Kimagure Orange College - Who is who
by Craig Madill
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	Hi.  I'm a big fan of the KOC dojinshi and scripts.  However, I 
have a big problem keeping track of who is who, so I decided to put all 
the end-of-episode spotlights in one place.  In spite of having done 
this,  I still found myself getting lost.  So I have added additional 
observations to the characters focused upon by the KOC people , as well 
as ALL the characters.  If I am missing any people or places that you 
feel are important, E-mail me and I will add them to my next update.
	This particular file deals with the Kimagure Orange College 
scripts written by Stephen Tsai.  It contains information about the first 
23 episodes.  Though they are best enjoyed by those people who have seen 
the original Kimagure Orange Road TV episodes, I have made some brief 
descriptions of the characters from KOR for those who haven't seen it.  
This file is meant as a reference tool for the future KOC episodes.  
People who haven't read the episodes of KOC dealt with in this file 
probably should not read it, because it contains some major spoilers.
	So comments on the format I have used.  There are three 
sections:  people, places and a brief plot summary of the episodes.  In 
the first two sections, things are organized in order of the episode they 
appear in.  If the word "Episode" has a "*" in front of it, it means the 
character is a carry-over from the original KOR.  Any comments that are 
mine, as opposed those actually written by the KOC people, are preceded 
by a "-".  Much of these comments are simply conjecture on my part, so if 
you disagree with me, E-mail me. The plot summary is self-explanatory.
	Please E-mail me any of your criticisms (positive or negative) as 
well as any other comments you may have.  If people are favorable, I will 
make further updates as more KOC episodes are made available on the net.
Craig Madill
Kasuga Kyosuke [*Episode 1]:  -The protagonist. He is an ESPer whose 
powers include teleportation, telekinesis, premonition and time travel 
(which is only activated when he falls down).  He also has some other 
powers that have yet to be used in KOC (such as soul-switching and the 
ability to hypnotise himself).  Freshman literature major.  Ayukawa 
Madoka's boyfriend.  In room 5 of the boarding house.  Lousy at just 
about everything.  Despite that he and his girlfriend Ayukawa Madoka love 
each other, their relationship can be a bit shaky at times.
Ayukawa Madoka [*Episode 1]:  -Music major, freshman.  She mainly plays 
the alto saxophone, but also plays the piano, the guitar and the recorder 
flute.  Kasuga Kyosuke's girlfriend.  Shares an apartment with Ikemoto 
Sachiko.  Before she met Kasuga, she was sort of a hoodlum, with the 
nickname "Madoka the Pick".  Good at just about everything.  In episode 8 
she has her nineteenth birthday.
Kimura Keiko [Episode 1]:  Kasuga's study partner in mathematics. A cute, 
perky, spunky redhead, Kimura-san is a freshman mathematics major.
        She and Kasuga-san, in addition to study, do socialize together. 
Kimura-san knows that Kasuga is already committed, but doesn't let it 
bother her.  She respects his relationship with Ayukawa and considers 
Kasuga a close friend and nothing more.  Totally irrepressible and 
fun-loving; however, her bubbly personality hides a prodigy for 
theoretical and applied mathematics that exceeds even Saito Kenichi's skill.
        An addict of romance novels (-and manga), she's trying to find 
that "special someone".
-Very cute.  In Kasuga Kyosuke's math class.
-Up until episode 3, she was interested in having Kasuga as her boyfriend.
-In episode 7, she has her 19th birthday.
Visual Description:  A cute redhead with short hair.  She is short in 
height.  She is almost always smiling; only occasionally does she 
contemplate more serious topics.  Close anime visual comparisons include 
(but are not limited to) Nanao Kozue (with red hair) from Maison Ikkoku, 
Leona Ozaki from Dominion, and Izumi Noa from Patlabor.
Kasuga Kurumi [*Episode 1]:  -Highschool student.  Younger sister of 
Kyosuke, twin sister of Manami.  The most enthusiastic ESPer of the 
Kasuga family.  Her powers are teleportation and telekinesis.
Kasuga Manami [*Episode 1]:  -Highschool student.  Younger sister of 
Kyosuke, twin sister of Kurumi.  An ESPer, whose powers are teleportation 
and telekinesis.  However, she rarely uses them.  IMHO, the most 
sensible/responsible member of the Kasuga household.
Kasuga Takashi [*Episode 1]:  -The father of the Kasuga household. He was 
widowed when his wife died giving birth to the twins.  A photographer.  
Not a strong disciplinarian, however he still did a fine job of raising 
his children.
