Kimagure Orange College - Episode 39
by Stephen Tsai
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From: (Stephen Tsai)

Kimagure Orange College

[Writer's foreword:  This is the thirty-ninth episode of a fan-fict 
series based on the characters in Kimagure Orange Road.  They are 
intended to take place after the movie, "I Want to Return to that Day", 
and follow the characters Kasuga Kyosuke and Ayukawa Madoka as they 
start the next phase of their lives in college.
	If you missed the previous episodes, notes about the new 
characters, and previous events are listed after the ending credits.  
In addition, previous episodes are available at
	One thing I would like to say up front:  Although I have 
graduated from college, my experience is in the American college system 
and culture.  The span of my experience in the Japanese advanced 
education system is limited to watching anime, pen pals and research.  
Any mistakes, inconsistencies, etc. are neither intentional nor are 
they meant to show disrespect for the Japanese education system.  In 
fact, I would appreciate any constructive criticisms, corrections, and 
insight any readers might offer me.  Mail all such letters, praises or 
flames to]

Episode 39 - Kasuga's Island

[Cut to Tokyo Marina.  It is early in the morning as the commercial 
fishing boats return from their nightly excursions, while the dockhands 
prepare to process their catches.  Hayashibara walks on the docks with 
the dock master, looking over a 15 meter fishing boat named "Medaka-
maru*".  The dock master makes a few notations on a clipboard, then 
nods approvingly.]
*Boats in Japan are named "-maru"

Dock master:  OK, it's in tip top shape.  You're ready to go out.  
[Hands Hayashibara a copy of the checklist.]  You'll want to make sure 
to check the screws in three months.

Hayashibara:  [Nods.]  I'll be sure to tell my father.

Ayukawa:  Is everything fine?

[Hayashibara turns and sees Ayukawa, Kasuga, Kimura, Katsu, Saito, 
Kasamatsu, Yoko and Yuko walking from the city bus stop.  Each one is 
carrying a bag or backpack with personal supplies and fishing gear.]

Hayashibara:  No problem.  We can leave when everyone's ready.

Katsu:  [To Kasuga.]  It was nice of him to invite us all, eh?

Kasuga:  [Nods and smiles.]  Un.

Kasuga Narration:  It was the end of our second summer in college.  
With classes starting back in less than two weeks, it was our last 
chance to vacation, so Hayashibara invited several of us for a fishing 
cruise on his family boat.  We were all looking forward to the trip, 
even me.  The apprehension I felt last year from him being around, and 
especially near Ayukawa, was mostly gone, and so I decided not to let 
it get in the way of us having a good time.

[Cut to the Tokyo Bay inlet.  Hayashibara increases power to the boat 
motors and steers to the open sea.  Once the boat is clear of the 
harbor, people begin to unpack their fishing equipment.]

Kimura:  [Taking a deep breath while standing by the stern.] 
that's the smell of the sea!

Katsu:  Actually, that's the smell of decaying sea life.  Sea water 
doesn't really have any...[Trails off and sees everyone else's 
expression.]  What?  It's true!

Yoko:  [Deadpan.]  Boy, you sure sucked the fun out of that 

Katsu:  Well, I intend to have some fun.  [Takes out a large tackle 
box, removes a small plastic jar and opens it.  As he does so, a 
horrible odor comes out.]

Kasamatsu:  Hrph!  [Immediately holds breath and pinches nose.]

Yuko:  Wha...  [Manages to stumble to the other side of the boat.] that?!

Katsu:  Fishing bait.  [Confidently as he scoops a small amount onto a 
fishing hook.]  I made it especially so fish can smell it underwater 
for miles around.

Kasuga:  It smells terrible!  You'll never catch anything with that!

[After a minute of preparation, Katsu drops his line into the ocean, 
much to the relief of the others.]

Yoko:  [Upset.]  Stand downwind next time!  [As she readies her fishing 
line.]  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I wish we had more time 
to prepare for this trip.  We left so fast, I didn't get a chance to 
check for e-mail from my boyfriend.

Hayashibara:  Don't worry about it.  We're only going for a three-hour 
tour.  We'll be back before you know it.

