Kimagure Orange College - Episode 36
by Stephen Tsai
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From: Stephen Tsai <>

Episode #36 - Topsy-turvy

[Cut to a train, travelling in the picturesque valley between two
mountain peaks.  Inside, Kasuga and Ayukawa are seated next to each
other, facing Hayashibara and Oda.  Kasamatsu and Saito are seated next
to each other on the other side of the train.  They are all dressed in
light summer clothes.  Hayashibara is wearing a baseball cap with
initial "H".]

Hayashibara:  [Glancing at his watch.]  We should be in Nikko pretty

Oda:  [To Hayashibara.]  Thank you for taking us with you.  I, for one,
usually wouldn't be able to afford to stay in a nice Western inn.

Hayashibara:  It's no problem.  Saint Bois Inn offers discount deals to
the affiliates of my father's company, and I guess I count as one. It's
my pleasure to be able to go with all of you, if only for a weekend.
[His teeth gleam.]

Oda:  [To herself.]  Wow.  How does he do that?

[Cut to the train station.  The six disembark, pick up their luggage,
and look around.  The town looks nice and peaceful, with the river
flowing through the center.  Many people walk along the river
embankment - alone, in groups and couples, young and old, casual
beachgoers and sportsmen in "Marathon '89" tank tops.  The day is
almost over, and the sun is setting behind the mountains, coloring
everything in shades of orange.]

Hayashibara:  [Reading the guidebook.]  The inn is a fifteen minute
walk north from here, across the river; it's on the edge of the town,
among the pine trees.  Sounds very nice.

[Kasuga, Ayukawa, and Oda pick up their bags.  Saito and Kasamatsu, who
had already done so, walk ahead.]

Saito:  [Looking around and nudging Kasamatsu.]  Look at all the girls
here!  Do you think we'd be able to pick up a few?

Kasamatsu:  [Haughtily.]  The Red Ninja had flawlessly mastered the
centuries-old techniques of seduction!  Just rely on me!

Saito:  [Shrugs.]  Nothing ever came from me listening to your advice.
Maybe we can tag along with Hayashibara-san.  Girls seem to be swarming
around him.

[Behind them, Ayukawa, Kasuga, Hayashibara, and Oda are walking
together, carrying their bags.]

Oda:  [Stopping.]  Um, Kasuga-san, my bag is heavier than I thought.
Would you mind helping me carry it?

Kasuga:  Eh?  Sure.

[He takes one handle of Oda's bag, while Oda takes the other.  Ayukawa
and Hayashibara walk ahead.]

Kasuga:  [To Oda.]  I don't think it's heavy at all.

Oda:  I know.  I just wanted to talk to you, alone.

Kasuga:  Y...yes?

Oda:  Do you know if he's... you know, attached?

Kasuga:  What?  Who?

Oda:  Hayashibara-san.  Is he... seeing someone now?

Kasuga:  Um... no, not that I know of.  Why do you ask?

Oda:  Well - I think he's... nice, you know.  So I'm curious.

Kasuga:  You mean you... *like* him?

Oda:  [Sighs.]  Maybe.  I'm thinking about it.  I don't know if I
should do anything about it, though.

Kasuga:  I think you should go for it.

Oda:  [Blushes.]  Should I?

Kasuga:  [Scratches his head.]  Well, I wouldn't be sure myself, but
there is that romantic advice columnist that I usually read, and she
always tells people to go for it.

Oda:  [Blushes.]  Yes, but... it's different with me.

Kasuga:  Why?

Oda:  Ah... well... I think I'd like to try, but... ah... well, he's
always hanging out with you two, and, you know....

Kasuga:  Hmmm... I'll think what I can do, ok?  [To himself.]  Wouldn't
*that* be nice.  Then I won't have to worry about him and Ayukawa.
[Looks at Oda.]  And she might be happy as well.  I should do something
about this whole situation.

[Cut to the lobby of Saint Bois Inn.  Hayashibara is talking to the
inn's owner, a gray-haired man, while Kasuga and Ayukawa are signing
the guest register.]

Owner: you'll have the rooms number three, six, and nine.
There's a king size bed in each, so you should have no problems with
fitting two people per room.  All rooms are on the second floor; they
are very nice rooms, overlooking the pond.  There is also a bar on the
first floor.

Saito:  [Signing the registry, to Kasamatsu.]  So we're in number
three, I guess.  [To Kasuga and Hayashibara.]  And you're in number

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  All right.  [He signs the register, and gives
the pen to Oda.  Oda looks at the other signatures, then carefully
signs her name.]