-Anybody else wonder why Akane and her brother Kazuya, who also have the 
power, also have the last name Kasuga?  I mean, if the power is from the 
mother's side of the family and yet they have the same last name...  
Fortunately, Peter Payne, in his wonderful translation of the KOR novel, 
gave a better explanation.  He said, in footnote #9, "That the Japanese 
have a tradition , called _muko ni naru_, of the man taking his wife's 
last name and being adopted by his wife's family if her family has no 
sons.  This must be what has happened (with Takashi)."
Katsu Ritsu [Episode 1]:  Kyosuke's next door neighbor, he lives in Room 
6 in the boarding house.  Katsu-san is a freshman chemistry major who 
keeps a ready stock of chemical supplies and equipment in his room.
        He and Kasuga-san have become quick friends and now socialize 
together along with Ayukawa, Kimura, and the others.  A gifted chemist, 
he nevertheless finds time to play tennis and socialize.  His 
level-headed personality helps keep the sanity to a tolerable level. He 
does get occasionally absent-minded, especially when he becomes engrossed 
in his work.  Once in a while, explosions, strange odors, and concoctions 
conspire to keep Kasuga-san's life interesting.
-Makes coffee with his chemistry equipment.
-Very protective of Kimura Keiko.  In episode 10, we find out that this 
is because he really likes her, but doesn't have the courage to ask her out.
Visual Description:  A blond hair guy with average build and height. 
Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Al from 
Dominion, and Bernie from Gundam 0080.
Ikemoto Sachiko [Episode 1]:  Ayukawa's roommate, Ikemoto is a recent 
graduate in Business Administration.  After graduation, she accepted a 
position with a financial trading company (-the Mason Financial Company), 
where she works as a financial entry-level manager.
        Although she demonstrates considerable skill in finance, her 
materialistic and condescending personality has earned her very few 
friends.  The few that can (or have to) tolerate her are often even more 
put off by her obsession for order and neatness.  As a result, although 
she is financially successful, Ikemoto lives her life as a lonely person.
Visual Description:  Tall young professional woman with flowing black 
hair.  She has a look of confidence that borders on arrogance.  Close 
anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Sakura from Urusei 
Yatsura, Kunou Kodachi from Ranma 1/2.
Egami Isamu [Episode 1]: Kyosuke's landlord, Egami is a strict, no 
nonsense manager.  He rules the boarding house with a whip in one hand 
and a ledger in the other.  His terms and rules are simple:  Pay the 
rent.  Failure to do so means a stiff daily penalty charge (-Y2000 /day) 
and expulsion of the offender's furniture until he pays.  As a result, he 
has rarely had a problem with tenant delinquency.
        Egami does have a soft spot for one person:  Fujimoto Mariko. She 
helps him maintain the boarding house in a variety of ways that does not 
fail to escape his notice.  As a result, he gives her preferential 
treatment.  In addition, since she basically runs the house in all other 
matters other than financial, any suggestions she brings to his attention 
generally carry a lot of weight with him.  No one has been able to 
determine why this is the case, or where the two have known each other 
-In episode 22, Egami forms a baseball team out of his tenant's and their 
friends.  It is known as Seishun-kan.  In previous years, it had been 
called Yujou-kan.
Visual Description:  A short, squat man with white hair on the sides and 
a balding top.  He has small, beady eyes and usually an angry expression 
on his face.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) 
the police chiefs from Dominion and Bubble Gum Crisis.
Hayashibara Akira [Episode 2]:  One of Kyosuke's mathematics classmates.  
In addition to being a freshman business major, he is also the current 
starting shortstop for the University baseball team.  Exceptionally 
handsome, he is often surrounded by girls and fans seeking his 
attention.  Although he does his best not to slight their entreaties, he 
is not a womanizer and tries to stay as clean-cut as he can.
        Hayashibara's father, Hayashibara Takao, is the president of one 
of Tokyo's largest shipping companies, making him one of the richest 
individuals in Japan.  Widowed when his son was very young, he has taken 
it upon himself to raise Akira to the best of his ability.  More than any 
other single influence, he has pushed his son to the levels of excellence 
that he himself has achieved in the business world.
-He is very attracted to Ayukawa Madoka.  However, in episode 7 he 
promises Kasuga that he won't interfere in their relationship.  In later 
episodes he finds himself caught between his conscience and his 
feelings.  In episode 15, he tells Ayukawa his feelings towards her. 
Visual Description:  An exceptionally tall guy with well groomed brown 
hair and an athletic build.  He possesses exceptional good looks and his 
teeth gleam when he smiles.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not 
limited to) Mitaka Shun from Maison Ikkoku, and Sanzenin Mikado from 
Ranma 1/2.