Yuko:  Three hours?  Isn't that a little short?

Hayashibara:  Well, if we want to stay out longer, we have enough 
supplies.  Let's just see how things go.

Kasamatsu:  [To Saito.]  She has a boyfriend?  Whoever he is, he must 
be desperate!

Saito:  [Nods and smirks.]  A dateless wonder, I'm sure...

Yoko:  Hrumph!  [Smiles and gloats.]  I know you guys are just trying 
to rile me up.  Well, it won't work.  When you meet him, we'll see who 
has the last laugh.

Kasamatsu:  [Surprised to Saito.]  S-sonna*...!  She didn't beat you 
up!  [Whispers to Saito.]  Normally, she would have blackened your eye 
for that crack...

Saito:  [Nods with a little surprise.]  Maybe she does have a boyfriend 
after all...  

[Cut to an hour later.  The boat is now far out at sea, with no land in 
sight.  Hayashibara steers it in an easterly direction while keeping an 
eye on a compass and map.  The engine is silent and the sails are 
unfurled.  Most of the others are fishing off the sides.  Kimura is 
standing up on the stern while Kasuga and Ayukawa watch Hayashibara 

Katsu:  [Reels in his rod and pulls out a foot-long fish.]  Yatta!

Saito:  That's his fourth fish!  [Looks at Kasamatsu.]  What are we 
doing wrong?

Kasamatsu:  [Grudgingly.]  Guess that stinky stuff of his really 

Saito:  Speaking of which...

[Everyone proceeds to hold their noses shut as Katsu opens his bait 
container and baits his hook.  After he is done, he closes the 
container and casts his line out.]

Yoko:  [Pants after releasing her nose.]  Is he done yet?  [Mutters.]  
I'd never eat a fish that ate anything that disgusting.

Yuko:  [Nods, then releases her nose.]  Well, he is catching more than 
everyone else, though...  [After glancing at Kimura.]  How about we 
find out for sure?

Yoko:  Okay.

[Yuko reels in her line and sets her pole aside.  The twins then move 
to the front of the boat and stand on either side of Kimura.]

Yuko:  Umm...are you even going to fish?

Kimura:  [Rapt awe.]  I'm just looking at the sea!  It's nothing like 
being on land!  Everything's constantly changing!

Yuko:  Come on.  You've been to the sea before, right?

Kimura:  No, this is my first time!

Yuko:  [Sotto voce as she discreetly hands a Y1000 bill to Yoko behind 
Kimura's back.]  Che*...  [Out loud.]  Well, you should still try a 
little fishing.  [Pause.]  You've fished before, right?

Kimura:  Well, I've read about it.

Yuko:  ...

[At the helm, Hayashibara turns to Kasuga.]

Hayashibara:  Kasuga-san, could you please take the wheel?

Kasuga:  Ah, sure.

[As Kasuga steps up to take the steering wheel, Hayashibara steps aside 
and looks at his map more closely.  He then pulls out a sextant, takes 
a sight measurement, and makes a notation on the map.]

Ayukawa: really know how to navigate out this far?

Hayashibara:  Well, my father taught me when we used to go boating 
years ago.  When he was younger, he loved to go out to sea.

Ayukawa:  When he was younger?  What's stopping him now?

Hayashibara:  [Pauses.] he got promoted, he had less time.  
I also started getting more involved with extracurricular activities in 
high school.

Kasuga:  Baseball?

Hayashibara:  [Pauses.]  Yes, mainly.

Ayukawa:  [Studying the map.]  So how far are we going out?

Hayashibara:  [Points to a section of the map.]  Well, I thought we'd 
try Hayama.  A lot of small fishing boats go through there. [Checks the 
compass.]  Kasuga, bring us five degrees starboard.

Kasuga:  Hai, sencho*.
*Ship captain

[On the other side of the boat, Katsu stops fishing for a moment and 
drops a small open container with a line attached into the ocean.  He 
then pulls it back and pours its contents into a test tube.]

Saito:  Hey, what are you doing?

Katsu:  I'm collecting sea water for analysis later.  It's for my 
sophomore course project.  My team is doing a paper on pollution levels 
in the ocean and this seemed to be a good time as any to get samples.