Ayukawa:  Which means that Oda-san and I are in room number nine.  [To
Kasuga.]  You know what this place reminds me of?  [Kasuga looks at her
questioningly.]  Remember that mountain inn, where we went skiing, two
years ago, with Hikaru, Yusaku, and the rest of our friends?  The one
where you almost walked on me in the sho...  [Looks around.]  Um, well,
you know.

Kasamatsu:  Yeeees?

Ayukawa:  [Big-sweats.]  It's a long story.

Kasuga:  [Nods and smiles at Ayukawa.  To himself.]  All that brat
Kazyua's fault.  If he hadn't switched the room numbers, none of that
would've happened.  Wait, this is an idea.  Maybe I can....  [He looks
around and notices that Oda, Saito, and Kasamatsu are already heading
toward their rooms.]  Perfect.  [Calling Ayukawa and Hayashibara.]  Uh,
can I have a word with you?

Hayashibara:  Yes?

Kasuga:  [Puts his hand behind his head and laughs.]  Ahahaha... I
just, um, wanted to thank you for inviting us.  It's a great place,
and, um, I'm sure we'll have great time here.

Hayashibara:  You're welcome, Kasuga-san.  It's my pleasure.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Oda-san should be in her room by now....

[Cut to room #9.  Oda enters and closes the door behind her.]

Oda:  Hmm... I have a few minutes.  Maybe I should take a shower.

[Cut back to Kasuga.  He concentrates, and two plaques with door
numbers "6" and"9" leave their respective places and float in the air,
switching places with each other.]

Kasuga:  [To Ayukawa and Hayashibara.]  Uh, I think I forgot something
by the front desk.  I'll catch up with you in a minute.

[Ayukawa and Hayashibara walk toward the rooms, while Kasuga returns to
the front desk.]

Kasuga:  [Chuckling to himself.]  Now I just need to wait for a minute
while they get to their rooms, then all I need to do is switch the room
numbers back, and everything will be great!  Hayashibara will walk into
Oda's room, and she should be able to keep him there for a while, and I
can spend at least some time with Ayukawa, and not worry about him.

Owner:  [Calling Kasuga.]  Excuse me, sir.  I think your friend forgot
this.  [Points to Hayashibara's baseball cap, left on the counter.]

Kasuga:  What?  Oh yes.  Thank you, I'll give it to him.  [He picks up
the cap and walks toward the rooms.]

[There is nothing but the owner left by the front desk for a minute.
Then a high school girl walks by - medium hight, brown hair, cute

Girl:  [Yawning, to herself.]  It's so boring here.  [To the owner.]
Is there anything interesting going on?

Owner:  Depending what you call interesting, Asono-san.  Hayashibara
Akira is here, for one.

Asono:  Who is he?

Owner:  He is a pretty good baseball player, as far as I understand.
He's also the son of Hayashibara Takeo, who heads one of our corporate

Asono:  [With curiosity.]  Aha, I think I've heard of this guy.  Is
he... handsome?

Owner:  [Cautiously.]  Well... I presume you could say so.

Asono:  Great.  Where do you think I can find him?

Owner:  [Pointing.]  As a matter of fact, he just left toward his room.

Asono:  Cool.  [She dashes in the indicated direction.]

[Cut to Kasuga walking toward his room.  Asono rushes past him, stops
suddenly, and looks at him.]

Asono:  [To herself.]  Hmm... kinda cute, in a puppy-dog kind of
way...about the right age....  [Notices the baseball cap with letter
"H".]  It's him!  [To Kasuga.]  Hi!

Kasuga:  [Carefully.]  Hi...

Asono:  Say, do you want to go out with me?

Kasuga:  [With his usual eloquence.]  Umph....

Asono:  Please?  Please??  Pleasepleasepleaseplease!

Kasuga:  Umph.  Ehh.  You know, I really can't, because...

Asono:  [To herself.]  He's so cute when he's shy!  [To Kasuga.]  Come
on!  There's a bar right here, we can talk!

Kasuga:   [Sighs.  To himself.]  I guess I'll have to talk myself out
of this.  [To Asono.]  Sure.

[Cut to Hayashibara entering the hotel room.  There's the sound of the
shower from the bathroom.]

Hayashibara:  [Looking around the room.]  Wow, Kasuga must have gotten
here before me.  Maybe he took another route.  Or... ah, never mind.

[The shower is turned off, and in a minute Oda walks out of the shower,
wrapped in the towel.  Hayashibara suddenly has the expression of
abject horror on his face.]

Oda:  The bathroom is all yours, Ayukawa-san.  [No reply.  Oda looks
around, takes her glasses from the nightstand and puts them on.]  Hmmm.
Nobody here.  Did I see some movement...?  Hmm.  My vision is not
*that* bad.  Oh well.  [She puts the glasses back on the nightstand.]

