Kimagure Orange College - Episode 38
by Stephen Tsai
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Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the thirty-eighth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", 
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they 
start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  
In addition, previous episodes are available at
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system 
and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced 
education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  
Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are 
they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In 
fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or 
flames to]

Kimagure Orange College

Episode 38 - Matchmaker, matchmaker

[Cut to the University newspaper building.  Inside the office, several 
desks are laid out in rows in the main room.  Students are scattered 
among the desks, typing on terminals.  Oda is seated at one end of the 
room, looking through letters.]

Oda:  [To herself as she types.]  ...and make sure to tell U-san that 
you think it's time for some kind of commitment.  

Yours, Oda-san."

Doko:  [Reading from behind Oda.]  Aren't you leaving off the customary 
"go for it"?

Oda:  [Surprised.]  Doko-sempai*?
*Senior or upperclassman

Doko:  [Concerned.]  Don't you think that some of your advice is a 
little repetitive?  Not every relationship demands immediate action.  
Sometimes a little introspection is needed.  Besides, some of our 
regular readers have commented that you seem to have a one-track mind 
on this topic.

Oda:  [Red-faced.]  W-well, I don't.  [Takes a breath.]  I always give 
every letter my undivided attention.  So please don't worry that I'm 
not thinking before I give advice.

Doko:  If you say so.  Even so, please keep in mind that some variety 
would be appreciated.  [Leaves.]

Oda:  [To herself as she watches Doko leave.]  I do not have a one-
track mind...  [Picks up the next letter.]

Dear Oda:

I'm a second year student who has been dating a guy I met in college, 
whom I will call "S-san".  
We have been going out together for about six months, and he seems like 
a nice enough guy.  But 
whenever he thinks I'm not around, he's always talking about some other 
girl.  When I asked him 
about her, he denies that she's a factor and says that he'd never even 
met her.  But I'm 
still worried that he's not taking our relationship seriously.  What 
should I do?

Sincerely, "Y-chan"

[Takes a moment to think about it.]  Well, that's easy enough... 
[Starts typing.]

Dear Y-chan,

You should straighten out S-san out as soon as possible.  A long-term 
relationship is too 
important to be taken for granted.  Talk to him and let him know that 
you would like to know 
his feelings.  There's nothing worse than a guy who can't make up his 

[Stops typing.  To herself as she looks towards Kasuga's empty desk.]  
Hmm...maybe I'd better go easy on that last bit... [Deletes the last 
line, then resumes typing.]

Sincerely, Oda-san.

[Oda files the response away and picks up her next letter.]

Dear Oda-san:

I am a second year student in college.  Recently, I have been 
corresponding with a guy I call 
B-chan.  B-chan and I have been talking about getting together on 
several occasions, but 
something always seems to come up.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should 
pursue a relationship 
with him or not.  He seems like a nice guy, but I have been burned 
before on relationships.  
Am I just fooling myself or should I go forward?

Sincerely, Y-chan

[Takes a moment to think about it.]  Hmm... another "Y-chan".  Heh, 
maybe they're twins or something... [Starts typing.]

Dear Y-chan,

I understand that a bad relationship can cause you to be wary about 
forming friendships.  But 
you can't let one bad experience dissuade you from making friends.  If 
you do, you'll pass up 
a chance to meet your future partner.  You should meet B-chan as soon 
as you can.  Only then 
can you be sure if you are compatible.  Good luck and go for it!

Sincerely, Oda-san

[Stops typing, stretches and leans back on her chair.]  Well, I guess 
I'm done for this edition.

Doko:  [From the editor's desk.]  Oda-san, could I have a word with 

Oda:  [To herself as she gets up.]  What is it now?

[Oda walks into a glass-walled room in one corner of the newspaper 

Doko:  How is your column coming?

Oda:  I've just finished.

Doko:  Well, good.  I need you to cover the Computer Club's summer 
party for the social section.  Shinji's out of town for the summer.

Oda:  Eh?  But I haven't written any social event pieces yet.

Doko:  Don't worry about it.  It's easy.  Just mingle with the crowd, 
take some pictures, and write about the party.  Think of it as an 
opportunity to broaden your experience.