Kasamatsu:  Eh?  You're doing school work during our summer holidays?  
[Nose up with mock contempt.]  That's the ultimate blasphemy!

Katsu:  You two were in the school computer labs for most of the 
summer.  What was that for?

Kasamatsu:  [Taken aback.]  Ah, well, that's different.  That's 

Katsu:  Why is your stuff recreation and mine blasphemy?

Kasamatsu:  D-don't ask silly questions.  Some things just are.

[Cut to a few minutes later.  On one side of the boat, Yuko baits a 
hook for Kimura as Yoko watches dubiously.]

Yuko:  There.  Now you're ready to fish.

Kimura:  What do I do now?

Yuko:  Throw the line in and wait.

Yoko:  Don't throw the pole in while you're doing it.

Yuko:  Come on, she knows better than that.  [To herself.]  I hope...

Kimura:  [Nods obediently.]  Un.  [Casts out line, but forgets to 
release the reel lock.  The spool locks in place, causing the baited 
hook to swing back and smack Yoko in the face with a piece of bait.]

Yoko:  [Annoyed.]  G-gross...!  [Peels fish off her face.]

Kimura:  [Embarrassed.]  S-sorry!

Yuko:  [Despairingly.]  Ah...try releasing the reel lock first...

Kimura:  [Unsure.]  Um...OK...  [Clicks the open-faced reel in the 
release position, then casts again.  This time, the line releases 
cleanly and the baited hook submerges below the surface of the ocean.]

Yuko:  OK, that's good.  Now try reeling the line in a little to take 
up the slack.

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Un.  [Starts spinning the reel in the opposite 
direction.  The spool of line explodes into a mass of tangles.]  Ah...!

Yuko:  M-my reel...!

Kimura:  [Embarrassed.]  S-sorry!

Yoko:  [Sotto voce as she rolls eyes.]  I told her so...


[Cut to Mishima Heavy Industries.  In front of a terminal, Kyusaku 
excitedly watches a graphical stock ticker.]

Kyusaku:  [Cheers.]  I'm rich...!

[Cut to Nerima district of Tokyo.  Tendou Nabiki slumps as she watches 
a graphical stock ticker.]

Nabiki:  [Dismayed.]  I'm ruined...!

[Cut to Cairo, Egypt.  In one of the tents near the pyramids, Inaho 
Hitomebore explodes with glee as she watches a graphical stock ticker.]

Inaho:  [Excitedly.]  I'm rich...!

[Cut to the Yuugen Kaisha in Tokyo.  Shinmezu Mamoru buries his face as 
he watches a graphical stock ticker.]

Shimezu:  [Moans.]  We're ruined...!

Voiceover:  E-Trade dot com.  What can we do for you today?

[Writer's note:  Standard Disclaimer.]


[Cut to the open sea.  The winds blow continuously as the boat rides 
the swells.  Land is nowhere in sight as the boat continues further 

Kasamatsu:  ...and another thing; chemistry hasn't changed in over a 
hundred years!  Computers are changing almost every six months!

Katsu:  [Disbelief.]  Wh-what?  That's nonsense!  There are new 
compounds being discovered every year!  Plastics and material science 
have changed a lot of things!

Kasamatsu:  [Sagely.]  Computers represent the future.  Chemistry is 
just a step above alchemy.

Katsu:  [Frustrated.]  Even your computers wouldn't be around without 
chemistry.  Where do you think all that silicon comes from?

Kasamatsu:  [Backpedals.]  Well, sure.  OK, chemistry is good for 
making chips.  But that's all!

Katsu:  [Shakes head.]  Your keyboard and diskettes are made of 
plastics.  So is that fishing pole you're using.  The food you ate this 
morning had preservatives.  We're riding in a boat powered by 
petroleum-based products.

Kasamatsu:  [Embarrassed.]  Uh...well...

Yoko:  [Sotto voce as she glances at Kasamatsu from the other side of 
the boat.]  Moron...

Saito:  [Stands next to Yoko.]  He's just a little passionate.  He's 
always been like that.