[Cut to Hayashibara, under the bed.]

Hayashibara:  [To himself.]  Aack.  Did I enter the wrong room?!  Good
thing she didn't catch me.  [Pause.]  So what should I do now?

[Cut to Kasuga and Asono, seated at the bar.]

Kasuga:  Listen, I can't go out with you because...

Asono:  [Tearing up.]  Waah!

Kasuga:  Huh?  Listen, it's nothing personal, but...

Asono:   Waaaaaaaah!

[People around are looking at them.]

Man 1:  Oh, look at the cute girl crying.

Man 2:  What do you think happened?

Woman 1:  It must be all the guy's fault.

Woman 2:  Yes.  I'm sure he's breaking up with her.

Man 3:  She's kinda cute.

Woman 3:  I'm sure he heartlessly used her, and now wants to toss her

Umao:  Ushiko-san, wherefore art thou Ushiko-san?

Ushiko:  Umao-san, wherefore art thou Umao-san?

[Everyone glares at Kasuga, who is clearly very uncomfortable.]

Asono:  Waaaaah!

Kasuga:  [Flustered.]  Umm, err, uhh, eff, umm.  Listen, it's all
right, it's...

Asono:  Waaaaaaah!

Woman 1:  [To Woman 2.]  Shall we go and slap him for her?

Kasuga:  [Big-sweats.]  I think I gotta go.

[He gets up and rapidly dashes out of the bar.  Asono jumps up and
follows him.]

Woman 2:  [With disappointment.]  Oh, he ran away.

Woman 1:  Yes.  That's all they do these days - run away.

Woman 2:  Yeah.  They aren't good for anything else.

Woman 1:  Uh huh.

[Cut to Kasuga, who is running down the hallway, with Asono in hot

Kasuga:  [To himself, looking back over his shoulder.]  What does she
want from me?!

[He runs through the lobby and outside.  Asono stops by the owner's

Asono:  [Through tears.]  Can I have a tissue, please?  My contact
lenses bother me.  It must be all that smoke in the bar.

Owner:  [Giving her the dispenser.]  Here you go.

Asono:  Thanks.  [Wipes her eyes.]  Ahh, much better.  Now, back to
business.  Where did he go?

Owner:  Uhh... he ran outside.

Asono:  Great!

[She dashes outside.]

[Cut to Oda's room.  She is already dressed.]

Oda:  [Thinking.]  I wonder where is Ayukawa-san.  [She opens the door
and looks into the hallway.]  Ayukawa-san?

Ayukawa:  [Turning from behind the corner.]  Sorry, I got delayed;
there was a nice view from the window - you know, the setting sun, and
everything looked just so... orange.  Very pretty.  This is our room,

Oda:  Of course.  [They enter the room.]  I had time to take a shower
already.  It feels nice.

Ayukawa:  Oh, that's a good idea.  I think I'll take one myself.

Hayashibara:  [Under the bed, to himself.]  Urk.

Oda:  All right.  I'll go around and explore the hotel.  The owner
mentioned a bar.  I'll be back soon.

Ayukawa:  Sure.

[She starts undressing.  Oda walks out of the door.]

Hayashibara:  [To himself.]  I certainly can't get out of here now.
Maybe when she's in the shower....  [He looks sideways, to see
Ayukawa's bare feet walk by.  Then she drops a bra on the floor
directly in front of him, and Hayashibara freezes.]

[Cut to Saito, walking down the hallway.]

Saito:  [To himself.]  Now, let me see.  Kasuga was in number six....

[He comes to the door with #6, and knocks on it.  He hears no reply,
but listening carefully he discerns the sound of shower.  He enters the

Saito:  [Thinking.]  One of the guys must be in the shower.  Oh well, I
guess I'll wait for a few minutes.

[Cut to the street outside the inn.  Kasuga sprints along, followed by

Asono:  Hey, stop!  Stop, Mr. H!

[A nearby policeman hears her.]

Policeman:  [To himself.]  Did she say "ecchi"?  If she's chasing
a pervert, I should help!

[He jumps on his bike and follows her.]

[Cut back to room number 9, currently number 6.  Saito loiters around,
until the shower is turned off.  In a moment, the bathroom door opens
and Ayukawa walks out, clad in a towel.  She has another towel over her
head, drying her hair.  Saito's eyes suddenly open wide as saucers.
Ayukawa finishes drying her hair, opens her eyes, and looks around.
The room is empty.  Cut to Saito, who hides under the bed, his teeth
chattering.  He slides deeper under the bed, when his back hits an
obstacle.  He turns, only to see Hayashibara glaring at him.]