Saito Kenichi [Episode 2]:  One of Kyosuke's mathematics classmates, 
Saito is a freshman computer science major.  One of the brightest and 
most studious members of his high school class, he was often considered 
the class nerd back in high school.  This image was abetted by his 
considerable skill with computers.  Now that he is in college, he is 
trying to explore new social horizons, which includes getting his first date.
        While in high school, he was a good friend to Kasamatsu Teruhiko; 
however, he smartly does not consider him a good guide for getting to 
know a girl.  Not being one to argue with success, he turns to Kyosuke 
for advice (-Note: he is completely unaware of the difficulties Kyosuke 
had with relationships in KOR).
-As of episode 5, he starts going out with Yuko-san.
-He owns a portable computer.  His user name on the internet is "baka".  
In episode 10, he starts his electronic relationship with "chun-li" 
(Yoko, though he doesn't know it).  Other wise, his relationship with 
Yoko can at best be described as strained, though things do get better 
after he saves her life in episode 14.
Visual Description:  A thin guy with reddish-blond hair in bangs.  He has 
an underdeveloped build and wears thin wire-rimmed glasses. Close anime 
comparisons include (but are not limited to) a grown-up Jean from Nadia, 
and Megane from Urusei Yatsura.
Oinuma [Episode 2]:  -Kasuga's mathematics prof., a very minor character.
Kasamatsu Teruhiko [Episode 2]: One of Kyosuke's mathematics classmates, 
Kasamatsu is a freshman engineering major.  Although not quite as sharp 
as Saito, he is still a student to be reckoned with.  Having little of a 
social life in high school, he turned to practical jokes to gain the 
attention of his classmates.  Unfortunately for Kasuga, the habit has stuck.
        While in high school, he was a good friend to Saito Kenichi; who 
has often corroborates with him on his more elaborate schemes.  He has a 
nasty sense of humor and plays practical jokes on a whim. When the mood 
strikes, and he gets the motivation, he has been known to execute some 
truly convoluted and elaborate pranks.
-In episode 5, we learn of his secret identity, the Red Ninja.
-In episode 6, we learn he owns a profane parrot named Baka.
Visual Description:  An overweight guy with uncombed brown hair.  He 
wears thick glasses, and usually has a shifty expression on his face.  
Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Hanson from 
Nadia, Tanaka from Otaku No Video.
Ono Ryusuke [Episode 2]:  -Director of the symphonic band.  A very minor 
Shiratori Kinuko [Episode 2]:  -Director of the concert band.  A very 
minor character.
Handa Shun [Episode 2]:  -Director of the Jazz band.  Also a talent scout 
for some local jazz bars, including the Club Noir.  A minor character, he 
features prominantly in episode 20.
Miyasato Yuko & Yoko [Episode 2]:  Two identical twin sisters who live in 
Room 2 directly under Kyosuke's room.  Yuko is a freshman major in 
liberal arts and Yoko is a freshman education major.
        Usually these two like to dress in the same outfits, taking 
mischievous delight in watching other people try to tell them apart.  
However, on more than one occasion, this scheme has backfired; 
particularly in the past with their dates and boyfriends.  As a result of 
past disappointments and problems, both are leery about going steady with 
guys; however, if the right person presents himself, either one would 
probably start fawning all over again.  The real debate will be which one 
gets the man.
        They also share an explosive temper.  Yuko is a little more 
restrained; she's usually willing to listen to someone before taking 
action.  Yoko is more likely to take action first; then listen.  If they 
are offended (and this can happen quite often) they will go ballistic on 
a moment's notice.  Since they are both capable fighters, this can prove 
painful for the offender.
-As of episode 5, Yuko starts going out with Saito-san.
-As of episode 8, Yuko starts wearing a bow in her hair to distinguish 
herself from her sister.
-In episode 14 we learn that the "chun-li" Saito has been exchanging 
E-mail with is really Yoko.
-In episode 17 we learn that both of them are in Kyosuke's history class.
-In episode 22, Yoko tells Baka (Saito) that Chun-Li will be playing on 
Egami's baseball team.  Unfortunately, she uses the team's old name and 
they end up playing on the same team without realising it.