Yoko:  I'm not a science expert, but even I'm not going to say 
something that stupid.

Saito:  [Nods.]  Right.  [Long pause.]  Listen, I know we don't see 
eye-to-eye a lot.  But I wanted to let you know...about last night...

Yoko:  [Coldly.]  You mean when you toyed around with Yuko's feelings?

Saito:  I didn't mean it to turn out that way!  [Resolutely.]  I'm 
going to talk to Yuko up front when we get back and straighten it all 
out.  Where we go from here, I'll leave it to her.

Yoko:  And if this e-mail girl decides she wants you?

Saito:  It doesn't matter.  I've sent her an e-mail and I'm going to 
meet her in person.  I'm going tell her the truth that I've been dating 
Yuko.  And's not fair that I keep dangling her along like 

Yoko:  So you're going to break up with her?

Saito:  [Nods.]  Probably.

Yoko:  Well, you'd better.  Whoever this girl is, she's a total wimp 
for not having the courage to meet you face-to-face!

[At the front of the boat, Yuko baits another hook and hands Kimura 
another rod and reel.]

Yuko:  OK, this is an easier reel to use.  Just press the button when 
you cast and nothing can go wrong.

Kimura:  [Nods enthusiastically.]  Un!  I'll do my best!  [Casts 
forward, and lets the line unspool freely as the baited hook drops into 
the ocean.]

Yuko:  [Warily to herself.]  So far, so good...

Yoko:  [Quietly to Saito.]  How about a Y1000 that she'll lose that 
reel too?

Saito:  [Dismayed.]  You're so mean sometimes.  Just what do you have 
against her anyway?

Yoko:  [Pauses, then quietly.]  Not a thing.  She's the nicest, 
sweetest person I've met.  But that doesn't mean she knows a thing 
outside a classroom.

Saito:  Well, I think she's learned her lesson by now.  Keiko-san 
rarely makes the same mistake twice.  Besides, she's using a close-
faced reel this time.  Those are idiot-proof.

Yoko:  Is that a yes?

[Saito pauses for a moment, then nods firmly.  Cut to the middle of the 
ship.  Kasuga checks the map as he continues to hold the steering wheel 
steady while Hayashibara mans the sails.]

Kasuga:  So where are we anyway?

Ayukawa:  If I've been reading this map right, we should be around 
here.  [Points to a spot east-south-east of Honshu.]

Hayashibara:  Very good; that's pretty close.  Is this your first time 
at sea?

Ayukawa:  [Smiles]  No, not really.  You're just doing a good job 
teaching us.  Besides, my family's taken a few trips by ocean liner.

Hayashibara:  Really?

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  My family had some musical performances overseas and 
sometimes we would take a boat if the next stop wasn't too far away.

Hayashibara:  That's right; your folks played with the Tokyo Symphony.  
I saw them perform in Tokyo Center a few years ago.

Ayukawa:  Really?  What did they play?

Hayashibara:  Mozart's Violin Concerto No 5 in A major.

Ayukawa:  [Nods and smiles.]  Hm...that's a good one.  I think his 
piano works are better.  My favorite is Concerto No 10.

Hayashibara:  [Smiles.]  You like a challenge then?  That takes 2 
pianos.  [Pauses.]  How about you, Kasuga-san?  Did your family ever go 

Kasuga:  [Distracted.]  Eh?, not really.  My father does 
almost all his work around Japan.  We went to Hawaii once, though.

Hayashibara:  I can't say that I ever been there.  Maybe we'll all go 
there before we graduate.

Kasuga:  [Half-seriously.]  Just so long as we don't have to worry 
about getting kidnapped again...

Hayashibara:  [Confused.]  Eh?

Ayukawa:  [Suppressed smile.]  It's a long story.  At least this time, 
someone would be there who can afford to pay the ransom...  [Starts 
laughing.]  Haha...

Hayashibara:  [Smiles.]  I can see there are still some stories left to 
hear from you two...

Kasuga Narration:  Looking back, I have to admit that I was feeling a 
sense of confusion.  We were all getting along and the trip was a lot 
of fun.  But no matter how much I tried, there was a tiny part of me 
that was bothered every time Ayukawa and Hayashibara seemed to be 
getting closer.  It was probably just jealousy on my part, and I was 
being foolish to let it bother me.  But still...