Saito:  Urk.

[Cut to Kasuga, running along the street.  He is followed by Asono, who
is followed by a policeman on the bicycle.  A group of young guys,
standing around in "Marathon '89" tank tops, notice the procession.]

Sportsman 1:  Hey, guys, did you see that?

Sportsman 2:  Yes, it seemed like a policeman was trying to arrest the
girl and a guy.

Sportsman 3:  But there's two of them, and only one of him.  Hey, let's
help the law!

[They all take off running, pursuing the policeman who is pursuing
Asono who is pursuing Kasuga.]

[Cut back to room #9, currently #6.  Ayukawa is already dressed, when
Oda comes in.]

Oda:  There *is* a bar on the first floor.  Do you want to come take a

Ayukawa:  Is it any good?

Oda: Quite good, I think.  Oh, by the way, I forgot these.  [Takes her
glasses from the nightstand and puts them on.]  Much better this way.
I bet I could even read our room numbers now.  Say, would you like to
go with me?  We can get a drink.

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Sure!

Oda:  Great!

[The girls take the key and leave the room, locking the door behind
them.  In a minute, Saito cautiously crawls from under the bed,
followed by Hayashibara.]

Hayashibara:  [Glaring at Saito.]  What were you doing here?!

Saito:  [Glaring right back.]  *You* are asking *me*!  You were here
first!  What were *you* doing here?!

Hayashibara:  I was hiding under the bed!

Saito:  I know!  *Why* were you hiding under the bed?

Hayashibara:  Because I entered the wrong room, that's why.

Saito:  What wrong room?

Hayashibara:  This is clearly the girls' room, number nine.

Saito:  No way.  I remember looking at the room number, and this is
number six.

Hayashibara: I also thought this was number six, but I guess I was

Saito:  Oh.

Hayashibara:  Yeah.

[Pause.  Saito comes to the door and tries to open it, but to no avail
- it's locked.]

Saito:  Ack.  Why did they have to use the locks that can't be opened
from the inside?!

Hayashibara:  [Shrugs.]  Maybe these are cheaper.  It's a discount inn,
after all.  [Pause.]  Shall we get out of the window?

[They look out of the window.  There's a pool underneath, and people

Saito:  Do you want to jump out of the second floor window into a pool,
wearing all your clothes, with people watching?!

Hayashibara:  [Shudders.]  I don't think so.

Saito:  Me neither.


Hayashibara:  So, what are we going to do now?


[Cut to the interior of a museum, late at night.  Two masked figures
are removing a painting from the wall.  Then, suddenly, a bright beam
of light shines at them.]

Unipuma:  Whaaa...?

[Leona rides in through ornate double doors on her tank.]

Leona:  [Through a loudspeaker.]  Your game's lost!  Weapons down,
hands up!

Unipuma:  Hands?

Anapuma:  [Smirking.]  I guess she means paws.  Or claws.

[The Puma sisters whip out motorbikes from nowhere and toss a couple of
hand grenades in Leona's direction.  Leona steps on gas, the tank's
caterpillars squeak, and the race is on.  Ramming through the walls,
crunching ancient statues and pieces of artwork, racing up and down the
staircases, Leona steadily pursues the bandits.]

Anapuma:  [Looking over her shoulder.]  She's gaining!

Unipuma:  It's impossible!  She's can't be driving a... Volkswagen?!

[Cut to a "VW" emblem on the tank's hood.]

Voiceover:  On the roads of life, there are passengers and there are

[Cut to Leona putting handcuffs on the Puma sisters.]

Voiceover:  Drivers wanted.

[The tank roars away, leaving behind a gaping hole in the wall.]

[Standard disclaimer.]


[Cut to Kasamatsu going down the hallway.]

Kasamatsu:  [Stealthily, to himself.]  The Red Ninja, driven by his
innate sense of curiosity, ventures out to seek adventures!  [He sees
the door marked "9".]  The Red Ninja comes upon the abode of two
beautious maidens!

[He knocks.  There is no response.  He tries the handle and the door
opens.  Kasamatsu peeps inside.]

Kasamatsu:  Weird, no beauteous maidens here.  Hmph.

[He exits the room, and slams the door behind him.  Walking away, he
doesn't notice the sign "9" tremble, shudder, and lose the top screw
attaching it to the door.  Free from its upper support, the sign flips
over, displaying "6" - the true room number.  Kasamatsu proceeds down
the corridor to another door marked "6".  He knocks, but there's no

Kasamatsu:  [Trying the door knob.]  Aha, this one is locked.  The Red
Ninja espies the rare opportunity to ambush his enemies, whose fort is
left empty!  [Opening a Swiss Army pocket knife.]  The Red Ninja never
leaves his humble abode without the versatile tools of his dangerous

[After a few seconds of fiddling the lock yields and Kasamatsu enters
the room.  He slams the door behind him.  Outside, the sign "6" shakes
and flips, turning into "9".]