Visual Description:  Both of these girls are short with long brown hair, 
perky noses, and blue eyes.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not 
limited to) Hayakawa Moemi from Video Girl Ai, and Fujiko from Lupin 
III.  (-How is this posible?  Moemi and Fujiko look nothing alike.  Maybe 
it depends on which Lupin... I have seen five Lupin movies and Fujiko 
never looked the same twice... then again, she never looked like Moemi 
Tanaka [Episode 3]:  Kyosuke's next door neighbor, he lives in Room 4 in 
the boarding house.  Tanaka-san is a mysterious man who no one knows 
about.  Even his given name is unknown.
        A manipulator, he only speaks after calculating what effects his 
words will have on others around him.  He almost always manages to avoid 
direct blame and his real agenda is unknown.  The only person who knows 
about him is Fujimoto Mariko, who does her best to stop his schemes and 
-As of episode 5, he starts "stalking" Ayukawa Madoka.
-He has been a tenant longer than everybody except Fujimoto Mariko.
-In episode 21, he puts into effect the first part of his plan to win 
Ayukawa away from Kasuga.
-In episode 23, he gives an answering machine to Kyosuke that allows 
Tanaka to listen to Kyosuke's phone messages.
Visual Description:  Tanaka-san is a tall man with slicked-back black 
hair.  He has small eyes and a calculating look.  He often wears 
sunglasses.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) 
Yotsusa from Maison Ikkoku, and Gato (with black hair) from Gundam 0083.
Figure in the shadows [Episode 3]:  -A mysterious person who almost sees 
Kasuga teleport in episode 3.  In episode 7 we learn that he has been 
stalking Kasuga to find out if he really does have special powers.  In 
episode 11 he finds that his suspicions are true, when he actually sees 
Kasuga teleport.  He also knows the names of Kasuga and Ayukawa.  
Probably not the same "figure in the shadows" who appears in episode 23.
Fujimoto Mariko [Episode 3]:  -Occupies room 3 of the boarding house with 
her son Fujimoto Eiji.  In her late twenties.  Has had a long friendship 
with the landlord, Egami Isamu.  Dislikes and distrusts Tanaka.  She has 
been a tenant longer than all the others.
-7 years ago, her husband (Ryo) committed suicide when his business failed.
Hiyama Hikaru [*Episode 3]:  -A childhood friend of Ayukawa's and 
Kasuga's girlfriend in junior high.  However, the friendship the three of 
them shared was destroyed when she found that Kasuga loved Ayukawa and 
not her.  It turns out, however, that her appearance in this episode is 
actually Akane using her power.
Kasuga Akane [*Episode 3]:  Kyosuke's cousin (-on his mothers side), 
Akane is a freshman drama major.
        Akane is also an ESPer, possessing the ability to project images 
into other people's minds, making them think that she's someone else.  
Note that only those people upon whom Akane is concentrating the illusion 
see it.  Bystanders see Akane as normal.
        In the two KOR OVAs in which Akane appears, she is shown to be a 
fairly mean, callous, and sometimes downright cruel person.  In the manga 
Akane is not really mean, but just tends to be impulsive and oblivious to 
the consequences of her actions.  Also, in the manga, Akane is not able 
to teleport, nor is she able to use telekinesis. These limitations will 
be maintained in KOC.
-During the KOR series, she had quite the crush on Ayukawa Madoka. There 
are two interpretations for this.  Mine is that she is gay. However, 
Matsumoto (the author of the KOR series) told Stephen Tsai that she was 
going through a "worship stage" that is common with younger Japanese 
girls.  Whatever interpretation you favor, she has given up her 
infatuation for Ayukawa in the KOC series.
Visual Description:  Once again, the manga's version of Akane will be the 
source.  In the manga Akane looks very close to what Kasuga Kurumi looks 
like in the anime.  (Which is probably why they made such drastic changes 
in how Akane looks in the anime...:-)
Hatta, Komatsu and Yusaku [*Episode 4]:  -Actually, they never appear in 
KOC, however they are mentioned in episode 4.  Hatta and Komatsu were 
classmates of Kasuga's during junior high.  As well, they were trying to 
date Kasuga's sisters.  Yusaku is a childhood friend of Hikaru's.  He 
wanted her as his girlfriend and as a result was less than kind to 
Kasuga.  His skill in karate did not make things easier, either.
Other man [Episode 5]:  -A mysterious man who knows Tanaka.  He wants to 
know if Tanaka will rejoin his organization.  Wears western business 
Fujimoto Eiji [Episode 5]:  -Fujimoto Mariko's son.  Lives with his 
mother in room 3 of the boarding house.  Kind of a brat.
Baka [Episode 6]:  -Kasamatsu-san's pet parrot.  Kasamatsu has taught it 
a great variety of swear words, which it is constantly squawking.