[Cut to the front of the ship.  Kimura is holding onto the fishing rod 
as Yuko watches.]

Kimura:  So, when do the fish come?

Yuko:  It could be anytime.  You have to be patient.

Kimura:  [Ponders as she reads the labelling from one of the boat's 
life-preservers.]  "Medaka"...what kind of fish is that?

Yuko:  [Points to a bucket of live minnows.]  These are "medaka"; we've 
been using them as bait.

Kimura:  [Eyes light up.]  Waah...kawaii*...!

Yoko:  [Deadpan.]  Don't get so attracted to them; they're all going to 
die soon...

Kimura:  [Despairingly.]  B-but they're so cute...!  [Determined.]  
Maybe I should use Katsu-san's bait.

Yoko:  [Turns up nose.]  Suit yourself.  I wouldn't want to eat fish 
with that stuff in their bellies.

Kimura:  [Cajoles.]  Come on, fish-chan...

Yuko:  Oh, come on...that'll never...

[Without warning, the pole begins to twitch, then suddenly the line 
goes taut.  Kimura freezes with surprise as the pole is yanked out of 
her hands.]

Yuko:  Waah...!  [Dives to the deck and just barely manages to grab the 
pole before it goes overboard.]

Kimura:  [Surprised.] strong...!

Yoko:  [Confidently to Saito.] up.

Saito:  No way!  She didn't lose the reel.

Yoko:  Yes, she did!  Yuko had to save the pole.

Saito:  But the bet was the reel.  We didn't say anything about the 

Yoko:  [Looks away with annoyance, then hands over a Y1000 bill.]  

Yuko:  [As she grips the rod and starts struggling with the reel.]  
Next time, hold the rod more firmly!

Kimura:  [Nods.]  Ah...sorry...!

[Cut to the middle of the ship.  Ayukawa and Hayashibara are marking 
the boat's changing position as Kasuga watches the horizon.  Kasuga 
frowns, then taps Hayashibara on the shoulder.]

Kasuga:  [Pointing to the skyline in front of them.] looks 
like it's getting cloudy ahead.  Did you have a chance to check the 

Hayashibara:  [Looks at the clouds and frowns.]  Last night, the report 
said there was a storm front building southeast of Japan, but it wasn't 
supposed to be close to the mainland until a few days from now.

[Kasuga picks up a set of binoculars and looks towards the southern 
horizon.  He frowns and hands them over to Hayashibara.]

Kasuga:  I'm not a weather expert, but those look like thunderheads to 

Hayashibara:  [Looks and nods sharply.]  They are.  And coming this 
way.  [Turns on the short-wave radio and listens as the news comes to 
the top of the hour.  The weather report starts as he adjusts the fine-
tuning and listens carefully.]

Radio:  "...and with the radar showing gathering clouds, the NHK has 
issued a small craft warning for boats in the Nansei area.  Repeat:  
The weather front of storm clouds has shifted directions in the last 
six hours and is now heading towards the Shikoku/Honshu area.  Winds 
gusting as high as 80 kph are expected, and small and medium craft are 
strongly advised to..."

Hayashibara:  [Frowns.]  Hmm...that doesn't sound good.  [Checks his 

Ayukawa:  Is that coming anywhere near us?

Hayashibara:  Possibly.  We might want to start heading back to port.  
Since the storm's southwest of us, we'd better hurry.  [To the crowd.]  
OK, everyone, please gather all your equipment together and go below 
deck.  We're going to have to head back early.

Ayukawa:  Below deck?

Hayashibara:  It could get rough.  You'll all be safer in the cabin.

[The group begins to pack and stow their gear in the cabin.  Kasuga and 
Ayukawa weigh the anchor, then Hayashibara turns the boat back to the 
west and guns the motor.  As they do so, the swells of the sea begin to 
grow at an alarming rate.  Overhead, the sun is blotted out as the 
storm clouds darken.  Rain begins to fall, tentatively at first, then 
in sheets.  The ominous rumble of thunder is accompanied by lightning 
streaking across the sky.]