Kasamatsu:  [Looking around the empty room.]  The Red Ninja espies a
chance for his customary good-natured prank!

Voice:  It's only Kasamatsu.  We didn't need to hide.

Second voice:  What is *he* doing here?

First voice:  I guess he's lost, too.

Second voice:  Oh.

Kasamatsu:  [Looking around in panic.]  The Red Ninja thinks he's
hallucinating!  The mysterious voices sound in his brain, and...

Saito:  [Climbing from under the bed.]   As if you had a brain.  Are
you lost, too?

Kasamatsu:  Ehh?  What are you doing here?  And what are you doing
under the bed?!

Hayashibara:  [Also climbing from under the bed.]  We thought you're
the girls.

Kasamatsu:  [With indignation.]  I'm not the girls!  I'm not even a
*single* girl!  [Curiosity gets better of him.  He peeps under the
bed.]  Is Kasuga there, too?

Saito:  No, he's not.  He must be lounging somewhere.

[Cut to Kasuga, running along the street, chased by Asono, chased by a
policeman on the bicycle, chased by four sportsmen.  Cut back to room

Saito:  We think we got the wrong room.

Kasamatsu:  What do you mean?  This is room #6.  I've seen the sign on
the door.

Hayashibara:  I thought I've seen #6, too.

Saito:  Anyway, I guess we... walked on the girls while taking a

Kasamatsu:  You were taking a shower?

Saito:  What?  Oh, no, they were taking a shower.

Kasamatsu:  [His eyes bug out.]  Together?

Saito:  What together?

Kasamatsu:  [Drooling.]  Were they taking a shower together?

Saito:  Baka hentai!  Of course not!

Kasamatsu:  [Shakes his head.]  Then I really don't understand how you
could walk on them if they were taking shower one at a time.

Saito:  [Shakes his head as well.]  It's a long story.

Hayashibara:  The important thing is that now we can get out of here.
[To Kasamatsu.]  Did you, what, get an extra key so you could enter
this room?

Kasamatsu:  [Proudly.]  No doors or locks are obstacles for the Red

Saito:  Ah hah, you picked the lock!

Kasamatsu:  Pin-pon!

Hayashibara:  Listen, you should probably do it again, so we all can
get out of here.

Kasamatsu:  By all means.  [Getting out his pocket knife.]  The Red
Ninja prepares once more to demonstrate his superior skill!   The Red

[He is interrupted when the door is unlocked from outside.]

Kasamatsu:  [Rapidly.]  The Red Ninja decides to exercise his supreme
hiding skills!

[Ayukawa and Oda enter the room.]

Ayukawa:  [Stretching and yawning.]  Well, that was fun.  I'm sorry I
dragged you back, though.  It's just that I'm really tired.

Oda:  No, it's fine.  I might go back, though - I don't feel sleepy

[Cut to Hayashibara, Saito, and Kasamatsu.  Three of them are cramped
under the bed.]

Saito:  [Whisper.]  Oh *why* do they keep coming and going!?

Hayashibara and Kasamatsu:  Shhh!

Ayukawa:  Did you hear that?

Oda:  Hear what?

Ayukawa:  Some kind of hushing noise.

Oda:  No, I didn't.

Ayukawa:  Oh.  Must've been the wind.

Oda:  Yeah.  Say, did you see any of the guys this evening?

Ayukawa:  No.  I *do* wonder where they might be.

[Hayashibara, Saito, and Kasamatsu big-sweat.]

Oda:  [Winks at Ayukawa.]  Kasuga-san, I'm sure, is chasing girls.

[Cut to Kasuga, chased by Asono, policeman, and a group of sportsmen.
People on the street start taking note of the curious running group.]

Onlooker 1:  Hey, these guys are running pretty fast!  This must be the
marathon - they even have a police escort.

Onlooker 2:  But the guy in front isn't wearing a sports uniform.

Onlooker 1:  I guess this means the marathon is open for everyone.

Onlooker 2:  Sounds like fun.  Shall we join them?

Onlooker 1:  Sure!  Let's go!

[They take off running, and join the group.  More people off the street
start joining the group as well, which rapidly grows to the size of a
small crowd.]

Kasuga:  [Looking back in horror.]  Why are they all after me?!  I
can't keep this up much longer.  I guess I have to use the Power....

[He concentrates and picks up the speed.]

