono...?"  What foolishness.  Morals are for men, not 

Kasuga:  [Concentrates.]  I'll stop you!  [Lifts several torches in the 
throne room and sends them flying towards Tanaka.]

Tanaka:  Foolish boy...your powers are no match for mine.

[Tanaka gestures, and causes the torches to collapse on the ground.  He 
then points to the ceiling above Kasuga, which causes the bricks to 
dislodge and fall onto Kasuga.  Kasuga manages to deflect the falling 
rocks, and send them hurling towards Tanaka.  As this is going on, 
Ayukawa manages to surreptitiously make her way to the other side of the 
room, arming herself with one of the swords left behind by the oni 
army.  Yuko sees Ayukawa and moves around the opposite side of the room 
and draws her weapon.]

Yoko:  [Going towards Yuko.]  Going somewhere?

Yuko:  Yoko!  Think about what you're doing!

Yoko:  [Swings her sword.]  I am thinking!  I'm thinking that I'm going 
to be on the winning side!

Yuko:  [Defending herself only.]  Yoko!  Don't do this!  It's not worth 
the cost!

Yoko:  Don't be ridiculous!  Tanaka's going to be the ruler of the 
continent!  When his monsters defeat the Guilder army outside, there 
won't be anyone around to oppose his rule!

Yuko:  Baka!  He's not just going to rule over them!  He's going to 
destroy entire cities until people surrender!

Yoko:  [Freezes.]  ...!

Tanaka:  [Gloats evilly.]  That's right, I will.  Cities and nations 
that oppose my might will be completely destroyed!

Yoko:  [Shocked.]  M-masaka...!  You said you were going to rule over 
the continent when everyone surrendered!

Tanaka:  Of course I did.  But a ruler must be strong for his subjects 
to fear him.  Some object lessons will no doubt have to be given.  [To 
Kasuga.]  So you can see, your efforts will be for naught.  [Turns to 
Yoko.]  Yoko, destroy them.

Yoko:  NO!  [Turns towards Tanaka.]  Stealing stuff from old rich guys 
is one thing!  Mass murder's another!  [Charges Tanaka.]  I won't be a 
part of that!

Tanaka:  [Coldly.]  Fool...!  [Points at the ceiling in front of Yoko as 
she charges forward.  The chandelier drops from the ceiling, crashing on 
the floor and burying Yoko.]

Yuko:  Yoko!

                             *      *      *

[Cut to the corridor outside Room #3.]

Yoko:  I knew it...!  [Smugly.]  I knew I wasn't an evil person after 
all!  Only a person of virtue could nobly sacrifice her life for the 
greater good!

Egami:  [Rolls his eyes as everyone else big sweats.]  Oh give me a 

Yoko:  Shut up!  You're just jealous because all you got to do is run 
and hide, while I got to die a heroic death!

Katsu:  [Deadpan.]  I think my death was better.

                             *      *      *

[Cut to outside the castle.  Scouts positioned on hilltops facing the 
tower suddenly begins ringing gongs and blowing whistles.]

General:  [Emerging from the tent.]  What is it?!  What's going on?

Scout:  [Runs up to the command tent.]  The enemy has taken the field!  
Horrible monsters; thousands of them!

Hayashibara:  Have squads form up to resist a frontal assault!  [Turns 
to various captains.]  Pikemen ready!  Archers stand by!

[The front wave of monsters charges forward into a hail of arrows.  Most 
of the first group fall, but are quickly replaced as the next wave of 
attacks reach the camp.  Infantry troops step forward as the battle is 

[Cut back to the castle throne room.  By this point, most of the room is 
in ruins.  Kasuga pants from fatigue, but still stands.  Tanaka himself 
is slightly winded.  Behind Tanaka, Ayukawa quietly gets into position 
as Kasuga silently acknowledges her.  Behind Kasuga, Yuko does what she 
can for Yoko.]

Tanaka:  [Grudgingly.]  Your grandfather has taught you well...  Perhaps 
I was indeed hasty.  [Offers his hand.]  Join me, and I will complete 
your training!  With our combined strength...

Eiji voiceover:  Oneechan, you're stealing lines again!

Kimura voiceover:  Aa, sorry!  It's hard to think of original material 

Kasuga:  [Harshly.]  I'll never join you!  [Concentrates what's left of 
his power on the loose stones in front of him and hurls then towards 

Tanaka:  [Holds out his hands to repel the forward attack.]  Very 
well...then die...!

[Kasuga takes cover as the stones turn around and rain on his position.  
Tanaka takes a moment to gloat, but then notices movement from the 
corner of his eye.]

Tanaka:  Wha...?!  [Turns towards Ayukawa just as she swings her sword.]

Ayukawa:  [Stabs her sword through Tanaka's chest.]  Die yourself!