Hayashibara:  [Points to the cabin.]  Everyone get below!  [To Kasuga.]  
I'm going to have to take the sails down!  Kasuga, steer us west!

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Got it!  [Spins the wheel, then holds it steady as 
the boat begins to change course.]

Ayukawa:  Is there anything else we can do?

Hayashibara:  [Points to the extra life vests, ropes, and other tack 
gear.]  Tie down the rest of the equipment.  It's going to be rough!

Ayukawa:  [Determined.]  I've got it!

Hayashibara:  [Points to the cabin door.]  Alright, everyone else get 

[Katsu, Saito, Kasamatsu, Kimura, Yoko and Yuko all comply and go into 
the cabin.  As the cabin door closes, Ayukawa finishes stowing the 
extra gear and stands next to Kasuga.  He does his best to hold the 
wheel steady as he steers to the west.  Hayashibara struggles with the 
rigging as the increasing winds whip around him, blowing the sails into 
a frenzy.]

Kasuga:  [Increases the motor speed.]  I can't keep it steady!  The 
storm's too strong!

Hayashibara:  I need to get the sails down before the rigging snaps!  
[Clings to the main mast as the boat pitches against the waves.]  It's 
getting worse!  Kasuga, turn us into the waves!  If we hit broadside, 
we'll capsize for sure!

[Inside the cabin, fear grips the passengers as the turbulence gets 
stronger by the minute.]

Saito:  [Staring at the incoming waves from the cabin window.]  N-no 
way...!  We're not going to make it!

Kasamatsu:  [Starts crying and grabs Yoko.]  Waah...!  I'm going to die 
without ever having a girlfriend...!

Yoko:  [Fearfully as she shoves Kasamatsu away.]  L-let go...!  I-if 
I'm going to die, I don't want you hanging all over me...!

[The wave hits the boat, tilting the cabin thirty degrees to one side, 
tossing everyone to the starboard side of the cabin before swinging 
back.  Saito loses his balance and falls in Yuko's chest.]

Yuko:  [Falls back onto one of the couches.]  Kyaa...!

Saito:  [Paralyzed with fear and embarrassment.]  Th-this isn't what...

Yuko:  [Angrily shoves Saito away.]  How long were you going to keep 
lying there...!?

[The boat pitches back, causing everyone to tumble to the other side.  
Saito lands in Yoko's lap.]

Yoko:  [Pushes Saito off.]  Get off of me!

Saito:  [Despairingly.]  I-I just can't win...!

Kimura:  [Concerned.]  Katsu-san!  Are we going to die?

Katsu:  [Steely.]  No, we're not!  Just hang on tight and keep low to 
the ground!  [To everyone else.]  Everyone stay calm!  We'll get 
through this if we keep our heads cool!

Kasamatsu:  H-how do you keep cool at a time like this...?!

Katsu:  [Deliberate calm.]  We can't help things by panicking.  All we 
can do is ride it out and trust that Hayashibara-san, Kasuga-san, and 
Ayukawa-san are doing their best.

Yoko:  [Impressed to herself.]  W-wow...he's very cool under pressure.

Kimura:  [Looking out of the window.]  Ah...what a big one...!

[Saito comes over to the window and see a large wave building and 
heading straight towards the boat.]

Saito:  [Stunned.]  Shimatta*...!
*Oh shoot

Katsu:  Everyone, hold tight!

[Cut back to the main deck of the ship.  Ayukawa looks with dread as 
the large waves head straight towards them.]

Ayukawa:  [Points to the next incoming swell of water.]  Look out!

Hayashibara:  Brace yourselves!

[The swell of water rolls towards them broadside, threatening to 
capsize the boat.]

Kasuga:  Shimatta*!
*Oh shoot

[Kasuga concentrates hard and the steering wheel spins as he bring his 
power to bear.  The boat pivots hard to starboard, meeting the wave at 
the stern.  Ayukawa and Kasuga brace as the water crashes down.  The 
wave hits the mast full force, knocking Hayashibara overboard.  As the 
water clears away, Ayukawa sees Hayashibara swept away.]