[Cut back to the guys under the bed in room #9.  They are clearly
uncomfortable, not only because there is very little space, but also
because of the conversation that's going on in the room.]

Ayukawa:  No, I don't think Kasuga-kun would go chasing girls.

Oda:  [Laughing.]  You mean, he'd have no luck if he tried?

Ayukawa:  [Laughs.]  No, I didn't mean that.  Although, I presume,
Hayashibara-san would have more luck.

Oda:  [Dreamily.]  Yes, he sure is handsome.

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  And there's always a crowd of girls around him.

[Hayashibara big-sweats.]

Oda:  How about Saito-san?

Ayukawa:  Saito-san?  Well, he *does* have two girl-friends already....

[Saito big-sweats.]

Oda:  [Nods.]  True.  And as for Kasamatsu-san - well...

Ayukawa:  Well...

Oda:  I think he should graduate from the kindergarten first.

[Kasamatsu big-sweats.]

Ayukawa:  [Yawns.]  Anyway - I think I'm getting really tired.  I
probably should go to sleep soon.

Oda:  Uh, ok.  I think I'll go to the bar again.

Ayukawa:  Have fun.  Let me change into my nightclothes.

[The guys big-sweat.]

Oda:  Sure.  [Pause.  The guys hear fabric rustle.]  You're going to
sleep in *that*?

[The guys big-sweat again.  More fabric rustle.]

Oda:  Wow, Ayukawa-san.  You have a great figure.

[The guys bug out their eyes.  More rustle.]

Oda:  Say, what is your bra size?

[The guys faint.]

[Cut to Kasuga, running along the lamp-lit street, with a huge crowd in
tow.  The people on the sides of the streets are cheering on the
runners.  There are balloons and music around, and the local news
station is broadcasting the proceedings.]

[Cut back to room #9.  It's dark, and Ayukawa is asleep in the bed.
Under the bed, there is some kind of a commotion.]

Saito:  [Whispering to Kasamatsu.]  Hey, careful with your hand!

Kasamatsu:  [Whispering.]  It's not my hand!

Saito:  Whose hand is it, then?  I know it's not mine!

Hayashibara:  [Whispering.]  It's not a hand, it's my foot!

Saito:  Well, be careful with it, whatever it is!

Kasamatsu:  Hey, do you think she's asleep?

Saito:  I hope she is.  Shall we run for it?

Hayashibara:  And what if she's not?!

Saito:  Then, I guess, we all have to stay here, under the bed, ALL

Hayashibara:  [Big-sweats.]  I guess she's asleep.

[One by one, slowly, guys creep from under the bed, and move toward the
door. Then, opening it just a crack, three of them carefully slip out,
and quietly close the door behind them.  They crawl on the floor, until
Kasamatsu hits something headfirst.  He looks up, and sees the owner
looking at three of them in puzzlement.]

Kasamatsu:  Urk.

Owner:  What are three of you doing, crawling in the hallway!?

Kasamatsu:  Err...umm... we're lost!

Owner:  You are lost?!  In the hallway?!

Hayashibara:  Err, he means we lost... something!

Owner:  What did you lose?

Saito:  Umm... my contacts!  They should be on the floor somewhere!  So
we're looking for them!

Owner:  But you're wearing your glasses!

Saito:  I... got them on because I can see better in them!

Owner:  Oh.  Tell me again, why were you crawling from that corridor?

Saito:  We decided to look here, because... um... because... here's
more light!

Owner:  Ohh.  Umm.  Ok.  [To himself.]  What is it with people behaving
weirdly about their contact lenses tonight?  [To the guys.]  Well, good
luck.  [He leaves.]

Saito:  [Springing onto his feet.]  Ufff!  Free at last!

Hayashibara:  At last?  I've been under that bed longer than you!

Kasamatsu:  [Pointing.]  Uh, guys, this is weird.  This room is #9.

Saito:  [Looking.]  You're right.  This *is* strange.  I clearly
remember that it was marked #6.

Kasamatsu:  Well, you were wrong!

Saito:  Was not!

Kasamatsu:  Was too!

Hayashibara:  Shh!  Not so loud!  I guess we'd better go to our rooms.
I had enough excitement for one night.

Kasamatsu:  The Red Ninja is never tired of adventure!

Saito:  Yeah, right.

[Saito and Kasamatsu leave toward #3.  Hayashibara carefully looks at
the door sign.]

Hayashibara:  [Thinking.]  I wonder where Kasuga-san is....

[Cut to Kasuga racing along with a crowd in tow.  There's a finishing
line stretched in the end of the street.  Kasuga looks around and sees
that several people are gaining on him.  With last ounce of strength,
he pushes ahead - and crosses the finishing line first.  The crowd
erupts in cheers and surrounds him.]