[Tanaka stumbles backwards, looking at the sword sticking out of his 
chest with morbid curiosity, then laughs.]

Ayukawa:  I-impossible...!

Tanaka:  [Struggles painfully, but manages to dig the sword out of his 
chest.]  My life is tied to the power of the Dragon's Orb!  So long as 
it exists, I will live!  [Chest wound slowly but visibly begins to 
close.]  And the Dragon's Orb is indestructible!

[Behind Kasuga, Yoko struggles to hold onto consciousness as Yuko tries 
to pull her free.]

Yoko:  [Despairingly.]  P-pretty lousy way to die...!  Guess you'll have 
to give our parents the bad news.

Yuko:  [Tearfully.]  Don't strain yourself!  I'll get you out of here!

Yoko:  [Struggles in pain.] time...!  Listen...!  His weapon's 
only indestructible if he's got all three pieces.  If you take them away 
from him, that orb's just made of glass...!

Yuko:  [Nods, then shouts to Kasuga.]  Kasuga-san, the scepter and the 
orb!  He needs all three pieces for the weapon to be indestructible!

Tanaka:  [Angrily.]  That's enough of you!  [Points, and collapses the 
ceiling on both Yoko and Yuko.  Coldly as they are buried in tons of 
stone and earth.]  How appropriate...the two born together can die 

Kasuga:  [Watches helplessly.]  Miyasato-tachi!  [Concentrates the last 
of his power and seizes the scepter.]  I'll stop you, no matter what it 

Tanaka:  [Contemptuously as he holds onto the scepter against the 
telekinetic pull.]  Is this all the power you have left?  I can easily 
hold out against this puny power.

Ayukawa:  Then hold out against this!  [Slices Tanaka's hand off, 
freeing the scepter.]

Tanaka:  [Shocked.]  Gya...!  [To Ayukawa.]  I offered you 
everything...!  You treasonous...!

Ayukawa:  [Angrily.]  Treason only exists when loyalty is sworn!  I made 
no such oath!

Kasuga:  [Seizes the scepter as it flies into his hands.]  Ayukawa!  The 

[Ayukawa throws her sword at the orb, shattering the orb into pieces.  
Tanaka watches with shock and surprise at the resulting explosion knocks 
him backwards, slamming him into his throne.  Below him, the floor 
begins to collapses, dropping him deep into the collapsed caverns.  
Tanaka shouts a curse to destiny and fate as he disappears from view.  
At the same time, the entire castle begins to shake and come apart.]

Kasuga:  Oh shoot!  Collapsing the cavern must have weakened the castle 
foundation!  Ayukawa!

[Ayukawa runs forwards as what's left of the throne room begins to cave 
in.  Together with Kasuga, they run down the main corridor leading to 
the front, as the rest of the castle collapses all around them.  As they 
reach the antechamber, the floor gives way under Ayukawa's feet.  Kasuga 
barely manages to catch her and struggles as the collapsing floor and 
falling debris threaten his precarious grip.]

Ayukawa:  [Desperately.]  Kasuga-san, there isn't time!  Please let me 
go!  Save yourself!

Kasuga:  [Determined.]  Don't talk like that!  I promise I'll get you 
out!  Please...I can help you...but you have to trust me...

Ayukawa:  [Recognition.]  You!  In the village...that was you!  
[Redoubles her efforts.]

[With Ayukawa's help, Kasuga manages to pull her back just as throne 
room collapses completely.  Outside, the battle between men and monsters 
comes to a pause as both sides notice the castle collapsing.  Shocked by 
the sudden turn of events, the oni begin to break rank and run.]

[Cut to the outside of Tanaka's castle ruins.  The army is picking up 
the pieces and preparing to return to the city.  In the main tent, 
Hayashibara confers with Kasuga and Ayukawa.]

Hayashibara:  Congratulations, both of you.  The Kingdom owes you a 
great debt.

Kasuga:  We didn't do it alone, your Highness.  [Subdued.]  Some of our 
friends gave their lives to save us all.

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  I will personally ensure that their sacrifices 
are remembered throughout the Kingdom.  [To Ayukawa.]  It was good to 
see you again, even under these circumstances.

Ayukawa:  The pleasure was mine as well.

Hayashibara:  The army will be leaving soon.  Will you be joining us 
back in Guilder?

Ayukawa:  No, I think...[Looks at Kasuga.] we'll be returning to our 
villages.  We have a lot to talk about.

Hayashibara:  [With regret.]  I understand.  [To Kasuga.]  Kasuga-san, 
I'm sure you'll make a great wizard someday.  I would be honored to 
fight by your side.

Kasuga:  [Nods, then watches the rising sun of the morning.]  If you 
need us, then we'll return.

[Kasuga and Ayukawa both turn and ride away.]