Oda:  [Hesitates, then relents.]  What kind of party is it?

Doko:  [Hands her a slip of paper.]  It's at the Student Union this 
weekend.  It's sort of a masquerade; the club members are dressing up 
like their handles, or so they tell me.

Oda:  What's a handle?

Doko:  An alias; the club president told me that several computer 
students use aliases when they go out onto bulletin boards and 

Oda:  Do I have to get a costume too?

Doko:  [Shakes his head.] You don't have to dress up as anything - it's 

[Cut to the Student Computer Labs.  Saito and Kasamatsu are seated next 
to one another at workstations.]

Kasamatsu:  [As he types.]  So, Kenichi, whom are you going to take to 
the party?

Saito:  Well, I haven't thought of it.  [Short pause.]  That reminds 
me; I need to borrow one of your ninja costumes.

Kasamatsu:  [Surprised.]  Eh?  You're "baka", not "ninja".

Saito:  [Embarrassed.]  I don't want to go there dressed like a village 

Kasamatsu:  Well, which one?  Red or black?

Saito:  I guess I'll be the "Black Ninja".  [Mostly to himself.]  I'd 
better e-mail "Chun-Li" and ask if she wants to go.

Kasamatsu:  [Smirks.]  And tell her you're the villain of the party.

Saito:  [Irritated.]  Omae wa...*!
*You (implied annoyance) 

[Cut to Seishun-kan.  In room #2, Yuko watches Yoko getting dressed in 
a blue party dress.  Yuko sighs with a forlorn expression on her face.]

Yuko:  [Downcast.]  I can't believe Saito-san's not taking me.

Yoko:  I told you he was a loser!  [Softens.]  Anyway, "Baka-chan" told 
me he's going to meet me at the party.  Maybe you can go with me so I 
can introduce you.

Yuko:  Well, I don't know.  Saito-san's going to be there too.  What do 
I say to him?

Yoko:  Well, for starters, maybe I can ask "Baka-chan" to beat him up?

Yuko:  [Deadpan expression.]  ...

Yoko:  [Slightly embarrassed.]  OK, OK...what about that letter's 
advice?  Ask him if he's serious or not about a relationship!  I'm 
taking my reply's advice.

Yuko:  [Nods with determination as she puts on an identical blue party 
dress.]  Un!

Yoko:  [As she watches Yuko dress.]  Why don't you take the ribbon out 
of your hair?  It clashes with the dress color.

[Cut to the University Student Union.  In one of the main event rooms, 
a crowd of people is gathered.  They engage in conversations and 
socialize.  Roughly half of them are wearing costumes ranging from 
simple to elaborate.  On one side, a table is set with a punch bowl and 
a small tray of snacks.]

Oda:  [Holding a notepad.]  So, Itono-sempai, what else does the 
computer club do?

Itono:  Well, several of our more experienced members help run the 
student computer rooms.  But other than that, we're not that different 
from other clubs.  We have our social gatherings and meetings just like 
any other campus group.

Oda:  And whose idea was it to have these...costumes?  That's not like 
any other club.

Itono:  Well, handles for computer hobbyists go back over the last ten 
to twenty years.  Even today, many of our club members choose to use 
handles instead of their real names when sending messages over the 

Oda:  [While taking notes.]  Well, do you think this is because they're 
shy about expressing themselves over a public forum?

Itono:  [Smiles sardonically.]  No more than people who call themselves 
"Ai-chan" when they write letters about their romantic problems.

Oda:  [Blushes as she tries to continue.]  Well...that's different.  
People who write e-mail don't necessarily show their true selves, do 

Itono:  Sometimes they don't.  On the other hand, sometimes people who 
have difficulty expressing themselves in person find it easier to do so 
behind the anonymity of a computer screen.  [Smiles as he quaffs his 
punch.]  But I guess we're getting way off topic.

Oda:  [Nods.]  Sounds like something psychologists talk about, not 
computer hobbyists.

Itono:  [Muses.]  It would be interesting to see if two people can 
develop such a relationship over e-mail.  [To Oda.]  Did you need to 
know anything else?