Umao and Ushiko [*Episode 6]:  -Two lovers who appear in the weirdest 
places, doing the weirdest things, but always with the same dialogue.  
Umao is male, and Ushiko is his wife (they got married sometime between 
the end of the KOR series and the movie). A spoof on Romeo and Juliette.  
Umao is seen working at the Mason Financial Company (where Ikemoto works) 
in episodes 6 and 23.
Kimura Akiko [Episode 7]:  - Kimura Keiko's mother.  She has red hair, 
fading to gray highlights.  Very protective of her daughter.  In episode 
12, she and her husband follow Keiko and Hayashibara on their date.
Doi, Sagawa, Osugi Katsuo, Nose [Episode 8]:  -Some of Hayashibara's 
teammates.  Doi is the best hitter on the team and Osugi is their 
pitcher.  Very minor characters.
Shimamoto, Asou, Shiomi [Episode 8]:  -Some of the players on the Keio 
University baseball team.  Shimamoto is the pitcher and Shiomi is the 
catcher.  Very minor characters.
Coach Matsuoka [Episode 8]:  -The coach of the Butsumetsu University 
baseball team.  A very minor character.
Aoki Eriko, Nakamura Reiko, Hara Hitomi, Takayama Naoko [Episode 8]:  
-The waitresses at the Chez Kooun restaurant.  Aoki is head waitress and 
their ages are as follow: 20, 19, 15 and 15.  Aoki has long blond hair 
and an attractive face.  Nakamura has medium length brown hair and is a 
head shorter.  She is in Kasuga's history class.  All of them enjoy 
giving Kasuga a hard time.  Fairly minor characters.
Morita Takeo [Episode 9]:  -A car thief.  Rescues the girls from a bunch 
of organised criminals in episode 9.  Interested in Ikemoto-san.
Hoshino Emiko [Episode 9]:  -A call-girl.  She's tall and slender and she 
has flame-red hair, braided to one side down her shoulder.  Lends Kimura 
her mobile phone in episode 9.  Also gives Kimura her phone number.
Mizuhara [Episode 11]:  -Kasuga's literature prof.  A very minor character.
Kimura Masaki [Episode 11]:  -Kimura Keiko's father.  A  meek looking, 
middle-aged man.  Very protective of his daughter.  Very melodramatic as 
well.  In episode 12, he and his wife follow Keiko and Hayashibara on 
their date.
Kashiwakura and Mizuhara [Episode 12]:  -Tabloid photographers.  In 
episode 12 they stalk Keiko and Hayashibara, trying to get photos of them 
on their date.
Hayashibara Takao [Episode 12]:  -Hayashibara Akira's father.  A shipping 
magnate, who almost made it as a ball player when he was younger.  As a 
result, he puts much pressure on his son to improve his baseball skills.  
He is very critical of Akira.
Ginga [Episode 14]:  -A man Tanaka has hired to spy on Kasuga and 
Ayukawa.  I believe he is the same person as the "other man" from episode 
4 but this is only is hunch.  A co-worker of Ikemoto at the Mason 
Financial Company.  He wishes to gain her favor through Tanaka's help.
Amano and Ezaki [Episode 16]:  -Ikemoto's co-workers at the Mason 
Financial Company.  Amano is biased against her because of her sex, but 
Ezaki takes a less prejudiced view.  Amano and Ikemoto hold equal 
positions while Ezaki is their immediate superior.
Fukui [Episode 17]:  -Kasuga's history professor.  A very minor character.
Fujiwara Masako [Episode 17]:  Although herself a fictional character, 
the Fujiwara clan does exist and during the Heian period (794-1184 A.D.) 
exercised great authority as the power behind the throne.  By the 14th 
century, however, imperial authority and with it the Fujiwara's power had 
declined significantly, and the real power was in the hands of the 
individual warlords and the Shogun.
	Although female warriors in medieval Japanese society were rare 
they did exist.  Many women in particular were skilled in the use of the 
naginata.  Probably the most famous female warrior in Japanese history 
was Tomoe Gozen; mentioned in the epic "Heike Monogatari", she fought 
beside her lover, the warlord Minamoto Yoshinaka.  Remarkable for her 
beauty and courage, when all was lost during a battle along the River Uji 
in 1184 she insisted on remaining, "I want to fight the last glorious 
fight with you."  Faced with a powerful enemy warrior, she flung herself 
upon him, dragged him off his horse and killed him.  Yoshinaka was slain 
in the battle, and although Tomoe's fate is uncertain she was generally 
believed to have retired to a convent, praying for the good of her 
departed lover's spirit.