Hayashibara:  [Watches them ride off side-by-side as the sun rises.]  
Saraba da* Ayukawa.... Everyone has one true love.  May you find 
happiness with yours...

                             *      *      *

[Cut to outside Seishun-kan.  Fujimoto is walking up the hill leading to 
the house, carrying two sacks of groceries.  As she enters, she comes to 
a stop at the unusual sight in front of her.]

Fujimoto:  [Surprised.]  Is this another play or is my door that 

Ayukawa, Kasuga, Yoko, Yuko, Katsu, Saito, Kasamatsu:  [Flustered.]  

Egami:  Ahh...well...[Seriously.] as ooya-san*, the health and welfare 
of the tenants is my responsibility.  I was simply making sure that Eiji 
will fully recover.  [Long pause.  Withers under Fujimoto's firm gaze.]  
We were eavesdropping...

Ayukawa:  We weren't eavesdropping.  Keiko-san was telling Eiji a story 
and we got caught up in the narration.

Kasamatsu:  [Getting up and ready to leave.]  I still think she should 
have included us!  We could have been generals of the army or something!

Yoko:  You?  If she did, the whole army would have been conquered by the 
monsters!  Evil would have reigned across the land!

Saito:  Evil reigning, I guess you'd know something about that, eh?

[Everyone gets up and continues their discussion outside, leaving 
Fujimoto standing alone in the corridor.]

Fujimoto:  I guess it wasn't a romance story after all...

[Cut back to Room #3.  Kimura exhales with mild fatigue and waits for 
Eiji's reaction.]

Eiji:  You know, oneechan...[Smile slowly begins to form on his face.] 
that was actually pretty good...

Kimura:  [Eyes light up.]  Do you really think so?!

Eiji:  [Regains bored expression.]  Well...I mean...for a story you just 
made up.

Kimura:  Oh I do think you really should get ready for bed.  
[Gently tucks Eiji into his futon.  After making sure he is in bed, she 
stands up and quietly turns towards the door.]

Eiji:  Oneechan.

Kimura:  [Turns.]  Hmm?

Eiji:  [Hesitant.]  Do you...really believe...everyone has a one true 

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Un...with all of my heart!

[Cut to several days later to the Blue Horseshoe Apartments.  Inside 
Kimura's bedroom, Keiko is firmly tucked in bed with a slightly pale 
complexion.  Akiko pulls a thermometer out of Keiko's mouth as Masaki 
looks on.]

Kimura Akiko:  [With concern.]  Well, it's definite.  You have the flu.

Kimura Keiko:  [Weakly.]  I feel terrible...

Kimura Masaki:  [Sobbing.]  MY POOR BABY GIRL!

Fujimoto:  [Voice from outside the apartment.]  Gomen kudasai*!
*Please excuse me (standard greeting when entering a Japanese home)

[Kimura Akiko gets up and opens the door.]

Kimura Akiko:  Ah, you're here.  Thank you for coming on short notice.

Fujimoto:  [Shakes head.]  No, not at all.  Kimura-san is such a nice 
girl.  Eiji has been looking forward to seeing how she was doing.

Eiji:  [Nods.]  Un.

Kimura Akiko:  Well, that's a relief.  We'll be back soon as soon as we 
can get some medicine from the doctor.  [To Masaki.]  Anata?

Kimura Masaki:  Ah, hai kaasan*.  [Gets off Keiko's bed and leaves with 

Fujimoto:  Well...why don't you keep Kimura-san company while I make us 
some hot tea?

Eiji:  Un.  [Goes into Kimura's room.]  Oneechan, genki da*?
*How are you

Kimura Keiko:  [Brightens.]  Aa, I'm getting better now.  Kyo-chan and 
Katsu-san came by earlier with copies of my lecture class notes.  
Everyone has been so nice...[Picks up a card on her nightstand.]  
Madoka-san got everyone to sign a get-well-soon card.  [Looks at the 
card again with a puzzled expression.]  "The evil twin"...?  [Thinks 
about it.]  Who could that be?

Eiji:  Well, hang in there.  Okaasan always makes a good broth and tea 
to make you feel better.

Kimura Keiko:  [Sadly.]  But I don't have any video games for you to 

Eiji:  Hmm...I got it!  This time I'll tell you a story.  [Clears 
throat, thinks for a moment.]  This is a story about a school girl who 
was really good with math.  Everyone liked her because she was very 
sweet and nice to people.

Kimura Keiko:  Hmm...[Thinks for a few moments.]  was she cute?

Eiji:  [Nods and smiles.]  Un.  Very cute.


New Character Designer/Writer           Stephen Tsai
Pre-readers                             Tony Chen
                                        Herbert Fung
                                        Greg Dreher
                                        Paolo Valladolid
                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, mail 
them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  If you 
are interested, previous episodes should be available at 
site.  I've got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

Stephen Tsai

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