Oda:  No, I guess that's about it.  [Puts away her notepad.]

Itono:  [Nods and smiles.]  Please enjoy the party.  [Turns his 
attention to other party guests.]

Oda:  [Looks around the room at the costumed guests.]  Strange 
people... oh well.  [Walks towards the snack table and gets a cup of 

[Cut to a different part of the party.  Yoko and Yuko are looking 
around the room.  Yoko frowns with annoyance as she sees several 
different variants of ninjas and other black-motif costumes.]

Yoko:  These weirdoes have no imagination whatsoever!  Just how am I 
going to find Baka-chan!?

Yuko:  [Only half-interested.]  With people like Kasamatsu, what were 
you expecting?  Huh?  [Looks across the room and sees Kasamatsu and 
Saito.]  Hey!  [Walks quickly over to them through a crowd of people, 
leaving Yoko behind.]

[Cut to the snack table.  Saito and Kasamatsu are helping themselves to 
some punch.  Saito drinks his punch, then looks on with resignation as 
he watches Kasamatsu spill punch over his mask.]

Saito:  Take the mask off *before* you drink.

Kasamatsu:  [Reluctantly removes his mask.]  Thus the Red Ninja must 
compromise his anonymity to sustain base sustenance.

Yuko:  [Upset.]  Saito!

Saito:  Waah...!  Ahh...Yoko-san!

Yuko:  I'm Yuko!

Saito:  Eh?  But you're not wearing your hair ribbon.

Yuko:  Don't change the subject!  [Calms down, then speaks with 
deliberation.]  Just what's going on with you and me?  Are we going 
steady or not?

Saito:  W-well, of course we are.  Didn't we go to the school archery 
competition just last week?

Yuko:  True, but then why didn't you invite me here?

Saito:  Well, you said you weren't that interested in computers.  I 
thought you'd be bored here.  [To himself.]  Better not mention "Chun-
Li".  She probably doesn't want to hear about other girls right now...

Yuko:  Baka!  You go off to a party without me and what am I supposed 
to think?  Maybe you're more interested in some computer girl.  [Walks 
off in a huff.]

[Saito watches her leave and is about to follow her, but gets stopped 
by Kasamatsu.]

Kasamatsu:  [Sagely.]  Don't be so worked up about it.  It's my 
experience with girls that it's best to not confront them when they're 
in that kind of mood.

Saito:  [Deadpan.]  You have no experience with girls.

Kasamatsu:  N-not true!  As you recall, I went out on a college date 
before you did.

Saito:  As I recall, it was a total disaster.  [Sighs and pulls his 
mask over his face.]  Maybe you're right.  She might not be willing to 
listen in such a bad mood.

[Cut back to the main entrance.  Yoko is looking around the room at the 
various costumed and non-costumed patrons.]

Yoko:  Well, if I don't start asking around, I guess I'll never find 
him.  [To herself with resolution.]  Yoko-chan, gambare*!
*Do your best

[Yoko goes to the first ninja-garbed student and gets his attention.]

Yoko:  [With trepidation.]  B-baka-chan, is that you?

Kasamatsu:  [Amused tone as he takes off his mask.]  It is if you give 
me a kiss!

Yoko:  [Stunned.]  Kya...!  [Slaps Kasamatsu and shoves him away.]  
Hentai*!  [Walks back to the snack table and shudders.]  That guy is so 
weird...!  [Looks around and sees another ninja-garbed student.]  Maybe 
he's the one...  [Walks up to the other student.]  Umm...would you 
happen to be looking for an e-mail penpal?

Ninja 2:  Ah...sure!  [Offers to lead Yoko to the dance floor.]  How 
about we...?

Girl 1:  [Upset.]  Hiroshi-kun!

Ninja 2:  Wah...!  Ah...!  [Looks at Yoko, then at Girl 1.]  It isn't 
what it looks like...!

Yoko:  [Stunned embarrassed expression as she watches Girl 1 drag Ninja 
2 off.]  Th-this isn't working out at all...!

[Yoko starts looks around for other possible candidates, when someone 
taps her on her shoulder.]