-Fujiwara looks just like Ayukawa.  She knows Kasuga by the name 
"Miyamoto Musashi"
Akumu [Episode 17]:  -The assassin who killed Fujiwara's father.  As a 
result, she seeks to kill him.  Actually, he is only mentioned in episode 
17 and does not appear in person until episode 18.  He is the real 
assassin of the Shogun, or rather "was" because Kasuga changed history 
when he defeated Akumu.
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu [Episode 18]:  b.1358-d.1408  (-A bonafide historical 
figure)  The third Ashikaga shogun, he held that post from 1368 to 1394, 
when he retired to be succeeded by his son.  Naturally endowed with 
personality and tact, he brought about the reconciliation of the northern 
and southern branches of the imperial family in 1392.  The treaty stated 
that the branches should alternate rule; for several reasons it was never 
enforced, however, and the northern line dominated succession to this 
day.  Yoshimitsu also established diplomatic relations with the Chinese 
Ming Dynasty.  A patron of the arts, he was an ardent fan of Noh.  
Perhaps his greatest legacy is his works of architecture; the Kinkaku or 
Golden Pavilion, built as part of his Kitayama villa in 1398, still 
exists and is widely hailed for its elegant beauty.  Although the 
assassination attempt is an element of fiction, ninja were used quite 
often in assassinations and acts of subterfuge.  Experts in a variety of 
weapons, their talents are shrouded in mysticism and legend.  Among their 
"magical" powers was said to be the ability to control their breathing 
and heartbeat, as well as saiminjutsu, or hypnotism.
-In episode 18, Kasuga saves him from being assassinated.
Dogman [*Episode 19]:  First introduced in the audio CD drama "Cassette 
Tape Message".  Dogman hosts a nighttime radio program popular with teens 
and young adults.  His listeners send in letters seeking advice on 
matters of the heart, hoping that they'll be read on-air.  With an 
irreverent DJ style similar to Wolfman Jack's, Dogman plays the latest 
pop hits while reading letters and dispensing advice. 
Yukari [*Episode 20]: Introduced in the KOR TV series, episode #22. 
Yukari is a friend of Kasuga and Ayukawa; she is also the fiance of 
Ayukawa's cousin Shuuichi and the lead singer of his band.
	Six years ago, Yukari attended Butsumetsu University as a music 
major.  There, she met Handa Shun and became his student and friend.  
Yukari fell in love with him but withdrew from the university after a 
falling out.  She then met Shu and began her professional singing career.
	Yukari met Kasuga for the first time when she was filling in for 
Ayukawa at ABCB.  They met again later that afternoon and spent the rest 
of the day together as Kasuga had once again leapt to conclusions about 
Ayukawa.  Fortunately, Yukari was able to straighten him out in a 
somewhat unconventional manner.
	Kasuga and Yukari became friends and have aided each other 
previously in their respective relationships, though Kasuga has been 
placed in some awkward situations.  Luckily, Yukari has always been 
honest about his actions and the situation at hand was resolved.
Sawada Shuuichi [*Episode 20]:  -Ayukawa's cousin and Yukari's band 
leader and fiance.  In the KOR series, Shu and Yukari had a fairly rocky 
Sakurai Takahiro [Episode 21]:  The current occupant of Room 
No. 1, Sakurai is the only tenant who returns to the Boarding House from 
the previous year.  Currently a second year mathematics student, he spent 
a previous semester in London studying abroad.  He has a reputation among 
those who know him as something of a "ladies man", however, he is 
currently broken up with his previous girlfriend (-Michiko-san).
Visual Description:  A tall handsome guy with sandy-blond hair. Close 
anime comparisons include (but not limited by) Hasakawa from Koko wa 
Greenwood and Jadeite from Sailor Moon.
-Has better relations with Egami than do virtually all the other tenants.
-In episode 23, he (successfully?) 'puts the moves' on Kimura. 
Igarashi [Episode 22]:  -He is a medium-height man with neatly groomed 
hair.  He wears thin, black-rimmed eyeglasses.  He is the great rival of 
Egami's tenant baseball team, Seishun-kan.
Itasaka Takayuki, Matsui Ryo [Episode 22]:  -Two of Igarashi's players.  
Itasaka is his star hitter and Matsui is the pitcher.  Very minor characters.
Matsuda Seiko [Episode 22]:  Japanese idol singer, popular at this time.  