Ayukawa:  Hayashibara!

Kasuga: [To himself.]  I don't have a choice...!  [Concentrates.]  I 
got him!  Take the wheel!

[Kasuga and Ayukawa switch positions as Hayashibara is levitated back 
to the boat.  As they do so, Ayukawa flinches as the radio and 
transmitter in front of her spark and fizzle from the sea water.]

Kasuga:  He's unconscious!

Ayukawa:  Switch!  See if you can get us to land!

[Kasuga takes the wheel and looks for the map, but doesn't see it.  
Ayukawa checks on Hayashibara and sees that he is having problems 
breathing.  She clears his mouth of sea water and gives him mouth-to-
mouth until he begins to cough clearly again.]

Kasuga:  [Almost to himself as he watches Ayukawa give Hayashibara 
mouth-to-mouth respiration.]  A-ayukawa...

Kasuga Narration:  I couldn't help but feel a little jealous as I 
watched Ayukawa giving Hayashibara first aid.  I also felt more than a 
little ashamed at myself for feeling that way.  Of course I knew that 
she was saving his life.  Even so...

Kasuga:  [Shakes his head and concentrates at the task at hand.]  We 
must have lost the map with that last wave!

Ayukawa:  [Secures Hayashibara to the deck.]  How about the ship's 
compass?  There should be some islands in the area east of our last 
position.  We may be able to take refuge if you can get us there.

Kasuga:  [Nods.]  Hang on!

[Kasuga concentrates and brings the Power to bear.  The boat spins 
around 180 degrees and thrusts forward in an easterly direction.  
Ayukawa pulls out the binoculars and scans the horizon.  Kasuga 
flinches as each wave crashes towards the boat, only to be deflected 
off at the last second.  For almost half an hour, the boat continues 
forward as Kasuga begins to tremble with fatigue and exposure.  
Finally, Ayukawa notices something on the horizon.]

Ayukawa:  [Pointing.]  There!  I think I see land!

[Kasuga collapses from the strain, and Ayukawa catches him.]

Ayukawa:  Kasuga-kun!  [Knocked down and away from Kasuga as the waves 
resume their battering of the ship.]  Kya...!

Kasuga:  A-ayukawa...!  [Struggles to stand back up.]

Ayukawa:  [Stands back up and makes her way to Kasuga.]  Try and pull 
yourself together!  [Cajoling as she props Kasuga up.]  You're our only 

[Kasuga nods and clenches his fist.  With a last burst of power, the 
boat again lunges forward for the last hundred meters into the island 
lagoon.  Kasuga then collapses from exhaustion, but the boat's 
remaining momentum manages to beach it on land.  Ayukawa catches him as 
he falls and shelters him as best she can from the storm.]

Ayukawa:  [Softly.]  Rest've earned it.

[Cut to sometime later.  The boat is beached on a tropical island and 
the sun is slowly beginning to set.  Overhead, the sun is setting as 
the skies start to clear and the winds begin to die down.  Kasuga and 
Hayashibara are both recovering on deck as Saito, Kasamatsu, and Yuko 
are cleaning up the boat as best they can.]

Kasamatsu:  [Sweeping water off the front of the deck with a squeegee.]  
Boy, this thing is a mess...

Saito:  [Picking up clutter off the rear deck.]  This wasn't exactly 
what we were looking forward to, was it?

Yuko:  [Coiling the ship lines.]  Oh, quit whining...!

Hayashibara:  [To Kasuga.]  Well, I don't know how you did it, but it 
looks like you saved us.

Kasuga:  Well, not really.  Both you and Ayukawa did your parts too.

Kasamatsu:  [Dubiously.]  Saved us?  [Relents.]  Well, maybe, but where 
are we?

Kasuga:  I'm not sure.  Ayukawa, Katsu, Kimura and Miyasato-san should 
be back in a few minutes.  Hopefully, they'll find someone who can tell 
us where we are.

Hayashibara:  [Stands up.]  I'm afraid we lost the map in the storm, so 
I'm not sure either.

Saito:  Well, can we call for help?

Hayashibara:  [Shakes his head.]  I'm afraid not.  The radio and 
transmitter aren't working.  They shorted out during the storm and 
apparently we spent most of our fuel getting here.