Saito:  Are you looking for me?

Yoko:  [Gasps.]  Ahh!  Um... this is going to sound silly, but I've 
been waiting for this moment for a long time!

Saito:  [To himself, with surprise.]  Eh?  Why is Yuko-san so happy?  
[Out loud.]  Ah...yeah.  So have I.

Yoko:  [Eyes glitter.]  Yokatta*!  At last!  [To herself as she hugs 
Saito.]  That mask is making his voice sound really weird.  I can't 
wait to see his face.
*Thank goodness

Saito:  [To himself.]  Wh-what's going on with her?  She was so upset 

Yoko:  W-would you like to dance?

Saito:  [Still surprised, but nods.]  U-un.

[Saito leads Yoko out to the dance floor as soon as the music fades to 
the next title.  To their delight, the disc jockey puts on a slow 
romantic track.]

Yoko:  [Softly as she follows Saito's lead.]  I've been looking forward 
to this so much.  The first time is always special...

Saito:  [Surprised as he dances.]  Eh?  But we've known each other for 
a while.

Yoko:  But this is the first time it's real...

Saito:  [To himself.]  Eh?  Does she mean all those other dates were 
just tests?

[Cut to the snack table.  Kasamatsu is helping himself to another plate 
of food when he is interrupted by Yuko.]

Yuko:  A-ano*...
*Excuse me

Kasamatsu:  [Drops his food plate with surprise.]  Mi-miyasato-san.  
[Regains composure.]  But which one...[Begins pondering out loud 
without regard to Yuko.]  Only the keen, uncanny mind of the Red Ninja 
can ponder such a mystery...

Yuko:  [Harshly.]  You are such a weirdo!

Kasamatsu:  [Nods firmly.]  It must be Yuko!  Yoko would have tried a 
futile assault against the powerful Red N--!

Yuko:  [Annoyed.]  Ano ne*...!
*You (implied annoyance)

Kasamatsu:  [Smiles.]  No sense of humor tonight, eh?

Yuko:  [Forces herself to calm down.]  Have you seen Saito-san?  I...I 
wanted to talk...

Kasamatsu:  [Amused as he briefly looks around.]  Well, "Ladykiller 
Kenichi" is probably with another girl by now.

Yuko:  N-no way...!  [Dubiously.]  You're just making that up!

Kasamatsu:  [Reverts to play-acting.]  But the Red Ninja will rescue 
the lonely damsel in dis--

Yuko:  [Slaps Kasamatsu.]  You're an even bigger jerk than before!  
[Walks off.]

Oda:  [Stops Yuko as she walks by.]  Hey, what's wrong?

Yuko:  [Blinks, then looks downcast.]  This night isn't turning out 
well at all.  Your column advice isn't working out at all.

Oda:  Column?  You wrote to my column?

Yuko:  Sure, I was "Y-chan".

Oda:  I had a couple of "Y-chans" this week.

Yuko:  Mine was the one that said to confront my date about commitment.  
He just made some cheap excuse and went partying with his idiot friend.  
[Dejectedly turns to leave.]  For all I know, he's off playing with his 
computer penpal girl.  He probably find her more interesting than me.

Oda:  [To herself.]  Miyasato-san...?  [Face turns regretful.]  M-
*This is bad


[Cut to a city street alley.  Terry Bogard is facing off against 
Wolfgang Krauser.  Krauser tries to throw several objects at Bogard, 
but Bogard easily catches and deflects all of them as various 
bystanders are awed by his display of skill.]

Fan 1:  S-sugoi...!

[Cut to a movie theater.  With the premiere of "Fatal Fury IV", the 
outer lobby is crowded with fans wearing various paraphernalia.  Their 
patience is rewarded as a limousine pulls up and Terry Bogard 

Fan 1:  I-it's him!

Fan 2:  Terry, you're cool!

[Terry Bogard flashes the fans an appreciative smile and does some 
quick kata-like hand motions as the crowd swoons.]

Fan 3:  Here, have some!  [Gently tosses a bottle of soda.]