-Doesn't really appear in KOC.  Akane uses her power to disquise herself 
as Matsuda in episode 22, and again in episode 23 (the second time to bug 
Figure in the shadows #2 [Episode 23]:  -A mysterious person who gives 
Kyosuke a pendant engraved with Ayukawa's name (a family hierloom, he 
tells Kyosuke) to give to her for Christmas. Probably not the same 
"figure in the shadows" who appeared in episodes 3, 7 and 11.  My guess 
is that it is Kyosuke from the future.  
Butsumetsu University [Episode 1]:  -The university that most of the 
characters in KOC attend.
Boarding House [Episode 1]:  The boarding house is the current residence 
of Kyosuke and several of his college classmates.  It is currently owned 
and managed by Egami Isamu.
        Built just after World War II, the house contains six 
eight-tatami rooms (about 144 square feet) and a ten-tatami manager's 
room (180 square feet).  There are two washrooms with sinks, baths
and toilets.  Outside, there is a small tool shed, a bicycle rack, and 
facilities to wash and hang clothes.  It's current occupants are:
	Manager:  Egami Isamu
	Room 1:  Rented but currently unoccupied
	Room 2:  Miyasato Yoko and Miyasato Yuko
	Room 3:  Fujimoto Mariko and Fujimoto Eiji
	Room 4:  Tanaka-san
	Room 5:  Kasuga Kyosuke
	Room 6:  Katsu Ritsu
-It is a long walk away from the campus.
-As of episode 21, Sakurai Takahiro moves back in to room 1.
Visual Description:  The house is an old-styled boarding house, but has 
gone through several renovations and face-lifts in its lifetime, 
including semi-private baths and modern electrical and telephone 
fixtures.  Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) the 
boarding house from Maison Ikkoku and the dormitory from This is Greenwood.
Okonomiyaki Maru [Episode 1]:  The Okonomiyaki Maru is an old traditional 
fixture around the Butsumetsu University campus.  Over the years, it has 
undergone several renovations and different owners.  Currently, Kuroki 
Ukie owns the restaurant, carrying on her family's tradition from her father.
        The Okonomiyaki Maru has a long black hotplate on the front of 
the bar.  The bar is accessible to the more ambitious students would-be 
cooks at the bar and the restaurant cooks alike.  Behind them is a large 
area for standing students, with high tables.  In the main dining room, 
several sitdown booth allow more private dining.  The padio has a few 
tables for outside dining.
        The menu offers a wide variety of okonomiyaki and toppings such 
as pork, squid, or shrimp.  Also offered is fried noodles (yakisoba), 
tofu steak, and Uk-chan's own creation called tororoyaki, or jam 
okonomiyaki.  The restaraunt is one of the most popular students' 
hangouts because of it's quality inexpensive food, campus proximity, and 
Visual Description:  The restaurant is a traditional styled restaurant, 
but with an unusually large dining area to accommodate the large number 
of students that pass through.  Close anime comparisons include (but are 
not limited to) Kuonji Ukyou's okonomiyaki shop from Ranma 1/2 and the 
beefbowl restaraunt from Urusei Yatsura.
Club Noir [Episode 2]:  The Club Noir is one of the better known live 
houses.  A no-frills basement nightclub catering to a younger crowd, it 
boasts some of the finest in native and imported jazz, jazz rock, and 
blues.  With the mixed schedules of musicians, the band's roster changes 
in cycles throughout the week.
	Club Noir has a dance floor, live bands, and sells beer, liquor 
and some food, with doors opening at 6:30 pm.  Currently, Handa Shun is 
the director of bands, as a side job to being the Butsumetsu University 
Jazz band director.
Visual Description:  The nightclub has a large, lit dance floor, and a 
music booth to back up the live bands.  At the edges of the dance floor, 
there are areas to sit, have drinks and talk between musical numbers.  
Close anime comparisons include (but are not limited to) Disco Moebius 
from KOR.
Chez Kooun  [Introduced in Episode 8]:  The Chez Kooun or "Lucky House" 
is a kissaten/coffee shop located a relatively short distance from the 
Butsumetsu University campus.  It's name is a derivative of French and 
	The Chez Kooun is a "bijin kissaten" or "beautiful girl" coffee 
shop because it's waitresses are picked for their good looks as well as 
their service.  They mostly serve coffee, tea, sodas and light snacks.  
During lunch and dinner time, they serve hamburgers and other fast food.  
Currently the waitresses are:
	Aoki Eriko:  Age 20, head waitress
	Nakamura Reiko:  Age 19
	Hara Hitomi:  Age 15
	Takayama Naoko:  Age 15
Visual Description:  The kissaten is a modern styled restaurant, popular 
among both students and businessmen.  Close anime comparison includes 
(but are not limited to) ABCB from KOR.