Kasuga:  [Thinking to himself.]  Well, at least I've lost that annoying

[Cut to the bar on the ground floor of the inn.  Oda is sitting at one
of the tables, nursing a drink.  Hayashibara enters.]

Hayashibara:  Oh, hi.

Oda:  [Looks up.]  Hello.  [Looks around.]  You're... alone?

Hayashibara:  [Shrugs.]  Saito and Kasamatsu said they're tired, and
I've no idea where Kasuga is.  Say, do you mind if I join you here?

Oda:  [Blushes slightly.]  Sure.

[Hayashibara sits down next to Oda, flags the waitress, and orders a
beer.  Oda watches him, toying with her napkin.  There's a moment of
uncomfortable silence.]

Hayashibara:  So, what do you think of this place so far?

Oda:  Uh, it's fine.

[Another pause.]

Oda:  [To herself.]  This is really my chance.  I should really... or
should I not?

Hayashibara:  [Interrupting her concentration.]  You look like you have
something on your mind.

Oda:  [To herself.]  Well, go for it, Oda.  [Looks at him and lowers
her gaze.]  I... I wanted to ask you something.

Hayashibara:  Yes?

Oda:  This might not be an... appropriate question, so... forgive me if
you think so.  [Sighs.  Carefully.]  What did you think of my response
to your letter in last month's "Dear Oda" column?

Hayashibara:  [Goes pale.]  How do you...

Oda:  I saw your signature earlier tonight, and I recognized the

Hayashibara:  [Swallows.]  Oh.  Well... I... I didn't really decide
anything yet.  You see, I promised Kasuga-san that I won't compete with
him.  [Sighs.]  Or maybe I already broke that promise, I don't know.

Oda:  Um.  Do you... want to talk about it?

[Cut to Kasuga, entering the inn.  He is clearly exhausted after his
midnight run.]

Kasuga:  [Approaching the room #6.]  At last I can get some sleep...
maybe a shower first... nah, I'm too tired now.  Can take it tomorrow.
[Puts his hand on the door handle and freezes.]  Oops.  Almost forgot
about the numbers!  [Shudders.]  There'd be a lot of trouble if I
entered this room.

[He ambles toward room #9 and enters.  It's dark inside.]

Kasuga:  [To himself, feeling his way around.]  Aha... this is the
dresser... and this is the nightstand... and this is the bed... and
this is Hayashibara's leg....

Ayukawa:  [Half-asleep.]  Umph?

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Ohh, did I wake him up?  [Whispers.]  Sorry.

Ayukawa:  [Falling back asleep.]  Umhh.

Kasuga:  [Undressing and climbing under covers.  Whispers.]  Good

[Fade out on Kasuga and Ayukawa sleeping next to each other.]

[Cut to the bar.  Oda and Hayashibara are still seated at the table.
There're several empty beer bottles by Hayashibara's elbow.]

Hayashibara: what can I do?  I really like her.  Should I forget
everything else and just go for it?  You know, the whole thing -
flowers, chocolates, dinners at fancy restaurants, moonlit walks on the
beaches.  I can take her on a weekend drive to Hokkaido anytime.  I
think she'd enjoy this.

Oda:  [Shakes her head.]  I'm afraid things don't quite work that way,

Hayashibara:  How would I know how do they work?  I can't just ask her
what she likes.

Oda:  [Quietly.]  You can ask someone else.

Hayashibara:  Whom would I ask?  Who would care, anyway?  [Oda sighs.]
I can't ask my friends, because they are involved, and I don't have...
relatives who could help.  [Pause.]

Oda:  [Carefully looks at Hayashibara.]  You know what, Hayashibara-
san?  I don't think you should have any more beer.

Hayashibara:  [Sighs.]  It's easy to tell other people what to do and
what not to do, isn't it?

Oda:  [Shakes her head.]  That was only an advice.  I didn't mean to
mother you.

[Pause.  Hayashibara stares at Oda and doesn't say anything.]

Oda:  [Realizes what she just said.]  Ohh... I'm sorry.  I... forgot.
I didn't mean to... to be...

Hayashibara:  [Shakes his head.]  It's ok.  [Pause.]  I think I'd
better go now.  [He stands up and glances around, looking somewhat

Oda:  Are you ok?

Hayashibara:  [Tries to smile.]  I'm fine... just... tired.

Oda:  You should probably go lie down.  [Rapidly.]  Not that I'm
telling you what to do.

[Hayashibara nods weakly.]

[Cut to room #6.  The door is opened from outside, and Hayashibara
enters, being supported by Oda.  He nearly falls down on the bed and
curls into a fetal position.]