[Bogard stands ready, but much to everyone's surprise, the bottle 
smacks him right in the forehead and knocks him unconscious.  The now-
deflated crowd watches as theater management comes to tend to the 
unconscious Bogard.]

Voiceover:  Image is nothing.  Thirst is everything.  Obey your thirst!

[Writer's Note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the dance floor.  Saito and Yoko are slow-dancing to the music.  
As the song comes to an end, people begin leaving the dance floor as 
other couples get ready for the next track.]

Saito:  [To himself.]  I-I guess I got lucky after all.  Yuko-san must 
have cooled off and decided to forgive me.  I should do something for 
her.  [Out loud.]  How about I get us some punch?

Yoko:  [Nods.]  Sure.  I'll come too.

Saito:  Ah, no.  Let me get some for you.  Just meet me at the snack 
tables.  It'll just take a minute.

Yoko:  [To herself as she smiles.]  Oh, of course.  He's trying to be 
gallant.  That's so sweet.  [Out loud.]  Well, OK.  I'll wait for you.

[Saito walks across the room through the crowd of partygoers.  When he 
gets to the snack tables, he picks up and fills two glasses with punch.  
He then takes off his mask and drinks from the first glass.]

Yuko:  Tell me it's not true, Saito!

Saito:  [Spit some punch with surprise.]  Eh?  Yuko-san?  [To himself.]  
What's wrong with her?  She was so happy just a second ago.

Yuko:  [Sadly.]  Kasamatsu tells me you're seeing other girls!

Saito:  Wh-what are you talking about?  The only person I've seen 
tonight is you!  [Softens.]  I know I wasn't being considerate for not 
asking you about the party, but I thought we were past that.

Yuko:  [Relents.] about we have a dance then?

Saito:  Well, OK.  I guess we can get punch later.

[Saito and Yuko go back to the dance floor as the next song begins.  As 
they do so, Yoko makes her way to the snack table, looking through the 
crowd of people.]

Yoko:  Where could "Baka-chan" have gone?  He said he was going to get 
some punch.

Oda:  [Walking up from the dance floor.]  Miyasato-san, what's wrong?  
Who are you looking for?

Yoko:  Well, he's dressed like a ninja.

Oda:  [With slight amusement.]  You're going to have to be more 

Yoko:  He calls himself "Baka-chan".  He's my date tonight.

Oda:  Date?  Didn't you say he walked out on you?

Yoko:  Eh?  No, not at all.  I had some trouble finding him, but that's 
because of that silly handle he uses.  It won't be a problem after 
tonight, so I'm not worried about it.

Oda:  Well, I can't say that I've met anyone calling himself "Baka-

Yoko:  [Sighs.]  Well, I'm going to go to the ladies room.  If you see 
him, could you mention I'm looking for him?

Oda:  [Nods as Yoko leaves.  To herself.]  Hmm...she called her date 
"Baka-chan".  Then who is the "S-san" from her letter?  Or was it her 
letter?  Ahh, I'm so confused.  Who did I talk to right now, anyway?

[Cut back to the middle of the dance floor.  Yuko and Saito dance as 
they talk.]

Yuko:  I know I was sort of a fool earlier.  It's just that sometimes 
I'm worried that you're not taking me seriously in a relationship.

Saito:  Don't be silly.  [More assured.]  You know I didn't have much 
of a social life in high school.  The truth is that I've been looking 
for a girl just like you for a long time.  I'm not going to do anything 
to ruin what we have.

Yuko:  [Nods.]  Well, that's good to hear.

[As the music comes to a close, Saito begins to walk to one side of the 

Saito:  Listen, I've got to go to the men's room.  How about we have 
something to eat this time?  I'll meet you by the snack table.

Yuko:  OK.

[Cut to inside the men's room.  Saito takes a moment to wipe his face 
with water as Kasamatsu looks on.]

Kasamatsu:  I just don't get it.  Every girl I've asked has turned me 
down.  [Waxes dramatically.]  A handsome guy like me...

Saito:  [Deadpan.]  ...who makes crude jokes at people's expense.

Kasamatsu:  N-not always.  [Amused expression.]  Besides, I'm not the 
only guy who's having girl problems.