Johnny Rockets [Episode 8]:  -A hamburger restaurant.  The restaurant is 
located on the second floor of a building on Roppongi Crossing.  The 
inside is decorated like an American 1950's diner, with jukeboxes playing 
in each corner.  This is actually a real restaurant.  One of Steven 
Tsai's guide books says it serves the best hamburgers in Tokyo.  This is 
where Ayukawa's birthday celebration was held.
Episode 1 - Brave New World.
		Kasuga and Ayukawa move to Butsumetsu University.
Episode 2 - New names, new faces.
		Kasuga and Ayukawa's first days of school.  They meet the
	majority of the cast during this episode.
Episode 3 - Take me out to the ball game.
		The first ball game of the year.  Akane shows up afterwards.
Episode 4 - Hurricanes sometimes strike twice.
		Akane tries to chase Kimura away from Kasuga.  At the end,
	Kimura reconciles herself to having Kasuga as a just a friend.
Episode 5 - Don't Drink the Water.
		Fujimoto throws a party for the tenants and their friends.
	Almost everyone drinks a behavior modifying punch and starts acting
	without any inhibitions.
Episode 6 - Foul mouthed fowl.
		Kasamatsu leaves his foul-mouthed parrot with Kasuga.  Kasuga
	and the parrot end up changing bodies.
Episode 7 - Mystery Gift.		   
		Everyone is having a surprise birthday party for Kimura.  Akane
	buys Kasuga's present for him, but she thinks it is for Ayukawa.
Episode 8 - A Day in the Life.
		Hayashibara plays tennis for the first time, Butsumetsu	beats
	Keio in baseball and Ayukawa has her birthday.
Episode 9 - Girls' Night Out.
		The girls decide to get together for the evening.  However,
	they end up getting mixed up with car thieves and have the most
	exciting night of their lives.
Episode 10 - Night of a Thousand Voices.
		The guys go camping, only to find out that the woods are
Episode 11 - Who's baby is it?
		Kasuga believes that Kimura is pregnant and that he is the
Episode 12 - First date.
		Kimura and Hayashibara go out on a date, but it turns out that
	they are being followed...
Episode 13 - Calamity Kid.
		Kasuga promises to look after Eiji.  However, Eiji runs	off on
	Kasuga and Kasuga is forced to search for him.
Episode 14 - The Dangerous Blind Date.
		Saito goes plans to go on a date with a Chun-Li he met over the 
	Net.  "Instead", he runs into Yoko and ends up saving her life.
Episode 15 - Hayashibara Declares!  Premonition of a Rival.
		Kasuga has a dream of Ayukawa declaring her love to a man in a 
	white tuxedo.  Kasuga assumes this man is Hayashibara and decides to 
	follow them.
Episode 16 - Stage fright!  Two presentations of confusion!
		Both Kimura and Ikemoto have presentations to make.  However, 
	Kasuga gets them mixed up on the way back from the printer.
Episode 17 - Samurai Kyosuke; Madoka of the past!
		   Kasuga time-trips to medieval Japan.  There he meets a ronin 
	who looks just like Ayukawa.
Episode 18 - A Footnote in History.
		Continued from episode 17.  Kasuga must foil Akumu's plot to 
	kill the Shogun and Fujiwara.
Episode 19 - Unexpected date!  The Jester and the Princess.
		Kasamatsu manages to get Kimura to go out on a date with him.  
	However, he is unable to stop doing his practical jokes. 
Episode 20 - Broken Heart to Dream.
		Yukari and Shu show up in town for a gig at the Club Noir.  
	However, Yukari refuses to sing. 
Episode 21 - The Stranger in No. 4.
		Hayashibara invites Ayukawa and Kasuga out for supper.  Tanaka 
	uses this oportunity to misdirect Kasuga as his first step towards 
	winning Ayukawa.
Episode 22 - Hardball!  For the pride of Seishun-kan!
		Egami preasures or cons his tenants and their friends to play 
	on his baseball team.  With his honor on the line, and a painting job 
	as a bet, they go up against Egami's biggest rival.  It is an
	interesting game, as members of both teams bend the rules.
Episode 23 - The Mysterious Christmas Gift.
		Christmas time sends the occupants of the boarding house 
	scrambling to do some last minute shopping.  Kyosuke, desperate to find 
	a present for Madoka, recieves one from a mysterious source.  The 
	holiday season brings memories, pleasant and painful, to Kyosuke and 
	his friends, as their thoughts turn to love and companionship...
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