Oda:  [Looks around.]  I wonder where Kasuga-san is.  [Notices that
Hayashibara is shivering.]  Are you ok, Hayashibara-san?

Hayashibara:  I'm... fine.  Just a bit... cold.

Oda:  Hold on a minute, let me get you a blanket.

[She looks through the closet, and returns with a blanket.]

Oda:  Is this one all right?  [Silence.]  Hayashibara-san?  [Looks
carefully.]  Oh... he's asleep.  Now what should I do?

[Hayashibara turns and mumbles something in his sleep.  Oda looks at
him and bends down toward his face.]

Hayashibara:  [In his sleep.]  Mom....

[Oda freezes.  Then she straightens, unfolds a blanket, and carefully
covers Hayashibara.  After that, she turns down the lights and sits
down in the armchair, resting her head on her arm and watching sleeping
Hayashibara.  Fade out.]

[Cut to next morning.  Kasuga wakes up and stretches.  Ayukawa is
curled next to him, completely covered by the blanket.]

Kasuga:  [To himself, getting up.]  Now it's time for shower.  I really
could use one after the race last night.

[He proceeds to the shower.  In a minute, Ayukawa wakes up to find
herself alone in the bed.  The sound of shower is coming from the

Ayukawa:  [Stretches.]  Oda-san is certainly an early riser.

[She gets up, dresses, and leaves.  In a minute, Kasuga comes out of
the bathroom.]

Kasuga:  [Seeing the bed empty.]  Oh, I guess he got up already.  [He
dresses and leaves.]

[Cut to room #6.  Hayashibara stirs and opens his eyes.  First thing he
sees is Oda, sleeping in the armchair.  Hayashibara gets up and gently
touches Oda's arm.  Oda's eyes open.]

Oda:  [Sleepily.]  Huh?

Hayashibara:  Oda-san... did you sleep here for the whole night?

Oda:  [Rubs her eyes and looks at her watch.]  Eh?  Oh.  Yes, I guess I
did.  [Blushes.]  I... just wanted to make sure you're ok, and I guess
I fell asleep myself.  [Shudders.]  That seems awfully inappropriate,
doesn't it?

Hayashibara:  Well... a bit.  You know, I would... really appreciate it
if you wouldn't tell anyone what happened last night.  I mean, about...

Oda:  [Shakes her head.]  I understand; of course I won't say a word.

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  Thank you.

Oda:  Don't mention it.  I'm... glad to help.

[Hayashibara nods and smiles at her.  His teeth gleam.]

[Cut to Kasuga, entering the hotel lobby, where he sees Ayukawa.]

Ayukawa:  Ohayo, Kasuga-kun.

Kasuga:  Ohayo.  Do you want to go grab some breakfast?

Ayukawa:  Maybe we should wait for the others.

Kasuga:  Fine.  [Sits down.]  How did you sleep last night?

Ayukawa:  [Sitting down next to him.]  Well... so-so, as a matter of

Kasuga:  Anything wrong?

Ayukawa:  Well... Oda-san is not the best roommate, as I found out.
She came back from the bar when I was asleep and she woke me up.

Kasuga:  Oh, that's very inconsiderate of her.

Ayukawa:  Um.  Also, you know what?  [Whispering to Kasuga.]  She

Kasuga:  Really?!

Ayukawa:  Um.  I even tried to shake her a bit, but she wouldn't stop.

Kasuga:  Oh, that's horrible.  But, you know, my bedfellow wasn't
perfect either.  I was really tired last night, but I think I remember
him tossing and turning and pushing me all night.

Ayukawa:  Oi, that's too bad.  [Pause.]  You know, Kasuga-kun...

Kasuga:  Yes?

Ayukawa:  Maybe, sometime in the future, we...

Kasuga:  Yes?

Ayukawa:  You know...

Kasuga:  Yes?  Uh... you mean...?

Ayukawa:  Um....

Kasuga:  Ah....

[Saito, Kasamatsu, Hayashibara, and Oda walk into the lobby.]

Saito:  Good morning, you two lovebirds!

Kasamatsu:  Shall we go and have breakfast?  I could surely go for a
something to eat.

Kasuga:  [To himself.]  Why did they have to come right now?!

Ayukawa:  Sure.  Let's go.

[They open the door, and the rays of the morning sun rush in.]

Oda:  Oh... it's so bright.

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  Should be a great day to go for a hike... or
climb a mountain trail... or watch the sunset.

Ayukawa:  [Smiles.]  Sounds great!

Kasuga:  [Smiles as well.]  Looks like we're going to have a great day!
Come on!  Let's go!

[They rush out of the door.]


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Writer                                  Vladimir Zelevinsky
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