Saito:  [Annoyed, but concedes.]  I just don't know what's going on 
with Yuko tonight.  One minute she's sweet and romantic, the next, 
she's acting upset and skeptical of everything I say.  Even when we 
were dancing just now, she seemed so much more tense than she was when 
we were dancing earlier.

Kasamatsu:  Well, that's girls for you.

Saito:  You'll never get a girl if you keep thinking that.

Kasamatsu:  Hrumph...!  [Looks at himself in the mirror and makes minor 
adjustment to his costume.]  How's your costume holding up?

Saito:  Well, the pants and jacket are little baggy.  [Puts mask back 
on.]  And this thing makes it tough to talk.  It's getting in the way 
of my jaw.

Kasamatsu:  Well, we're different sizes.  Next year, buy your own 

[Both of them leave the men's room and see Yoko coming out of the 
ladies' room.]

Yoko:  There you are!  I've been looking for you!  [Give him a hug.]

Saito:  [Surprised.]  Ah, well, I've been here.

Kasamatsu:  [Dubiously to himself.]  Miyasato-san doesn't seem that 
tense to me...

Yoko:  Well, how about another dance?

Saito:  But I thought you wanted a drink first.

Yoko:  I'm OK for now.  [Drags Saito back onto the dance floor.]

[As they leave, Kasamatsu wanders back to the snack table where he sees 

Oda:  Oh, there you are.  Have you seen Saito-san?

Kasamatsu:  Well, Miyasato-san just dragged him back onto the dance 
floor.  [Conspiratorially.]  Looks like he's going to score tonight!

Oda:  Can you be more specific?  Miyasato Yuko's waiting for him at the 
snack table.

Kasamatsu:  Really?  I thought she was dancing with Kenichi.  Oh well, 
I can't tell Miyasato-tachi* apart either, but Saito was definitely 
dancing with one of them.
*The Miyasatos

Oda:  [To herself.]  Strange guy...  [Goes to the snack table where 
Yuko is sitting alone.]

Yuko:  [Sees Oda.]  Did you find out where Saito wandered off?

Oda:  Kasamatsu says the two of you were dancing together.

Yuko:  Well, sure we were, but that was a while ago.  I don't know why 
he ran away on me.  [Sighs with sad resignation.]  This has been a 
lousy night.  Maybe Saito was right; coming here was a mistake.  I'm 
going home.  [Stands up and leaves.]

Oda:  [To herself.]  Hmm...this isn't good.  I think I'd better find 
out what's really going on.

[Cut back to the dance floor.  The music comes to a halt and Yoko and 
Saito pull apart from each other.]

Yoko:  Say, do you want something to eat?

Saito:  Are you sure this time?

Yoko:  [Smiles.]  Very sure.  [To herself.]  He'll have to take off his 
mask when we eat.

[As they make their way to the edge of the dance floor, they see Oda, 
who flags their attention.]

Oda:  Just a minute.  [To Yoko.]  Could I talk to you alone for just a 
moment?  It's kind of important.

Yoko:  Eh?  Well, I guess.

Saito:  I'll wait for you by the snack tables.  [Leaves.]

Yoko:  What is it, Oda-san?

Oda:  I just wanted to catch you before you left.  I think there's been 
some kind of mix-up with--

Yoko:  [Surprised.]  Left?  I'm not going anywhere.

Oda:  Eh?  Didn't you just say you were very upset with Saito-san and 
were going home?

Yoko:  Saito?  You must be referring to Yuko.  I'm Yoko.

Oda:  Uh-oh...I think I see what's going on.  Yuko just left a moment 
ago.  She was very upset with Saito for some reason.

Yoko:  [Angrily.]  Wh-why that...!  [Cracks knuckles and starts looking 
around.]  I'll punish Saito for hurting Yuko!

[Cut to the end of the snack table.  Saito is sitting with two plates 
of food and begins eating from one of them.  As he does so, he sees 
Yoko coming up to him.]

Saito:  Oh, you're here.  Have some food.

Yoko:  [Angrily.]  Don't you "food" me, you playboy!