Kasamatsu:  [Shakes her head.]  Oh, that's just great...!  How are we 
getting off this island?

[Conversations stop when everyone sees Ayukawa, Yoko, Katsu and Kimura 
coming towards the boat.  As they get closer, the look on their faces 
is one of gloom.]

Katsu:  Well, the good news is, there seems to be quite a bit of food 
and a lake on the island.

Kasamatsu:  [Dubiously.]  That's the good news?

Ayukawa:  [Nods gloomily.]  It is good news.  Because the bad news 
is...there doesn't appear to be anyone else here.

Kasuga:  You mean...we're stranded here?

[There is a long pause as all activity on the boat comes to a halt.  
The late-afternoon sun hangs uncomfortably low as each person comes to 
their own conclusions.]

Katsu:  Um...well, it's a pretty decent sized island.  Maybe we missed 
a settlement...

Yoko:  Yeah right...  [Shakes her head.]  We walked the entire 
perimeter of the island.  There's no one else here!

Katsu:  You don't know that!

Yoko:  [Retorts.]  There isn't even any sign of civilization!  If 
someone were here, don't you think there would have been some kind of 
power source or other structure?

Kimura:  [Pleads.]  Wait a minute!  We can't just give up!

Ayukawa:  [Nods.]  She's right!  [To Yoko.]  Until we know for sure, 
"don't know" means just that.

[Yoko looks as if she is going to reply, but holds her peace.]

Hayashibara:  Well, whatever the case may be, it's getting late.  
Perhaps we should find some shelter, and get started fresh in the 
morning.  I'll need daylight to assess the boat anyway.

Kasamatsu:  What about food?  We didn't bring that much!

Katsu:  [Offers.]  We have fish.  While we were scouting the island, we 
saw lots of various fruits.  There's more than enough wood to start a 

Kasamatsu:  Everything's wet!  [Sarcastically.]  How exactly are "we 
going to start a fire?"

Katsu:  We can use the sulfur and magnesium from one of the boat's 
signal flares.  [Slyly.]  Just like practicing "alchemy"...

[Kasamatsu flushes with embarrassment.]

Kasuga:  We should think about shelter too.  The boat cabin isn't big 
enough for all of us.

Hayashibara:  That's true.  Perhaps some of us should try and find some 
shelter nearer to the tree line.  I'm willing to sleep outside.

Ayukawa:  [Mostly to herself.]  Oh, not this again...

Yoko:  I don't want to sleep outside.  We saw some caves.  Maybe we can 
sleep there.

Kasamatsu:  [Fearfully.]  B-but caves might have wild animals in them!

Yuko:  [Mockingly.]  Oh, so scared are we?  At least there won't be any 

Kasamatsu:  [Upset.]  That was months ago!

Katsu:  [Reassured tone.]  Well, actually, it's not all that likely.  
The eco-system of an island like this doesn't promote a lot of large 
carnivores.  The worst we'll see are snakes.

Kasamatsu:  [Sarcastically to Katsu.]  Oh, you're full of good news...

Kimura:  [Brightly.]  Besides, it's too nice a night to spend indoors!

Saito:  [Deadpan.]  We're on a deserted island.  Everywhere is 

Kasuga Narration:  We all looked at the ocean as the sun begin to set 
for that day.  None of us knew what the future held or how we were 
going to get off the island.  All of my personal problems suddenly 
seemed unimportant.  I thought about my family, the friends we had back 
home, and wondered...which one of us had the harder burden for the days 



New Character Designer/Writer		Stephen Tsai
Pre-readers				Robert Carragher
					Greg Dreher
					Herbert Fung
					James Holman
					Vladimir Zelevinsky
Very special thanks to			Hitoshi Doi

A tip of the hat and a deep bow to		Matsumoto Izumi
for starting the whole thing

If I left anyone off, my apologies.  Any mistakes/embarrassing faux pas 
are entirely my own.  If there is anything here you must flame, mail 
them to

Thank you for taking the time to read this episode of my series.  If 
you are interested, previous episodes should be available at
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Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again!

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