Saito:  [Confused.]  Hah...?

Yoko:  You're the worst kind of guy!  How could you toy with a girl's 
feelings?!  [Slaps Saito and storms off.]

Saito:  [Shocked.]   ...!

[As Saito picks himself up off the floor, Oda walks up to him.]

Saito:  [Surprised.]  I-I can't believe this.  What's going on?  Why 
was Yuko so upset?  She seemed so nice just a moment ago.

Oda:  [Matter-of-factly.]  That was Yoko-san.

Saito:  Eh?!  [Stunned.]  I-I didn't know....  So I must have spent 
some time with Yoko....  No wonder Yuko was upset.

Oda:  [Sighs.]  I'll try talking to them.  Maybe after they've cooled 
off, you can explain what happened.

Saito:  [Regretfully to himself.]  With all the confusion, I didn't 
even get to meet "Chun-Li".  I'll bet she's upset at me, too.

[Cut to the University newspaper building.  It is late at night and Oda 
is the only person in the main room.  The room is only half-lit, and 
the glare of the monitor shines on her face as she types.  After saving 
an article marked "Computer Club Party", she notices a single letter 
sitting in her inbox.  After looking at it for a few moments, she picks 
it up and reads.]

Oda:  [Reads the letter.]  

Dear Oda-san,

I am a second year student in the college.  A friend of mine who I call 
K-san is 
dating a guy I call S-san.  K-san is a little naive about dating and 
she's already 
had two dates go bad for different reasons.  K-san is a very sweet 
person and I don't 
want to see her hurt again, but I don't know much about S-san.  Would I 
be intruding 
to try and find out more about S-san or should I just let K-san have a 
chance to learn 
about S-san herself?


Girl with the red straw hat

[Cut to Saito's apartment.  Saito is sitting in front of his computer 
with his ninja mask hanging around his neck as he reads an electronic 
letter on the screen.]

Saito:  [Reads the letter.]


I'm sorry I missed you at the Computer Club party.  I looked around for 
you, but with 
all the confusion and problems, I missed my chance.

I know you're probably nervous about meeting for the first time.  I 
know I feel the same 
way.  However, after so many missed chances, and then this party not 
working out for us, 
I can't help but think that maybe things weren't meant to be.  Please 
tell me I'm wrong.

I don't want to believe that you are anything but a nice guy with the 
kind words we have 
exchanged these past few months.  A person like you could do nothing 
less and I'll trust 
that you'll do what you feel is best for us both.  Please let me know 
what is in your heart.


[Cut to the University newspaper building.  Oda starts to type a reply, 
then stops.  She thinks about it carefully and frowns.  After thinking 
it over, she sighs and begins to compose her reply.]

Oda:  [Types.]
Dear Red Hat Girl,

It's natural for you to feel the need to protect your friend K-san.  
However, everyone 
has to make their own choices in their relationships, if they are to 
mean anything.  
Just as K-san can trust you when she confides in you, trust her to 
choose what is best 
for her.

Sometimes it is tempting to act as quickly as possible.  But not every 
demands immediate action.  Sometimes a little introspection is needed.  
I hope things 
turn out for the best.

Sincerely, Oda-san

[Cut to Saito's apartment.  He looks at his e-mail.  He takes the mask 
off and looks at it for a long time before setting it on the table.]

Saito:  [Types.]
Dear Chun-Li,

Believe me when I say that I never meant to hurt or mislead you.  
Although things didn't 
go well for either of us at the party, I want to reassure you that my 
feelings for you 
are real.

Please keep the faith.  Our time will come when you least expect it.

Sincerely, Baka-chan

[Saito pauses as he looks over the letter.  After a few moments of 
thought, he deletes "Baka-chan" and replaces it with "Saito Kenichi".  
After he finishes, he presses a key and sends the letter.]



New Character Designer/Writer           Stephen Tsai
Pre-readers                             Robert Carragher
                                        Tony Chen
                                        Vladimir Zelevinsky
Very special thanks to                  Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to      Matsumoto Izumi for starting 
the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, mail 
them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  I've 
got the next episode in the works.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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